- fix git-47-04210f8df15da0ba4d741cfe1693af06f5978a1d.patch
  to actually apply

- replace git-47-04210f8df15da0ba4d741cfe1693af06f5978a1d.patch
  by git-47-056fc66c699a8544c7692a03c905fca568f5390b.patch
  * fix the issues from bsc#1107342 and bsc#1215434 and just
    use the settings from update-alternatives to set JAVA_HOME
- Move fdupes call back to %install (boo#1214169)

- Update to version 23.3 (bsc#1216011, bsc#1215794, bsc#1215740)
  + Remove patches included upstream:
  - cloud-init-fix-ca-test.patch
  - cloud-init-cve-2023-1786-redact-instance-data-json-main.patch
  - cloud-init-power-rhel-only.patch
  - cloud-init-flake8-fixes.patch
  + Add
  - cloud-init-keep-flake.patch
  - cloud-init-lint-fixes.patch
  + Update
  - cloud-init-write-routes.patch (bsc#1216007)
  + Bump pycloudlib to 1!5.1.0 for ec2 mantic daily image support (#4390)
  + Fix cc_keyboard in mantic (LP: #2030788)
  + ec2: initialize get_instance_userdata return value to bytes (#4387)
    [Noah Meyerhans]
  + cc_users_groups: Add doas/opendoas support (#4363) [dermotbradley]
  + Fix pip-managed ansible
  + status: treat SubState=running and MainPID=0 as service exited
  + azure/imds: increase read-timeout to 30s (#4372) [Chris Patterson]
  + collect-logs fix memory usage (SC-1590) (#4289)
    [Alec Warren] (LP: #1980150)
  + cc_mounts: Use fallocate to create swapfile on btrfs (#4369) [王煎饼]
  + Undocument nocloud-net (#4318)
  + feat(akamai): add akamai to and (#4370)
  + read-version: fallback to get_version when git describe fails (#4366)
  + apt: fix cloud-init status --wait blocking on systemd v 253 (#4364)
  + integration tests: Pass username to pycloudlib (#4324)
  + Bump pycloudlib to 1!5.1.0 (#4353)
  + cloud.cfg.tmpl: reorganise, minimise/reduce duplication (#4272)
  + analyze: fix (unexpected) timestamp parsing (#4347) [Mina Galić]
  + cc_growpart: fix tests to run on FreeBSD (#4351) [Mina Galić]
  + subp: Fix spurious test failure on FreeBSD (#4355) [Mina Galić]
  + cmd/clean: fix tests on non-Linux platforms (#4352) [Mina Galić]
  + util: Fix get_proc_ppid() on non-Linux systems (#4348) [Mina Galić]
  + cc_wireguard: make tests pass on FreeBSD (#4346) [Mina Galić]
  + unittests: fix breakage in test_read_cfg_paths_fetches_cached_datasource
    (#4328) [Ani Sinha]
  + Fix collection (#4315)
  + cc_keyboard: add Alpine support (#4278) [dermotbradley]
  + Flake8 fixes (#4340) [Robert Schweikert]
  + cc_mounts: Fix swapfile not working on btrfs (#4319) [王煎饼] (LP: #1884127)
  + ds-identify/CloudStack: $DS_MAYBE if vm running on vmware/xen (#4281)
    [Wei Zhou]
  + ec2: Support double encoded userdata (#4276) [Noah Meyerhans]
  + cc_mounts: xfs is a Linux only FS (#4334) [Mina Galić]
  + tests/net: fix TestGetInterfaces' mock coverage for get_master (#4336)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + change openEuler to openeuler and fix some bugs in openEuler (#4317)
  + Replace flake8 with ruff (#4314)
  + NM renderer: set default IPv6 addr-gen-mode for all interfaces to eui64
    (#4291) [Ani Sinha]
  + cc_ssh_import_id: add Alpine support and add doas support (#4277)
  + sudoers not idempotent (SC-1589)  (#4296) [Alec Warren] (LP: #1998539)
  + Added support for Akamai Connected Cloud (formerly Linode) (#4167)
    [Will Smith]
  + Fix reference before assignment (#4292)
  + Overhaul module reference page (#4237) [Sally]
  + replaced spaces with commas for setting passenv (#4269) [Alec Warren]
  + DS VMware: modify a few log level (#4284) [PengpengSun]
  + tools/read-version refactors and unit tests (#4268)
  + Ensure get_features() grabs all features (#4285)
  + Don't always require passlib dependency (#4274)
  + tests: avoid leaks into host system checking of ovs-vsctl cmd (#4275)
  + Fix NoCloud kernel commandline key parsing (#4273)
  + testing: Clear all LRU caches after each test (#4249)
  + Remove the crypt dependency (#2139) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + logging: keep current file mode of log file if its stricter than the
    new mode (#4250) [Ani Sinha]
  + Remove default membership in redundant groups (#4258)
    [Dave Jones] (LP: #1923363)
  + doc: improve datasource_creation.rst (#4262)
  + Remove duplicate Integration testing button (#4261) [Rishita Shaw]
  + tools/read-version: fix the tool so that it can handle version parsing
    errors (#4234) [Ani Sinha]
  + net/dhcp: add udhcpc support (#4190) [Jean-François Roche]
  + DS VMware: add i386 arch dir to deployPkg plugin search path
  + LXD moved from to Canonical [Simon Deziel]
  + Add note about issue with creating mounts inside mounts
    (#4232) [dermotbradley]
  + lxd: install lxd from snap, not deb if absent in image
  + landscape: use landscape-config to write configuration
  + Add deprecation log during init of DataSourceDigitalOcean (#4194)
  + doc: fix typo on apt.primary.arches (#4238) [Dan Bungert]
  + Inspect systemd state for cloud-init status (#4230)
  + instance-data: add system-info and features to combined-cloud-config
  + systemd: Block login until config stage completes (#2111) (LP: #2013403)
  + tests: proposed should invoke apt-get install -t=<release>-proposed
  + cloud.cfg.tmpl: reinstate ca_certs entry (#4236) [dermotbradley]
  + Remove feature flag override ability (#4228)
  + tests: drop stray unrelated file presence test (#4227)
  + Update LXD URL (#4223) [Sally]
  + schema: add network v1 schema definition and validation functions
  + tests: daily PPA for devel series is version 99.daily update tests to
    match (#4225)
  + instance-data: write /run/cloud-init/combined-cloud-config.json
  + mount parse: Fix matching non-existent directories (#4222) [Mina Galić]
  + Specify build-system for pep517 (#4218)
  + Fix network v2 metric rendering (#4220)
  + Migrate content out of FAQ page (SD-1187) (#4205) [Sally]
  + setup: fix generation of init templates (#4209) [Mina Galić]
  + docs: Correct some bootcmd example wording
  + fix changelog
  + tests: reboot client to assert x-shellscript-per-boot is triggered
  + nocloud: parse_cmdline no longer detects nocloud-net datasource (#4204)
    (LP: 4203, #2025180)
  + Add docstring and typing to mergemanydict (#4200)
  + BSD: add dsidentify to early startup scripts (#4182) [Mina Galić]
  + handler: report errors on skipped merged cloud-config.txt parts
    (LP: #1999952)
  + Add cloud-init summit writeups (#4179) [Sally]
  + tests: Update test_clean_log for oci (#4187)
  + gce: improve ephemeral fallback NIC selection (CPC-2578) (#4163)
  + tests: pin pytest 7.3.1 to avoid adverse testpaths behavior (#4184)
  + Ephemeral Networking for FreeBSD (#2165) [Mina Galić]
  + Clarify directory syntax for nocloud local filesystem. (#4178)
  + Set default renderer as sysconfig for centos/rhel (#4165) [Ani Sinha]
  + Test static routes and netplan 0.106
  + FreeBSD fix parsing of mount and mount options (#2146) [Mina Galić]
  + test: add tracking bug id (#4164)
  + tests: can't match MAC for LXD container veth due to netplan 0.106
  + Add kaiwalyakoparkar as a contributor (#4156) [Kaiwalya Koparkar]
  + BSD: remove datasource_list from cloud.cfg template (#4159) [Mina Galić]
  + launching salt-minion in masterless mode (#4110) [Denis Halturin]
  + tools: fix run-container builds for rockylinux/8 git hash mismatch
  + fix doc lint: spellchecker tripped up (#4160) [Mina Galić]
  + Support Ephemeral Networking for BSD (#2127)
  + Added / fixed support for static routes on OpenBSD and FreeBSD (#2157)
    [Kadir Mueller]
  + cc_rsyslog: Refactor for better multi-platform support (#4119)
    [Mina Galić] (LP: #1798055)
  + tests: fix test_lp1835584 (#4154)
  + cloud.cfg mod names: docs and rename salt_minion and set_password (#4153)
  + tests: apt support for deb822 format .sources files on mantic
  + vultr: remove check_route check (#2151) [Jonas Chevalier]
  + Update (#4150) [Indrranil Pawar]
  + Update CONTRIBUTING.rst (#4149) [Indrranil Pawar]
  + Update .github-cla-signers (#4151) [Indrranil Pawar]
  + Standardise module names in cloud.cfg.tmpl to only use underscore
    (#4128) [dermotbradley]
  + tests: update test_webhook_reporting
  + Modify PR template so autoclose works
  + doc: add missing semi-colon to nocloud cmdline docs (#4120)
  + .gitignore: extend coverage pattern (#4143) [Mina Galić]
  From 23.2.2
  + Fix NoCloud kernel commandline key parsing (#4273) (Fixes: #4271)
    (LP: #2028562)
  + Fix reference before assignment (#4292) (Fixes: #4288) (LP: #2028784)
  From 23.2.1
  + nocloud: Fix parse_cmdline detection of nocloud-net datasource (#4204)
    (Fixes: 4203) (LP: #2025180)
  From 23.2
  + BSD: simplify finding MBR partitions by removing duplicate code
  [Mina Galić]
  + tests: bump pycloudlib version for mantic builds
  + network-manager: Set higher autoconnect priority for nm keyfiles (#3671)
    [Ani Sinha]
  + change the locale file used (#4139) [dermotbradley]
  + cc_ntp: Sync up with current FreeBSD ntp.conf (#4122) [Mina Galić]
  + config: drop refresh_rmc_and_interface as RHEL 7 no longer supported
    [Robert Schweikert]
  + docs: Add feedback button to docs
  + net/sysconfig: enable sysconfig renderer if network manager has ifcfg-rh
    plugin (#4132) [Ani Sinha]
  + For Alpine use os-release PRETTY_NAME (#4138) [dermotbradley]
  + network_manager: add a method for ipv6 static IP configuration (#4127)
    [Ani Sinha]
  + correct misnamed template file host.mariner.tmpl (#4124) [dermotbradley]
  + nm: generate ipv6 stateful dhcp config at par with sysconfig (#4115)
    [Ani Sinha]
  + Add templates for GitHub Issues
  + Add 'peers' and 'allow' directives in cc_ntp (#3124) [Jacob Salmela]
  + FreeBSD: Fix user account locking (#4114) [Mina Galić] (GH: #1854594)
  + FreeBSD: add ResizeGrowFS class to cc_growpart (#2334) [Mina Galić]
  + Update tests in Azure TestCanDevBeReformatted class (#2771)
    [Ksenija Stanojevic]
  + Replace Launchpad references with GitHub Issues
  + Fix KeyError in iproute pformat (#3287) [Dmitry Zykov]
  + schema: read_cfg_paths call init.fetch to lookup /v/l/c/instance
  + azure/errors: introduce reportable errors for imds (#3647)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + FreeBSD (and friends): better identify MBR slices (#2168)
    [Mina Galić] (LP: #2016350)
  + azure/errors: add host reporting for dhcp errors (#2167)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + net: purge blacklist_drivers across net and azure (#2160)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + net: refactor hyper-v VF filtering and apply to get_interfaces() (#2153)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + tests: avoid leaks to underlying filesystem for /etc/cloud/clean.d
  + net: refactor find_candidate_nics_on_linux() to use get_interfaces()
    (#2159) [Chris Patterson]
  + resolv_conf: Allow > 3 nameservers (#2152) [Major Hayden]
  + Remove mount NTFS error message (#2134) [Ksenija Stanojevic]
  + integration tests: fix image specification parsing (#2166)
  + ci: add hypothesis scheduled GH check (#2149)
  + Move supported distros list to docs (#2162)
  + Fix logger, use instance rather than module function (#2163)
  + README: Point to Github Actions build status (#2158)
  + Revert "fix linux-specific code on bsd (#2143)" (#2161)
  + Do not generate dsa and ed25519 key types when crypto FIPS mode is
    enabled (#2142) [Ani Sinha] (LP: 2017761)
  + Add documentation label automatically (#2156)
  + sources/azure: report success to host and introduce kvp module (#2141)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + use pkg-config for udev/rules path (#2137) [dankm]
  + openstack/static: honor the DNS servers associated with a network
    (#2138) [Gonéri Le Bouder]
  + fix linux-specific code on bsd (#2143)
  + cli: schema validation of jinja template user-data (SC-1385) (#2132)
    (LP: #1881925)
  + gce: activate network discovery on every boot (#2128)
  + tests: update integration test to assert 640 across reboots (#2145)
  + Make user/vendor data sensitive and remove log permissions (#2144)
    (LP: #2013967)
  + Update kernel command line docs (SC-1457) (#2133)
  + docs: update network configuration path links (#2140) [d1r3ct0r]
  + sources/azure: report failures to host via kvp (#2136) [Chris Patterson]
  + net: Document use of `ip route append` to add routes (#2130)
  + dhcp: Add missing mocks (#2135)
  + azure/imds: retry fetching metadata up to 300 seconds (#2121)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + [1/2] DHCP: Refactor dhcp client code  (#2122)
  + azure/errors: treat traceback_base64 as string (#2131) [Chris Patterson]
  + azure/errors: introduce reportable errors (#2129) [Chris Patterson]
  + users: schema permit empty list to indicate create no users
  + azure: introduce identity module (#2116) [Chris Patterson]
  + Standardize disabling cloud-init on non-systemd (#2112)
  + Update .github-cla-signers (#2126) [Rob Tongue]
  + NoCloud: Use seedfrom protocol to determine mode (#2107)
  + rhel: Remove sysvinit files. (#2114)
  + tox.ini: set -vvvv --showlocals for pytest (#2104) [Chris Patterson]
  + Fix NoCloud kernel commandline semi-colon args
  + run-container: make the container/VM timeout configurable (#2118)
    [Paride Legovini]
  + suse: Remove sysvinit files. (#2115)
  + test: Backport assert_call_count for old requests (#2119)
  + Add "licebmi" as contributor (#2113) [Mark Martinez]
  + Adapt DataSourceScaleway to upcoming IPv6 support (#2033)
    [Louis Bouchard]
  + rhel: make sure previous-hostname file ends with a new line (#2108)
    [Ani Sinha]
  + Adding contributors for DataSourceAkamai (#2110) [acourdavAkamai]
  + Cleanup ephemeral IP routes on exception (#2100) [sxt1001]
  + commit 09a64badfb3f51b1b391fa29be19962381a4bbeb [sxt1001] (LP: #2011291)
  + Standardize kernel commandline user interface (#2093)
  + config/cc_resizefs: fix do_resize arguments (#2106) [Chris Patterson]
  + Fix test_dhclient_exits_with_error (#2105)
  + net/dhcp: catch dhclient failures and raise NoDHCPLeaseError (#2083)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + sources/azure: move pps handling out of _poll_imds() (#2075)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + tests: bump pycloudlib version (#2102)
  + schema: do not manipulate draft4 metaschema for jsonschema 2.6.0 (#2098)
  + sources/azure/imds: don't count timeout errors as connection errors
    (#2074) [Chris Patterson]
  + Fix Python 3.12 unit test failures (#2099)
  + integration tests: Refactor instance checking (#1989)
  + ci: migrate remaining jobs from travis to gh (#2085)
  + missing ending quote in instancedata docs(#2094) [Hong L]
  + refactor: stop passing log instances to cc_* handlers (#2016) [d1r3ct0r]
  + tests/vmware: fix test_no_data_access_method failure (#2092)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + Don't change permissions of netrules target (#2076) (LP: #2011783)
  + tests/sources: patch util.get_cmdline() for datasource tests (#2091)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + macs: ignore duplicate MAC for devs with driver driver qmi_wwan (#2090)
    (LP: #2008888)
  + Fedora: Enable CA handling (#2086) [František Zatloukal]
  + Send dhcp-client-identifier for InfiniBand ports (#2043) [Waleed Mousa]
  + cc_ansible: complete the examples and doc (#2082) [Yves]
  + bddeb: for dev package, derive debhelper-compat from host system
  + apport: only prompt for cloud_name when instance-data.json is absent
  + datasource: Optimize datasource detection, fix bugs (#2060)
  + Handle non existent ca-cert-config situation (#2073) [Shreenidhi Shedi]
  + sources/azure: add networking check for all source PPS (#2061)
    [Chris Patterson]
  + do not attempt dns resolution on ip addresses (#2040)
  + chore: fix style tip (#2071)
  + Fix metadata IP in instancedata.rst (#2063) [Brian Haley]
  + util: Pass deprecation schedule in deprecate_call() (#2064)
  + config: Update grub-dpkg docs (#2058)
  + docs: Cosmetic improvements and styling (#2057) [s-makin]
  + cc_grub_dpkg: Added UEFI support (#2029) [Alexander Birkner]
  + tests: Write to /var/spool/rsyslog to adhere to apparmor profile (#2059)
  + oracle-ds: prefer system_cfg over ds network config source (#1998)
    (LP: #1956788)
  + Remove dead code (#2038)
  + source: Force OpenStack when it is only option (#2045) (LP: #2008727)
  + cc_ubuntu_advantage: improve UA logs discovery
  + sources/azure: fix regressions in IMDS behavior (#2041) [Chris Patterson]
  + tests: fix test_schema (#2042)
  + dhcp: Cleanup unused kwarg (#2037)
  + sources/vmware/imc: fix-missing-catch-few-negtive-scenarios (#2027)
  + dhclient_hook: remove vestigal dhclient_hook command (#2015)
  + log: Add standardized deprecation tooling (SC-1312) (#2026)
  + Enable SUSE based distros for ca handling (#2036) [Robert Schweikert]
  From 23.1.2
  + Make user/vendor data sensitive and remove log permissions
    (LP: #2013967) (CVE-2023-1786)
  From 23.1.1
  + source: Force OpenStack when it is only option (#2045)
  + sources/azure: fix regressions in IMDS behavior (#2041)
    [Chris Patterson]

- Add cloud-init-flake8-fixes.patch
- Revert chnages from previous commit
  + Disabling checks the primary maintainer enabled for specific reasons
    is not a fix.

- update to 23.1.2:
  * Make user/vendor data sensitive and remove log permissions
  * source: Force OpenStack when it is only option (#2045)
  * sources/azure: fix regressions in IMDS behavior
- drop
  cloud-init-cve-2023-1786-redact-instance-data-json-main.patch (upstream)
- spec-file cleanups, including dropping flake8 (as build fails
  with newer flake8 versions)
- Add patch for bsc#1217952:
  + 0002-shim-Create-pid-file-with-0644-permissions.patch

- Update to containerd v1.7.10. Upstream release notes:
- Rebase patches:
  * 0001-BUILD-SLE12-revert-btrfs-depend-on-kernel-UAPI-inste.patch
- Fix cpio not working after the fix in bsc#1218571, fixes bsc#1219238
  * fix-bsc1219238.patch

- Fix CVE-2023-7207, path traversal vulnerability (bsc#1218571)
  * fix-CVE-2023-7207.patch
- Update: drm/vmwgfx: Keep a gem reference to user bos in surfaces
- Fix crash in vmw_context_cotables_unref when 3d support is enabled
- commit 99a9f67

- Update patches.kabi/kabi-fix-zone-unaccepted-memory.patch
  (jsc#PED-7167 bsc#1218643).
- commit f781e3d

- swiotlb: use the calculated number of areas (git-fixes).
- swiotlb: mark swiotlb_memblock_alloc() as __init (git-fixes).
- commit b9aedb4

- io_uring/af_unix: disable sending io_uring over sockets
  (bsc#1218447, CVE-2023-6531).
- commit fdc256b

- swiotlb: reduce the number of areas to match actual memory
  pool size (git-fixes).
- swiotlb: always set the number of areas before allocating the
  pool (git-fixes).
- swiotlb: fix debugfs reporting of reserved memory pools
- swiotlb: fix a braino in the alignment check fix (bsc#1216559).
- swiotlb: fix slot alignment checks (bsc#1216559).
- swiotlb: fix the deadlock in swiotlb_do_find_slots (git-fixes).
- swiotlb: reduce the swiotlb buffer size on allocation failure
- swiotlb: don't panic! (git-fixes).
- Revert "swiotlb: panic if nslabs is too small" (git-fixes).
- commit 1b89825

- smb: client: fix potential OOB in smb2_dump_detail()
  (bsc#1217946 CVE-2023-6610).
- commit cfca7f7

- x86/purgatory: Remove LTO flags (git-fixes).
- commit bbd4f84

- x86/fpu/xstate: Prevent false-positive warning in __copy_xstate_uabi_buf() (git-fixes).
- commit 46d60b3

- x86/fpu: Invalidate FPU state correctly on exec() (git-fixes).
- commit 7686df9

- x86/cpu: Fix amd_check_microcode() declaration (git-fixes).
- Refresh patches.suse/x86-srso-set-cpuid-feature-bits-independently-of-bug-or-mitigation-status.patch.
- commit c22f4b4

- x86/cpu/amd: Enable Zenbleed fix for AMD Custom APU 0405 (git-fixes).
- commit d74349c

- vsprintf/kallsyms: Prevent invalid data when printing symbol
- commit 8dab9cc

- x86/boot: Fix incorrect startup_gdt_descr.size (git-fixes).
- commit fdc98a7

- x86/boot/compressed: Reserve more memory for page tables  (git-fixes).
- commit 6bf16e1

- gfs2: Silence "suspicious RCU usage in gfs2_permission" warning
- commit 3929c70

- x86/alternatives: Sync core before enabling interrupts (git-fixes).
- commit 4a0b72a

- x86/alternatives: Disable KASAN in apply_alternatives() (git-fixes).
- commit 7029135

- x86/smp: Use dedicated cache-line for mwait_play_dead() (git-fixes).
- commit 8087b92

- x86/srso: Add SRSO mitigation for Hygon processors (git-fixes).
- commit 7b8dfd1

- x86/srso: Fix SBPB enablement for (possible) future fixed HW   (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit b121d1d

- x86/CPU/AMD: Check vendor in the AMD microcode callback (git-fixes).
- commit 43e31d9

- x86/srso: Fix vulnerability reporting for missing microcode (git-fixes).
- commit 98085ae

- x86/unwind/orc: Unwind ftrace trampolines with correct ORC entry (git-fixes).
- commit 270b9c8

- x86/alternatives: Disable interrupts and sync when optimizing NOPs in  place (git-fixes).
- commit 1bd102b

- gfs2: fix an oops in gfs2_permission (git-fixes).
- commit 60a8e84

- iov_iter, x86: Be consistent about the __user tag on copy_mc_to_user() (git-fixes).
- commit a2dd84b

- gfs2: ignore negated quota changes (git-fixes).
- commit c2a4d43

- x86/resctrl: Fix kernel-doc warnings (git-fixes).
- commit 50de71c

- gfs2: Fix possible data races in gfs2_show_options()
- commit 7592b99

- gfs2: Fix inode height consistency check (git-fixes).
- commit 935054a

- gfs2: jdata writepage fix (git-fixes).
- commit e5f9516

- gfs2: Improve gfs2_make_fs_rw error handling (git-fixes).
- commit 86c44aa

- gfs2: Check sb_bsize_shift after reading superblock (git-fixes).
- commit 130df3d

- gfs2: Switch from strlcpy to strscpy (git-fixes).
- commit 3054547

- gfs2: use i_lock spin_lock for inode qadata (git-fixes).
- commit 4e4b75a

- gfs2: Fix filesystem block deallocation for short writes
- commit 87cd867

- gfs2: Make sure FITRIM minlen is rounded up to fs block size
- commit 62669a7

- gfs2: gfs2_setattr_size error path fix (git-fixes).
- commit d0e789c

- gfs2: Fix gfs2_release for non-writers regression (git-fixes).
- commit 1a34aa3

- gfs2: Fix length of holes reported at end-of-file (git-fixes).
- commit 09da26e

- gfs2: Clean up function may_grant (git-fixes).
- commit ce33b14

- gfs2: Add wrapper for iomap_file_buffered_write (git-fixes).
- commit e045f1b

- locks: fix KASAN: use-after-free in
  trace_event_raw_event_filelock_lock (git-fixes).
- commit 4758492

- fs: avoid empty option when generating legacy mount string
- commit 00945db

- statfs: enforce statfs[64] structure initialization (git-fixes).
- commit d4a18c5

- orangefs: Fix kmemleak in orangefs_{kernel,client}_debug_init()
- commit b9e9b76

- orangefs: Fix kmemleak in orangefs_prepare_debugfs_help_string()
- commit 1d47e4a

- orangefs: Fix sysfs not cleanup when dev init failed
- commit f7a82d1

- fs/remap: constrain dedupe of EOF blocks (git-fixes).
- commit e861bd6

- fs: fix an infinite loop in iomap_fiemap (git-fixes).
- commit 41989d9

- orangefs: Fix the size of a memory allocation in
  orangefs_bufmap_alloc() (git-fixes).
- commit 6623b23

- iomap: Fix iomap_dio_rw return value for user copies
- commit 2b65ea1

- ubifs: Fix memory leak of bud->log_hash (git-fixes).
- commit dfe9a1f

- ubifs: fix possible dereference after free (git-fixes).
- commit 971dae9

- fs: ocfs2: namei: check return value of ocfs2_add_entry()
- commit 63eae38

- jfs: fix array-index-out-of-bounds in diAlloc (git-fixes).
- commit 8906b9a

- jfs: fix array-index-out-of-bounds in dbFindLeaf (git-fixes).
- commit 28815ad

- fs/jfs: Add validity check for db_maxag and db_agpref
- commit 39d5b5e

- fs/jfs: Add check for negative db_l2nbperpage (git-fixes).
- commit f831778

- jfs: validate max amount of blocks before allocation
- commit 4be1419

- jfs: fix invalid free of JFS_IP(ipimap)->i_imap in diUnmount
- commit 5b4b023

- fs/jfs: prevent double-free in dbUnmount() after failed
  jfs_remount() (git-fixes).
- commit 51a993a

- reiserfs: Replace 1-element array with C99 style flex-array
- commit 6ad83f4

- reiserfs: Check the return value from __getblk() (git-fixes).
- commit 0e912c9

- afs: Fix use-after-free due to get/remove race in volume tree
- commit f4a57bf

- afs: Fix overwriting of result of DNS query (git-fixes).
- commit fe0f4c6

- afs: Fix dynamic root lookup DNS check (git-fixes).
- commit 1e86064

- afs: Fix the dynamic root's d_delete to always delete unused
  dentries (git-fixes).
- commit 3d5b3d7

- afs: Fix refcount underflow from error handling race
- commit 0a9c8bb

- afs: Fix file locking on R/O volumes to operate in local mode
- commit 5431cb3

- afs: Return ENOENT if no cell DNS record can be found
- commit 863355b

- afs: Make error on cell lookup failure consistent with OpenAFS
- commit 5fcd2cf

- afs: Fix afs_server_list to be cleaned up with RCU (git-fixes).
- commit 8fc4f69

- remove unnecessary WARN_ON_ONCE() (bsc#1214823 bsc#1218569).
- commit 6bd8135

- i2c: core: Fix atomic xfer check for non-preempt config
- commit 1b8a296

- Bluetooth: MGMT/SMP: Fix address type when using SMP over
  BREDR/LE (git-fixes).
- commit ea51a70

- net: usb: ax88179_178a: clean up pm calls (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 10095df

- mmc: sdhci-sprd: Fix eMMC init failure after hw reset
- mmc: rpmb: fixes pause retune on all RPMB partitions
- mmc: meson-mx-sdhc: Fix initialization frozen issue (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel EG912Y module support
- USB: serial: ftdi_sio: update Actisense PIDs constant names
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel RM500Q R13 firmware support
- USB: serial: option: add Foxconn T99W265 with new baseline
- net: usb: ax88179_178a: avoid failed operations when device
  is disconnected (git-fixes).
- Input: soc_button_array - add mapping for airplane mode button
- net: 9p: avoid freeing uninit memory in p9pdu_vreadf
- Bluetooth: L2CAP: Send reject on command corrupted request
- Bluetooth: hci_event: Fix not checking if HCI_OP_INQUIRY has
  been sent (git-fixes).
- wifi: cfg80211: fix certs build to not depend on file order
- wifi: cfg80211: Add my certificate (git-fixes).
- net: usb: ax88179_178a: wol optimizations (git-fixes).
- commit 8fe75c7

- Bluetooth: af_bluetooth: Fix Use-After-Free in bt_sock_recvmsg
  (CVE-2023-51779 bsc#1218559).
- commit b8b3309

- ALSA: hda/realtek: fix speakers on XPS 9530 (2023) (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda - Fix speaker and headset mic pin config for CHUWI
  CoreBook XPro (git-fixes).
- commit a14754c

- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix mute and mic-mute LEDs for HP ProBook
  440 G6 (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsl_rpmsg: Fix error handler with pm_runtime_enable
- ALSA: hda/realtek: fix mute/micmute LEDs for a HP ZBook
- ALSA: hda/realtek: enable SND_PCI_QUIRK for hp pavilion
  14-ec1xxx series (git-fixes).
- commit 379d8d1

- r8169: Fix PCI error on system resume (git-fixes).
- wifi: iwlwifi: pcie: don't synchronize IRQs from IRQ
- nfc: llcp_core: Hold a ref to llcp_local->dev when holding a
  ref to llcp_local (git-fixes).
- ASoC: meson: g12a-tohdmitx: Fix event generation for S/PDIF mux
- ASoC: meson: g12a-toacodec: Fix event generation (git-fixes).
- ASoC: meson: g12a-tohdmitx: Validate written enum values
- ASoC: meson: g12a-toacodec: Validate written enum values
- drm/mgag200: Fix gamma lut not initialized for G200ER, G200EV,
  G200SE (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: ps8640: Fix size mismatch warning w/ len
- drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi86: Never store more than msg->size
  bytes in AUX xfer (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: parade-ps8640: Never store more than msg->size
  bytes in AUX xfer (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/dp: Fix passing the correct DPCD_REV for
  drm_dp_set_phy_test_pattern (git-fixes).
- commit eecc30f

- Delete doc/config-options.changes (jsc#PED-5021)
  Following on adedbd2a5c6 ("kernel-source: Remove config-options.changes
  (jsc#PED-5021)"), remove the now unused file from the tree.
- commit d1b9e97

- tracing: Fix blocked reader of snapshot buffer (git-fixes).
- commit f6f3907

- ring-buffer: Fix wake ups when buffer_percent is set to 100
- commit 21c1070

- tracing / synthetic: Disable events after testing in
  synth_event_gen_test_init() (git-fixes).
- commit e21c29f

- tracing/synthetic: fix kernel-doc warnings (git-fixes).
- commit 62cdcf8

- powerpc/pseries/vas: Migration suspend waits for no in-progress
  open windows (bsc#1218397 ltc#204523).
- commit 26a4d82

- net: mana: select PAGE_POOL (git-fixes).
- net: ena: Fix XDP redirection error (git-fixes).
- net: ena: Fix xdp drops handling due to multibuf packets
- net: ena: Destroy correct number of xdp queues upon failure
- qed: Fix a potential use-after-free in qed_cxt_tables_alloc
- bnxt_en: Fix HWTSTAMP_FILTER_ALL packet timestamp logic
- bnxt_en: Fix wrong return value check in bnxt_close_nic()
- bnxt_en: Clear resource reservation during resume
- RDMA/bnxt_re: Correct module description string (jsc#PED-1495).
- i40e: Fix unexpected MFS warning message (jsc#PED-372).
- net: bnxt: fix a potential use-after-free in bnxt_init_tc
- gve: Fixes for napi_poll when budget is 0 (git-fixes).
- gve: Use size_add() in call to struct_size() (git-fixes).
- i40e: fix potential memory leaks in i40e_remove() (jsc#PED-372).
- i40e: Fix wrong check for I40E_TXR_FLAGS_WB_ON_ITR
- igc: Fix ambiguity in the ethtool advertising (jsc#PED-375).
- igb: Fix potential memory leak in igb_add_ethtool_nfc_entry
- i40e: Fix I40E_FLAG_VF_VLAN_PRUNING value (jsc#PED-372).
- qed: fix LL2 RX buffer allocation (jsc#PED-1526).
- i40e: prevent crash on probe if hw registers have invalid values
- qed/red_ll2: Fix undefined behavior bug in struct qed_ll2_info
- igc: Expose tx-usecs coalesce setting to user (jsc#PED-375).
- bnxt_en: Flush XDP for bnxt_poll_nitroa0()'s NAPI
- net: ena: Flush XDP packets on error (git-fixes).
- i40e: Fix VF VLAN offloading when port VLAN is configured
- igc: Fix infinite initialization loop with early XDP redirect
- igb: clean up in all error paths when enabling SR-IOV
- igb: Change IGB_MIN to allow set rx/tx value between 64 and 80
- igbvf: Change IGBVF_MIN to allow set rx/tx value between 64
  and 80 (jsc#PED-370).
- igc: Change IGC_MIN to allow set rx/tx value between 64 and 80
- igb: disable virtualization features on 82580 (jsc#PED-370).
- i40e: fix potential NULL pointer dereferencing of pf->vf
  i40e_sync_vsi_filters() (jsc#PED-372).
- igc: Fix the typo in the PTM Control macro (jsc#PED-375).
- igb: Avoid starting unnecessary workqueues (jsc#PED-370).
- i40e: fix misleading debug logs (jsc#PED-372).
- qede: fix firmware halt over suspend and resume (jsc#PED-1526).
- bnxt_en: Fix max_mtu setting for multi-buf XDP (jsc#PED-1495).
- bnxt_en: Fix page pool logic for page size >= 64K
- bnxt: don't handle XDP in netpoll (jsc#PED-1495).
- commit 64a4c85

- Revert "PCI/ASPM: Remove pcie_aspm_pm_state_change()"
- commit 9be35d2

- mkspec: Add multibuild support (JSC-SLE#5501, boo#1211226, bsc#1218184)
  When MULTIBUILD option in is enabled generate a _multibuild
  file listing all spec files.
- commit f734347

- Build in the correct KOTD repository with multibuild
  (JSC-SLE#5501, boo#1211226, bsc#1218184)
  With multibuild setting repository flags is no longer supported for
  individual spec files - see
  Add ExclusiveArch conditional that depends on a macro set up by
  bs-upload-kernel instead. With that each package should build only in
  one repository - either standard or QA.
  Note: bs-upload-kernel does not interpret rpm conditionals, and only
  uses the first ExclusiveArch line to determine the architectures to
- commit aa5424d

- blacklist.conf: Add c98c18270be1 sched, cgroup: Restore meaning to hierarchical_quota
- commit 6115840

- mm: kmem: drop __GFP_NOFAIL when allocating objcg vectors
- commit 00f113e

- blacklist.conf: e63a57303599 blk-cgroup: bypass blkcg_deactivate_policy after destroying
- commit 895355e

- ring-buffer: Fix slowpath of interrupted event (git-fixes).
- commit dbe7edd

- ring-buffer: Remove useless update to write_stamp in
  rb_try_to_discard() (git-fixes).
- commit 64ff947

- RDMA/hfi1: Workaround truncation compilation error (git-fixes)
- commit 2302fb3

- RDMA/hns: The UD mode can only be configured with DCQCN (git-fixes)
- commit ca9d38d

- RDMA/hns: Add check for SL (git-fixes)
- commit cf9e8e3

- RDMA/hns: Fix signed-unsigned mixed comparisons (git-fixes)
- commit 34178f4

- RDMA/hns: Fix uninitialized ucmd in hns_roce_create_qp_common() (git-fixes)
- commit 47c4074

- RDMA/hns: Fix printing level of asynchronous events (git-fixes)
- commit 892f8ec

- IB/mlx5: Fix rdma counter binding for RAW QP (git-fixes)
- commit ffaf04e

- RDMA/hfi1: Use FIELD_GET() to extract Link Width (git-fixes)
- commit 4b8aeed

- RDMA/core: Use size_{add,sub,mul}() in calls to struct_size() (git-fixes)
- commit 605983a

- usb-storage: Add quirk for incorrect WP on Kingston DT Ultimate
  3.0 G3 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Increase delay in MOTU M quirk (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS ROG GV302XA (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Reject async flips with bigjoiner (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: hci_event: shut up a false-positive warning
- Bluetooth: Fix deadlock in vhci_send_frame (git-fixes).
- wifi: mac80211: mesh: check element parsing succeeded
- drm/amdgpu: fix tear down order in amdgpu_vm_pt_free
- drm/i915: Fix intel_atomic_setup_scalers() plane_state handling
- drm/i915: Fix remapped stride with CCS on ADL+ (git-fixes).
- drm/mediatek: Add spinlock for setting vblank event in
  atomic_begin (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Relocate intel_atomic_setup_scalers() (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/dpt: Only do the POT stride remap when using DPT
- drm/i915/mtl: limit second scaler vertical scaling in ver >=
  14 (git-fixes).
- commit 6c0ae87

- drm/amdgpu/sdma5.2: add begin/end_use ring callbacks
- commit a070291

- Bluetooth: btusb: Add new PID/VID 0489:e0f2 for MT7921
- commit 456e758

- uapi: propagate __struct_group() attributes to the container
  union (jsc#SLE-18978).
- commit 3b553e2

- dm verity: initialize fec io before freeing it (git-fixes).
- dm-verity: don't use blocking calls from tasklets (git-fixes).
- dm: don't attempt to queue IO under RCU protection (git-fixes).
- null_blk: fix poll request timeout handling (git-fixes).
- dm: verity-loadpin: Add NULL pointer check for 'bdev' parameter
- dm: fix __send_duplicate_bios() to always allow for splitting IO
- dm: fix improper splitting for abnormal bios (bsc#1215952).
- md: select BLOCK_LEGACY_AUTOLOAD (git-fixes).
- dm: add cond_resched() to dm_wq_requeue_work() (git-fixes).
- commit 09d4263

- Update References
  (git-fixes bsc#1215237 CVE-2020-26555).
- commit 0b8be40

- Update References
  (git-fixes bsc#1215237 CVE-2020-26555).
- commit 3386934

- iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Fix return value check of
  tiadc_request_dma() (git-fixes).
- iio: triggered-buffer: prevent possible freeing of wrong buffer
- iio: imu: inv_mpu6050: fix an error code problem in
  inv_mpu6050_read_raw (git-fixes).
- iio: common: ms_sensors: ms_sensors_i2c: fix humidity conversion
  time table (git-fixes).
- interconnect: Treat xlate() returning NULL node as an error
- Input: ipaq-micro-keys - add error handling for devm_kmemdup
- lib/vsprintf: Fix %pfwf when current node refcount == 0
- ASoC: hdmi-codec: fix missing report for jack initial status
- i2c: aspeed: Handle the coalesced stop conditions with the
  start conditions (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: at91-pio4: use dedicated lock class for IRQ
- wifi: mac80211: mesh_plink: fix matches_local logic (git-fixes).
- net: rfkill: gpio: set GPIO direction (git-fixes).
- wifi: iwlwifi: pcie: add another missing bh-disable for
  rxq->lock (git-fixes).
- ARM: OMAP2+: Fix null pointer dereference and memory leak in
  omap_soc_device_init (git-fixes).
- spi: atmel: Fix clock issue when using devices with different
  polarities (git-fixes).
- soundwire: stream: fix NULL pointer dereference for multi_link
- Revert "PCI: acpiphp: Reassign resources on bridge if necessary"
- PCI: loongson: Limit MRRS to 256 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply mute LED quirk for HP15-db (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/hdmi: add force-connect quirks for ASUSTeK Z170
  variants (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/hdmi: add force-connect quirk for NUC5CPYB
- net/rose: Fix Use-After-Free in rose_ioctl (git-fixes).
- net: usb: qmi_wwan: claim interface 4 for ZTE MF290 (git-fixes).
- usb: aqc111: check packet for fixup for true limit (git-fixes).
- commit ed00079

- Drop PCI AER patch that has been reverted on stable trees
- commit 43c7676

- Drop drm/bridge lt9611uxc patches that have been reverted on stable trees
- commit b9351c7

- Rename before merging SLE15-SP4
- commit 0506236

- smb: client: fix OOB in smbCalcSize() (bsc#1217947
- commit 97b24d1

- Update References
  (git-fixes bsc#1218335 CVE-2023-6546).
- commit ad12641

- perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size() lockdep splat
  (CVE-2023-6931 bsc#1218258).
- perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size() (CVE-2023-6931
- commit f91848d

- perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size() lockdep splat
  (CVE-2023-6931 bsc#1218258).
- perf: Fix perf_event_validate_size() (CVE-2023-6931
- commit 00427a6

- nvme-pci: always return an ERR_PTR from nvme_pci_alloc_dev
- commit 6c500e1

- s390/vx: fix save/restore of fpu kernel context (git-fixes
- commit 4f47f85

- blacklist.conf: add nvme entries
- commit 9216151

- nvme-pci: Add sleep quirk for Kingston drives (git-fixes).
- nvmet-auth: complete a request only after freeing the dhchap
  pointers (git-fixes).
- nvme: sanitize metadata bounce buffer for reads (git-fixes).
- nvme-rdma: do not try to stop unallocated queues (git-fixes).
- nvme-pci: do not set the NUMA node of device if it has none
- nvme-pci: factor out a nvme_pci_alloc_dev helper (git-fixes).
- nvme-pci: factor the iod mempool creation into a helper
  - patches.suse/nvme-pci-fix-page-size-checks.patch
- commit 19bc755

- Rename to
  and move the patch into the sorted section
- commit 633cfe2

- net/smc: Fix pos miscalculation in statistics (bsc#1218139).
- commit 513a67c

- net/smc: Fix pos miscalculation in statistics (bsc#1218139).
- commit a8b1f21

- bus: ti-sysc: Flush posted write only after srst_udelay
- commit c942b7c

- reset: Fix crash when freeing non-existent optional resets
- commit 6de5ad5

- HID: multitouch: Add quirk for HONOR GLO-GXXX touchpad
- commit 60dd723

- HID: hid-asus: reset the backlight brightness level on resume
- commit 79eff80

- HID: hid-asus: add const to read-only outgoing usb buffer
- commit 1c939ed

- HID: add ALWAYS_POLL quirk for Apple kb (git-fixes).
- commit d088123

- restore renamed device IDs for USB HID devices (git-fixes).
- commit 5519e39

- HID: glorious: fix Glorious Model I HID report (git-fixes).
- commit ad69d7e

- bpf: Adjust insufficient default bpf_jit_limit (bsc#1218234 git-fixes).
- commit 95f41ac

- scsi: lpfc: use unsigned type for num_sge (bsc#1214747).
- commit 513fc35

- r8152: Add RTL8152_INACCESSIBLE to r8153_aldps_en() (git-fixes).
- commit 3ae518f

- r8152: Add RTL8152_INACCESSIBLE to r8153_pre_firmware_1()
- commit d714a95

- r8152: Add RTL8152_INACCESSIBLE to r8156b_wait_loading_flash()
- commit ad9ad0d

- bpf: Adjust insufficient default bpf_jit_limit (bsc#1218234 git-fixes).
- commit 697b74c

- ipv4: igmp: fix refcnt uaf issue when receiving igmp query
  packet (bsc#1218253 CVE-2023-6932).
- commit 87dfb84

- Refresh patches.suse/gve-Tx-path-for-DQO-QPL.patch.
  Fix backport.
- commit f5531ee

- Input: xpad - add HyperX Clutch Gladiate Support (git-fixes).
- commit 6d0690b

- Input: i8042 - add quirk for TUXEDO Gemini 17 Gen1/Clevo PD70PN
- commit 8fa7ef8

- ring-buffer: Fix a race in rb_time_cmpxchg() for 32 bit archs
- commit a4fe241

- ring-buffer: Do not try to put back write_stamp (git-fixes).
- commit df9fac1

- ring-buffer: Have saved event hold the entire event (git-fixes).
- commit 5347597

- ring-buffer: Do not update before stamp when switching
  sub-buffers (git-fixes).
- commit 9c594ba

- tracing: Update snapshot buffer on resize if it is allocated
- commit d5996f1

- ring-buffer: Fix memory leak of free page (git-fixes).
- commit ee5f869

- ring-buffer: Fix writing to the buffer with max_data_size
- commit bb90d48

- Update: drm/vmwgfx: Keep a gem reference to user bos in surfaces
- Fix drm gem object underflow (bsc#1218092)
- Fix crash on screen resize (bsc#1218229)
- commit b7258e7

- blacklist.conf: cleanup
- commit 16dcb62

- usb: hub: Guard against accesses to uninitialized BOS
  descriptors (git-fixes).
- commit 573da1a

- kABI: restore void return to typec_altmode_attention
- commit 9821aa3

- usb: typec: bus: verify partner exists in
  typec_altmode_attention (git-fixes).
- commit 5fea3d2

- blacklist.conf: it changes only logging
- commit 3cbbd08

- r8152: Add RTL8152_INACCESSIBLE checks to more loops
- commit f62163f

- r8152: Rename RTL8152_UNPLUG to RTL8152_INACCESSIBLE
- commit 064cc95

- Documentation: drop more IDE boot options and ide-cd.rst
- commit 7993dcc

- Update patches.suse/spi-tegra210-quad-Fix-duplicate-resource-error.patch (git-fixes, jsc#PED-3459
  Add reference to PED-3459
- commit c4a5ea6

- Update patches.suse/spi-tegra210-quad-Multi-cs-support.patch (bsc#1212584, jsc#PED-3459
  Add reference to PED-3459.
- commit fc374a4

- Update patches.suse/spi-tegra210-quad-Fix-combined-sequence.patch (bsc#1212584, jsc#PED-3459)
  Add reference to PED-3459.
- commit bff7fca

- Drop Documentation/ide/ (git-fixes).
- commit d3eb72d

- padata: Fix refcnt handling in padata_free_shell() (git-fixes).
- commit 5219779

- tracing: Set actual size after ring buffer resize (git-fixes).
- commit b915dbf

- tracing/perf: Add interrupt_context_level() helper (git-fixes).
- commit 9da609b

- tracing: Reuse logic from perf's get_recursion_context()
- commit adc2c65

- tracing: relax trace_event_eval_update() execution with
  cond_resched() (git-fixes).
- commit 017c09c

- rethook: Use __rcu pointer for rethook::handler (git-fixes).
- kABI: Preserve the type of rethook::handler (git-fixes).
- commit 8b953cc

- rethook: Fix to use WRITE_ONCE() for rethook:: Handler
- commit 7981c03

- fprobe: Fix to ensure the number of active retprobes is not zero
- commit fe2f6d2

- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add Framework laptop 16 to quirks
- ALSA: hda/realtek: add new Framework laptop to quirks
- drm/bridge: tc358768: select CONFIG_VIDEOMODE_HELPERS
- drm/amdgpu: Update EEPROM I2C address for smu v13_0_0
- drm/amdgpu: Add I2C EEPROM support on smu v13_0_6 (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/sdvo: stop caching has_hdmi_monitor in struct
  intel_sdvo (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: simplify amdgpu_ras_eeprom.c (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: Return from switch early for EEPROM I2C address
- drm/amdgpu: Remove second moot switch to set EEPROM I2C address
- drm/i915/lvds: Use REG_BIT() & co (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/display: Drop check for doublescan mode in modevalid
- drm/amdgpu: Add support for RAS table at 0x40000 (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: Decouple RAS EEPROM addresses from chips
- drm/amdgpu: Remove redundant I2C EEPROM address (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: Add EEPROM I2C address support for ip discovery
- drm/amdgpu: Update ras eeprom support for smu v13_0_0 and
  v13_0_10 (git-fixes).
- commit 27aa9c9

- ring-buffer: Force absolute timestamp on discard of event
- commit 703d47b

- tracing: Disable snapshot buffer when stopping instance tracers
- commit ea1804c

- tracing: Stop current tracer when resizing buffer (git-fixes).
- commit 416045c

- tracing: Always update snapshot buffer size (git-fixes).
- commit ab3ac02

- kprobes: consistent rcu api usage for kretprobe holder
- commit bd133f6

- tracing/kprobes: Fix the order of argument descriptions
- commit 4822ad0

- tracing: Have the user copy of synthetic event address use
  correct context (git-fixes).
- commit ee4a2b2

- nvme-core: check for too small lba shift (bsc#1214117).
- commit 5f6e755

- KVM: s390/mm: Properly reset no-dat (git-fixes bsc#1218056).
- commit 5b3fa66

- kabi/severities: ignore kABI for asus-wmi drivers
  Tolerate the kABI changes, as used only locally for asus-wmi stuff
- commit 42dad1e

- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Add support for ROG X13 tablet mode
- commit 1640ab2

- serial: sc16is7xx: address RX timeout interrupt errata
- parport: Add support for Brainboxes IX/UC/PX parallel cards
- hwmon: (nzxt-kraken2) Fix error handling path in kraken2_probe()
- hwmon: (acpi_power_meter) Fix 4.29 MW bug (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pcm: fix out-of-bounds in snd_pcm_state_names (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset on Lenovo M90 Gen5
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add Pioneer DJM-450 mixer controls (git-fixes).
- nilfs2: prevent WARNING in nilfs_sufile_set_segment_usage()
- nilfs2: fix missing error check for sb_set_blocksize call
- platform/x86: wmi: Skip blocks with zero instances (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Move i8042 filter install to shared
  asus-wmi code (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: correct the amdgpu runtime dereference usage count
- kconfig: fix memory leak from range properties (git-fixes).
- i2c: designware: Fix corrupted memory seen in the ISR
- drm/amdgpu: correct chunk_ptr to a pointer to chunk (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/amdgpu: Fix warnings in amdgpu/amdgpu_display.c
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix kbd_dock_devid tablet-switch
  reporting (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: wmi: Allow duplicate GUIDs for drivers that use
  struct wmi_driver (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Simplify tablet-mode-switch handling
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Simplify tablet-mode-switch probing
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Adjust tablet/lidflip handling to use
  enum (git-fixes).
- commit e47d99c

- tracing/kprobes: Fix the description of variable length
  arguments (git-fixes).
- commit ee78d8b

- x86/cpu: Don't write CSTAR MSR on Intel CPUs (jsc#PED-7167).
- commit a99a85b

- neighbor: tracing: Move pin6 inside CONFIG_IPV6=y section
- commit 946e077

- netfilter: nf_tables: bail out on mismatching dynset and set
  expressions (bsc#1217938 CVE-2023-6622).
- commit de1dd10

- HID: lenovo: Restrict detection of patched firmware only to
  USB cptkbd (git-fixes).
- commit 1bd99d4

- mm/pgtable: Fix multiple -Wstringop-overflow warnings
- commit f790208

- ASoC: wm_adsp: fix memleak in wm_adsp_buffer_populate
- Bluetooth: hci_qca: Fix the teardown problem for real
- Documentation: qat: Use code block for qat sysfs example
- commit c75f6d8

- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add supported ALC257 for ChromeOS
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Headset Mic VREF to 100% (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: intel-dsp-cfg: add LunarLake support (git-fixes).
- ACPI: x86: s2idle: Catch multiple ACPI_TYPE_PACKAGE objects
- ACPI: video: Add backlight=native DMI quirk for Lenovo Ideapad
  Z470 (git-fixes).
- ACPICA: Add AML_NO_OPERAND_RESOLVE flag to Timer (git-fixes).
- ALSA: seq: oss: Fix racy open/close of MIDI devices (git-fixes).
- commit 200c0a2

- blacklist.conf: add two ceph commits
- commit d8d4641

- ceph: fix type promotion bug on 32bit systems (bsc#1217982).
- libceph: use kernel_connect() (bsc#1217981).
- ceph: fix incorrect revoked caps assert in ceph_fill_file_size()
- commit e3e482f

- arm64: mm: Fix "rodata=on" when CONFIG_RODATA_FULL_DEFAULT_ENABLED=y (git-fixes)
- commit 794f0e7

- arm64: dts: imx8mn: Add sound-dai-cells to micfil node (git-fixes)
- commit 4dcfded

- arm64: dts: imx8mm: Add sound-dai-cells to micfil node (git-fixes)
- commit 0fd1b8d

- arm64: dts: arm: add missing cache properties (git-fixes)
- commit 710ea40

- blacklist.conf: ("arm64: dts: broadcom: bcmbca: bcm4908: fix LED nodenames")
- commit 37fe1b1

- netfilter: nf_tables: bail out on mismatching dynset and set
  expressions (bsc#1217938 CVE-2023-6622).
- commit a69497c

- arm64: dts: imx8mq-librem5: Remove dis_u3_susphy_quirk from (git-fixes)
- commit 8cd5213

- Update metadata
- commit 17c3e48

- net/tg3: fix race condition in tg3_reset_task() (bsc#1217801).
- commit 68db0d6

- IB/mlx5: Fix init stage error handling to avoid double free of same QP and UAF (git-fixes)
- commit afc5184

- tracing: Fix a possible race when disabling buffered events
- commit 26540da

- tracing: Fix a warning when allocating buffered events fails
- commit ec57b73

- tracing: Fix incomplete locking when disabling buffered events
- commit 2d81a3a

- tracing: Disable preemption when using the filter buffer
- commit 0ade134

- tracing: Use __this_cpu_read() in
  trace_event_buffer_lock_reserver() (bsc#1217036).
- commit 8aa5d9a

- tracing: Fix warning in trace_buffered_event_disable()
  (git-fixes, bsc#1217036).
- commit b71b6ff

- qla2xxx: add debug log for deprecated hw detected (bsc#1216032).
- commit e923023

- usb: typec: ucsi: acpi: add quirk for ASUS Zenbook UM325
- commit 19f2446

- nvmet: nul-terminate the NQNs passed in the connect command
  (bsc#1217250 CVE-2023-6121).
- commit e359ed1

- KVM: s390: vsie: fix wrong VIR 37 when MSO is used (git-fixes
- commit e39e7a6

- x86/entry: Do not allow external 0x80 interrupts (bsc#1217927).
- commit d94a391

- x86/entry: Convert INT 0x80 emulation to IDTENTRY (bsc#1217927).
- commit 66b3050

- gpiolib: sysfs: Fix error handling on failed export (git-fixes).
- Revert "xhci: Loosen RPM as default policy to cover for AMD
  xHC 1.1" (git-fixes).
- usb: typec: class: fix typec_altmode_put_partner to put plugs
- ARM: PL011: Fix DMA support (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250: 8250_omap: Clear UART_HAS_RHR_IT_DIS bit
- serial: 8250: 8250_omap: Do not start RX DMA on THRI interrupt
- misc: mei: client.c: fix problem of return '-EOVERFLOW' in
  mei_cl_write (git-fixes).
- misc: mei: client.c: return negative error code in mei_cl_write
- commit 09a57bf

- md/raid5-cache: fix null-ptr-deref for
  r5l_flush_stripe_to_raid() (git-fixes).
- md/raid5-cache: fix a deadlock in r5l_exit_log() (git-fixes).
- md/md-bitmap: remove unnecessary local variable in
  backlog_store() (git-fixes).
- md: don't update recovery_cp when curr_resync is ACTIVE
- commit 0812db6

- md/raid1: fix error: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations
- md: raid0: account for split bio in iostat accounting
- md/raid1: hold the barrier until handle_read_error() finishes
- md/raid1: free the r1bio before waiting for blocked rdev
- md: raid1: fix potential OOB in raid1_remove_disk() (git-fixes).
- md/md-bitmap: hold 'reconfig_mutex' in backlog_store()
- md/md-bitmap: remove unnecessary local variable in
  backlog_store() (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: use dereference_rdev_and_rrdev() to get devices
- md/raid10: factor out dereference_rdev_and_rrdev() (git-fixes).
- md: restore 'noio_flag' for the last mddev_resume() (git-fixes).
- Revert "md: unlock mddev before reap sync_thread in
  action_store" (git-fixes).
- md/raid0: add discard support for the 'original' layout
- md/raid10: fix the condition to call bio_end_io_acct()
- md/raid10: prevent soft lockup while flush writes (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: fix io loss while replacement replace rdev
- md/raid10: fix null-ptr-deref of mreplace in raid10_sync_request
- md/raid10: fix wrong setting of max_corr_read_errors
- md/raid10: fix overflow of md/safe_mode_delay (git-fixes).
- md/raid5: fix miscalculation of 'end_sector' in
  raid5_read_one_chunk() (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: don't call bio_start_io_acct twice for bio which
  experienced read error (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: fix memleak of md thread (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: fix memleak for 'conf->bio_split' (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: fix leak of 'r10bio->remaining' for recovery
- md/raid10: fix null-ptr-deref in raid10_sync_request
- commit 75c9e76

- md/raid10: fix task hung in raid10d (git-fixes).
- Refresh patches.suse/md-display-timeout-error.patch for the above change.
- commit 90d12ef

- md: avoid signed overflow in slot_store() (git-fixes).
- md/raid10: factor out code from wait_barrier() to
  stop_waiting_barrier() (git-fixes).
- commit c35659b

- md: Set MD_BROKEN for RAID1 and RAID10 (git-fixes).
- Update patches.suse/md-display-timeout-error.patch for the above change.
- commit 77abf5c

- md: raid10 add nowait support (git-fixes).
- md: drop queue limitation for RAID1 and RAID10 (git-fixes).
- md/bitmap: don't set max_write_behind if there is no write
  mostly device (git-fixes).
- commit 44a1c08

- blacklist.conf: add non-backport commits
- commit 731fcaa

- kernel-source: Remove config-options.changes (jsc#PED-5021)
  The file doc/config-options.changes was used in the past to document
  kernel config changes. It was introduced in 2010 but haven't received
  any updates on any branch since 2015. The file is renamed by
  to config-options.changes.txt and shipped in the kernel-source RPM
  package under /usr/share/doc. As its content now only contains outdated
  information, retaining it can lead to confusion for users encountering
  this file.
  Config changes are nowadays described in associated Git commit messages,
  which get automatically collected and are incorporated into changelogs
  of kernel RPM packages.
  Drop then this obsolete file, starting with its packaging logic.
  For branch maintainers: Upon merging this commit on your branch, please
  correspondingly delete the file doc/config-options.changes.
- commit adedbd2

- doc/README.SUSE: Simplify the list of references (jsc#PED-5021)
  Reduce indentation in the list of references, make the style consistent
- commit 70e3c33

- regmap: fix bogus error on regcache_sync success (git-fixes).
- platform/surface: aggregator: fix recv_buf() return value
- commit e5d6930

- doc/README.SUSE: Add how to update the config for module signing
  Configuration files for SUSE kernels include settings to integrate with
  signing support provided by the Open Build Service. This creates
  problems if someone tries to use such a configuration file to build
  a "standalone" kernel as described in doc/README.SUSE:
  * Default configuration files available in the kernel-source repository
  unset CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_ALL to leave module signing to
  pesign-obs-integration. In case of a "standalone" build, this
  integration is not available and the modules don't get signed.
  * The kernel spec file overrides CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_KEY to
  ".kernel_signing_key.pem" which is a file populated by certificates
  provided by OBS but otherwise not available. The value ends up in
  /boot/config-$VERSION-$RELEASE-$FLAVOR and /proc/config.gz. If someone
  decides to use one of these files as their base configuration then the
  build fails with an error because the specified module signing key is
  Add information on how to enable module signing and where to find the
  relevant upstream documentation.
- commit a699dc3

- efi/unaccepted: Fix off-by-one when checking for overlapping
  ranges (jsc#PED-7167).
- commit cbbb7d9

- blacklist.conf: Cleanup entries that are backported
- commit d22e603

- doc/README.SUSE: Remove how to build modules using kernel-source
  Remove the first method how to build kernel modules from the readme. It
  describes a process consisting of the kernel-source installation,
  configuring this kernel and then performing an ad-hoc module build.
  This method is not ideal as no modversion data is involved in the
  process. It results in a module with no symbol CRCs which can be wrongly
  loaded on an incompatible kernel.
  Removing the method also simplifies the readme because only two main
  methods how to build the modules are then described, either doing an
  ad-hoc build using kernel-devel, or creating a proper Kernel Module
- commit 9285bb8

- blacklist.conf: just in case fix for a corner case
- commit a3fc582

- xhci: Clear EHB bit only at end of interrupt handler
- commit d5adf2a

- usb: config: fix iteration issue in 'usb_get_bos_descriptor()'
- commit 5cdcb2d

- usb: host: xhci-plat: fix possible kernel oops while resuming
- commit b0504f4

- NFS: More fixes for nfs_direct_write_reschedule_io()
- NFS: Use the correct commit info in nfs_join_page_group()
- NFS: More O_DIRECT accounting fixes for error paths
- NFS: Fix O_DIRECT locking issues (bsc#1211162).
- NFS: Fix error handling for O_DIRECT write scheduling
- NFS: Fix a potential data corruption (bsc#1211162).
- NFS: Fix a use after free in nfs_direct_join_group()
- nfs: only issue commit in DIO codepath if we have uncommitted
  data (bsc#1211162).
- NFS: Fix a few more clear_bit() instances that need release
  semantics (bsc#1211162).
- commit e61bcf9

- md: Put the right device in md_seq_next (bsc#1217822).
- commit 99a688a

- xfs: make sure maxlen is still congruent with prod when rounding
  down (git-fixes).
- commit 2b9fc44

- xfs: fix units conversion error in xfs_bmap_del_extent_delay
- commit 95e2620

- xfs: fix agf_fllast when repairing an empty AGFL (git-fixes).
- commit bfb62b0

- xfs: return EINTR when a fatal signal terminates scrub
- commit e6f4fe7

- xfs: fix a bug in the online fsck directory leaf1 bestcount
  check (git-fixes).
- commit e328537

- xfs: fix incorrect unit conversion in scrub tracepoint
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit e256630

- xfs: decode scrub flags in ftrace output (git-fixes).
- commit d1fe7f7

- xfs: remove the xfs_dsb_t typedef (git-fixes).
- commit 4e9f379

- xfs: fix uninit warning in xfs_growfs_data (git-fixes).
- commit e9c4821

- xfs: convert flex-array declarations in struct xfs_attrlist*
- commit e33e297

- xfs: remove the xfs_dinode_t typedef (git-fixes).
- commit c807e19

- xfs: convert flex-array declarations in xfs attr shortform
  objects (git-fixes).
- commit 757cbc7

- xfs: convert flex-array declarations in xfs attr leaf blocks
- commit 1823624

- xfs: use swap() to make dabtree code cleaner (git-fixes).
- commit d160cc2

- xfs: fix silly whitespace problems with kernel libxfs
- commit d822e52

- xfs: rename xfs_has_attr() (git-fixes).
- commit fe8702c

- xfs: Rename __xfs_attr_rmtval_remove (git-fixes).
- commit 6ea2cef

- xfs: sysfs: use default_groups in kobj_type (git-fixes).
- commit 74d9b5c

- xfs: replace snprintf in show functions with sysfs_emit
- commit 84db35d

- xfs: simplify two-level sysctl registration for xfs_table
- commit 0321d28

- xfs: add selinux labels to whiteout inodes (git-fixes).
- commit 8dc479c

- xfs: Use kvcalloc() instead of kvzalloc() (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 89900e3

- xfs: clean up "%Ld/%Lu" which doesn't meet C standard
- commit dbcc289

- xfs: aborting inodes on shutdown may need buffer lock
- commit 8b202be

- xfs: remove the xfs_dqblk_t typedef (git-fixes).
- commit 4747a77

- xfs: dump log intent items that cannot be recovered due to
  corruption (git-fixes).
- commit 6f8c678

- xfs: sb verifier doesn't handle uncached sb buffer (git-fixes).
- commit c0c7079

- xfs: remove kmem_alloc_io() (git-fixes).
- commit 831b642

- x86/platform/uv: Use alternate source for socket to node data
  (bsc#1215696 bsc#1217790).
- commit ec7f699
- Add upstream patch
  bsc#1207987 gh#util-linux/util-linux@1d98827edde4
- Update to version 0.9.8
  * Fix CVE-2023-6004: Command injection using proxycommand (bsc#1218209)
  * Fix CVE-2023-48795: Potential downgrade attack using strict kex (bsc#1218126)
  * Fix CVE-2023-6918: Missing checks for return values of MD functions (bsc#1218186)
  * Allow @ in usernames when parsing from URI composes
- Update to version 0.9.7
  * Fix CVE-2023-1667: a NULL dereference during rekeying with algorithm
    guessing (bsc#1211188)
  * Fix CVE-2023-2283: a possible authorization bypass in
    pki_verify_data_signature under low-memory conditions (bsc#1211190)
  * Fix several memory leaks in GSSAPI handling code
- Import commit 2cb4d40f1c6a388706af8a83d5344fc0de3c6f4d (merge of v249.17)
  c8578cef7f resolved: actually check authenticated flag of SOA transaction

- Import commit 86f0670d3a01c1a2d4df17f1c68d03f1586195e3
  ba7f1df7a5 vconsole-setup: simplify error handling
  94f4eaea77 Introduce RET_GATHER and use it in src/shared/
  98ba536bd1 mount: always use UNIT_DEPENDENCY_FILE in mount_add_quota_dependencies()
  73c7b2bb48 core/mount: make device deps from /proc/self/mountinfo and .mount unit file exclusive
  ba585a28d7 core: Add trace logging to mount_add_device_dependencies()
  36e0a4f80f core/mount: also remove default deps from /proc/self/mountinfo when it is updated (bsc#1217460)
  bc107c86c3 core/mount: set Mount.from_proc_self_mountinfo flag before adding default dependencies
  ce4907c7c3 core: wrap some long comment

- Import commit e677079182c975ecdad88a76f657fecb4de523d9
  7692c5bda8 utmp-wtmp: handle EINTR gracefully when waiting to write to tty
  29c3eb4681 utmp-wtmp: fix error in case isatty() fails
  98970eb90b homed: handle EINTR gracefully when waiting for device node
  0305809edd resolved: handle -EINTR returned from fd_wait_for_event() better
  40db4d6abe sd-netlink: handle EINTR from poll() gracefully, as success
  5e681711c6 varlink: also handle EINTR gracefully when waiting for EIO via ppoll()
  6bbd70f092 stdio-bridge: don't be bothered with EINTR
  f978feb591 sd-bus: handle -EINTR return from bus_poll() (bsc#1215241)
  746962ff40 core: replace slice dependencies as they get added (bsc#1214668)

- systemd.spec: add missing `%tmpfiles_create systemd-resolve.conf`

- Rename 0001-restore-var-run-and-var-lock-bind-mount-if-they-aren.patch into
- Rename 0003-strip-the-domain-part-from-etc-hostname-when-setting.patch into
- Rename 0005-udev-create-default-symlinks-for-primary-cd_dvd-driv.patch into
- Rename 0007-networkd-make-network.service-an-alias-of-systemd-ne.patch into
- Rename 0011-core-disable-session-keyring-per-system-sevice-entir.patch into
  Hence these patch files can be easily identified as SLE specific ones.
- Add missing O_DIRECTORY flag in `protect_dir()` for pam_namespace module.
  [bsc#1218475, pam-bsc1218475-pam_namespace-O_DIRECTORY-flag.patch]

- pam_lastlog: check localtime_r() return value (bsc#1217000)
  * Added: pam-bsc1217000-pam_lastlog-check-localtime_r-return-value.patch
- Version 0.0.6 (bsc#1218561)
  Support proxy setup on the client to access the update infrastructure

- Version 0.0.5
  Add IPv6 support (bsc#1218739)
- Fix update-alternative in %postun, bsc#1218765
- suppress installation errors when systemd is not running
[ This was only ever released for SLES. ]
- Add upstream patch to fix embargoed issue CVE-2024-21626. bsc#1218894
  + CVE-2024-21626.patch

- Update to runc v1.1.11. Upstream changelog is available from
- Additional changes in version 3.1.28
  + ipset - List entries for all sets
  + ipvsadm - Inspect the virtual server table (pr#185)
  + Correctly detects Xen Dom0 (bsc#1218201)
  + Fixed smart disk error (bsc#1218282)

- Changes in version 3.1.28
  + Inhibit the conversion of port numbers to port names for network files (cherry picked from commit 55f5f716638fb15e3eb1315443949ed98723d250)
  + powerpc: collect rtas_errd.log and lp_diag.log files (pr#175)
  + Get list of pam.d file (cherry picked from commit eaf35c77fd4bc039fd7e3d779ec1c2c6521283e2)
  + Remove supportutils requires for util-linux-systemd and kmod (bsc#1193173)
  + Added missing klp information to kernel-livepatch.txt (bsc#1216390)
  + Fixed plugins creating empty files when using supportconfig.rc (bsc#1216388)
  + Provides long listing for /etc/sssd/sssd.conf (bsc#1211547)
  + Optimize lsof usage (bsc#1183663)
  + Added mokutil commands for secureboot (pr#179)
  + Collects chrony or ntp as needed (bsc#1196293)

- Changes in version 3.1.27
  + Fixed podman display issue (bsc#1217287)
  + Added nvme-stas configuration to nvme.txt (bsc#1216049)
  + Added timed command to fs-files.txt (bsc#1216827)
  + Collects zypp history file issue#166 (bsc#1216522)
  + Changed -x OPTION to really be exclude only (issue#146)
  + Collect HA related rpm package versions in ha.txt (pr#169)
- run rpm commands in import script only when libzypp is not
  active. bsc#1219189 bsc#1219123
- Update to version 15.5.4:
  * rpm-script: add symlink /boot/.vmlinuz.hmac (bsc#1217775)
- Update to version 1.6.0
  * Disable EULA display for addons (bsc#1218649 and bsc#1217961)

- Update to version 1.5.0
  * Configure docker credentials for registry authentication
  * Feature: Support usage from Agama + Cockpit for ALP Micro system registration (bsc#1218364)
  * Add --json output option
- bsc#1219080 - VUL-0: CVE-2023-46840: xen: VT-d: Failure to
  quarantine devices in !HVM builds (XSA-450)

- bsc#1218851 - VUL-0: CVE-2023-46839: xen: phantom functions
  assigned to incorrect contexts (XSA-449)