- add augeas-sysctl_parsing.patch (bsc#1197443)
  * backport original patch and rebase
- Update to version 6.15
  * CVE-2022-27239: mount.cifs: fix length check for ip option parsing
    Previous check was true whatever the length of the input string was,
    leading to a buffer overflow in the subsequent strcpy call (bsc#1197216).
  * mount.cifs: fix verbose messages on option parsing
  * 0001-cifs.upcall-fix-regression-in-kerberos-mount.patch
  * 0001-cifs.upcall-try-to-use-container-ipc-uts-net-pid-mnt.patch
  * add 0001-cifs.upcall-fix-regression-in-kerberos-mount.patch
  * add 0001-cifs.upcall-try-to-use-container-ipc-uts-net-pid-mnt.patch
- Update to version 10.0.4 (bsc#1199668)
  - Store the update server certs in the /etc path instead of /usr to
    accomodate read only setup of SLE-Micro
- Update to containerd v1.6.6 to fix CVE-2022-31030 and meet the requirements
  of Docker v20.10.17-ce. bsc#1200145
- Remove upstreamed patches:
  - bsc1200145-Limit-the-response-size-of-ExecSync.patch
[ This patch was only released in SLES and Leap. ]
- Backport patch to fix GHSA-5ffw-gxpp-mxpf CVE-2022-31030. bsc#1200145
  + bsc1200145-Limit-the-response-size-of-ExecSync.patch
- Update to containerd v1.5.12. Upstream release notes:
- Security fix: [bsc#1200734, CVE-2022-32205]
  * Set-Cookie denial of service
  * Add curl-CVE-2022-32205.patch
- Security fix: [bsc#1200735, CVE-2022-32206]
  * HTTP compression denial of service
  * Add curl-CVE-2022-32206.patch
- Security fix: [bsc#1200736, CVE-2022-32207]
  * Unpreserved file permissions
  * Add curl-CVE-2022-32207.patch
- Security fix: [bsc#1200737, CVE-2022-32208]
  * FTP-KRB bad message verification
  * Add curl-CVE-2022-32208.patch
- Update to Docker 20.10.17-ce. See upstream changelog online at
  <>. bsc#1200145
- Rebase patches:
  * 0001-SECRETS-daemon-allow-directory-creation-in-run-secre.patch
  * 0002-SECRETS-SUSE-implement-SUSE-container-secrets.patch
  * 0003-PRIVATE-REGISTRY-add-private-registry-mirror-support.patch
  * 0004-bsc1073877-apparmor-clobber-docker-default-profile-o.patch
  * 0005-bsc1183855-btrfs-Do-not-disable-quota-on-cleanup.patch
- disable-check-consistency.patch: i386: Disable check_consistency for GCC
  5 and above (bsc#1201640, BZ #25788)
- static-tls-surplus.patch: Remove tunables (bsc#1201560)
- static-tls-surplus.patch: rtld: Avoid using up static TLS surplus for
  optimizations (bsc#1200855, BZ #25051)
- strncpy-power9-vsx.patch: powerpc: Fix VSX register number on
  __strncpy_power9 (bsc#1200334, BZ #29197)
- selinux-deprecated.patch: Disable warnings due to deprecated libselinux
  symbols used by nss and nscd (bsc#1197718)
- systemtap-altmacro.patch: i386: Remove broken CAN_USE_REGISTER_ASM_EBP
  (bsc#1197718, BZ #28771)
- x86/ibt,xen: Sprinkle the ENDBR (bsc#1201471).
- Refresh patches.suse/objtool-Update-Retpoline-validation.patch.
- commit cf7f7e0
- x86/entry: Remove skip_r11rcx (bsc#1201524).
- Refresh
- commit 64980c7
- xen/netback: avoid entering xenvif_rx_next_skb() with an empty
  rx queue (bsc#1201381).
- commit bf00db7
- rpm/ Require dwarves >= 1.22 on SLE15-SP3 or newer
  Dwarves 1.22 or newer is required to build kernels with BTF information
  embedded in modules.
- commit ee19e9d
- tty: use new tty_insert_flip_string_and_push_buffer() in
  pty_write() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
- tty: extract tty_flip_buffer_commit() from
  tty_flip_buffer_push() (bsc#1198829 CVE-2022-1462).
- commit decd358
- octeontx2-af: Fix some memory leaks in the error handling path
  of 'cgx_lmac_init()' (git-fixes).
- commit 771ed28
- octeontx2-af: Add a 'rvu_free_bitmap()' function (gix-fixes).
- commit bc0ad1c
- net: dsa: xrs700x: be compatible with masters which unregister on shutdown (git-fixes).
- commit 067f613
- net: dsa: microchip: ksz8863: be compatible with masters which unregister on shutdown (git-fixes).
- commit 8df6c27
- net: dsa: hellcreek: be compatible with masters which unregister on shutdown (git-fixes).
- commit b13c76a
- net: dsa: be compatible with masters which unregister on shutdown (git-fixes).
- commit 185c5a1
- can: rcar_canfd: add __maybe_unused annotation to silence warning (git-fixes).
- commit 3436390
- net: dpaa_eth: remove dead select in menuconfig FSL_DPAA_ETH (git-fixes).
- commit 5dea61c
- kABI: fix removal of iscsi_destroy_conn (bsc#1198410).
- kABI: fix change of iscsi_host_remove() arguments (bsc#1198410).
- scsi: iscsi: Fix session removal on shutdown (bsc#1198410).
- scsi: qedi: Use QEDI_MODE_NORMAL for error handling
- scsi: iscsi: Add helper to remove a session from the kernel
- scsi: iscsi: Clean up bound endpoints during shutdown
- scsi: iscsi: Allow iscsi_if_stop_conn() to be called from kernel
- scsi: iscsi: Fix HW conn removal use after free (bsc#1198410).
- scsi: libiscsi: Teardown iscsi_cls_conn gracefully
- scsi: iscsi: Add helper functions to manage iscsi_cls_conn
- commit 3d68d7d
- don't call utsname() after ->nsproxy is NULL (bsc#1201196).
- commit 9689c47
- x86/kexec: Disable RET on kexec (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit d1e1c13
- x86/bugs: Do not enable IBPB-on-entry when IBPB is not supported
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 3be5cfd
- x86/bugs: Add Cannon lake to RETBleed affected CPU list
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 739eddd
- PCI: hv: Fix interrupt mapping for multi-MSI (bsc#1200845).
- PCI: hv: Reuse existing IRTE allocation in compose_msi_msg()
- PCI: hv: Fix hv_arch_irq_unmask() for multi-MSI (bsc#1200845).
- PCI: hv: Fix multi-MSI to allow more than one MSI vector
- commit e1e83aa
- ibmvnic: Properly dispose of all skbs during a failover
- commit c771c51
- cpufreq: intel_pstate: Add Ice Lake server to out-of-band IDs
- commit e9e6c6d
- mm/slub: add missing TID updates on slab deactivation
- commit 2839b22
- Update patch reference for rose fix (CVE-2022-2318 bsc#1201251)
- commit 6740ddf
- xen-netfront: restore __skb_queue_tail() positioning in
  xennet_get_responses() (bsc#1200763, CVE-2022-33743, XSA-405).
- commit 3452cb8
- xen/netfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
  (bsc#1200762, CVE-2022-33741, XSA-403).
- commit 8573a2a
- xen/netfront: fix leaking data in shared pages (bsc#1200762,
  CVE-2022-33740, XSA-403).
- commit d781d02
- xen/blkfront: force data bouncing when backend is untrusted
  (bsc#1200762, CVE-2022-33742, XSA-403).
- commit e887a75
- xen/blkfront: fix leaking data in shared pages (bsc#1200762,
  CVE-2022-26365, XSA-403).
- commit 5f3a98c
- KVM: VMX: Wake vCPU when delivering posted IRQ even if vCPU ==
  this vCPU (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit cc9c0cb
- kabi/severities: allow dropping a few invalid exported symbols (bsc#1201218)
- commit fb35701
- net: ipv6: unexport __init-annotated seg6_hmac_net_init()
- tick/nohz: unexport __init-annotated tick_nohz_full_setup()
- clocksource: hyper-v: unexport __init-annotated
  hv_init_clocksource() (bsc#1201218).
- xen: unexport __init-annotated xen_xlate_map_ballooned_pages()
- net: ipv6: unexport __init-annotated seg6_hmac_init()
- net: xfrm: unexport __init-annotated xfrm4_protocol_init()
- net: mdio: unexport __init-annotated mdio_bus_init()
- commit f8aa8f6
- netfilter: nf_tables: stricter validation of element data
  (CVE-2022-34918 bsc#1201171).
- commit 6821024
- usbnet: fix memory allocation in helpers (git-fixes).
- virtio-net: fix race between ndo_open() and
  virtio_device_ready() (git-fixes).
- xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Meteor
  Lake xHCI (git-fixes).
- xhci-pci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Raptor
  Lake xHCI (git-fixes).
- xhci: turn off port power in shutdown (git-fixes).
- virtio_net: fix xdp_rxq_info bug after suspend/resume
- virtio_net: fix wrong buf address calculation when using xdp
- commit bb6cd2d
- PM / devfreq: exynos-ppmu: Fix refcount leak in
  of_get_devfreq_events (git-fixes).
- net: rose: fix UAF bugs caused by timer handler (git-fixes).
- net: usb: ax88179_178a: Fix packet receiving (git-fixes).
- net: phy: ax88772a: fix lost pause advertisement configuration
- NFC: nxp-nci: Don't issue a zero length i2c_master_read()
- nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
- net: usb: asix: do not force pause frames support (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: filter out duplicate volume
  up/down/mute keypresses (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: don't report duplicate
  brightness key-presses (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: revert "/Resolve hotkey double
  trigger bug"/ (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: sort includes alphabetically
- platform/x86: panasonic-laptop: de-obfuscate button codes
- soc: bcm: brcmstb: pm: pm-arm: Fix refcount leak in
  brcmstb_pm_probe (git-fixes).
- modpost: fix section mismatch check for exported init/exit
  sections (git-fixes).
- usb: chipidea: udc: check request status before setting device
  address (git-fixes).
- USB: gadget: Fix double-free bug in raw_gadget driver
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel RM500K module support
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel EM05-G modem (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: pl2303: add support for more HXN (G) types
- USB: serial: option: add Telit LE910Cx 0x1250 composition
- usb: gadget: Fix non-unique driver names in raw-gadget driver
- mtd: rawnand: gpmi: Fix setting busy timeout setting
- regmap-irq: Fix offset/index mismatch in read_sub_irq_data()
- regmap-irq: Fix a bug in regmap_irq_enable() for type_in_mask
  chips (git-fixes).
- mmc: mediatek: wait dma stop bit reset to 0 (git-fixes).
- rtw88: rtw8821c: enable rfe 6 devices (git-fixes).
- rtw88: 8821c: support RFE type4 wifi NIC (git-fixes).
- commit a292641
- hwmon: (ibmaem) don't call platform_device_del() if
  platform_device_add() fails (git-fixes).
- Revert "/drm/amdgpu/display: set vblank_disable_immediate for DC"/
- drm/fourcc: fix integer type usage in uapi header (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/gem: add missing else (git-fixes).
- epic100: fix use after free on rmmod (git-fixes).
- linux/dim: Fix divide by 0 in RDMA DIM (git-fixes).
- memory: samsung: exynos5422-dmc: Fix refcount leak in
  of_get_dram_timings (git-fixes).
- iio: accel: mma8452: ignore the return value of reset operation
- iio: adc: stm32: fix maximum clock rate for stm32mp15x
- iio: adc: vf610: fix conversion mode sysfs node name
- iio: adc: adi-axi-adc: Fix refcount leak in
  adi_axi_adc_attach_client (git-fixes).
- iio:humidity:hts221: rearrange iio trigger get and register
- iio:chemical:ccs811: rearrange iio trigger get and register
- iio:accel:mxc4005: rearrange iio trigger get and register
- iio:accel:kxcjk-1013: rearrange iio trigger get and register
- iio:accel:bma180: rearrange iio trigger get and register
- iio: afe: rescale: Fix boolean logic bug (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: stm32: Fix IRQs on STM32F4 by removing custom spurious
  IRQs message (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: stm32: Fix ADCs iteration in irq handler (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: ti-ads131e08: add missing fwnode_handle_put() in
  ads131e08_alloc_channels() (git-fixes).
- iio: trigger: sysfs: fix use-after-free on remove (git-fixes).
- iio: gyro: mpu3050: Fix the error handling in mpu3050_power_up()
- iio: magnetometer: yas530: Fix memchr_inv() misuse (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: axp288: Override TS pin bias current for some models
- iio: mma8452: fix probe fail when device tree compatible is used
- dt-bindings: usb: ehci: Increase the number of PHYs (git-fixes).
- dt-bindings: usb: ohci: Increase the number of PHYs (git-fixes).
- gpio: winbond: Fix error code in winbond_gpio_get() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: force link training for display resolution change
- commit 29490b2
- drivers: cpufreq: Add missing of_node_put() in qoriq-cpufreq.c
- drm/msm/dp: check core_initialized before disable interrupts
  at dp_display_unbind() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/mdp4: Fix refcount leak in mdp4_modeset_init_intf
- drm/msm: use for_each_sgtable_sg to iterate over scatterlist
- drm/msm: Switch ordering of runpm put vs devfreq_idle
- drm/msm: Fix double pm_runtime_disable() call (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Implement w/a 22010492432 for adl-s (git-fixes).
- drm/sun4i: Fix crash during suspend after component bind failure
- drm/amd/display: Don't reinitialize DMCUB on s0ix resume
- drm/msm/dp: dp_link_parse_sink_count() return immediately if
  aux read failed (git-fixes).
- commit 3a6b863
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix CPU6/7 reg values (git-fixes).
- ARM: meson: Fix refcount leak in meson_smp_prepare_cpus
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct i2c2 & mmc
  settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct eqos pad
  settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-phyboard-pollux-rdk: correct uart pad
  settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C3 pad settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct I2C1 pad settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct vbus pad settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct eqos pad settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct vbus pad settings (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct gpio-led pad settings
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct the uart2 pinctl value
- arm64: dts: imx8mp-evk: correct mmc pad settings (git-fixes).
- ARM: mxs_defconfig: Enable the framebuffer (git-fixes).
- ARM: at91: fix soc detection for SAM9X60 SiPs (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2_icp: fix eeprom compatibles (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: at91: sam9x60ek: fix eeprom compatible and size
- ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatibles for sam9x60's rtc and rtt
- ARM: at91: pm: use proper compatible for sama5d2's rtc
- ACPI: video: Change how we determine if brightness key-presses
  are handled (git-fixes).
- caif_virtio: fix race between virtio_device_ready() and
  ndo_open() (git-fixes).
- ARM: exynos: Fix refcount leak in exynos_map_pmu (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: bcm2711-rpi-400: Fix GPIO line names (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-am64-main: Remove support for HS400 speed
  mode (git-fixes).
- ARM: cns3xxx: Fix refcount leak in cns3xxx_init (git-fixes).
- ARM: Fix refcount leak in axxia_boot_secondary (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx6qdl: correct PU regulator ramp delay (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx7: Move hsic_phy power domain to HSIC PHY node
- ata: libata: add qc->flags in ata_qc_complete_template
  tracepoint (git-fixes).
- commit b2f3ec0
- nvme: add verbose error logging (bsc#1200567).
  Update config files.
- commit d728b74
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Allow reduced polling rate for
  nvme_admin_async_event cmd completion (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Add more logging of cmd and cqe information for
  aborted NVMe cmds (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix port stuck in bypassed state after LIP in
  PT2PT topology (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Resolve NULL ptr dereference after an ELS LOGO is
  aborted (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Address NULL pointer dereference after
  starget_to_rport() (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Resolve some cleanup issues following SLI path
  refactoring (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Resolve some cleanup issues following abort path
  refactoring (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Correct BDE type for XMIT_SEQ64_WQE in
  lpfc_ct_reject_event() (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Add support for ATTO Fibre Channel devices
- scsi: lpfc: Add support for VMID tagging of NVMe I/Os
- scsi: lpfc: Rework lpfc_vmid_get_appid() to be protocol
  independent (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: lpfc: Commonize VMID code location (bsc#1201193).
- scsi: nvme-fc: Add new routine nvme_fc_io_getuuid()
- commit 19236f6
- net: marvell: mvpp2: increase MTU limit when XDP enabled
- commit 0a53cad
- mlxsw: spectrum: Protect driver from buggy firmware (git-fixes).
- commit 5106bcc
- nfp: checking parameter process for rx-usecs/tx-usecs is invalid
- commit 5bca6f6
- net: marvell: prestera: fix double free issue on err path
- commit 7d71374
- net: dpaa2-eth: fix use-after-free in dpaa2_eth_remove
- commit fd69472
- net: stmmac: Fix signed/unsigned wreckage (git-fixes).
- commit ab42270
- net: mvmdio: fix compilation warning (git-fixes).
- commit 717e02c
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix erroneous mailbox timeout after PCI error
  injection (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing FCP-2 targets on long port disable
  with I/Os (bsc#1201160).
  - patches.suse/revert-scsi-qla2xxx-Changes-to-support-FCP2-Target.patch
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add debug prints in the device remove path
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing target when it reappears during delete
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix losing FCP-2 targets during port perturbation
  tests (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash due to stale SRB access around I/O
  timeouts (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Turn off multi-queue for 8G adapters
- scsi: qla2xxx: Wind down adapter after PCIe error (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add a new v2 dport diagnostic feature
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix excessive I/O error messages by default
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix slow session teardown (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce N2N thrashing at app_start time
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix no logout on delete for N2N
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix session thrash (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Tear down session if keys have been removed
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix no login after app start (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce disruption due to multiple app start
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Send LOGO for unexpected IKE message
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix I/O timeout due to over-subscription
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix n2n login retry for secure device
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix n2n discovery issue with secure target
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Remove old doorbell interface
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Add retry for ELS passthrough
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Synchronize NPIV deletion with
  authentication application (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix potential stuck session in sa update
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Add bsg interface to read doorbell events
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Wait for app to ack on sess down
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: bsg refactor (bsc#1201160).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce Initiator-Initiator thrashing
- commit aaa97b5
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unused 'ql_dm_tgt_ex_pct' parameter
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove setting of 'req' and 'rsp' parameters
- commit eeb9031
- x86/cpu/amd: Enumerate BTC_NO (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 1657f57
- x86/common: Stamp out the stepping madness (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit c4753d1
- KVM: VMX: Prevent RSB underflow before vmenter (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 2b985b5
- x86/speculation: Fill RSB on vmexit for IBRS (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 4bed1b0
- KVM: VMX: Fix IBRS handling after vmexit (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 316fcc5
- KVM: VMX: Prevent guest RSB poisoning attacks with eIBRS
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 15924a8
- KVM: VMX: Convert launched argument to flags (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit f8dcdb9
- objtool: Re-add UNWIND_HINT_{SAVE_RESTORE} (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit ef884f6
- KVM: VMX: Flatten __vmx_vcpu_run() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 1e826ce
- virtio-net: fix for skb_over_panic inside big mode (git-fixes).
- commit 0257357
- virtio-net: realign page_to_skb() after merges (git-fixes).
- commit 265619f
- x86/speculation: Remove x86_spec_ctrl_mask (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit e07908e
- natsemi: sonic: stop calling netdev_boot_setup_check (git-fixes).
- commit 46bf69a
- x86/speculation: Use cached host SPEC_CTRL value for guest
  entry/exit (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 7195e40
- x86/speculation: Fix SPEC_CTRL write on SMT state change
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 9038814
- x86/speculation: Fix firmware entry SPEC_CTRL handling
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit ca2994e
- x86/speculation: Fix RSB filling with CONFIG_RETPOLINE=n
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 82031ef
- x86/cpu/amd: Add Spectral Chicken (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 5cc7992
- objtool: Add entry UNRET validation (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 3cfb55f
- x86/bugs: Do IBPB fallback check only once (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 1651453
- x86/bugs: Add retbleed=ibpb (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 85c8e14
- x86/xen: Rename SYS* entry points (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit cb8daf6
- objtool: Update Retpoline validation (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 7436f55
- intel_idle: Disable IBRS during long idle (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit b411908
- x86/bugs: Report Intel retbleed vulnerability (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit f9a629c
- x86/bugs: Split spectre_v2_select_mitigation() and
  spectre_v2_user_select_mitigation() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit dbabe9a
- x86/speculation: Add spectre_v2=ibrs option to support Kernel
  IBRS (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit b629108
- x86/bugs: Optimize SPEC_CTRL MSR writes (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit ff2e369
- x86/entry: Add kernel IBRS implementation (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 479ab24
- x86/bugs: Keep a per-CPU IA32_SPEC_CTRL value (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit c15babd
- x86/bugs: Enable STIBP for JMP2RET (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 280d4c4
- x86/bugs: Add AMD retbleed= boot parameter (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit aa29b09
- x86/bugs: Report AMD retbleed vulnerability (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 367584b
- x86: Add magic AMD return-thunk (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 208357a
- objtool: Fix sibling call detection in alternatives (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 184b12c
- objtool: Treat .text.__x86.* as noinstr (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit b887ffb
- x86: Use return-thunk in asm code (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit d70c3f9
- x86/sev: Avoid using __x86_return_thunk (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 9650a8e
- x86/vsyscall_emu/64: Don't use RET in vsyscall emulation
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit a3c8329
- x86/kvm: Fix SETcc emulation for return thunks (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 24c6cbf
- x86/bpf: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit b4bf5a2
- x86/ftrace: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 34b9619
- sched: Fix balance_push() vs __sched_setscheduler() (git-fixes)
- commit e34e055
- sched/fair: Revise comment about lb decision matrix (git-fixes)
- commit 2b109b3
- sched/psi: report zeroes for CPU full at the system level (git-fixes)
- commit 05c0f03
- x86/ibt,paravirt: Use text_gen_insn() for paravirt_patch()
  (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 5ad644e
- x86,static_call: Use alternative RET encoding (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit e70fd02
- static_call,x86: Robustify trampoline patching (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 6790036
- x86/mm: Simplify RESERVE_BRK() (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit f10b243
- x86,objtool: Create .return_sites (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 9f6f194
- x86: Undo return-thunk damage (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 8a7359d
- x86/retpoline: Use -mfunction-return (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 5926e03
- x86/retpoline: Swizzle retpoline thunk (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 3c3e714
- x86/retpoline: Cleanup some #ifdefery (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit eaa3af4
- x86/cpufeatures: Move RETPOLINE flags to word 11 (bsc#1199657
  CVE-2022-29900 CVE-2022-29901).
- commit 00af010
- x86/kvm/vmx: Make noinstr clean (bsc#1199657 CVE-2022-29900
- commit 75117a6
- x86/mce: Drop copyin special case for #MC (bsc#1201050
- Refresh
- commit 4126374
- net: stmmac: socfpga: add runtime suspend/resume callback for
  stratix10 platform (git-fixes).
- commit 5966058
- net: ethernet: lantiq_etop: fix build errors/warnings
- commit 3631ac9
- net: ipa: disable HOLB drop when updating timer (git-fixes).
- commit a355c1a
- net: ipa: HOLB register sometimes must be written twice
- commit 1a1e1cc
- net/ipa: ipa_resource: Fix wrong for loop range (git-fixes).
- commit a4a273a
- blacklist.conf: update
- commit b3146ae
- blacklist.conf: update blacklist
- commit 441d7b5
- net: stmmac: fix gcc-10 -Wrestrict warning (git-fixes).
- commit 2891b6b
- crypto: x86/poly1305 - Fixup SLS (bsc#1201050 CVE-2021-26341).
- commit fa7ee3f
- x86: Add straight-line-speculation mitigation (bsc#1201050
- Update config files.
- Refresh
- commit ab9af62
- x86/alternative: Relax text_poke_bp() constraint (bsc#1201050
- commit fc16607
- objtool: Add straight-line-speculation validation (bsc#1201050
- commit 97a5faf
- x86: Prepare inline-asm for straight-line-speculation
  (bsc#1201050 CVE-2021-26341).
- commit 8812996
- x86: Prepare asm files for straight-line-speculation
  (bsc#1201050 CVE-2021-26341).
- commit 4b86385
- x86/lib/atomic64_386_32: Rename things (bsc#1201050
- commit 38ceb5a
- x86: Use -mindirect-branch-cs-prefix for RETPOLINE builds
  (bsc#1201050 CVE-2021-26341).
- commit 28ad1d2
- kABI fix of sysctl_run_estimation (git-fixes).
- ipvs: add sysctl_run_estimation to support disable estimation
- commit 19d4bd1
- sctp: handle kABI change in struct sctp_endpoint (CVE-2022-20154
- commit 68ce62e
- sctp: use call_rcu to free endpoint (CVE-2022-20154
- commit 7c734e0
- Update metadata references
- commit 41b198a
- phy: aquantia: Fix AN when higher speeds than 1G are not
  advertised (git-fixes).
- mmc: sdhci-pci-o2micro: Fix card detect by dealing with
  debouncing (git-fixes).
- commit 675eea8
- ACPI: bus: Avoid using CPPC if not supported by firmware
- commit 0f5670f
- Move upstreamed ALSA fix into sorted section
- commit cd31297
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NS50PU (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/via: Fix missing beep setup (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/conexant: Fix missing beep setup (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo PD70PNT (git-fixes).
- ALSA: x86: intel_hdmi_audio: use pm_runtime_resume_and_get()
- ALSA: x86: intel_hdmi_audio: enable pm_runtime and set
  autosuspend delay (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: intel-nhlt: remove use of __func__ in dev_dbg
- ALSA: hda: intel-dspcfg: use SOF for UpExtreme and UpExtreme11
  boards (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Apply fixup for Lenovo Yoga Duet 7 properly
- ALSA: hda/realtek - ALC897 headset MIC no sound (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: US16x08: Move overflow check before array
  access (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add mute LED quirk for HP Omen laptop
- commit a36edad
- fs: fix fd table size alignment properly (bsc#1200882).
- commit 48b3814
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit e8e07db
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit a10f356
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist e730558adffb, 14362a254179
- commit bc46cf4
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Fix IN endpoint max packet size allocation
- commit 46146be
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Prevent repeat pullup() (git-fixes).
- commit 6ea4f30
- usb: dwc3: Issue core soft reset before enabling run/stop
- commit 173bfb0
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Wait for ep0 xfers to complete during dequeue
- commit ab00b5f
- usb: dwc3: gadget: move cmd_endtransfer to extra function
- commit 73ded12
- usb: dwc3: gadget: ep_queue simplify isoc start condition
- commit 83b219d
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Give some time to schedule isoc (git-fixes).
- commit 81bd06f
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Skip reading GEVNTSIZn (git-fixes).
- commit bb0777f
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Ignore Update Transfer cmd params
- commit 557f443
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Skip checking Update Transfer status
- commit 69042fa
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Change to dev_dbg() when queuing to inactive
  gadget/ep (git-fixes).
- commit 26397b0
- usb: dwc3: Decouple USB 2.0 L1 & L2 events (git-fixes).
- commit 597896d
- blacklist.conf: add sdsi duplicates
- commit 96b040c
- mei: me: add raptor lake point S DID (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: f_fs: change ep->ep safe in ffs_epfile_io()
- usb: gadget: f_fs: change ep->status safe in ffs_epfile_io()
- USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion MV31 with new
  baseline (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: io_ti: add Agilent E5805A support (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Cap OLED brightness per max frame-average
  luminance (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: gigabyte-wmi: Add support for B450M DS3H-CF
- platform/x86: gigabyte-wmi: Add Z690M AORUS ELITE AX DDR4
  support (git-fixes).
- gpio: dwapb: Don't print error on -EPROBE_DEFER (git-fixes).
- virtio-mmio: fix missing put_device() when vm_cmdline_parent
  registration failed (git-fixes).
- ata: libata-core: fix NULL pointer deref in
  ata_host_alloc_pinfo() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Add HW8326 support (git-fixes).
- ASoC: wm_adsp: Fix event generation for wm_adsp_fw_put()
- ASoC: es8328: Fix event generation for deemphasis control
- ASoC: wm8962: Fix suspend while playing music (git-fixes).
- ASoC: cs42l51: Correct minimum value for SX volume control
- ASoC: cs42l56: Correct typo in minimum level for SX volume
  controls (git-fixes).
- ASoC: cs42l52: Correct TLV for Bypass Volume (git-fixes).
- ASoC: cs53l30: Correct number of volume levels on SX controls
- ASoC: cs35l36: Update digital volume TLV (git-fixes).
- ASoC: cs42l52: Fix TLV scales for mixer controls (git-fixes).
- ASoC: nau8822: Add operation for internal PLL off and on
- drm/amdkfd: add pinned BOs to kfd_bo_list (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: Use mmget_not_zero in MMU notifier (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Read Golden Settings Table from VBIOS
- net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: fix misuse of mem alloc interface
  netdev[napi]_alloc_frag (git-fixes).
- nfc: nfcmrvl: Fix memory leak in nfcmrvl_play_deferred
- Input: soc_button_array - also add Lenovo Yoga Tablet2 1051F
  to dmi_use_low_level_irq (git-fixes).
- virtio-pci: Remove wrong address verification in vp_del_vqs()
- arm64: dts: imx8mn-beacon: Enable RTS-CTS on UART3 (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mm-beacon: Enable RTS-CTS on UART3 (git-fixes).
- Revert "/drm/amd/display: Fix DCN3 B0 DP Alt Mapping"/
- commit 1ef7ff5
- blacklist.conf: blacklist block patches (bsc#1200569)
- Delete
- Delete
- commit 9f66f8e
- dax: fix cache flush on PMD-mapped pages (bsc#1200830).
- commit e2c2768
- iomap: iomap_write_failed fix (bsc#1200829).
- commit b09bb9e
- jfs: fix divide error in dbNextAG (bsc#1200828).
- commit 1d88c02
- fs: fd tables have to be multiples of BITS_PER_LONG
- commit 49a67ad
- blk-iolatency: Fix inflight count imbalances and IO hangs on
  offline (bsc#1200825).
- commit 60be30f
- block: Fix handling of offline queues in
  blk_mq_alloc_request_hctx() (git-fixes).
- dm mirror log: round up region bitmap size to BITS_PER_LONG
- bcache: avoid unnecessary soft lockup in kworker
  update_writeback_rate() (bsc#1197362).
- bcache: memset on stack variables in bch_btree_check() and
  bch_sectors_dirty_init() (git-fixes).
- bcache: avoid journal no-space deadlock by reserving 1 journal
  bucket (git-fixes).
- bcache: remove incremental dirty sector counting for
  bch_sectors_dirty_init() (git-fixes).
- bcache: improve multithreaded bch_sectors_dirty_init()
- bcache: improve multithreaded bch_btree_check() (git-fixes).
- dm verity: set DM_TARGET_IMMUTABLE feature flag (git-fixes).
- dm integrity: fix error code in dm_integrity_ctr() (git-fixes).
- iocost: don't reset the inuse weight of under-weighted debtors
- dm mpath: only use ktime_get_ns() in historical selector
- n64cart: convert bi_disk to bi_bdev->bd_disk fix build
- dm integrity: set journal entry unused when shrinking device
- dm crypt: fix get_key_size compiler warning if !CONFIG_KEYS
- dm: fix use-after-free in dm_cleanup_zoned_dev() (git-fixes).
- bcache: fixup multiple threads crash (git-fixes).
- block: bio-integrity: Advance seed correctly for larger interval
  sizes (git-fixes).
- bcache: fix use-after-free problem in bcache_device_free()
- commit 4b94325
- blk-mq: don't touch ->tagset in blk_mq_get_sq_hctx
- commit 67cf915
- kabi/severities: add exception for bcache symboles
  Nobody do their development based on bcache kernel module, it is
  unnecessary to add bcache symbles into kabi list. Add bcache as
  exception as we already did in previous products.
- commit 3d2c794
- init: Initialize noop_backing_dev_info early (bsc#1200822).
- commit 42f2c82
- writeback: Fix inode->i_io_list not be protected by
  inode->i_lock error (bsc#1200821).
- commit 9659a5c
- ext4: make variable "/count"/ signed (bsc#1200820).
- commit 046a2c3
- blk-mq: do not update io_ticks with passthrough requests
- commit a8ac9df
- fsnotify: fix wrong lockdep annotations (bsc#1200815).
- commit 1d18602
- Update tags for:
- commit a5768bd
- writeback: Avoid skipping inode writeback (bsc#1200813).
- commit db91e0b
- bfq: Fix warning in bfqq_request_over_limit() (bsc#1200812).
- commit f0ad25f
- ext4: fix bug_on ext4_mb_use_inode_pa (bsc#1200810).
- commit aa31b78
- ext4: fix bug_on in __es_tree_search (bsc#1200809).
- commit 6a97568
- ext4: reject the 'commit' option on ext2 filesystems
- commit f561c32
- ext4: fix race condition between ext4_write and
  ext4_convert_inline_data (bsc#1200807).
- commit 7239104
- ext4: limit length to bitmap_maxbytes - blocksize in punch_hole
- commit 14ca9be
- inotify: show inotify mask flags in proc fdinfo (bsc#1200600).
  Refresh: patches.suse/vfs-add-super_operations-get_inode_dev
- commit b200248
- platform/x86/intel/sdsi: Fix bug in multi packet reads
- platform/x86/intel/sdsi: Poll on ready bit for writes
- platform/x86/intel/sdsi: Handle leaky bucket (jsc#SLE-18901).
- commit f67e41c
- rpm/check-for-config-changes: ignore GCC12/CC_NO_ARRAY_BOUNDS
  Upstream commit f0be87c42cbd (gcc-12: disable '-Warray-bounds'
  universally for now) added two new compiler-dependent configs:
  Ignore them -- they are unset by dummy tools (they depend on gcc version
  == 12), but set as needed during real compilation.
- commit a14607c
- Move to sorted section
  - patches.suse/sched-numa-Initialise-numa_migrate_retry.patch
  - patches.suse/sched-numa-Do-not-swap-tasks-between-nodes-when-spare-capacity-is-available.patch
  - patches.suse/sched-numa-Apply-imbalance-limitations-consistently.patch
  - patches.suse/sched-numa-Adjust-imb_numa_nr-to-a-better-approximation-of-memory-channels.patch
  - patches.suse/sched-fair-Consider-CPU-affinity-when-allowing-NUMA-imbalance-in-find_idlest_group.patch
- commit 2813cbe
- Refresh
- Refresh
  Update metadata and move to sorted section.
- commit e9e3368
- sched/fair: Consider CPU affinity when allowing NUMA imbalance
  in find_idlest_group() (bnc#1193431).
- sched/numa: Adjust imb_numa_nr to a better approximation of
  memory channels (bnc#1193431).
- sched/numa: Apply imbalance limitations consistently
- sched/numa: Do not swap tasks between nodes when spare capacity
  is available (bnc#1193431).
- sched/numa: Initialise numa_migrate_retry (bnc#1193431).
- commit 14a7772
- ath9k: fix use-after-free in ath9k_hif_usb_rx_cb (CVE-2022-1679
- commit c0e7a92
- ALSA: hda: Fix discovery of i915 graphics PCI device
- commit 6d6ec08
- net: bnxt_ptp: fix compilation error (bsc#1199736).
- bnxt_en: Do not destroy health reporters during reset
- bnxt_en: Eliminate unintended link toggle during FW reset
- commit 46960ba
- powerpc/perf: Fix the threshold compare group constraint for
  power10 (bsc#1194869).
- commit af9d58f
- powerpc/perf: Fix the threshold compare group constraint for
  power9 (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/idle: Fix return value of __setup() handler
- commit b447248
- scsi: ibmvfc: Store vhost pointer during subcrq allocation
  (jsc#SLE-15442 bsc#1180814 ltc#187461 git-fixes).
- scsi: ibmvfc: Allocate/free queue resource only during
  probe/remove (jsc#SLE-15442 bsc#1180814 ltc#187461 git-fixes).
- commit 7bb387a
- pNFS: Avoid a live lock condition in pnfs_update_layout()
- pNFS: Don't keep retrying if the server replied
- SUNRPC: Fix the calculation of xdr->end in
  xdr_get_next_encode_buffer() (git-fixes).
- SUNRPC: Trap RDMA segment overflows (git-fixes).
- md: fix double free of io_acct_set bioset (git-fixes).
- md: Don't set mddev private to NULL in raid0 pers->free
- NFSv4.1 mark qualified async operations as MOVEABLE tasks
- NFS: Further fixes to the writeback error handling (git-fixes).
- NFSv4/pNFS: Do not fail I/O when we fail to allocate the pNFS
  layout (git-fixes).
- NFS: Memory allocation failures are not server fatal errors
- NFS: Don't report errors from nfs_pageio_complete() more than
  once (git-fixes).
- NFS: Do not report flush errors in nfs_write_end() (git-fixes).
- NFS: Don't report ENOSPC write errors twice (git-fixes).
- NFS: fsync() should report filesystem errors over
  EINTR/ERESTARTSYS (git-fixes).
- NFS: Do not report EINTR/ERESTARTSYS as mapping errors
- nfsd: destroy percpu stats counters after reply cache shutdown
- nfsd: Fix null-ptr-deref in nfsd_fill_super() (git-fixes).
- md: fix an incorrect NULL check in md_reload_sb (git-fixes).
- md: fix an incorrect NULL check in does_sb_need_changing
- raid5: introduce MD_BROKEN (git-fixes).
- commit cd7dbfe
- Update config files.
- commit 0f2966b
- powerpc: Don't select HAVE_IRQ_EXIT_ON_IRQ_STACK (bsc#1194869).
- Update config files.
- commit 5211de3
- Refresh patches.suse/powerpc-rtas-Allow-ibm-platform-dump-RTAS-call-with-.patch
- commit ed464d4
- Delete
  patches.suse/locking-rwsem-Make-handoff-bit-handling-more-consist.patch (bnc#1200420)
  The patch in question can miss wakeups on heavily contended inode
  i_mmap_rwsem locks. In extreme cases, this can prevent acquisition of
  the i_mmap_rwsem belonging to libc resulting in a system-wide lockup.
  The issue has been brought upstream but for the moment, revert the
- commit a0c3c4b
- faddr2line: Fix overlapping text section failures, the sequel
- irqchip/realtek-rtl: Fix refcount leak in map_interrupts
- irqchip/gic-v3: Fix refcount leak in gic_populate_ppi_partitions
- irqchip/gic-v3: Fix error handling in
  gic_populate_ppi_partitions (git-fixes).
- irqchip/gic/realview: Fix refcount leak in realview_gic_of_init
- bus: fsl-mc-bus: fix KASAN use-after-free in fsl_mc_bus_remove()
- mei: hbm: drop capability response on early shutdown
- comedi: vmk80xx: fix expression for tx buffer size (git-fixes).
- i2c: designware: Use standard optional ref clock implementation
- i2c: npcm7xx: Add check for platform_driver_register
- arm64: ftrace: consistently handle PLTs (git-fixes).
- arm64: ftrace: fix branch range checks (git-fixes).
- misc: atmel-ssc: Fix IRQ check in ssc_probe (git-fixes).
- tty: goldfish: Fix free_irq() on remove (git-fixes).
- tty: n_gsm: Debug output allocation must use GFP_ATOMIC
- usb: cdnsp: Fixed setting last_trb incorrectly (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: u_ether: fix regression in setting fixed MAC
  address (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: lpc32xx_udc: Fix refcount leak in lpc32xx_udc_probe
- usb: dwc2: Fix memory leak in dwc2_hcd_init (git-fixes).
- irqchip/gic-v3: Ensure pseudo-NMIs have an ISB between ack
  and handling (git-fixes).
- commit cd97b2f
- Update patches.suse/random-fix-crash-on-multiple-early-calls-to-add_boot.patch (bsc#1184924).
- commit f04e090
- powerpc/rtas: Allow ibm,platform-dump RTAS call with null
  buffer address (bsc#1200343 ltc#198477).
- commit bf45498
- exec: Force single empty string when argv is empty
- commit 256509d
- certs/blacklist_hashes.c: fix const confusion in certs blacklist
- commit d37f671
- net/smc: fixes for converting from "/struct smc_cdc_tx_pend **"/
  to "/struct smc_wr_tx_pend_priv *"/ (git-fixes).
- net/smc: postpone sk_refcnt increment in connect() (git-fixes).
- net/smc: non blocking recvmsg() return -EAGAIN when no data
  and signal_pending (git-fixes).
- net/smc: sync err code when tcp connection was refused
- net/smc: Fix NULL pointer dereference in smc_pnet_find_ib()
- net/smc: fix unexpected SMC_CLC_DECL_ERR_REGRMB error cause
  by server (git-fixes).
- net/smc: fix unexpected SMC_CLC_DECL_ERR_REGRMB error generated
  by client (git-fixes).
- net/smc: fix connection leak (git-fixes).
- net/smc: Use a mutex for locking "/struct smc_pnettable"/
- net/smc: Transitional solution for clcsock race issue
- net/smc: Reset conn->lgr when link group registration fails
- net/smc: remove redundant re-assignment of pointer link
- net/smc: Avoid warning of possible recursive locking
- net/smc: Transfer remaining wait queue entries during fallback
- commit 813daf3
- s390/perf: obtain sie_block from the right address (bsc#1200315
- commit 6a3a347
- drm/i915/reset: Fix error_state_read ptr + offset use
- net: ax25: Fix deadlock caused by skb_recv_datagram in
  ax25_recvmsg (git-fixes).
- commit f4bd443
- Update patch reference for HID fix (CVE-2022-20132 bsc#1200619)
- commit cfdbccf
- kabi: return type change of secure_ipv_port_ephemeral()
  (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- commit 7655c4d
- Move upstreamed x86 patches into sorted section
- commit 0044b5f
- tcp: drop the hash_32() part from the index calculation
  (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- tcp: increase source port perturb table to 2^16 (CVE-2022-1012
- tcp: dynamically allocate the perturb table used by source ports
  (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- tcp: add small random increments to the source port
  (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- tcp: resalt the secret every 10 seconds (CVE-2022-1012
  Refresh patches.kabi/kabi-return-type-change-of-secure_ipv-46-_port_ephem.patch
- tcp: use different parts of the port_offset for index and offset
  (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- secure_seq: use the 64 bits of the siphash for port offset
  calculation (CVE-2022-1012 bsc#1199482).
- commit dbe5a40
- Add references to IBM bugs
- patches.suse/s390-dasd-fix-data-corruption-for-ESE-devices
  (bsc#1200205 LTC#198456).
- patches.suse/s390-dasd-prevent-double-format-of-tracks-for-ESE-devices
  (bsc#1200205 LTC#198456).
- patches.suse/s390-dasd-Fix-read-for-ESE-with-blksize-4k
  (bsc#1200211 LTC#198457).
- patches.suse/s390-dasd-Fix-read-inconsistency-for-ESE-DASD-devices
  (bsc#1200211 LTC#198457).
- commit aad3794
- soundwire: qcom: adjust autoenumeration timeout (git-fixes).
- thunderbolt: Use different lane for second DisplayPort tunnel
- usb: dwc2: gadget: don't reset gadget's driver->bus (git-fixes).
- USB: hcd-pci: Fully suspend across freeze/thaw cycle
- drivers: usb: host: Fix deadlock in oxu_bus_suspend()
- USB: host: isp116x: check return value after calling
  platform_get_resource() (git-fixes).
- serial: msm_serial: disable interrupts in __msm_console_write()
- tty: n_gsm: Fix packet data hex dump output (git-fixes).
- sysrq: do not omit current cpu when showing backtrace of all
  active CPUs (git-fixes).
- drivers: tty: serial: Fix deadlock in sa1100_set_termios()
- tty: Fix a possible resource leak in icom_probe (git-fixes).
- tty: synclink_gt: Fix null-pointer-dereference in slgt_clean()
- staging: rtl8712: fix uninit-value in r871xu_drv_init()
- staging: rtl8712: fix uninit-value in usb_read8() and friends
- drivers: staging: rtl8192e: Fix deadlock in
  rtllib_beacons_stop() (git-fixes).
- drivers: staging: rtl8192u: Fix deadlock in
  ieee80211_beacons_stop() (git-fixes).
- drivers: staging: rtl8192bs: Fix deadlock in
  rtw_joinbss_event_prehandle() (git-fixes).
- drivers: staging: rtl8723bs: Fix deadlock in
  rtw_surveydone_event_callback() (git-fixes).
- staging: rtl8712: fix a potential memory leak in
  r871xu_drv_init() (git-fixes).
- rtc: ftrtc010: Fix error handling in ftrtc010_rtc_probe
- watchdog: wdat_wdt: Stop watchdog when rebooting the system
- pcmcia: db1xxx_ss: restrict to MIPS_DB1XXX boards (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: pxa3xx-gcu: release the resources correctly in
  pxa3xx_gcu_probe/remove() (git-fixes).
- rtc: ftrtc010: Use platform_get_irq() to get the interrupt
- tty: n_gsm: Don't ignore write return value in gsmld_output()
- pvpanic: Fix typos in the comments (git-fixes).
- commit 27a1b2a
- drm/amdgpu: update VCN codec support for Yellow Carp
- drm: imx: fix compiler warning with gcc-12 (git-fixes).
- Input: bcm5974 - set missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP urb flag
- modpost: fix undefined behavior of is_arm_mapping_symbol()
- drm/amd/pm: use bitmap_{from,to}_arr32 where appropriate
- extcon: Modify extcon device to be created after driver data
  is set (git-fixes).
- iio: st_sensors: Add a local lock for protecting odr
- iio: dummy: iio_simple_dummy: check the return value of
  kstrdup() (git-fixes).
- misc: rtsx: set NULL intfdata when probe fails (git-fixes).
- i2c: cadence: Increase timeout per message if necessary
- commit ca740b6
- clocksource/drivers/sp804: Avoid error on multiple instances
- char: xillybus: fix a refcount leak in cleanup_dev()
- drm/amd/pm: Fix missing thermal throttler status (git-fixes).
- drm/radeon: fix a possible null pointer dereference (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Check if modulo is 0 before dividing
- dmaengine: idxd: add missing callback function to support
  DMA_INTERRUPT (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: zynqmp_dma: In struct zynqmp_dma_chan fix desc_size
  data type (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: idxd: set DMA_INTERRUPT cap bit (git-fixes).
- commit feae0af
- kernel-binary.spec: check s390x vmlinux location
  As a side effect of mainline commit edd4a8667355 ("/s390/boot: get rid of
  startup archive"/), vmlinux on s390x moved from "/compressed"/ subdirectory
  directly into arch/s390/boot. As the specfile is shared among branches,
  check both locations and let objcopy use one that exists.
- commit cd15543
- Add missing recommends of kernel-install-tools to kernel-source-vanilla (bsc#1200442)
- commit 93b1375
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit 04d3753
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit 40c85e4
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit 87d9efa
- blacklist.conf: duplicate
- commit f6df653
- ice: kabi protect ice_pf (bsc#1200502).
- commit d6775e6
- RDMA/irdma: Set protocol based on PF rdma_mode flag
- Refresh
- commit d0321f4
- net/ice: Remove unused enum (bsc#1200502).
- net/ice: Fix boolean assignment (bsc#1200502).
- net/ice: Add support for enable_iwarp and enable_roce devlink
  param (bsc#1200502).
- devlink: Add 'enable_iwarp' generic device param (bsc#1200502).
- commit 220523b
- blk-mq: Fix wrong wakeup batch configuration which will cause
  hang (bsc#1200263).
- commit 5d68630
- blk-mq: fix tag_get wait task can't be awakened (bsc#1200263).
- commit 9445fd3
- Fix the build of f2fs driver (bsc#1200475)
  Refreshed patches:
- commit 7021d3f
- drm/ast: Create threshold values for AST2600 (bsc#1190786)
- commit 27f7842
- vringh: Fix loop descriptors check in the indirect cases
- commit 553fd9c
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for HP Dev One (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/conexant - Fix loopback issue with CX20632
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix for quirk to enable speaker output on
  the Lenovo Yoga DuetITL 2021 (git-fixes).
- commit e30715d
- cpuidle,intel_idle: Fix CPUIDLE_FLAG_IRQ_ENABLE (git-fixes).
- ata: libata-transport: fix {dma|pio|xfer}_mode sysfs files
- ata: pata_octeon_cf: Fix refcount leak in octeon_cf_probe
- ALSA: usb-audio: Set up (implicit) sync for Saffire 6
- ALSA: usb-audio: Skip generic sync EP parse for secondary EP
- drm/atomic: Force bridge self-refresh-exit on CRTC switch
- drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Support PSR-exit to disable transition
- drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi83: Handle dsi_lanes == 0 as invalid
- commit bd23b70
- floppy: disable FDRAWCMD by default (bsc#1198866 CVE-2022-1836).
- Update config files.
- commit 74f61f9
- nfc: st21nfca: fix incorrect sizing calculations in
  EVT_TRANSACTION (git-fixes).
- nfc: st21nfca: fix memory leaks in EVT_TRANSACTION handling
- nfc: st21nfca: fix incorrect validating logic in EVT_TRANSACTION
- net: phy: dp83867: retrigger SGMII AN when link change
- vdpasim: allow to enable a vq repeatedly (git-fixes).
- kexec_file: drop weak attribute from
  arch_kexec_apply_relocations[_add] (git-fixes).
- list: fix a data-race around ep->rdllist (git-fixes).
- ipw2x00: Fix potential NULL dereference in libipw_xmit()
- kselftest/arm64: bti: force static linking (git-fixes).
- list: test: Add a test for list_is_head() (git-fixes).
- list: introduce list_is_head() helper and re-use it in list.h
- commit 1cdee61
- USB: new quirk for Dell Gen 2 devices (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: option: add Quectel BG95 modem (git-fixes).
- xhci: Allow host runtime PM as default for Intel Alder Lake
  N xHCI (git-fixes).
- usb: core: hcd: Add support for deferring roothub registration
- pinctrl: renesas: rzn1: Fix possible null-ptr-deref in
  sh_pfc_map_resources() (git-fixes).
- soc: ti: ti_sci_pm_domains: Check for null return of
  devm_kcalloc (git-fixes).
- of: overlay: do not break notify on NOTIFY_{OK|STOP}
- rtlwifi: Use pr_warn instead of WARN_ONCE (git-fixes).
- net: phy: micrel: Allow probing without .driver_data
- rtl818x: Prevent using not initialized queues (git-fixes).
- rtw88: 8821c: fix debugfs rssi value (git-fixes).
- mwifiex: add mutex lock for call in
  mwifiex_dfs_chan_sw_work_queue (git-fixes).
- PM / devfreq: rk3399_dmc: Disable edev on remove() (git-fixes).
- spi: stm32-qspi: Fix wait_cmd timeout in APM mode (git-fixes).
- spi: rockchip: fix missing error on unsupported SPI_CS_HIGH
- spi: spi-rspi: Remove setting {src,dst}_{addr,addr_width}
  based on DMA direction (git-fixes).
- regulator: mt6315: Enforce regulator-compatible, not name
- mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Move and rename
  chip_check/chip_ready/chip_good_for_write (git-fixes).
- of: Support more than one crash kernel regions for kexec -s
- net: phy: mscc-miim: reject clause 45 register accesses
- spi: rockchip: Preset cs-high and clk polarity in setup progress
- spi: rockchip: Stop spi slave dma receiver when cs inactive
- net: phy: meson-gxl: improve link-up behavior (git-fixes).
- commit 88ae7b9
- mt76: fix encap offload ethernet type check (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7921: accept rx frames with non-standard VHT MCS10-11
- mac80211: upgrade passive scan to active scan on DFS channels
  after beacon rx (git-fixes).
- media: rkvdec: Stop overclocking the decoder (git-fixes).
- media: cec-adap.c: fix is_configuring state (git-fixes).
- media: imon: reorganize serialization (git-fixes).
- media: ccs-core.c: fix failure to call clk_disable_unprepare
- media: hantro: HEVC: unconditionnaly set pps_{cb/cr}_qp_offset
  values (git-fixes).
- media: rga: fix possible memory leak in rga_probe (git-fixes).
- media: cx25821: Fix the warning when removing the module
- media: pci: cx23885: Fix the error handling in cx23885_initdev()
- media: venus: hfi: avoid null dereference in deinit (git-fixes).
- media: i2c: max9286: fix kernel oops when removing module
- mmc: core: Allows to override the timeout value for ioctl()
  path (git-fixes).
- drivers: mmc: sdhci_am654: Add the quirk to set TESTCD bit
- mmc: jz4740: Apply DMA engine limits to maximum segment size
- media: i2c: max9286: Use "/maxim,gpio-poc"/ property (git-fixes).
- media: i2c: max9286: Use dev_err_probe() helper (git-fixes).
- media: staging: media: rkvdec: Make use of the helper function
  devm_platform_ioremap_resource() (git-fixes).
- commit 8e2405a
- drm/amdgpu: add beige goby PCI ID (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu/cs: make commands with 0 chunks illegal behaviour
- docs/ Cope with removal of language=None in Sphinx 5.0.0
- Input: gpio-keys - cancel delayed work only in case of GPIO
- crypto: ccree - use fine grained DMA mapping dir (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/dsi: fix VBT send packet port selection for ICL+
- drm/amd/pm: update smartshift powerboost calc for smu13
- drm/amd/pm: update smartshift powerboost calc for smu12
- drm/amdgpu/ucode: Remove firmware load type check in
  amdgpu_ucode_free_bo (git-fixes).
- drm/etnaviv: check for reaped mapping in etnaviv_iommu_unmap_gem
- drm: msm: fix error check return value of irq_of_parse_and_map()
- drm/msm/dp: reset DP controller before transmit phy test pattern
- drm/nouveau/subdev/bus: Ratelimit logging for fault errors
- drm/plane: Move range check for format_count earlier
- drm/amdgpu/sdma: Fix incorrect calculations of the wptr of
  the doorbells (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Disabling Z10 on DCN31 (git-fixes).
- drm/komeda: return early if drm_universal_plane_init() fails
- fbcon: Consistently protect deferred_takeover with
  console_lock() (git-fixes).
- drm/virtio: fix NULL pointer dereference in
  virtio_gpu_conn_get_modes (git-fixes).
- drm/vmwgfx: validate the screen formats (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: fix assert 1F04 upon reconfig (git-fixes).
- mac80211: minstrel_ht: fix where rate stats are stored (fixes
  debugfs output) (git-fixes).
- HID: bigben: fix slab-out-of-bounds Write in bigben_probe
- ipmi: Fix pr_fmt to avoid compilation issues (git-fixes).
- ipmi:ssif: Check for NULL msg when handling events and messages
- efi: Do not import certificates from UEFI Secure Boot for T2
  Macs (git-fixes).
- irqchip: irq-xtensa-mx: fix initial IRQ affinity (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: Modify prototype of encoder based API (git-fixes).
- commit 759c11f
- ASoC: rt1015p: remove dependency on GPIOLIB (git-fixes).
- can: mcp251xfd: silence clang's -Wunaligned-access warning
- cfg80211: declare MODULE_FIRMWARE for regulatory.db (git-fixes).
- ath10k: skip ath10k_halt during suspend for driver state
  RESTARTING (git-fixes).
- ath11k: disable spectral scan during spectral deinit
- ath9k: fix QCA9561 PA bias level (git-fixes).
- b43: Fix assigning negative value to unsigned variable
- b43legacy: Fix assigning negative value to unsigned variable
- char: tpm: cr50_i2c: Suppress duplicated error message in
  .remove() (git-fixes).
- binfmt_flat: do not stop relocating GOT entries prematurely
  on riscv (git-fixes).
- commit 65ef7e3
- ARM: pxa: maybe fix gpio lookup tables (git-fixes).
- ARM: OMAP1: clock: Fix UART rate reporting algorithm
- arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-xiaomi-beryllium: fix typo in panel's
  vddio-supply property (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix BLSP[12]_DMA channels count
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8994: Fix the cont_splash_mem address
- ARM: dts: exynos: add atmel,24c128 fallback to Samsung EEPROM
- ARM: dts: BCM5301X: Update pin controller node name (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: s5pv210: align DMA channels with dtschema (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: socfpga: align interrupt controller node name with
  dtschema (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: ox820: align interrupt controller node name with
  dtschema (git-fixes).
- ARM: hisi: Add missing of_node_put after of_find_compatible_node
- ASoC: max98357a: remove dependency on GPIOLIB (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rt5645: Fix errorenous cleanup order (git-fixes).
- ASoC: samsung: Fix refcount leak in aries_audio_probe
- ASoC: fsl: Fix refcount leak in imx_sgtl5000_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: tscs454: Add endianness flag in snd_soc_component_driver
- ASoC: dapm: Don't fold register value changes into notifications
- ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for the HP Pro Tablet 408
- ASoC: rsnd: care return value from rsnd_node_fixed_index()
- ASoC: rsnd: care default case on
  rsnd_ssiu_busif_err_status_clear() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Move generic implicit fb quirk entries into
  quirks.c (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add quirk bits for enabling/disabling generic
  implicit fb (git-fixes).
- ACPI: CPPC: Assume no transition latency if no PCCT (git-fixes).
- ACPI: PM: Block ASUS B1400CEAE from suspend to idle by default
- arm64: compat: Do not treat syscall number as ESR_ELx for a
  bad syscall (git-fixes).
- ACPICA: Avoid cache flush inside virtual machines (git-fixes).
- ASoC: samsung: Use dev_err_probe() helper (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsl: Use dev_err_probe() helper (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: BCM5301X: update CRU block description (git-fixes).
- commit 4c6b283
- KVM: LAPIC: Drop pending LAPIC timer injection when canceling
  the timer (git-fixes).
- commit ebda4af
- KVM: SVM: Use kzalloc for sev ioctl interfaces to prevent
  kernel data leak (git-fixes).
- commit 30785a5
- KVM: nVMX: Clear IDT vectoring on nested VM-Exit for
  double/triple fault (git-fixes).
- commit ffb6036
- KVM: nVMX: Leave most VM-Exit info fields unmodified on failed
  VM-Entry (git-fixes).
- commit 97f34c5
- KVM: x86: Drop WARNs that assert a triple fault never "/escapes"/
  from L2 (git-fixes).
- commit 8240744
- KVM: x86/mmu: Passing up the error state of
  mmu_alloc_shadow_roots() (git-fixes).
- commit d2a88e6
- KVM: x86: Pend KVM_REQ_APICV_UPDATE during vCPU creation to
  fix a race (git-fixes).
- commit 62ba92c
- KVM: SVM: drop unnecessary code in
  svm_hv_vmcb_dirty_nested_enlightenments() (git-fixes).
- commit 704e7a8
- KVM: x86/emulator: Defer not-present segment check in
  __load_segment_descriptor() (git-fixes).
- commit 6f6c8f1
- KVM: x86: Update vCPU's runtime CPUID on write to MSR_IA32_XSS
- commit 06d4784
- KVM: x86: Fix emulation in writing cr8 (git-fixes).
- commit 06b317c
- kvm: x86/cpuid: Only provide CPUID leaf 0xA if host has
  architectural PMU (git-fixes).
- commit 87cd4ea
- Revert "/svm: Add warning message for AVIC IPI invalid target"/
- commit b359f55
- KVM: x86/svm: Clear reserved bits written to PerfEvtSeln MSRs
- commit 25027bb
- commit 2ca6eb1
- KVM: SVM: Fix kvm_cache_regs.h inclusions for is_guest_mode()
- commit 28f6136
- KVM: x86/mmu: Check for present SPTE when clearing dirty bit
  in TDP MMU (git-fixes).
- commit 4e37bee
- KVM: SVM: Never reject emulation due to SMAP errata for !SEV
  guests (git-fixes).
- commit 42762d5
- KVM: x86/mmu: Fix write-protection of PTs mapped by the TDP MMU
- commit 3c3b22d
- KVM: SVM: hyper-v: Enable Enlightened MSR-Bitmap support for
  real (git-fixes).
- commit 0a53b34
- KVM: x86: hyper-v: Fix the maximum number of sparse banks for
  XMM fast TLB flush hypercalls (git-fixes).
- commit 0a9f2a5
- KVM: x86/mmu: Update number of zapped pages even if page list
  is stable (git-fixes).
- commit e80aea5
- KEYS: asymmetric: enforce that sig algo matches key algo
- Refresh
- commit 432a795
- KEYS: trusted: tpm2: Fix migratable logic (git-fixes).
- commit 1953e79
- cifs: fix uninitialized pointer in error case in
  dfs_cache_get_tgt_share (bsc#1193629).
- commit 380000e
- cifs: skip trailing separators of prefix paths (bsc#1193629).
- commit de52c39
- cifs: update internal module number (bsc#1193629).
- commit e08e204
- cifs: version operations for smb20 unneeded when legacy support
  disabled (bsc#1193629).
- commit c456b31
- cifs: do not build smb1ops if legacy support is disabled
- commit 4993b7e
- cifs: fix potential deadlock in direct reclaim (bsc#1193629).
- commit b8254d9
- cifs: when extending a file with falloc we should make files
  not-sparse (bsc#1193629).
- commit 52ba2a3
- cifs: remove repeated debug message on cifs_put_smb_ses()
- commit 8ad5d4a
- cifs: fix potential double free during failed mount
- commit 2c8b5b6
- cifs: avoid parallel session setups on same channel
- commit 6398a2b
- cifs: use new enum for ses_status (bsc#1193629).
- commit 217b1ee
- cifs: do not use tcpStatus after negotiate completes
- commit e666d73
- smb3: add mount parm nosparse (bsc#1193629).
- commit 124b02e
- smb3: don't set rc when used and unneeded in query_info_compound
- commit 7bd568d
- smb3: check for null tcon (bsc#1193629).
- commit 7a9d23a
- cifs: fix minor compile warning (bsc#1193629).
- commit d783113
- Add various fsctl structs (bsc#1193629).
- commit 113fafc
- smb3: add trace point for oplock not found (bsc#1193629).
- commit ca9c908
- cifs: return the more nuanced writeback error on close()
- commit 82811a7
- smb3: add trace point for lease not found issue (bsc#1193629).
- commit dbdf8ba
- cifs: smbd: fix typo in comment (bsc#1193629).
- commit aa02f35
- cifs: set the CREATE_NOT_FILE when opening the directory in
  use_cached_dir() (bsc#1193629).
- commit 4ab153f
- cifs: check for smb1 in open_cached_dir() (bsc#1193629).
- commit e68ac2c
- cifs: move definition of cifs_fattr earlier in cifsglob.h
- commit e6babcb
- cifs: print TIDs as hex (bsc#1193629).
- commit ce753c2
- cifs: return ENOENT for DFS lookup_cache_entry() (bsc#1193629).
- commit 562c8f3
- cifs: don't call cifs_dfs_query_info_nonascii_quirk() if nodfs
  was set (bsc#1193629).
- commit 3e90ad5
- cifs: fix signed integer overflow when fl_end is OFFSET_MAX
- commit 3af7051
- SMB3: EBADF/EIO errors in rename/open caused by race condition
  in smb2_compound_op (bsc#1193629).
- commit e69077c
- cifs: destage any unwritten data to the server before calling
  copychunk_write (bsc#1193629).
- commit 775b640
- cifs: use correct lock type in cifs_reconnect() (bsc#1193629).
- commit 282d7da
- cifs: fix NULL ptr dereference in refresh_mounts()
- commit 4763651
- cifs: Use kzalloc instead of kmalloc/memset (bsc#1193629).
- commit fc6ae9a
- cifs: verify that tcon is valid before dereference in
  cifs_kill_sb (bsc#1193629).
- commit 1257221
- cifs: potential buffer overflow in handling symlinks
- commit 3cd13e9
- cifs: Split the smb3_add_credits tracepoint (bsc#1193629).
- commit 316f9e5
- cifs: release cached dentries only if mount is complete
- commit 42278b8
- cifs: Check the IOCB_DIRECT flag, not O_DIRECT (bsc#1193629).
- commit b05a349
- cifs: update internal module number (bsc#1193629).
- commit e161349
- cifs: force new session setup and tcon for dfs (bsc#1193629).
- commit 2775e37
- cifs: remove check of list iterator against head past the loop
  body (bsc#1193629).
- commit 98d57dc
- cifs: fix potential race with cifsd thread (bsc#1193629).
- commit a547515
- smb3: fix ksmbd bigendian bug in oplock break, and move its
  struct to smbfs_common (bsc#1193629).
  [ ematsumiya: remove ksmbd parts ]
- commit 1f36337
- smb3: cleanup and clarify status of tree connections
- commit 4be78fe
- smb3: move defines for query info and query fsinfo to
  smbfs_common (bsc#1193629).
- commit c6b74e0
- smb3: move defines for ioctl protocol header and SMB2 sizes
  to smbfs_common (bsc#1193629).
- commit f23838d
- [smb3] move more common protocol header definitions to
  smbfs_common (bsc#1193629).
- commit d36ebbe
- cifs: fix incorrect use of list iterator after the loop
- commit b55a09d
- cifs: change smb2_query_info_compound to use a cached fid,
  if available (bsc#1193629).
- commit 00f232e
- cifs: convert the path to utf16 in smb2_query_info_compound
- commit 9a48bbc
- cifs: writeback fix (bsc#1193629).
- commit 408ba7b
- cifs: use a different reconnect helper for non-cifsd threads
- commit 613da4d
- cifs: we do not need a spinlock around the tree access during
  umount (bsc#1193629).
- commit 81f5390
- Adjust cifssb maximum read size (bsc#1193629).
- commit 8697188
- cifs: fix handlecache and multiuser (bsc#1193629).
- commit 1baccc5
- smb3: fix incorrect session setup check for multiuser mounts
- commit 96a8bc3
- cifs: fix confusing unneeded warning message on smb2.1 and
  earlier (bsc#1193629).
- commit 746d619
- cifs: modefromsids must add an ACE for authenticated users
- commit 3e1f855
- cifs: fix double free race when mount fails in cifs_get_root()
- commit 96cdf4f
- cifs: do not use uninitialized data in the owner/group sid
- commit 64c2706
- cifs: fix set of group SID via NTSD xattrs (bsc#1193629).
- commit fad6ecf
- smb3: fix snapshot mount option (bsc#1193629).
- commit 5a0e7c7
- cifs: mark sessions for reconnection in helper function
- commit d739035
- cifs: call helper functions for marking channels for reconnect
- commit 4bc92b0
- cifs: call cifs_reconnect when a connection is marked
- commit b48b128
- [smb3] improve error message when mount options conflict with
  posix (bsc#1193629).
- commit 30c8e8b
- cifs: fix workstation_name for multiuser mounts (bsc#1193629).
- commit a396f87
- cifs: unlock chan_lock before calling cifs_put_tcp_session
- commit f64d988
- Fix a warning about a malformed kernel doc comment in cifs
- commit 3b5b4f5
- cifs: update internal module number (bsc#1193629).
- commit f3a1db7
- smb3: send NTLMSSP version information (bsc#1193629).
- commit 7ef0d69
- cifs: cifs_ses_mark_for_reconnect should also update reconnect
  bits (bsc#1193629).
- commit 7adf859
- cifs: update tcpStatus during negotiate and sess setup
- commit 3f08633
- cifs: make status checks in version independent callers
- commit 4cd34c9
- cifs: remove repeated state change in dfs tree connect
- commit 8253840
- cifs: fix the cifs_reconnect path for DFS (bsc#1193629).
- commit 87c9542
- cifs: remove unused variable ses_selected (bsc#1193629).
- commit 6eecd97
- cifs: protect all accesses to chan_* with chan_lock
- commit aafaacc
- cifs: fix the connection state transitions with multichannel
- commit 4d0aa0b
- cifs: check reconnects for channels of active tcons too
- commit fbe1e74
- cifs: serialize all mount attempts (bsc#1193629).
- commit 59797f7
- cifs: quirk for STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID returned for
  non-ASCII dfs refs (bsc#1193629).
- commit 6676166
- cifs: alloc_path_with_tree_prefix: do not append sep. if the
  path is empty (bsc#1193629).
- commit da4fb6c
- cifs: clean up an inconsistent indenting (bsc#1193629).
- commit d52e4e3
- cifs: free ntlmsspblob allocated in negotiate (bsc#1193629).
- commit d5d4763
- cifs: fix FILE_BOTH_DIRECTORY_INFO definition (bsc#1193629).
- commit 11e89d8
- cifs: move superblock magic defitions to magic.h (bsc#1193629).
- commit 9fcbd8d
- cifs: Fix smb311_update_preauth_hash() kernel-doc comment
- commit 7b20a4b
- cifs: avoid race during socket reconnect between send and recv
- commit 946730f
- cifs: maintain a state machine for tcp/smb/tcon sessions
- commit 95b368d
- cifs: fix hang on cifs_get_next_mid() (bsc#1193629).
- commit 851fea7
- cifs: take cifs_tcp_ses_lock for status checks (bsc#1193629).
- commit 2ab24a2
- cifs: reconnect only the connection and not smb session where
  possible (bsc#1193629).
- commit 833b4c0
- cifs: add WARN_ON for when chan_count goes below minimum
- commit d359030
- cifs: adjust DebugData to use chans_need_reconnect for conn
  status (bsc#1193629).
- commit 2bb2f0d
- cifs: use the chans_need_reconnect bitmap for reconnect status
- commit cb5bbe6
- cifs: track individual channel status using chans_need_reconnect
- commit 4a6c95e
- cifs: remove redundant assignment to pointer p (bsc#1193629).
- commit 6785bb0
- ftrace: Clean up hash direct_functions on register failures
- commit b73ad5c
- blacklist.conf: aa748949b4e6 ("/tracing/timerlat: Notify IRQ new max latency only if stop tracing is set"/)
  Not really a bug. It fixes a performance issue in tracing/timerlat. It also
  needs a preparatory patch.
- commit d176655
- blacklist.conf: Add 78ed93d72ded signal: Deliver SIGTRAP on perf event
  asynchronously if blocked
- commit 076f1f3
- KVM: x86: Drop guest CPUID check for host initiated writes to
- commit ae69371
- KVM: x86: Ignore sparse banks size for an "/all CPUs"/, non-sparse
  IPI req (git-fixes).
- commit cb739a2
- KVM: x86: Wait for IPIs to be delivered when handling Hyper-V
  TLB flush hypercall (git-fixes).
- commit 7b6e6c7
- KVM: nVMX: Ensure vCPU honors event request if posting nested
  IRQ fails (git-fixes).
- commit 1658257
- KVM: x86: Exit to userspace if emulation prepared a completion
  callback (git-fixes).
- commit c752451
- KVM: x86: Handle 32-bit wrap of EIP for EMULTYPE_SKIP with
  flat code seg (git-fixes).
- commit d782140
- KVM: x86: don't print when fail to read/write pv eoi memory
- commit ddd0369
- KVM: X86: Ensure that dirty PDPTRs are loaded (git-fixes).
- commit d9d53c0
- KVM: VMX: Read Posted Interrupt "/control"/ exactly once per
  loop iteration (git-fixes).
- commit a3af640
- KVM: VMX: Don't unblock vCPU w/ Posted IRQ if IRQs are disabled
  in guest (git-fixes).
- commit 30f5bba
- Add CVE reference to
  (bsc#1195187 CVE-2022-1998).
- commit f941d8c
- KVM: x86: Register Processor Trace interrupt hook iff PT
  enabled in guest (git-fixes).
- commit 566d574
- block: fix bio_clone_blkg_association() to associate with proper
  blkcg_gq (bsc#1200259).
- commit eadab0f
- Refresh patches.suse/drm-vmwgfx-Fix-fencing-on-SVGAv3.patch.
- commit 595b07f
- blacklist.conf: d4da1f27396f drm/dp: Fix off-by-one in register cache size
- commit 6523c09
- blacklist.conf: 4adc33f36d80 drm/edid: Split deep color modes between RGB and YUV444
- commit ac837ed
- mmc: block: Fix CQE recovery reset success (git-fixes).
- commit d3053f5
- arm64: supported.conf: mark PHY_FSL_IMX8MQ_USB as supported (bsc#1199909)
- commit d332656
- add mainline tag for a pci-hyperv change
- commit 6d39b2d
- swiotlb: max mapping size takes min align mask into account (bsc#1197303).
- commit dfe7233
- pipe: Fix missing lock in pipe_resize_ring() (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Fix -Wstringop-overflow warning in call to
  intel_read_wm_latency() (git-fixes).
- HID: multitouch: Add support for Google Whiskers Touchpad
- HID: multitouch: add quirks to enable Lenovo X12 trackpoint
- drivers: i2c: thunderx: Allow driver to work with ACPI defined
  TWSI controllers (git-fixes).
- i2c: ismt: Provide a DMA buffer for Interrupt Cause Logging
- pinctrl: sunxi: fix f1c100s uart2 function (git-fixes).
- nfc: pn533: Fix buggy cleanup order (git-fixes).
- commit 0f1be88
- netfilter: nf_tables: sanitize nft_set_desc_concat_parse()
  (CVE-2022-1972 bsc#1200019).
- commit fb312f5
- netfilter: nf_tables: disallow non-stateful expression in sets
  earlier (CVE-2022-1966 bsc#1200015).
- commit 382d5dc
- jbd2: Fake symbols defined under CONFIG_JBD2_DEBUG
- Update config files to disable mistakenly enabled CONFIG_JBD2_DEBUG
- commit 906d455
- net/smc: set ini->smcrv2.ib_dev_v2 to NULL if SMC-Rv2 is
  unavailable (git-fixes).
- net/smc: use memcpy instead of snprintf to avoid out of bounds
  read (git-fixes).
- net/smc: Remove unused function declaration (git-fixes).
- commit 3a30c09
- s390/mcck: isolate SIE instruction when setting CIF_MCCK_GUEST
  flag (git-fixes).
- s390/crypto: fix scatterwalk_unmap() callers in AES-GCM
- s390/lcs: fix variable dereferenced before check (git-fixes).
- s390/ctcm: fix potential memory leak (git-fixes).
- s390/ctcm: fix variable dereferenced before check (git-fixes).
- s390/dasd: Fix read inconsistency for ESE DASD devices
- s390/dasd: Fix read for ESE with blksize < 4k (git-fixes).
- s390/dasd: prevent double format of tracks for ESE devices
- s390/dasd: fix data corruption for ESE devices (git-fixes).
- KVM: s390: vsie/gmap: reduce gmap_rmap overhead (git-fixes).
- s390/smp: sort out physical vs virtual pointers usage
- s390/extable: fix exception table sorting (git-fixes).
- s390/module: fix loading modules with a lot of relocations
- s390/nmi: handle vector validity failures for KVM guests
- s390/nmi: handle guarded storage validity failures for KVM
  guests (git-fixes).
- s390/entry: fix duplicate tracking of irq nesting level
- s390/kexec_file: fix error handling when applying relocations
- s390/kexec: fix memory leak of ipl report buffer (git-fixes).
- vfio/ccw: Remove unneeded GFP_DMA (git-fixes).
- KVM: s390: pv: avoid stalls when making pages secure
- KVM: s390: pv: add macros for UVC CC values (git-fixes).
- commit ef964f8
- clocksource/drivers/oxnas-rps: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map()
  return value (git-fixes).
- modpost: fix removing numeric suffixes (git-fixes).
- commit 05f3a6d
- scsi: hisi_sas: Fix rescan after deleting a disk (git-fixes).
- scsi: ufs: qcom: Add a readl() to make sure ref_clk gets enabled
- scsi: core: Query VPD size before getting full page (git-fixes).
- scsi: mpt3sas: Use cached ATA Information VPD page (git-fixes).
- scsi: dc395x: Fix a missing check on list iterator (git-fixes).
- scsi: ufs: core: Exclude UECxx from SFR dump list (git-fixes).
- scsi: ufs: qcom: Fix ufs_qcom_resume() (git-fixes).
- drbd: fix duplicate array initializer (git-fixes).
- drbd: use bdev_alignment_offset instead of
  queue_alignment_offset (git-fixes).
- drbd: use bdev based limit helpers in drbd_send_sizes
- commit 208fb5c
- Added a commit for SCSI fixes
- commit 73de13f
- drbd: remove assign_p_sizes_qlim (git-fixes).
- commit 457053c
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix microphone noise on ASUS TUF B550M-PLUS
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable 4-speaker output for Dell XPS 15
  9520 laptop (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Cancel pending work at closing a MIDI substream
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Add new type for ALC245 (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rt5514: Fix event generation for "/DSP Voice Wake Up"/
  control (git-fixes).
- commit 1ee546e
- USB: serial: pl2303: fix type detection for odd device
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Move null pinter check to proper place
- usb: isp1760: Fix out-of-bounds array access (git-fixes).
- usb: ehci-omap: drop unused ehci_read() function (git-fixes).
- usb: typec: mux: Check dev_set_name() return value (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: pci: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Replace list_for_each_entry_safe() if using
  giveback (git-fixes).
- usb: musb: Fix missing of_node_put() in omap2430_probe
- USB: storage: karma: fix rio_karma_init return (git-fixes).
- usb: usbip: add missing device lock on tweak configuration cmd
- usb: usbip: fix a refcount leak in stub_probe() (git-fixes).
- tty: serial: fsl_lpuart: fix potential bug when using both
  of_alias_get_id and ida_simple_get (git-fixes).
- tty: n_tty: Restore EOF push handling behavior (git-fixes).
- tty: serial: owl: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in
  owl_uart_probe (git-fixes).
- virtio: pci: Fix an error handling path in vp_modern_probe()
- video: fbdev: clcdfb: Fix refcount leak in clcdfb_of_vram_setup
- commit 516f89a
- selftests: firmware: Fix the request_firmware_into_buf()
  test for XZ format (git-fixes).
- selftests: firmware: Use smaller dictionary for XZ compression
- soundwire: intel: prevent pm_runtime resume prior to system
  suspend (git-fixes).
- serial: stm32-usart: Correct CSIZE, bits, and parity
- serial: st-asc: Sanitize CSIZE and correct PARENB for CS7
- serial: sifive: Sanitize CSIZE and c_iflag (git-fixes).
- serial: sh-sci: Don't allow CS5-6 (git-fixes).
- serial: txx9: Don't allow CS5-6 (git-fixes).
- serial: rda-uart: Don't allow CS5-6 (git-fixes).
- serial: digicolor-usart: Don't allow CS5-6 (git-fixes).
- serial: cpm_uart: Fix build error without
- serial: 8250_fintek: Check SER_RS485_RTS_* only with RS485
- serial: meson: acquire port->lock in startup() (git-fixes).
- serial: pch: don't overwrite xmit->buf[0] by x_char (git-fixes).
- serial: sifive: Report actual baud base rather than fixed 115200
- serial: 8250: pxa: Remove unneeded <linux/pm_runtime.h>
- serial: 8250: core: Remove unneeded <linux/pm_runtime.h>
- serial: 8250_aspeed_vuart: Fix potential NULL dereference in
  aspeed_vuart_probe (git-fixes).
- tty: goldfish: Use tty_port_destroy() to destroy port
- commit dd65e3b
- gpio: adp5588: Remove support for platform setup and teardown
  callbacks (git-fixes).
- gpio: pca953x: use the correct register address to do regcache
  sync (git-fixes).
- regulator: mt6315-regulator: fix invalid allowed mode
- dt-bindings: PCI: xilinx-cpm: Fix reg property order
- platform: finally disallow IRQ0 in platform_get_irq() and its
  ilk (git-fixes).
- firmware: dmi-sysfs: Fix memory leak in
  dmi_sysfs_register_handle (git-fixes).
- extcon: ptn5150: Add queue work sync before driver release
- phy: qcom-qmp: fix pipe-clock imbalance on power-on failure
- phy: qcom-qmp: fix reset-controller leak on probe errors
- phy: qcom-qmp: fix struct clk leak on probe errors (git-fixes).
- dt-bindings: phy: uniphier-usb3hs: Fix incorrect clock-names
  and reset-names (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: sc27xx: Fine tune the scale calibration values
- iio: adc: sc27xx: fix read big scale voltage not right
- iio: proximity: vl53l0x: Fix return value check of
  wait_for_completion_timeout (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: stmpe-adc: Fix wait_for_completion_timeout return
  value check (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: ad7124: Remove shift from scan_type (git-fixes).
- firmware: stratix10-svc: fix a missing check on list iterator
- misc: fastrpc: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
- staging: fieldbus: Fix the error handling path in
  anybuss_host_common_probe() (git-fixes).
- memory: fsl_ifc: populate child nodes of buses and mfd devices
- commit a50adf8
- driver core: Fix wait_for_device_probe() &
  deferred_probe_timeout interaction (git-fixes).
- driver core: fix deadlock in __device_attach (git-fixes).
- driver: base: fix UAF when driver_attach failed (git-fixes).
- Documentation: dd: Use ReST lists for return values of
  driver_deferred_probe_check_state() (git-fixes).
- bus: ti-sysc: Fix warnings for unbind for serial (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsl_sai: Fix FSL_SAI_xDR/xFR definition (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Optimize TEAC clock quirk (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: Always clear mask bits to disable interrupts at
  dp_ctrl_reset_irq_ctrl() (git-fixes).
- commit 903d077
- powerpc/xive: Add some error handling code to
  'xive_spapr_init()' (fate#322438 git-fixes).
- commit e2ebad5
- tracing: Fix return value of trace_pid_write() (git-fixes).
- commit 5a94726
- tracing: Fix potential double free in create_var_ref()
- commit eaa2d28
- blacklist.conf: 499f12168aeb ("/tracing: Have event format check not flag %p* on __get_dynamic_array()"/)
  The commit introduces similar improvement as commit c6ced22997ad ("/tracing:
  Update print fmt check to handle new __get_sockaddr() macro"/) which we do not
  carry. Let's blacklist it for now.
- commit 416300c
- Move upstreamed fsl patch into sorted section
- commit 4204d7b
- dt-bindings: gpio: altera: correct interrupt-cells (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: aspeed: ast2600-evb: Enable RX delay for MAC0/MAC1
- soc: rockchip: Fix refcount leak in rockchip_grf_init
- wifi: mac80211: fix use-after-free in chanctx code (git-fixes).
- net: ethernet: ti: am65-cpsw-nuss: Fix some refcount leaks
- net: ethernet: mtk_eth_soc: out of bounds read in
  mtk_hwlro_get_fdir_entry() (git-fixes).
- i2c: ismt: prevent memory corruption in ismt_access()
- rpmsg: virtio: Fix the unregistration of the device rpmsg_ctrl
- commit 7548c25
- arm64: Update config files. (bsc#1199909)
  Add pfuze100 regulator as module
- commit e01be53
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Add debugfs prefix (bsc#1199163).
- commit 4dc809b
- powerpc/xive: Fix refcount leak in xive_spapr_init (fate#322438
- commit 852fb13
- Cover the missing device_registered() check in the previous NFC fix patch (CVE-2022-1974 bsc#1200144)
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit be7ffc0
- Update patch reference for NFC fix (CVE-2022-1975 bsc#1200143)
- commit c69687e
- nfc: replace improper check device_is_registered() in netlink
  related functions (CVE-2022-1974 bsc#1200144).
- Refresh
- commit 3255346
- Fix 0010-drm-msm-dpu-fix-error-check-return-value-of-irq_of_p.patch
  Fixed the incorrect return value added by this patch. Error message
  is below.
  * int-conversion in ../drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_kms.c in dpu_kms_init
  ../drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_kms.c: In function 'dpu_kms_init':
  ../drivers/gpu/drm/msm/disp/dpu1/dpu_kms.c:1127:10: warning: return makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Wint-conversion]
- commit 2b62fe6
- rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix returning 0 if irq_of_parse_and_map()
  fails (git-fixes).
- commit 240d3e0
- power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Drop BIOS version check from
  "/T3 MRD"/ DMI quirk (git-fixes).
- commit 61ba8ea
- power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Fix battery reporting on
  the One Mix 1 (git-fixes).
- commit 4dbbac8
- assoc_array: Fix BUG_ON during garbage collect (git-fixes).
- rtc: mxc: Silence a clang warning (git-fixes).
- rtc: mt6397: check return value after calling
  platform_get_resource() (git-fixes).
- watchdog: ts4800_wdt: Fix refcount leak in ts4800_wdt_probe
- watchdog: rti-wdt: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
- pwm: raspberrypi-poe: Fix endianness in firmware struct
- pwm: lp3943: Fix duty calculation in case period was clamped
- rpmsg: virtio: Fix possible double free in
  rpmsg_virtio_add_ctrl_dev() (git-fixes).
- rpmsg: virtio: Fix possible double free in rpmsg_probe()
- rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
- remoteproc: imx_rproc: Ignore create mem entry for resource
  table (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: fix event thread stuck in wait_event after
  kthread_stop() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm: add missing include to msm_drv.c (git-fixes).
- commit 1351672
- tools arch x86: Add Intel SDSi provisiong tool (jsc#SLE-18938).
- platform/x86: Add Intel Software Defined Silicon driver (jsc#SLE-18938).
- Update config files (set INTEL_SDSI=m).
- supported.conf: add intel_sdsi
- commit 5d516f9
- mm/page_alloc: always attempt to allocate at least one page
  during bulk allocation (git fixes (mm/pgalloc)).
- commit b7805bd
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Remove unneeded variable (bsc#1200046).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unneeded flush_workqueue() (bsc#1200046).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove free_sg command flag (bsc#1200046).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix missed DMA unmap for aborted commands
- commit ae4d644
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Use sg_dma_address() and sg_dma_len() macros for
  NVMe I/O (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Alter FPIN stat accounting logic (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Rework FDMI initialization after link up
- scsi: lpfc: Change VMID registration to be based on fabric
  parameters (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Decrement outstanding gidft_inp counter if
  lpfc_err_lost_link() (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Use list_for_each_entry_safe() in
  rscn_recovery_check() (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix dmabuf ptr assignment in lpfc_ct_reject_event()
- scsi: lpfc: Inhibit aborts if external loopback plug is inserted
- scsi: lpfc: Fix ndlp put following a LOGO completion
- scsi: lpfc: Fill in missing ndlp kref puts in error paths
- scsi: lpfc: Fix element offset in __lpfc_sli_release_iocbq_s4()
- scsi: lpfc: Remove redundant lpfc_sli_prep_wqe() call
- scsi: lpfc: Fix additional reference counting in
  lpfc_bsg_rport_els() (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix resource leak in lpfc_sli4_send_seq_to_ulp()
- scsi: lpfc: Remove unnecessary null ndlp check in
  lpfc_sli_prep_wqe() (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove unneeded variable (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Expand setting ELS_ID field in ELS_REQUEST64_WQE
- scsi: lpfc: Update stat accounting for READ_STATUS mbox command
- scsi: lpfc: Change FA-PWWN detection methodology (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Refactor cleanup of mailbox commands (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix field overload in lpfc_iocbq data structure
- scsi: lpfc: Introduce FC_RSCN_MEMENTO flag for tracking post
  RSCN completion (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Register for Application Services FC-4 type in
  Fabric topology (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove false FDMI NVMe FC-4 support for NPIV ports
- scsi: lpfc: Revise FDMI reporting of supported port speed for
  trunk groups (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix call trace observed during I/O with CMF enabled
- scsi: lpfc: Correct CRC32 calculation for congestion stats
- scsi: lpfc: Move MI module parameter check to handle dynamic
  disable (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove unnecessary NULL pointer assignment for
  ELS_RDF path (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Transition to NPR state upon LOGO cmpl if link
  down or aborted (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Update fc_prli_sent outstanding only after
  guaranteed IOCB submit (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Protect memory leak for NPIV ports sending PLOGI_RJT
- scsi: lpfc: Fix null pointer dereference after failing to
  issue FLOGI and PLOGI (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Clear fabric topology flag before initiating a
  new FLOGI (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix SCSI I/O completion and abort handler deadlock
- scsi: lpfc: Requeue SCSI I/O to upper layer when fw reports
  link down (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Zero SLI4 fcp_cmnd buffer's fcpCntl0 field
- scsi: lpfc: Fix diagnostic fw logging after a function reset
- scsi: lpfc: Move cfg_log_verbose check before calling
  lpfc_dmp_dbg() (bsc#1200045).
- scsi: lpfc: Tweak message log categories for ELS/FDMI/NVMe
  rescan (bsc#1200045).
- blk-cgroup: move blkcg_{get,set}_fc_appid out of line
- scsi: lpfc: Correct BDE DMA address assignment for GEN_REQ_WQE
- scsi: lpfc: Fix split code for FLOGI on FCoE (bsc#1200045).
- commit 113346a
- iommu/amd: Increase timeout waiting for GA log enablement
- commit 7d2b57d
- KVM: x86: avoid calling x86 emulator without a decoded
  instruction (CVE-2022-1852 bsc#1199875).
- commit aff0e2d
- KVM: x86/mmu: fix NULL pointer dereference on guest INVPCID (CVE-2022-1789 bsc#1199674).
- commit 2d985ed
- i2c: at91: Initialize dma_buf in at91_twi_xfer() (git-fixes).
- commit 8873758
- i2c: rcar: fix PM ref counts in probe error paths (git-fixes).
- i2c: npcm: Handle spurious interrupts (git-fixes).
- i2c: npcm: Correct register access width (git-fixes).
- i2c: npcm: Fix timeout calculation (git-fixes).
- i2c: at91: use dma safe buffers (git-fixes).
- commit 713cdfa
- Delete patches.suse/random-fix-crash-on-multiple-early-calls-to-add_bootloader_randomness.patch.
  Remove this out-of-tree patch. Upstream has fixed the issue differently.
- commit dbaf4c1
- revert scsi: qla2xxx: Changes to support FCP2 Target
- commit 3e4f734
- KVM: x86: nSVM: skip eax alignment check for non-SVM
  instructions (git-fixes).
- commit 780b40c
- Input: synaptics - enable InterTouch on ThinkPad T14/P14s Gen
  1 AMD (git-fixes).
- commit 801b48d
- Move upstreamed patches into sorted section
- commit 36fc456
- Move upstreamed patches into sorted section
- commit 92f23de
- blacklist.conf: remove the document fix patch that has been backported
- commit 94cafe2
- powerpc/64s: Add CPU_FTRS_POWER10 to ALWAYS mask (jsc#SLE-13521
- powerpc/64s: Add CPU_FTRS_POWER9_DD2_2 to CPU_FTRS_ALWAYS mask
  (bsc#1061840 git-fixes).
- commit d77ad83
- KVM: VMX: Set failure code in prepare_vmcs02() (git-fixes).
- commit eda282d
- KVM: x86/pmu: Fix reserved bits for AMD PerfEvtSeln register
- commit 08bb9f1
- KVM: x86/mmu: Remove spurious TLB flushes in TDP MMU zap
  collapsible path (git-fixes).
- commit 14f3189
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/amdgpu: vi: disable ASPM on Intel Alder Lake based systems'
- commit 63487a6
- KVM: x86/mmu: Use yield-safe TDP MMU root iter in MMU notifier
  unmapping (git-fixes).
- commit d241db8
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/i915: Fix SEL_FETCH_PLANE_*(PIPE_B+) register addresses'
- commit 7d292af
- btrfs: Avoid live-lock in search_ioctl() on hardware with sub-page (git-fixes)
- commit f5c6c88
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/i915: Check EDID for HDR static metadata when choosing blc'
- commit 1e4bda7
- KVM: nVMX: Emulate guest TLB flush on nested VM-Enter with
  new vpid12 (git-fixes).
- commit d9a79ed
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/i915: Fix race in __i915_vma_remove_closed'
- commit 6b9663e
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/amd/display: Fix memory leak in dcn21_clock_source_create'
- commit 6b379f0
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/amdkfd: Fix GWS queue count'
- commit c194bfe
- KVM: nVMX: Abide to KVM_REQ_TLB_FLUSH_GUEST request on nested
  vmentry/vmexit (git-fixes).
- commit 1516756
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/amdgpu/smu10: fix SoC/fclk units in auto mode'
- commit 6e963ac
- arm64: Add support for user sub-page fault probing (git-fixes)
  Update patch and enable CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_SUBPAGE_FAULTS=y on aarch64
- commit 89d500c
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/vmwgfx: Disable command buffers on svga3 without gbobjects'
- commit bf4ec77
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/vmwgfx: Initialize drm_mode_fb_cmd2'
- commit 8d00ddf
- KVM: nVMX: Flush current VPID (L1 vs. L2) for
  KVM_REQ_TLB_FLUSH_GUEST (git-fixes).
- commit f91c8b4
- mm: Add fault_in_subpage_writeable() to probe at sub-page granularity (git-fixes)
- commit 0e4c9cb
- KVM: x86/mmu: Pass parameter flush as false in
  kvm_tdp_mmu_zap_collapsible_sptes() (git-fixes).
- commit 6eef8ef
- KVM: x86/mmu: Skip tlb flush if it has been done in
  zap_gfn_range() (git-fixes).
- commit d1f24d4
- drm/msm/disp/dpu1: set mdp clk to the maximum frequency in opp table (bsc#1190768)
- commit 6e3b46b
- drm/msm/dp: tear down main link at unplug handle immediately (bsc#1190768)
- commit e399f83
- drm/msm/dp: stop event kernel thread when DP unbind (bsc#1190768)
- commit ff84c19
- drm/msm/dpu: fix error check return value of irq_of_parse_and_map() (bsc#1190768)
- commit 7e0c8c4
- drm/msm: remove unused plane_property field from msm_drm_private (bsc#1190768)
- commit e9be256
- drm/msm: properly add and remove internal bridges (bsc#1190768)
- commit 5c122fe
- drm/mediatek: Add vblank register/unregister callback functions (bsc#1190768)
- commit ab7ec76
- KVM: x86/mmu: Fix TLB flush range when handling disconnected pt
- commit 42fd30b
- stm: ltdc: fix two incorrect NULL checks on list iterator (bsc#1190786)
- commit 9331eed
- drm: bridge: icn6211: Fix HFP_HSW_HBP_HI and HFP_MIN handling (bsc#1190786)
- commit ad47bc7
- tilcdc: tilcdc_external: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator (bsc#1190786)
- commit 9c50bd8
- KVM: x86: Assume a 64-bit hypercall for guests with protected
  state (git-fixes).
- commit 46850e9
- KVM: x86: Fix uninitialized eoi_exit_bitmap usage in
  vcpu_load_eoi_exitmap() (git-fixes).
- commit ea06bd8
- KVM: x86: SVM: don't set VMLOAD/VMSAVE intercepts on vCPU reset
- commit d06006c
- KVM: x86/mmu: Complete prefetch for trailing SPTEs for direct,
  legacy MMU (git-fixes).
- commit e82d899
- KVM: x86: Do not mark all registers as avail/dirty during
  RESET/INIT (git-fixes).
- commit deab733
- KVM: X86: Synchronize the shadow pagetable before link it
- commit d4b3446
- KVM: X86: Fix missed remote tlb flush in rmap_write_protect()
- commit 7edc84d
- KVM: x86: nSVM: test eax for 4K alignment for GP errata
  workaround (git-fixes).
- commit f6a065f
- KVM: x86: nSVM: restore the L1 host state prior to resuming
  nested guest on SMM exit (git-fixes).
- commit 44bc62d
- kvm: fix wrong exception emulation in check_rdtsc (git-fixes).
- commit 1c5ae50
- KVM: VMX: Remove defunct "/nr_active_uret_msrs"/ field
- commit 1a24800
- KVM: x86: Mark all registers as avail/dirty at vCPU creation
- commit 1f6eceb
- KVM: SVM: Emulate #INIT in response to triple fault shutdown
- commit 676f374
- KVM: VMX: Refresh list of user return MSRs after setting guest
  CPUID (git-fixes).
- commit 61c5fcd
- KVM: VMX: Skip pointless MSR bitmap update when setting EFER
- commit e1674de
- KVM: nVMX: Do not clear CR3 load/store exiting bits if L1 wants
  'em (git-fixes).
- commit 1cee451
- KVM: VMX: Fold ept_update_paging_mode_cr0() back into
  vmx_set_cr0() (git-fixes).
- commit f10ca89
- KVM: VMX: Invert handling of CR0.WP for EPT without unrestricted
  guest (git-fixes).
- commit f9e5a47
- KVM: x86: Don't force set BSP bit when local APIC is managed
  by userspace (git-fixes).
- commit 7c46a7f
- KVM: x86: Migrate the PIT only if vcpu0 is migrated, not any
  BSP (git-fixes).
- commit 611cd52
- lockdown: kABI workaround for lockdown_reason changes
  (bsc#1199426 CVE-2022-21499).
- commit 972b043
- ALSA: ctxfi: Add SB046x PCI ID (git-fixes).
- ACPI: sysfs: Fix BERT error region memory mapping (git-fixes).
- init: call time_init() before rand_initialize() (git-fixes).
- Fix double fget() in vhost_net_set_backend() (git-fixes).
- commit 4401121
- powerpc/powernv: Get STF barrier requirements from device-tree
  (bsc#1188885 ltc#193722 git-fixes).
- powerpc/powernv: Get L1D flush requirements from device-tree
  (bsc#1188885 ltc#193722 git-fixes).
- powerpc/powernv: Add __init attribute to eligible functions
  (bsc#1188885 ltc#193722 git-fixes).
- powerpc/powernv: Remove POWER9 PVR version check for entry
  and uaccess flushes (bsc#1188885 ltc#193722 git-fixes).
- commit abc77e7
- powerpc/fadump: fix PT_LOAD segment for boot memory area
  (bsc#1103269 ltc#169948 git-fixes).
- commit 397eb16
- gen_init_cpio: fix short read file handling (bsc#1193289).
- initramfs: Check timestamp to prevent broken cpio archive
- commit b52895d
- KVM: x86/speculation: Disable Fill buffer clear within guests
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/mmio: Reuse SRBDS mitigation for SBDS
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/srbds: Update SRBDS mitigation selection
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/mmio: Add sysfs reporting for Processor
  MMIO Stale Data (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127
  CVE-2022-21123 CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/mmio: Enable CPU Fill buffer clearing on idle
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/bugs: Group MDS, TAA & Processor MMIO Stale Data mitigations
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/mmio: Add mitigation for Processor MMIO Stale
  Data (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation: Add a common function for MD_CLEAR mitigation
  update (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- x86/speculation/mmio: Enumerate Processor MMIO Stale Data bug
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- Documentation: Add documentation for Processor MMIO Stale Data
  (bsc#1199650 CVE-2022-21166 CVE-2022-21127 CVE-2022-21123
  CVE-2022-21125 CVE-2022-21180).
- commit 426a83d
- hide appended member supports_dynamic_smps_6ghz (git-fixes).
- commit f872210
- gup: Turn fault_in_pages_{readable,writeable} into fault_in_{readable,writeable} (git-fixes).
- commit 413bfcd
- smp: Fix offline cpu check in flush_smp_call_function_queue()
- commit 9697600
- mm, page_alloc: fix build_zonerefs_node() (git-fixes).
- commit 3121010
- lockdown: also lock down previous kgdb use (bsc#1199426
- commit 251570d
- dmaengine: stm32-mdma: fix chan initialization in
  stm32_mdma_irq_handler() (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: stm32-mdma: remove GISR1 register (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: idxd: Fix the error handling path in
  idxd_cdev_register() (git-fixes).
- commit 2fd937f
- Input: stmfts - do not leave device disabled in
  stmfts_input_open (git-fixes).
- Input: sparcspkr - fix refcount leak in bbc_beep_probe
- misc: ocxl: fix possible double free in ocxl_file_register_afu
- pinctrl: renesas: core: Fix possible null-ptr-deref in
  sh_pfc_map_resources() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: renesas: r8a779a0: Fix GPIO function on I2C-capable
  pins (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: tegra: tegra194: drop unused pin groups (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mvebu: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
- pinctrl: mediatek: mt8195: enable driver on mtk platforms
- commit 00278c6
- crypto: cryptd - Protect per-CPU resource by disabling BH
- crypto: sun8i-ss - handle zero sized sg (git-fixes).
- crypto: sun8i-ss - rework handling of IV (git-fixes).
- crypto: ecrdsa - Fix incorrect use of vli_cmp (git-fixes).
- crypto: caam - fix i.MX6SX entropy delay value (git-fixes).
- crypto: marvell/cesa - ECB does not IV (git-fixes).
- crypto: x86 - eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- commit e9656ce
- hwrng: omap3-rom - fix using wrong clk_disable() in
  omap_rom_rng_runtime_resume() (git-fixes).
- mfd: davinci_voicecodec: Fix possible null-ptr-deref
  davinci_vc_probe() (git-fixes).
- mfd: ipaq-micro: Fix error check return value of
  platform_get_irq() (git-fixes).
- clk: imx8mp: fix usb_root_clk parent (git-fixes).
- clk: imx: scu: Use pm_runtime_resume_and_get to fix
  pm_runtime_get_sync() usage (git-fixes).
- clk: imx: Add check for kcalloc (git-fixes).
- clk: tegra: Add missing reset deassertion (git-fixes).
- clk: renesas: r9a06g032: Fix the RTC hclock description
- PCI: rockchip: Fix find_first_zero_bit() limit (git-fixes).
- PCI: qcom: Fix unbalanced PHY init on probe errors (git-fixes).
- PCI: qcom: Fix runtime PM imbalance on probe errors (git-fixes).
- PCI: microchip: Fix potential race in interrupt handling
- PCI: imx6: Fix PERST# start-up sequence (git-fixes).
- PCI: dwc: Fix setting error return on MSI DMA mapping failure
- PCI: cadence: Fix find_first_zero_bit() limit (git-fixes).
- PCI/PM: Power up all devices during runtime resume (git-fixes).
- PCI/ACPI: Allow D3 only if Root Port can signal and wake from D3
- PCI/AER: Clear MULTI_ERR_COR/UNCOR_RCV bits (git-fixes).
- tty: fix deadlock caused by calling printk() under
  tty_port->lock (git-fixes).
- commit f5e4e29
- Watchdog: sp5100_tco: Enable Family 17h+ CPUs (bsc#1199260).
- Watchdog: sp5100_tco: Add initialization using EFCH MMIO
- Watchdog: sp5100_tco: Refactor MMIO base address initialization
- Watchdog: sp5100_tco: Move timer initialization into function
- watchdog: sp5100_tco: Add support for get_timeleft
- commit 5a67b91
- ARM: ftrace: avoid redundant loads or clobbering IP (git-fixes).
- atomics: Fix atomic64_{read_acquire,set_release} fallbacks
- atm: eni: Add check for dma_map_single (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: qcom: sdx55: fix IPA interconnect definitions
- commit 1131a46
- Update patch reference for libata fix (bsc#1118212).
- commit 6d39ca9
- platform/chrome: Re-introduce cros_ec_cmd_xfer and use it for
  ioctls (git-fixes).
- platform/chrome: cros_ec: fix error handling in
  cros_ec_register() (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: llcc: Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: smsm: Fix missing of_node_put() in smsm_parse_ipc
- soc: qcom: smp2p: Fix missing of_node_put() in smp2p_parse_ipc
- soc: bcm: Check for NULL return of devm_kzalloc() (git-fixes).
- NFC: hci: fix sleep in atomic context bugs in
  nfc_hci_hcp_message_tx (git-fixes).
- wilc1000: fix crash observed in AP mode with
  cfg80211_register_netdevice() (git-fixes).
- nl80211: show SSID for P2P_GO interfaces (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: fix race when gadget driver register via ioctl
- nl80211: fix locking in nl80211_set_tx_bitrate_mask()
- nl80211: validate S1G channel width (git-fixes).
- platform/chrome: cros_ec_debugfs: detach log reader wq from devm
- rtc: mc146818-lib: Fix the AltCentury for AMD platforms
- rtc: sun6i: Fix time overflow handling (git-fixes).
- rtc: pcf2127: fix bug when reading alarm registers (git-fixes).
- rtc: fix use-after-free on device removal (git-fixes).
- vhost_vdpa: don't setup irq offloading when irq_num < 0
- commit 4e4f201
- firmware: arm_scmi: Validate BASE_DISCOVER_LIST_PROTOCOLS
  response (git-fixes).
- firmware: arm_scmi: Fix list protocols enumeration in the base
  protocol (git-fixes).
- firmware: arm_ffa: Remove incorrect assignment of driver_data
- firmware: arm_ffa: Fix uuid parameter to ffa_partition_probe
- memory: samsung: exynos5422-dmc: Avoid some over memory
  allocation (git-fixes).
- dt-bindings: arm: bcm: fix BCM53012 and BCM53016 SoC strings
- drm/i915: Fix CFI violation with show_dynamic_id() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dpu: handle pm_runtime_get_sync() errors in bind path
- drm: msm: fix possible memory leak in mdp5_crtc_cursor_set()
- drm/msm/a6xx: Fix refcount leak in a6xx_gpu_init (git-fixes).
- drm/msm: return an error pointer in msm_gem_prime_get_sg_table()
- gma500: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
- dt-bindings: display: sitronix, st7735r: Fix backlight in
  example (git-fixes).
- mt76: do not attempt to reorder received 802.3 packets without
  agg session (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7921: Fix the error handling path of mt7921_pci_probe()
- NFC: NULL out the dev->rfkill to prevent UAF (git-fixes).
- dt-bindings: pinctrl: aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group
- mac80211: fix rx reordering with non explicit / psmp ack policy
- Input: stmfts - fix reference leak in stmfts_input_open
- Input: add bounds checking to input_set_capability()
- i2c: piix4: Enable EFCH MMIO for Family 17h+ (git-fixes).
- i2c: piix4: Add EFCH MMIO support for SMBus port select
- i2c: piix4: Add EFCH MMIO support to SMBus base address detect
- i2c: piix4: Add EFCH MMIO support to region request and release
- i2c: piix4: Move SMBus port selection into function (git-fixes).
- i2c: piix4: Move SMBus controller base address detect into
  function (git-fixes).
- i2c: piix4: Move port I/O region request/release code into
  functions (git-fixes).
- i2c: piix4: Replace hardcoded memory map size with a #define
- kernel/resource: Introduce request_mem_region_muxed()
- commit a0726ce
- drm/msm/mdp5: Return error code in mdp5_mixer_release when
  deadlock is detected (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/mdp5: Return error code in mdp5_pipe_release when
  deadlock is detected (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dsi: fix address for second DSI PHY on SDM660
- drm/msm/hdmi: fix error check return value of
  irq_of_parse_and_map() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/hdmi: check return value after calling
  platform_get_resource_byname() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dsi: fix error checks and return values for DSI xmit
  functions (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: do not stop transmitting phy test pattern during
  DP phy compliance test (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: fix error check return value of
  irq_of_parse_and_map() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/disp/dpu1: set vbif hw config to NULL to avoid use
  after memory free during pm runtime resume (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dpu: adjust display_v_end for eDP and DP (git-fixes).
- commit 8d4668b
- drm/mediatek: dpi: Use mt8183 output formats for mt8192
- drm/mediatek: Fix mtk_cec_mask() (git-fixes).
- drm/rockchip: vop: fix possible null-ptr-deref in vop_bind()
- drm/panel: panel-simple: Fix proper bpc for
  AM-1280800N3TZQW-T00H (git-fixes).
- drm/panel: simple: Add missing bus flags for Innolux G070Y2-L01
- drm/bridge: Fix error handling in analogix_dp_probe (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: DCN3.1: don't mark as kernel-doc (git-fixes).
- drm: mali-dp: potential dereference of null pointer (git-fixes).
- commit 9404954
- drm/komeda: Fix an undefined behavior bug in komeda_plane_add()
- drm/vc4: txp: Force alpha to be 0xff if it's disabled
- drm/vc4: txp: Don't set TXP_VSTART_AT_EOF (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: hvs: Reset muxes at probe time (git-fixes).
- drm: sti: don't use kernel-doc markers (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: hvs: Fix frame count register readout (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau/clk: Fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
- drm: bridge: icn6211: Fix register layout (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: adv7511: clean up CEC adapter when probe fails
- drm/edid: fix invalid EDID extension block filtering
- commit 57ac012
- ARM: dts: aspeed: Add secure boot controller node (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 7366c1a
- drivers/base/memory: fix an unlikely reference counting issue
  in __add_memory_block() (git-fixes).
- drivers/base/node.c: fix compaction sysfs file leak (git-fixes).
- ARM: omap1: ams-delta: remove camera leftovers (git-fixes).
- arm: mediatek: select arch timer for mt7629 (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: mt8192: Fix nor_flash status disable typo
- arm64: dts: marvell: espressobin-ultra: enable front USB3 port
- arm64: dts: marvell: espressobin-ultra: fix SPI-NOR config
- arm64: dts: rockchip: Move drive-impedance-ohm to emmc phy on
  rk3399 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx6dl-colibri: Fix I2C pinmuxing (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: ci4x10: Adapt to changes in imx6qdl.dtsi regarding
  fec clocks (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: qrb5165-rb5: Fix can-clock node name
- arm64: dts: qcom: ipq8074: fix the sleep clock frequency
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: Drop flags for mdss irqs (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: Drop flags for mdss irqs (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: Drop flags for mdss irqs (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8916-huawei-g7: Clarify installation
  instructions (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: pmr735a: stop depending on thermal_zones label
- arm64: dts: qcom: pm8350c: stop depending on thermal_zones label
- arm64: dts: qcom: msm8996: remove snps,dw-pcie compatibles
- arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: remove snps,dw-pcie compatibles
- arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: add wifi variant property
- ARM: dts: qcom: msm8974: Drop flags for mdss irqs (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-am64-mcu: remove incorrect UART base clock
  rates (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: suniv: F1C100: fix watchdog compatible (git-fixes).
- arm64: tegra: Add missing DFLL reset on Tegra210 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: bcm2835-rpi-b: Fix GPIO line names (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: bcm2837-rpi-3-b-plus: Fix GPIO line name of power LED
- ARM: dts: bcm2837-rpi-cm3-io3: Fix GPIO line names for SMPS I2C
- ARM: dts: bcm2835-rpi-zero-w: Fix GPIO line name for Wifi/BT
- ARM: dts: stm32: Fix PHY post-reset delay on Avenger96
- ARM: dts: s5pv210: Correct interrupt name for bluetooth in Aries
- ARM: dts: s5pv210: Remove spi-cs-high on panel in Aries
- ALSA: usb-audio: Configure sync endpoints before data
- ASoC: max98090: Move check for invalid values before casting
  in max98090_put_enab_tlv() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: wm2000: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in
  wm2000_anc_transition() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ti: j721e-evm: Fix refcount leak in j721e_soc_probe_*
- ASoC: mxs-saif: Fix refcount leak in mxs_saif_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: imx-hdmi: Fix refcount leak in imx_hdmi_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel-classd: Remove endianness flag on class d component
- ASoC: atmel-pdmic: Remove endianness flag on pdmic component
- ASoC: rk3328: fix disabling mclk on pclk probe failure
- ASoC: mediatek: Fix missing of_node_put in
  mt2701_wm8960_machine_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mediatek: Fix error handling in mt8173_max98090_dev_probe
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add missing ep_idx in fixed EP quirks
- ALSA: usb-audio: Workaround for clock setup on TEAC devices
- ALSA: pcm: Check for null pointer of pointer substream before
  dereferencing it (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau/kms/nv50-: atom: fix an incorrect NULL check on
  list iterator (git-fixes).
- drm: bridge: it66121: Fix the register page length (git-fixes).
- drm/blend: fix typo in the comment (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: analogix_dp: Grab runtime PM reference for DP-AUX
- Bluetooth: use hdev lock for accept_list and reject_list in
  conn req (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: use hdev lock in activate_scan for
  hci_is_adv_monitoring (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: hci_qca: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing
- Bluetooth: fix dangling sco_conn and use-after-free in
  sco_sock_timeout (git-fixes).
- ath11k: Don't check arvif->is_started before sending management
  frames (git-fixes).
- carl9170: tx: fix an incorrect use of list iterator (git-fixes).
- ath9k_htc: fix potential out of bounds access with invalid
  rxstatus->rs_keyix (git-fixes).
- ath9k: fix ar9003_get_eepmisc (git-fixes).
- ath11k: acquire ab->base_lock in unassign when finding the
  peer by addr (git-fixes).
- can: xilinx_can: mark bit timing constants as const (git-fixes).
- docs: submitting-patches: Fix crossref to 'The canonical patch
  format' (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/dmc: Add MMIO range restrictions (git-fixes).
- arm64: Enable repeat tlbi workaround on KRYO4XX gold CPUs
- ARM: 9191/1: arm/stacktrace, kasan: Silence KASAN warnings in
  unwind_frame() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset mic on Lenovo P360
- crypto: x86/chacha20 - Avoid spurious jumps to other functions
- crypto: stm32 - fix reference leak in stm32_crc_remove
- ARM: dts: aspeed: Add ADC for AST2600 and enable for Rainier
  and Everest (git-fixes).
- commit 31708da
- kernel-binary.spec: Support radio selection for debuginfo.
  To disable debuginfo on 5.18 kernel a radio selection needs to be
  switched to a different selection. This requires disabling the currently
  active option and selecting NONE as debuginfo type.
- commit 43b5dd3
- perf: Fix sys_perf_event_open() race against self
- commit 25fb716
- supported.conf: mark pfuze100 regulator as supported (bsc#1199909)
- commit 4c36b1c
- ext4: avoid cycles in directory h-tree (bsc#1198577
- commit b38a01b
- ext4: verify dir block before splitting it (bsc#1198577
- commit bca7951
- net: phy: correct spelling error of media in documentation
- commit f65b389
- media: rkvdec: h264: Fix bit depth wrap in pps packet
- media: rkvdec: h264: Fix dpb_valid implementation (git-fixes).
- media: i2c: ov5648: fix wrong pointer passed to IS_ERR()
  and PTR_ERR() (git-fixes).
- media: ov7670: remove ov7670_power_off from ov7670_remove
- media: hantro: HEVC: Fix tile info buffer value computation
- media: atmel: atmel-sama5d2-isc: fix wrong mask in YUYV format
  check (git-fixes).
- media: pvrusb2: fix array-index-out-of-bounds in
  pvr2_i2c_core_init (git-fixes).
- media: i2c: rdacm2x: properly set subdev entity function
- media: atmel: atmel-isc: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
  atmel_isc_probe (git-fixes).
- media: uvcvideo: Fix missing check to determine if element is
  found in list (git-fixes).
- media: hantro: Empty encoder capture buffers by default
- media: media-entity.h: Fix documentation for
  media_create_intf_link (git-fixes).
- ACPI: property: Release subnode properties with data nodes
- thermal: devfreq_cooling: use local ops instead of global ops
- thermal/drivers/imx_sc_thermal: Fix refcount leak in
  imx_sc_thermal_probe (git-fixes).
- thermal/core: Fix memory leak in
  __thermal_cooling_device_register() (git-fixes).
- thermal/drivers/broadcom: Fix potential NULL dereference in
  sr_thermal_probe (git-fixes).
- thermal/drivers/bcm2711: Don't clamp temperature at zero
- PM: domains: Fix initialization of genpd's next_wakeup
- HID: amd_sfh: Modify the hid name (git-fixes).
- HID: amd_sfh: Modify the bus name (git-fixes).
- HID: elan: Fix potential double free in elan_input_configured
- HID: hid-led: fix maximum brightness for Dream Cheeky
- spi: spi-fsl-qspi: check return value after calling
  platform_get_resource_byname() (git-fixes).
- spi: img-spfi: Fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
- spi: spi-ti-qspi: Fix return value handling of
  wait_for_completion_timeout (git-fixes).
- spi: spi-cadence: Fix kernel-doc format for resume/suspend
- spi: qcom-qspi: Add minItems to interconnect-names (git-fixes).
- regulator: scmi: Fix refcount leak in scmi_regulator_probe
- regulator: pfuze100: Fix refcount leak in
  pfuze_parse_regulators_dt (git-fixes).
- regulator: da9121: Fix uninit-value in
  da9121_assign_chip_model() (git-fixes).
- regulator: qcom_smd: Fix up PM8950 regulator configuration
- regulator: core: Fix enable_count imbalance with EXCLUSIVE_GET
- mtd: rawnand: intel: fix possible null-ptr-deref in
  ebu_nand_probe() (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: cadence: fix possible null-ptr-deref in
  cadence_nand_dt_probe() (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: denali: Use managed device resources (git-fixes).
- mtd: spinand: gigadevice: fix Quad IO for GD5F1GQ5UExxG
- mtd: spi-nor: core: Check written SR value in
  spi_nor_write_16bit_sr_and_check() (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (pmbus) Check PEC support before reading other registers
- tpm: Fix buffer access in tpm2_get_tpm_pt() (git-fixes).
- arm64: stackleak: fix current_top_of_stack() (git-fixes).
- random: wire up fops->splice_{read,write}_iter() (git-fixes).
- scripts/faddr2line: Fix overlapping text section failures
- commit 6d8fda5
- tpm: ibmvtpm: Correct the return value in tpm_ibmvtpm_probe()
- commit c3331af
- scsi: fnic: Replace DMA mask of 64 bits with 47 bits
- commit 6d101b3
- powerpc: Enable the DAWR on POWER9 DD2.3 and above (bsc#1055117
- commit b108057
- Add cherry-picked IDs to x86 platform drivers
- commit e43dfb1
- arm64: fix types in copy_highpage() (git-fixes).
- tty: goldfish: Introduce gf_ioread32()/gf_iowrite32()
- platform/x86: intel-hid: fix _DSM function index handling
- irqchip/armada-370-xp: Do not touch Performance Counter Overflow
  on A375, A38x, A39x (git-fixes).
- irqchip/aspeed-scu-ic: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
- irqchip/aspeed-i2c-ic: Fix irq_of_parse_and_map() return value
- irqchip/exiu: Fix acknowledgment of edge triggered interrupts
- virtio_blk: fix the discard_granularity and discard_alignment
  queue limits (git-fixes).
- efi: Add missing prototype for efi_capsule_setup_info
- commit 5e96a09
- io_uring: kill extra checks in io_write() (bsc#1198968
- Revert "/iov_iter: track truncated size"/ (bsc#1198968
- io_uring: use iov_iter state save/restore helpers (bsc#1198968
- iov_iter: add helper to save iov_iter state (bsc#1198968
- io_uring: reexpand under-reexpanded iters (bsc#1198968
- iov_iter: track truncated size (bsc#1198968 CVE-2022-1508).
- commit edd86da
- net: sfc: ef10: fix memory leak in efx_ef10_mtd_probe()
- i40e: i40e_main: fix a missing check on list iterator
- ice: fix PTP stale Tx timestamps cleanup (git-fixes).
- ice: clear stale Tx queue settings before configuring
- ionic: fix missing pci_release_regions() on error in
  ionic_probe() (git-fixes).
- net: sfc: fix memory leak due to ptp channel (git-fixes).
- commit ed6f157
- cgroup/cpuset: Remove cpus_allowed/mems_allowed setup in
  cpuset_init_smp() (bsc#1199839).
- commit 55b24a6
- Update patch reference for crypto fix (bsc#1197601)
- commit 0c89071
- Update patch references for ax25 fixes (CVE-2022-1204 bsc#1198025)
- commit c6e9ba8
- Update kabi files from the GMC submitted kernel.
- commit b4bebf4
- KVM: PPC: Fix TCE handling for VFIO (bsc#1061840 git-fixes).
- commit c85ed92
- blacklist.conf: riscv architecture not supported.
- commit 89f6518
- i2c: mt7621: fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() on error in
  mtk_i2c_probe() (git-fixes).
- commit fafa813
- x86/tsx: Use MSR_TSX_CTRL to clear CPUID bits (bsc#1190497).
- commit 4a1b622
- Input: ili210x - fix reset timing (git-fixes).
- commit 36d87dd
- clk: at91: generated: consider range when calculating best rate
- clk: bcm2835: fix bcm2835_clock_choose_div (git-fixes).
- dma-buf: fix use of DMA_BUF_SET_NAME_{A,B} in userspace
- gpio: mvebu/pwm: Refuse requests with inverted polarity
- gpio: gpio-vf610: do not touch other bits when set the target
  bit (git-fixes).
- arm64: mte: Ensure the cleared tags are visible before setting
  the PTE (git-fixes).
- arm64: paravirt: Use RCU read locks to guard stolen_time
- crypto: qcom-rng - fix infinite loop on requests not multiple
  of WORD_SZ (git-fixes).
- commit 11e974a
- ping: fix the sk_bound_dev_if match in ping_lookup
- commit f88b8c8
- bfq: Allow current waker to defend against a tentative one
- commit e1ca6b5
- bfq: Relax waker detection for shared queues (bsc#1184318).
- commit 4c2bfe4
- ARM: 9197/1: spectre-bhb: fix loop8 sequence for Thumb2
- ARM: 9196/1: spectre-bhb: enable for Cortex-A15 (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: mt8365: fix IES control pins (git-fixes).
- NFC: nci: fix sleep in atomic context bugs caused by
  nci_skb_alloc (git-fixes).
- Revert "/can: m_can: pci: use custom bit timings for Elkhart
  Lake"/ (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: aspeed: Add video engine to g6 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: fix SPI1/SPI2 quad pin group (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group in pinctrl dtsi
- commit 96fd919
- kABI: Fix kABI after CVE-2022-0171 backport (bsc#1199509,
- commit 62ff370
- KVM: SEV: add cache flush to solve SEV cache incoherency issues
  (CVE-2022-0171 bsc#1199509).
- KVM: SVM: Flush when freeing encrypted pages even on
  SME_COHERENT CPUs (CVE-2022-0171 bsc#1199509).
- KVM: SVM: Simplify and harden helper to flush SEV guest page(s)
  (CVE-2022-0171 bsc#1199509).
- commit 156e44b
- ath11k: set correct NL80211_FEATURE_DYNAMIC_SMPS for WCN6855
- commit b348fc5
- ping: remove pr_err from ping_lookup (bsc#1195826).
- commit bf5e056
- patches.suse/ping-fix-the-dif-and-sdif-check-in-ping_lookup.patch:
- commit e08cccf
- KVM: x86: SVM: fix avic spec based definitions again
  (bsc#1193823 jsc#SLE-24549).
- commit 74e3031
- KVM: x86: SVM: move avic definitions from AMD's spec to svm.h
  (bsc#1193823 jsc#SLE-24549).
- Refresh
- commit 697f911
- pinctrl: pinctrl-aspeed-g6: remove FWQSPID group in pinctrl
- ALSA: usb-audio: Restore Rane SL-1 quirk (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for
  HP machine (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for TongFang devices with pop noise
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for the Framework Laptop
- ALSA: wavefront: Proper check of get_user() error (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Dell Latitude 7520 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda - fix unused Realtek function when PM is not enabled
- ALSA: usb-audio: Don't get sample rate for MCT Trigger 5
  USB-to-HDMI (git-fixes).
- commit 36ccd50
- floppy: use a statically allocated error counter (bsc#1199063
- commit 4b74f1a
- rpm/ Fix missing kernel-preempt-devel and KMP Provides (bsc#1199046)
- commit 014dc39
- firmware_loader: use kernel credentials when reading firmware
- fsl_lpuart: Don't enable interrupts too early (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: qcserial: add support for Sierra Wireless EM7590
- USB: serial: option: add Fibocom MA510 modem (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: option: add Fibocom L610 modem (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: pl2303: add device id for HP LM930 Display
- usb: gadget: uvc: allow for application to cleanly shutdown
- drm/nouveau/tegra: Stop using iommu_present() (git-fixes).
- arm[64]/memremap: don't abuse pfn_valid() to ensure presence
  of linear map (git-fixes).
- virtio: fix virtio transitional ids (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Fix NULL pointer exception in sof_pci_probe callback
- ASoC: ops: Validate input values in snd_soc_put_volsw_range()
- ASoC: max98090: Generate notifications on changes for custom
  control (git-fixes).
- ASoC: max98090: Reject invalid values in custom control put()
- hwmon: (f71882fg) Fix negative temperature (git-fixes).
- virtio_blk: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- virtio-blk: Don't use MAX_DISCARD_SEGMENTS if max_discard_seg
  is zero (git-fixes).
- vhost/vsock: don't check owner in vhost_vsock_stop() while
  releasing (git-fixes).
- vhost/vsock: fix incorrect used length reported to the guest
- usb: gadget: uvc: rename function to be more consistent
- commit fe9e2eb
- x86/cpufeatures: Re-enable ENQCMD (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit 5e2f529
- x86/traps: Demand-populate PASID MSR via #GP (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit 4781c47
- sched/pasid: Add a kABI workaround (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit dbf1a79
- netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: re-init for syn packets only
- commit 6ed0188
- netfilter: nf_conntrack_tcp: preserve liberal flag in tcp
  options (bsc#1199035).
- commit 4978658
- netfilter: conntrack: re-init state for retransmitted syn-ack
- commit adcbd88
- netfilter: conntrack: move synack init code to helper
- commit dbb9a48
- sched: Define and initialize a flag to identify valid PASID
  in the task (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit d568a79
- drm/amd/display: Fix OLED brightness control on eDP (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 4d8e6ac
- amd/display: set backlight only if required (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu/display: add support for multiple backlights
- commit 5048ab0
- Revert "/PCI: aardvark: Rewrite IRQ code to chained IRQ handler"/
- drm/vmwgfx: Fix fencing on SVGAv3 (git-fixes).
- commit 9dd5801
- x86/fpu: Clear PASID when copying fpstate (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit eb47ef3
- iommu/sva: Assign a PASID to mm on PASID allocation and free
  it on mm exit (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit e8fad46
- blacklist.conf: Add c923a8e7edb0 ucounts: Move RLIMIT_NPROC handling after set_user
- commit 142ab90
- copy_process(): Move fd_install() out of sighand->siglock
  critical section (bsc#1199626).
- Refresh patches.suse/sched-Fix-yet-more-sched_fork-races.patch.
- commit 0267df3
- supported.conf: Support TPM TIS SPI driver (jsc#SLE-24093)
- commit 592ff0f
- blacklist.conf: Add e7f7c99ba911 signal: In get_signal test for signal_group_exit every time through the loop
- commit 4c1d7db
- kernel/fork: Initialize mm's PASID (jsc#SLE-24350).
- commit bc001ee
- iommu/ioasid: Introduce a helper to check for valid PASIDs
- commit 8324e83
- mm: Change CONFIG option for mm->pasid field (jsc#SLE-24350).
- Refresh
- commit bfc2f16
- ceph: fix setting of xattrs on async created inodes
- commit 8d5da3b
- nfc: nfcmrvl: main: reorder destructive operations in
  nfcmrvl_nci_unregister_dev to avoid bugs (CVE-2022-1734
- commit cf1c6a1
- commit 07baf00
- nfs: fix broken handling of the softreval mount option
- SUNRPC: Ensure that the gssproxy client can start in a connected
  state (git-fixes).
- Revert "/SUNRPC: Ensure gss-proxy connects on setup"/ (git-fixes).
- commit ff62e52
- Add duplicated commit id for drm amdgpu patch
- commit 5990a24
- NFS: limit use of ACCESS cache for negative responses
- Refresh
- commit b92e1de
- blacklist.conf: prerequisites not met
- commit 8a4463e
- ata: pata_hpt37x: fix PCI clock detection (git-fixes).
- commit 32ee880
- sata_fsl: fix warning in remove_proc_entry when rmmod sata_fsl
- commit 01f31f9
- sata_fsl: fix UAF in sata_fsl_port_stop when rmmod sata_fsl
- commit 05db5c9
- Update patch reference for mmc fix (CVE-2022-20008 bsc#1199564).
- commit 411e099
- drm/amdgpu: vi: disable ASPM on Intel Alder Lake based systems (bsc#1190786)
- commit e5b4705
- drm/i915: Fix race in __i915_vma_remove_closed (bsc#1190497)
- commit 2ceb3f5
- slimbus: qcom: Fix IRQ check in qcom_slim_probe (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250_mtk: Fix register address for XON/XOFF character
- serial: 8250_mtk: Fix UART_EFR register address (git-fixes).
- tty/serial: digicolor: fix possible null-ptr-deref in
  digicolor_uart_probe() (git-fixes).
- usb: typec: tcpci_mt6360: Update for BMC PHY setting
- usb: typec: tcpci: Don't skip cleanup in .remove() on error
- usb: cdc-wdm: fix reading stuck on device close (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Fix build error for implicit function declaration
- drm/nouveau: Fix a potential theorical leak in
  nouveau_get_backlight_name() (git-fixes).
- drm/vmwgfx: Disable command buffers on svga3 without gbobjects
- drm/vmwgfx: Initialize drm_mode_fb_cmd2 (git-fixes).
- procfs: prevent unprivileged processes accessing fdinfo dir
- arm64: vdso: fix makefile dependency on (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (ltq-cputemp) restrict it to SOC_XWAY (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (tmp401) Add OF device ID table (git-fixes).
- Revert "/drm/amd/pm: keep the BACO feature enabled for suspend"/
- Bluetooth: Fix the creation of hdev->name (git-fixes).
- commit d82c829
- bpftool: Remove inclusion of utilities.mak from Makefiles
- bpftool: Fix memory leak in prog_dump() (git-fixes).
- libbpf: Free up resources used by inner map definition
- bpf, selftests: Fix racing issue in btf_skc_cls_ingress test
- commit 13701d7
- ptrace: Check PTRACE_O_SUSPEND_SECCOMP permission on
  PTRACE_SEIZE (CVE-2022-30594 bsc#1199505 bsc#1198413).
- commit 6dae5ac
- bpf: Avoid races in __bpf_prog_run() for 32bit arches
- bpftool: Remove useless #include to <perf-sys.h> from
  map_perf_ring.c (git-fixes).
- bpftool: Remove unused includes to <bpf/bpf_gen_internal.h>
- tools: bpftool: Complete metrics list in "/bpftool prog profile"/
  doc (git-fixes).
- tools: bpftool: Document and add bash completion for -L,
  - B options (git-fixes).
- tools: bpftool: Update and synchronise option list in doc and
  help msg (git-fixes).
- selftests/bpf: Remove unused variable in tc_tunnel prog
- commit 4f4442f
- Add patch reference to seccomp fix (CVE-2022-30594 bsc#1199505 bsc#1198413)
  Also shorten the patch file name to standard size
- commit d6179dc
- PCI: aardvark: Add support for DEVCAP2, DEVCTL2, LNKCAP2 and
  LNKCTL2 registers on emulated bridge (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 3d56076
- rfkill: uapi: fix RFKILL_IOCTL_MAX_SIZE ioctl request definition
- mac80211_hwsim: call ieee80211_tx_prepare_skb under RCU
  protection (git-fixes).
- net: phy: Fix race condition on link status change (git-fixes).
- net: phy: micrel: Pass .probe for KS8737 (git-fixes).
- net: phy: micrel: Do not use kszphy_suspend/resume for KSZ8061
- PCI: aardvark: Update comment about link going down after
  link-up (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Drop __maybe_unused from advk_pcie_disable_phy()
- PCI: aardvark: Don't mask irq when mapping (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Remove irq_mask_ack() callback for INTx
  interrupts (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Use separate INTA interrupt for emulated root
  bridge (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Fix support for PME requester on emulated bridge
- PCI: aardvark: Add support for PME interrupts (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Optimize writing PCI_EXP_RTCTL_PMEIE and
  PCI_EXP_RTSTA_PME on emulated bridge (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Add support for ERR interrupt on emulated bridge
- PCI: aardvark: Enable MSI-X support (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Fix setting MSI address (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Add support for masking MSI interrupts
- PCI: aardvark: Refactor unmasking summary MSI interrupt
- PCI: aardvark: Use dev_fwnode() instead of
  of_node_to_fwnode(dev->of_node) (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Make msi_domain_info structure a static driver
  structure (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Make MSI irq_chip structures static driver
  structures (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Rewrite IRQ code to chained IRQ handler
- PCI: aardvark: Replace custom PCIE_CORE_INT_* macros with
  PCI_INTERRUPT_* (git-fixes).
- mmc: rtsx: add 74 Clocks in power on flow (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Disable common PHY when unbinding driver
- PCI: aardvark: Disable link training when unbinding driver
- PCI: aardvark: Assert PERST# when unbinding driver (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Fix memory leak in driver unbind (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Mask all interrupts when unbinding driver
- PCI: aardvark: Disable bus mastering when unbinding driver
- PCI: aardvark: Comment actions in driver remove method
- PCI: aardvark: Clear all MSIs at setup (git-fixes).
- PCI: pci-bridge-emul: Add definitions for missing capabilities
  registers (git-fixes).
- PCI: pci-bridge-emul: Add description for class_revision field
- commit a0fb1d1
- mac80211: Reset MBSSID parameters upon connection (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: iwl-dbg: Use del_timer_sync() before freeing
- batman-adv: Don't skb_split skbuffs with frag_list (git-fixes).
- dim: initialize all struct fields (git-fixes).
- ASoC: meson: Fix event generation for G12A tohdmi mux
- ASoC: meson: Fix event generation for AUI CODEC mux (git-fixes).
- ASoC: meson: Fix event generation for AUI ACODEC mux
- ASoC: da7219: Fix change notifications for tone generator
  frequency (git-fixes).
- ASoC: wm8958: Fix change notifications for DSP controls
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Yoga Duet 7 13ITL6 speakers
- firewire: core: extend card->lock in fw_core_handle_bus_reset
- firewire: remove check of list iterator against head past the
  loop body (git-fixes).
- firewire: fix potential uaf in outbound_phy_packet_callback()
- drm/amd/display: Avoid reading audio pattern past
- drm/amdgpu: do not use passthrough mode in Xen dom0 (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: Ensure HDA function is suspended before ASIC reset
- drm/amdgpu: don't set s3 and s0ix at the same time (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: explicitly check for s0ix when evicting resources
- drm/amdgpu: unify BO evicting method in amdgpu_ttm (git-fixes).
- commit 0517047
- scsi: sr: Do not leak information in ioctl (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm80xx: Enable upper inbound, outbound queues (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm80xx: Mask and unmask upper interrupt vectors 32-63
- scsi: zorro7xx: Fix a resource leak in zorro7xx_remove_one()
- scsi: virtio-scsi: Eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- scsi: mpt3sas: Fix use after free in
  _scsih_expander_node_remove() (git-fixes).
- scsi: hisi_sas: Remove unused variable and check in
  hisi_sas_send_ata_reset_each_phy() (git-fixes).
- commit f9f5496
- Refresh
- commit f3160fb
- rxrpc: fix some null-ptr-deref bugs in server_key.c
  (CVE-2022-1671 bsc#1199439).
- commit 8d79cf2
- Refresh
- commit c56900a
- virt: acrn: fix a memory leak in acrn_dev_ioctl() (CVE-2022-1651
- commit bca15e5
- RDMA/irdma: Fix possible crash due to NULL netdev in notifier
- commit bcb4116
- EDAC/synopsys: Read the error count from the correct register
- commit f04841f
- io_uring: fix race between timeout flush and removal
  (bsc#1198811 CVE-2022-29582).
- io_uring: Fix undefined-behaviour in io_issue_sqe (bsc#1199011).
- io-wq: make worker creation resilient against signals
- io-wq: get rid of FIXED worker flag (bsc#1199011).
- io-wq: only exit on fatal signals (bsc#1199011).
- io-wq: split bounded and unbounded work into separate lists
  Update patches.suse/io-wq-serialize-hash-clear-with-wakeup.patch
- io-wq: wqe and worker locks no longer need to be IRQ safe
  Update patches.suse/io-wq-fix-queue-stalling-race.patch
- io-wq: provide a way to limit max number of workers
- io-wq: move nr_running and worker_refs out of wqe->lock
  protection (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: remove IRQ aspect of io_ring_ctx completion lock
- io_uring: run regular file completions from task_work
- io_uring: run linked timeouts from task_work (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: run timeouts from task_work (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: remove file batch-get optimisation (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: clean up tctx_task_work() (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: inline io_poll_remove_waitqs (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: remove extra argument for overflow flush
- io_uring: inline struct io_comp_state (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: use inflight_entry instead of compl.list
- io_uring: remove redundant args from cache_free (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: cache __io_free_req()'d requests (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: move io_fallback_req_func() (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: optimise putting task struct (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: drop exec checks from io_req_task_submit
- io_uring: kill unused IO_IOPOLL_BATCH (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: improve ctx hang handling (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: deduplicate open iopoll check (bsc#1199011).
  Update patches.suse/io_uring-add-splice_fd_in-checks.patch
- io_uring: inline io_free_req_deferred (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: move io_rsrc_node_alloc() definition (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: move io_put_task() definition (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: extract a helper for ctx quiesce (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: optimise io_cqring_wait() hot path (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: add more locking annotations for submit (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: don't halt iopoll too early (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: refactor io_alloc_req (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: remove unnecessary PF_EXITING check (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: clean io-wq callbacks (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: avoid touching inode in rw prep (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: rename io_file_supports_async() (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: inline fixed part of io_file_get() (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: use kvmalloc for fixed files (bsc#1199011).
- io_uring: be smarter about waking multiple CQ ring waiters
- commit 9c1030b
- powerpc/64s/radix: Fix huge vmap false positive (bsc#1156395).
- commit 99a0106
- mlx5: kabi protect lag_mp (git-fixes).
- commit 69118a5
- RDMA/siw: Fix a condition race issue in MPA request processing
- RDMA/irdma: Reduce iWARP QP destroy time (git-fixes).
- RDMA/irdma: Flush iWARP QP if modified to ERR from RTR state
- net/mlx5: Fix matching on inner TTC (jsc#SLE-19253).
- net/mlx5: Avoid double clear or set of sync reset requested
- net/mlx5: Fix deadlock in sync reset flow (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Fix trust state reset in reload (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: CT: Fix queued up restore put() executing after
  relevant ft release (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Lag, Don't skip fib events on current dst
- net/mlx5e: Lag, Fix fib_info pointer assignment (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Lag, Fix use-after-free in fib event handler
- net/mlx5e: Fix the calling of update_buffer_lossy() API
- net/mlx5: Fix slab-out-of-bounds while reading resource dump
  menu (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Fix wrong source vport matching on tunnel rule
- bnxt_en: Fix unnecessary dropping of RX packets (git-fixes).
- bnxt_en: Fix possible bnxt_open() failure caused by wrong RFS
  flag (git-fixes).
- hinic: fix bug of wq out of bound access (git-fixes).
- ixgbe: ensure IPsec VF<->PF compatibility (git-fixes).
- ice: fix use-after-free when deinitializing mailbox snapshot
- ice: Protect vf_state check by cfg_lock in
  ice_vc_process_vf_msg() (jsc#SLE-18375).
- ice: Fix incorrect locking in ice_vc_process_vf_msg()
- net: hns3: add return value for mailbox handling in PF
- net: hns3: add validity check for message data length
- net: hns3: modify the return code of
  hclge_get_ring_chain_from_mbx (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: align the debugfs output to the left (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: clear inited state and stop client after failed to
  register netdev (git-fixes).
- igc: Fix suspending when PTM is active (jsc#SLE-18377).
- igc: Fix BUG: scheduling while atomic (git-fixes).
- igc: Fix infinite loop in release_swfw_sync (git-fixes).
- ice: fix crash in switchdev mode (jsc#SLE-18375).
- ice: allow creating VFs for !CONFIG_NET_SWITCHDEV
- RDMA/hfi1: Fix use-after-free bug for mm struct (git-fixes).
- IB/rdmavt: add lock to call to rvt_error_qp to prevent a race
  condition (git-fixes).
- IB/cm: Cancel mad on the DREQ event when the state is
  MRA_REP_RCVD (git-fixes).
- RDMA/mlx5: Add a missing update of cache->last_add (git-fixes).
- RDMA/mlx5: Don't remove cache MRs when a delay is needed
- RDMA/mlx5: Fix memory leak in error flow for subscribe event
  routine (git-fixes).
- RDMA/irdma: Prevent some integer underflows (git-fixes).
- IB/hfi1: Allow larger MTU without AIP (git-fixes).
- RDMA/irdma: Remove incorrect masking of PD (git-fixes).
- RDMA/irdma: Fix Passthrough mode in VM (git-fixes).
- RDMA/irdma: Fix netdev notifications for vlan's (git-fixes).
- RDMA/mlx5: Fix the flow of a miss in the allocation of a cache
  ODP MR (git-fixes).
- IB/cma: Allow XRC INI QPs to set their local ACK timeout
- RDMA/rxe: Check the last packet by RXE_END_MASK (git-fixes).
- RDMA/core: Set MR type in ib_reg_user_mr (git-fixes).
- commit e0ed03e
- Update
  (bsc#1195612 CVE-2022-24448 git-fixes).
- commit b03bb3a
- PCI: hv: Do not set PCI_COMMAND_MEMORY to reduce VM boot time (bsc#1199314).
- commit b5efaae
- kABI: ivtv: restore caps member (git-fixes).
- commit 8aa5382
- ivtv: fix incorrect device_caps for ivtvfb (git-fixes).
- commit 4b98fe7
- media: saa7134: fix incorrect use to determine if list is empty
- commit 6ac6205
- blacklist.conf: cleanup designed to break kABI
- commit ca96b43
- media: davinci: vpif: fix use-after-free on driver unbind
- commit bdb5025
- media: davinci: Make use of the helper function
  devm_platform_ioremap_resource() (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 05ac27d
- media: videobuf2: Fix the size printk format (git-fixes).
- commit c3df4b9
- blacklist.conf:  Update with patches added to perf userspace package
- commit 53e42ae
- perf/core: Fix perf_mmap fail when CONFIG_PERF_USE_VMALLOC
  enabled (git fixes).
- perf/core: Fix perf_cgroup_switch() (git fixes).
- perf/core: Don't pass task around when ctx sched in (git-fixes).
- perf/x86/intel: Update the FRONTEND MSR mask on Sapphire Rapids
  (git fixes).
- riscv: Fix fill_callchain return value (git fixes).
- perf/x86/intel/pt: Fix address filter config for 32-bit kernel
  (git fixes).
- perf/core: Fix address filter parser for multiple filters
  (git fixes).
- perf: Fix list corruption in perf_cgroup_switch() (git fixes).
- perf/x86/intel/pt: Fix crash with stop filters in single-range
  mode (git fixes).
- perf: Copy perf_event_attr::sig_data on modification (git
- perf/core: Fix cgroup event list management (git fixes).
- commit b000f7c
- EDAC/amd64: Add new register offset support and related changes
- commit 7cc0f4f
- EDAC/amd64: Set memory type per DIMM (jsc#SLE-19026).
- commit c9b5d42
- rfkill: make new event layout opt-in (git-fixes).
- memblock: fix memblock_phys_alloc() section mismatch error
- commit d7f018a
- kABI workaround for pci quirks (git-fixes).
- commit 0375f50
- PCI/switchtec: Add Gen4 automotive device IDs (git-fixes).
- PCI: Work around Intel I210 ROM BAR overlap defect (git-fixes).
- commit 46181b6
- sched/pelt: Fix attach_entity_load_avg() corner case (git-fixes)
- commit e981ed9
- sched: Teach the forced-newidle balancer about CPU affinity (git-fixes)
- commit 79ac66a
- sched/core: Fix forceidle balancing (git-fixes)
- commit f2b329d
- sched/rt: Plug rt_mutex_setprio() vs push_rt_task() race (git-fixes)
- commit a094ea3
- sched/cpuacct: Fix charge percpu cpuusage (git-fixes)
- commit 82932b7
- sched/sugov: Ignore 'busy' filter when rq is capped by (git-fixes)
- commit e583c29
- sched/core: Export pelt_thermal_tp (git-fixes)
- commit 74c8b44
- sched/debug: Remove mpol_get/put and task_lock/unlock from (git-fixes)
- commit fbf6ec4
- sched/membarrier: Fix membarrier-rseq fence command missing (git-fixes)
- commit c72ea8a
- psi: fix "/defined but not used"/ warnings when (git-fixes)
- commit 0e31231
- sched/pelt: Relax the sync of util_sum with util_avg (git-fixes)
- commit 8f64d02
- sched/rt: Try to restart rt period timer when rt runtime (git-fixes)
- commit 778665f
- sched/cpuacct: Fix user/system in shown cpuacct.usage* (git-fixes)
- commit 898fead
- cputime, cpuacct: Include guest time in user time in (git-fixes)
- commit 713d40a
- sched/scs: Reset task stack state in bringup_cpu() (git-fixes)
- commit 8d26b54
- sched/core: Mitigate race (git-fixes)
- commit 8899862
- genirq: Synchronize interrupt thread startup (git-fixes)
- commit ac80f16
- genirq/affinity: Consider that CPUs on nodes can be (git-fixes)
- commit a7563af
- PCI: Add ACS quirk for Pericom PI7C9X2G switches (bsc#1199390).
- Refresh
- commit 972d035
- timekeeping: Mark NMI safe time accessors as notrace (git-fixes)
- commit 51fb8ef
- timers: Fix warning condition in __run_timers() (git-fixes)
- commit 9c2fbb7
- usb: dwc3: core: Fix tx/rx threshold settings (git-fixes).
- commit 8e2b11d
- mt76: mt7921e: fix possible probe failure after reboot
- commit 22aa9c2
- platform/surface: aggregator: Fix initialization order when
  compiling as builtin module (git-fixes).
- iio: magnetometer: ak8975: Fix the error handling in
  ak8975_power_on() (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Meteor Lake-P
- USB: serial: whiteheat: fix heap overflow in
  WHITEHEAT_GET_DTR_RTS (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: cp210x: add PIDs for Kamstrup USB Meter Reader
- USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion MV32-WA/MV32-WB
- USB: serial: option: add Telit 0x1057, 0x1058, 0x1075
  compositions (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: configfs: clear deactivation flag in
  configfs_composite_unbind() (git-fixes).
- xhci: Enable runtime PM on second Alderlake controller
- USB: quirks: add STRING quirk for VCOM device (git-fixes).
- USB: quirks: add a Realtek card reader (git-fixes).
- xhci: stop polling roothubs after shutdown (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: at91: fix pinctrl phandles (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: at91: sama5d4_xplained: fix pinctrl phandle name
- ASoC: Intel: soc-acpi: correct device endpoints for max98373
- commit fd76029
- usb: phy: generic: Get the vbus supply (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Return proper request status (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: core: Only handle soft-reset in DCTL (git-fixes).
- usb: core: Don't hold the device lock while sleeping in
  do_proc_control() (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: Try usb-role-switch first in dwc3_drd_init
- commit d2780c0
- smsc911x: allow using IRQ0 (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250: Correct the clock for EndRun PTP/1588 PCIe device
- serial: 8250: Also set sticky MCR bits in console restoration
- serial: imx: fix overrun interrupts in DMA mode (git-fixes).
- usb: mtu3: fix USB 3.0 dual-role-switch from device to host
- usb: typec: ucsi: Fix role swapping (git-fixes).
- usb: typec: ucsi: Fix reuse of completion structure (git-fixes).
- thermal: int340x: Fix callback prototype (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix driver not binding when fan curve
  control probe fails (git-fixes).
- reset: tegra-bpmp: Restore Handle errors in BPMP response
- commit 41345c7
- phy: amlogic: fix error path in phy_g12a_usb3_pcie_probe()
- phy: ti: Add missing pm_runtime_disable() in serdes_am654_probe
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Potential buffer overflow in
  asus_wmi_evaluate_method_buf() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: pistachio: fix use of irq_of_parse_and_map()
- pinctrl: stm32: Keep pinctrl block clock enabled when LEVEL
  IRQ requested (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: rockchip: fix RK3308 pinmux bits (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: samsung: fix missing GPIOLIB on ARM64 Exynos config
- pinctrl: stm32: Do not call stm32_gpio_get() for edge triggered
  IRQs in EOI (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: moore: Fix build error (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: samsung-laptop: Fix an unsigned comparison which
  can never be negative (git-fixes).
- commit 9d4b763
- NFC: netlink: fix sleep in atomic bug when firmware download
  timeout (git-fixes).
- nfc: nfcmrvl: main: reorder destructive operations in
  nfcmrvl_nci_unregister_dev to avoid bugs (git-fixes).
- net: ethernet: mediatek: add missing of_node_put() in
  mtk_sgmii_init() (git-fixes).
- phy: mapphone-mdm6600: Fix PM error handling in
  phy_mdm6600_probe (git-fixes).
- phy: ti: omap-usb2: Fix error handling in
  omap_usb2_enable_clocks (git-fixes).
- phy: samsung: exynos5250-sata: fix missing device put in probe
  error paths (git-fixes).
- phy: samsung: Fix missing of_node_put() in exynos_sata_phy_probe
- net: phy: marvell10g: fix return value on error (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: qcom: fix memory corruption that causes panic
- net: atlantic: Avoid out-of-bounds indexing (git-fixes).
- commit fe2e8be
- mmc: sdhci-msm: Reset GCC_SDCC_BCR register for SDHC
- mmc: sunxi-mmc: Fix DMA descriptors allocated above 32 bits
- mmc: core: Set HS clock speed before sending HS CMD13
- iio: imu: inv_icm42600: Fix I2C init possible nack (git-fixes).
- iio: dac: ad5446: Fix read_raw not returning set value
- memory: renesas-rpc-if: Fix HF/OSPI data transfer in Manual Mode
- mtd: rawnand: Fix return value check of
  wait_for_completion_timeout (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: fix ecc parameters for mt7622 (git-fixes).
- mt76: Fix undefined behavior due to shift overflowing the
  constant (git-fixes).
- commit a6c239d
- gpio: pca953x: fix irq_stat not updated when irq is disabled
  (irq_mask not set) (git-fixes).
- gpio: visconti: Fix fwnode of GPIO IRQ (git-fixes).
- gpio: mvebu: drop pwm base assignment (git-fixes).
- gpiolib: of: fix bounds check for 'gpio-reserved-ranges'
- hwmon: (pmbus) disable PEC if not enabled (git-fixes).
- iio: dac: ad5592r: Fix the missing return value (git-fixes).
- iio:imu:bmi160: disable regulator in error path (git-fixes).
- hex2bin: fix access beyond string end (git-fixes).
- commit 50f4170
- drm/msm/dp: remove fail safe mode related code (git-fixes).
- patches.suse/cpufreq-fix-memory-leak-in-sun50i_cpufreq_nvmem_prob.patch:
- drm/msm/mdp5: check the return of kzalloc() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/disp: check the return value of kzalloc() (git-fixes).
- dma-mapping: remove bogus test for pfn_valid from
  dma_map_resource (git-fixes).
- commit b82dad2
- ASoC: dmaengine: Restore NULL prepare_slave_config() callback
- can: grcan: only use the NAPI poll budget for RX (git-fixes).
- can: grcan: grcan_probe(): fix broken system id check for
  errata workaround needs (git-fixes).
- can: grcan: use ofdev->dev when allocating DMA memory
- can: grcan: grcan_close(): fix deadlock (git-fixes).
- bus: sunxi-rsb: Fix the return value of
  sunxi_rsb_device_create() (git-fixes).
- bus: ti-sysc: Make omap3 gpt12 quirk handling SoC specific
- clk: sunxi: sun9i-mmc: check return value after calling
  platform_get_resource() (git-fixes).
- ata: pata_marvell: Check the 'bmdma_addr' beforing reading
- brcmfmac: sdio: Fix undefined behavior due to shift overflowing
  the constant (git-fixes).
- commit 83b9c18
- ASoC: soc-ops: fix error handling (git-fixes).
- ALSA: fireworks: fix wrong return count shorter than expected
  by 4 bytes (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx6ull-colibri: fix vqmmc regulator (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: logicpd-som-lv: Fix wrong pinmuxing on OMAP35
- ARM: dts: am3517-evm: Fix misc pinmuxing (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: Fix mmc order for omap3-gta04 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: dra7: Fix suspend warning for vpe powerdomain
- ARM: OMAP2+: Fix refcount leak in omap_gic_of_init (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: at91: Map MCLK for wm8731 on at91sam9g20ek
- arm64: dts: meson-sm1-bananapi-m5: fix wrong GPIO pin labeling
  for CON1 (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: meson: remove CPU opps below 1GHz for SM1 boards
- arm64: dts: meson: remove CPU opps below 1GHz for G12B boards
- ARM: dts: imx6qdl-apalis: Fix sgtl5000 detection issue
- Revert "/ACPI: processor: idle: fix lockup regression on 32-bit
  ThinkPad T40"/ (git-fixes).
- ACPI: processor: idle: Avoid falling back to C3 type C-states
- arm64: dts: imx: Fix imx8*-var-som touchscreen property sizes
- ARM: vexpress/spc: Avoid negative array index when !SMP
- ARM: dts: socfpga: change qspi to "/intel,socfpga-qspi"/
- commit 3579a34
- IB/mlx5: Expose NDR speed through MAD (bsc#1196930).
- commit 7688043
- series.conf: cleanup
  - Move submitted patch to "/sorted"/ section
- commit 56d34ef
- dmaengine: ptdma: handle the cases based on DMA is complete
- dmaengine: ptdma: fix concurrency issue with multiple dma
  transfer (jsc#SLE-21315).
- commit 8fc1419
- Revert "/SUNRPC: attempt AF_LOCAL connect on setup"/ (git-fixes).
- SUNRPC: Ensure gss-proxy connects on setup (git-fixes).
- NFSv4: Don't invalidate inode attributes on delegation return
- SUNRPC release the transport of a relocated task with an
  assigned transport (git-fixes).
- commit 98bffb1
- powerpc/vdso: Fix incorrect CFI in gettimeofday.S (bsc#1199173
- powerpc/vdso: Remove cvdso_call_time macro (bsc#1199173
- commit da8812a
- drm/connector: Fix typo in output format (bsc#1190786)
- commit b29d4f3
- rpm/ Also depend on dracut-systemd (bsc#1195775)
- commit 5d4e32c
- iommu: arm-smmu: disable large page mappings for Nvidia arm-smmu
- commit 4d2a151
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/vmwgfx: Remove the dedicated memory accounting'
- commit a8ed0eb
- drm/amd/display: Fix memory leak in dcn21_clock_source_create (bsc#1190786)
- commit 43899b4
- drm/amdkfd: Fix GWS queue count (bsc#1190786)
- commit 1accf3c
- drm/i915: Fix SEL_FETCH_PLANE_*(PIPE_B+) register addresses (bsc#1190497)
- commit 07b3f3d
- drm/i915: Check EDID for HDR static metadata when choosing blc (bsc#1190497)
- commit f637f05
- drm/sun4i: Remove obsolete references to PHYS_OFFSET (bsc#1190786)
- commit bd1333e
- drm/edid: fix CEA extension byte #3 parsing (bsc#1190786)
- commit 9bc8018
- drm/msm/dp: do not initialize phy until plugin interrupt received (bsc#1190497)
- commit 48859f6
- drm/dp: Fix OOB read when handling Post Cursor2 register (bsc#1190786)
- commit 69a0208
- drm/amdgpu: fix amdgpu_ras_block_late_init error handler (bsc#1190497)
- commit 50f9562
- drm/bridge: sn65dsi83: Fix an error handling path in (bsc#1190786)
- commit b91046a
- drm/i915: Keep gem ctx->vm alive until the final put (bsc#1190497)
- commit 141dc64
- ixgbevf: add disable link state (bsc#1196426 CVE-2021-33061).
- ixgbe: add improvement for MDD response functionality
  (bsc#1196426 CVE-2021-33061).
- ixgbe: add the ability for the PF to disable VF link state
  (bsc#1196426 CVE-2021-33061).
- ixgbevf: Rename MSGTYPE to SUCCESS and FAILURE (bsc#1196426
- commit 2fd39fc
- objtool: Fix code relocs vs weak symbols (git-fixes).
- commit 81c18f2
- objtool: Fix type of reloc::addend (git-fixes).
- commit 5275283
- arm64: dts: imx8mn-ddr4-evk: Describe the 32.768 kHz PMIC clock (git-fixes)
- commit 5ffcf97
- ARM: dts: imx8mm-venice-gw{71xx,72xx,73xx}: fix OTG controller OC (git-fixes)
- commit a2d2d45
- arm64: dts: imx8mn: Fix SAI nodes (git-fixes)
- commit a8720fd
- arm64: dts: imx8qm: Correct SCU clock controller's compatible (git-fixes)
- commit 3e3920e
- arm64: dts: imx8mm-venice: fix spi2 pin configuration (git-fixes)
- commit 0cca427
- arm64: Ensure execute-only permissions are not allowed without EPAN (git-fixes)
- commit b2af869
- arm64: Mark start_backtrace() notrace and NOKPROBE_SYMBOL (git-fixes)
- commit 246426c
- powerpc/fadump: opt out from freeing pages on cma activation
  failure (bsc#1195099 ltc#196102).
- mm/cma: provide option to opt out from exposing pages on
  activation failure (bsc#1195099 ltc#196102).
- commit 31f1720
- blacklist.conf: misattributed
- commit 756ddb2
- blacklist.conf: misattributed
- commit be08eef
- maple: fix wrong return value of maple_bus_init() (git-fixes).
- commit d0d35dc
- blacklist.conf: build fix selecting option we also switch on anyway
- commit 6f69579
- staging: most: dim2: use device release method (git-fixes).
- commit d4c20d1
- staging: most: dim2: use if statements instead of ?: expressions
- commit 1ea304e
- staging: most: dim2: force fcnt=3 on Renesas GEN3 (git-fixes).
- commit 969c772
- blacklist.conf: kABI
- commit 8e45e34
- blacklist.conf: kABI
- commit 5d5e0d0
- blacklist.conf: sysfs API changed
- commit c5b9546
- staging: vc04_services: shut up out-of-range warning
- commit 9d74580
- staging: vchiq: Move vchiq char driver to its own file
- commit 7bbf632
- staging: vchiq: Move certain declarations to vchiq_arm.h
- commit 08ac3f2
- staging: vchiq: Refactor vchiq cdev code (git-fixes).
- commit 9db9b52
- bnx2x: fix napi API usage sequence (bsc#1198217).
- commit fc7abbc
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/panel: Select DRM_DP_HELPER for DRM_PANEL_EDP'
- commit b961f67
- blacklist.conf: Append 'drm/i915: Drop all references to DRM IRQ midlayer'
- commit 3e918db
- fbcon: Avoid 'cap' set but not used warning (bsc#1190786)
- commit 6f2bdc4
- drm/vmwgfx: Remove unused compile options (bsc#1190786)
- commit f42c964
- x86/cpu: Load microcode during restore_processor_state()
- commit 46f9e01
- powerpc/perf: Fix power10 event alternatives (jsc#SLE-13513
- commit 7e012e8
- powerpc/perf: Fix power9 event alternatives (bsc#1137728,
  LTC#178106, git-fixes).
- Revert "/ibmvnic: Add ethtool private flag for driver-defined
  queue limits"/ (bsc#1121726 ltc#174633 git-fixes).
- commit 31a517e
- usb: gadget: uvc: Fix crash when encoding data for usb request
- commit f661d38
- usb: cdns3: Fix issue for clear halt endpoint (git-fixes).
- xhci: increase usb U3 -> U0 link resume timeout from 100ms to
  500ms (git-fixes).
- commit 43d19fc
- USB: Fix xhci event ring dequeue pointer ERDP update issue
- commit 15f3b27
- usb: misc: fix improper handling of refcount in uss720_probe()
- commit b6b3f56
- usb: xhci: tegra:Fix PM usage reference leak of
  tegra_xusb_unpowergate_partitions (git-fixes).
- commit f643026
- video: fbdev: udlfb: properly check endpoint type (bsc#1190497)
- commit f2e5e0c
- Revert "/fbcon: Disable accelerated scrolling"/ (bsc#1190786)
- commit 4f27b8d
- Update
  references (add CVE-2022-1516 bsc#1199012).
- commit defb183
- bfq: Make sure bfqg for which we are queueing requests is online
- bfq: Get rid of __bio_blkcg() usage (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Track whether bfq_group is still online (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Remove pointless bfq_init_rq() calls (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Drop pointless unlock-lock pair (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Update cgroup information before merging bio (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Split shared queues on move between cgroups (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Avoid merging queues with different parents (bsc#1197926).
- bfq: Avoid false marking of bic as stably merged (bsc#1197926).
- commit 7175383
- Update config files (bsc#1199024).
  arm LIBNVDIMM y->m
  ppc64le ND_BLK ->m
- commit 8d0e602
- Restore kabi after Revert "/NFSv4: Handle the special Linux file
  open access mode"/ (git-fixes).
- commit d756a21
- SUNRPC: svc_tcp_sendmsg() should handle errors from
  xdr_alloc_bvec() (git-fixes).
- SUNRPC: Handle low memory situations in call_status()
- SUNRPC: Handle ENOMEM in call_transmit_status() (git-fixes).
- NFSv4: fix open failure with O_ACCMODE flag (git-fixes).
- Revert "/NFSv4: Handle the special Linux file open access mode"/
- commit 84eb02f
- Refresh
  Add correct git-commit
- commit cd70e53
- SUNRPC: Fix the svc_deferred_event trace class (git-fixes).
- commit 7a0d7a4
- xen/x86: obtain full video frame buffer address for Dom0 also
  under EFI (bsc#1193556).
- commit 3134a62
- xen/x86: obtain upper 32 bits of video frame buffer address
  for Dom0 (bsc#1193556).
- commit de1e36e
- SUNRPC: change locking for xs_swap_enable/disable (bsc#1196367).
- commit e3d62d0
- scsi: block: PM fix blk_post_runtime_resume() args
- scsi: hisi_sas: Limit users changing debugfs BIST count value
- scsi: libsas: Keep host active while processing events
- scsi: libsas: Defer works of new phys during suspend
- scsi: libsas: Refactor sas_queue_deferred_work() (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: libsas: Add flag SAS_HA_RESUMING (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: libsas: Resume host while sending SMP I/Os (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: hisi_sas: Add more logs for runtime suspend/resume
- scsi: libsas: Insert PORTE_BROADCAST_RCVD event for resuming
  host (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: mvsas: Add spin_lock/unlock() to protect
  asd_sas_port->phy_list (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: hisi_sas: Fix some issues related to
  asd_sas_port->phy_list (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: libsas: Add spin_lock/unlock() to protect
  asd_sas_port->phy_list (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: block: pm: Always set request queue runtime active in
  blk_post_runtime_resume() (bsc#1198802).
- scsi: libsas: Don't always drain event workqueue for HA resume
- scsi: hisi_sas: Wait for phyup in hisi_sas_control_phy()
- scsi: hisi_sas: Initialise devices in .slave_alloc callback
- scsi: hisi_sas: Increase debugfs_dump_index after dump is
  completed (bsc#1198806).
- commit 8be5c1e
- blacklist.conf: cleanup only
- commit 41987a6
- pahole 1.22 required for full BTF features.
  also recommend pahole for kernel-source to make the kernel buildable
  with standard config
- commit 364f54b
- Update
  (bsc#1196018 CVE-2022-28748).
  added CVE number
- commit 8cafecb
- random: check for signal_pending() outside of need_resched()
  check (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- ipmi: Fix UAF when uninstall ipmi_si and ipmi_msghandler module
- ipmi: bail out if init_srcu_struct fails (git-fixes).
- commit 50fb6ca
- drm/vc4: Use pm_runtime_resume_and_get to fix
  pm_runtime_get_sync() usage (git-fixes).
- drm/panel/raspberrypi-touchscreen: Initialise the bridge in
  prepare (git-fixes).
- drm/panel/raspberrypi-touchscreen: Avoid NULL deref if not
  initialised (git-fixes).
- Input: omap4-keypad - fix pm_runtime_get_sync() error checking
- commit f70a9a5
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NP70PNP (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Clear MIDI port active flag after draining
- ALSA: usb-audio: add mapping for MSI MAG X570S Torpedo MAX
- commit df91c32
- arm64: mm: fix p?d_leaf() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: do not switch off SIDO Buck when codec
  is in use (git-fixes).
- ASoC: msm8916-wcd-digital: Check failure for
  devm_snd_soc_register_component (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rk817: Use devm_clk_get() in rk817_platform_probe
- ASoC: soc-dapm: fix two incorrect uses of list iterator
- ASoC: topology: Correct error handling in
  soc_tplg_dapm_widget_create() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel: Remove system clock tree configuration for
  at91sam9g20ek (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/i915: Fix one too many pci_dev_put() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/hdmi: fix warning about PCM count when used with SOF
- sound/oss/dmasound: fix 'dmasound_setup' defined but not used
- commit 9d80194
- netfilter: nf_tables: initialize registers in nft_do_chain()
  (CVE-2022-1016 bsc#1197227).
- commit f4b3822
- use jobs not processors in the constraints
  jobs is the number of vcpus available to the build, while processors
  is the total processor count of the machine the VM is running on.
- commit a6e141d
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix potential crash on module unload
- commit 4ca374b
- net: netvsc: remove break after return (git-fixes).
- commit 60b2404
- net: mana: Remove unnecessary check of cqe_type in
  mana_process_rx_cqe() (bsc#1195651).
- commit 8963c13
- net: mana: Add handling of CQE_RX_TRUNCATED (bsc#1195651).
- commit 56f520a
- net: mana: Reuse XDP dropped page (bsc#1195651).
- commit 5137284
- net: mana: Add counter for XDP_TX (bsc#1195651).
- commit 6a2ff8f
- net: mana: Add counter for packet dropped by XDP (bsc#1195651).
- commit 25e80a8
- net: mana: Use struct_size() helper in
  mana_gd_create_dma_region() (bsc#1195651).
- commit abeccbd
- hv_balloon: rate-limit "/Unhandled message"/ warning (git-fixes).
- commit f0e08f0
- drivers: hv: log when enabling crash_kexec_post_notifiers
- commit 136ee4c
- hv_utils: Add comment about max VMbus packet size in VSS driver
- commit 6b202b9
- Drivers: hv: Compare cpumasks and not their weights in
  init_vp_index() (git-fixes).
- commit 30aeb52
- Drivers: hv: Rename 'alloced' to 'allocated' (git-fixes).
- commit 566f23a
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Use struct_size() helper in kmalloc()
- commit 92b3ee9
- bpf: selftests: adapt bpf_iter_task_vma to get_inode_dev()
  (bsc#927455 bsc#1198585).
- commit 4b86303
- drm/i915/display/psr: Unset enable_psr2_sel_fetch if other
  checks in intel_psr2_config_valid() fails (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: idxd: skip clearing device context when device is
  read-only (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: idxd: add RO check for wq max_transfer_size write
- dmaengine: idxd: add RO check for wq max_batch_size write
- dmaengine: dw-edma: Fix unaligned 64bit access (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: mediatek:Fix PM usage reference leak of
  mtk_uart_apdma_alloc_chan_resources (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: imx-sdma: Fix error checking in sdma_event_remap
- dma: at_xdmac: fix a missing check on list iterator (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: idxd: fix device cleanup on disable (git-fixes).
- doc/ip-sysctl: add bc_forwarding (git-fixes).
- can: isotp: stop timeout monitoring when no first frame was sent
- e1000e: Fix possible overflow in LTR decoding (git-fixes).
- commit 194abd1
- Revert "/iavf: Fix deadlock occurrence during resetting VF
  interface"/ (jsc#SLE-18385).
- veth: Ensure eth header is in skb's linear part (git-fixes).
- uapi/linux/stddef.h: Add include guards (jsc#SLE-18978).
- qede: confirm skb is allocated before using (git-fixes).
- ice: clear cmd_type_offset_bsz for TX rings (jsc#SLE-18375).
- ice: xsk: fix VSI state check in ice_xsk_wakeup() (git-fixes).
- ice: synchronize_rcu() when terminating rings (git-fixes).
- net: sfc: fix using uninitialized xdp tx_queue (git-fixes).
- sfc: Do not free an empty page_ring (git-fixes).
- bnxt_en: Prevent XDP redirect from running when stopping TX
  queue (git-fixes).
- bnxt_en: reserve space inside receive page for skb_shared_info
- bnxt_en: Synchronize tx when xdp redirects happen on same ring
- qed: fix ethtool register dump (jsc#SLE-19001).
- ice: Clear default forwarding VSI during VSI release
- skbuff: fix coalescing for page_pool fragment recycling
- net: sfc: add missing xdp queue reinitialization (git-fixes).
- RDMA/rxe: Fix ref error in rxe_av.c (jsc#SLE-19249).
- Revert "/RDMA/core: Fix ib_qp_usecnt_dec() called when error"/
- RDMA/rxe: Change variable and function argument to proper type
- bareudp: use ipv6_mod_enabled to check if IPv6 enabled
- ionic: catch transition back to RUNNING with fw_generation 0
- commit f0e50a2
- KVM: SVM: Allow AVIC support on system w/ physical APIC ID > 255 (bsc#1193823).
- commit 5a9f922
- nl80211: correctly check NL80211_ATTR_REG_ALPHA2 size
- spi: cadence-quadspi: fix protocol setup for non-1-1-X
  operations (git-fixes).
- regulator: wm8994: Add an off-on delay for WM8994 variant
- net: usb: aqc111: Fix out-of-bounds accesses in RX fixup
- net: axienet: setup mdio unconditionally (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: aoss: Fix missing put_device call in qmp_get
- ACPI: processor idle: Check for architectural support for LPI
- ACPI: processor: idle: fix lockup regression on 32-bit ThinkPad
  T40 (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: aoss: Expose send for generic usecase (git-fixes).
- ACPI: processor idle: Allow playing dead in C3 state
- commit 7969c20
- drm/amdgpu: Enable gfxoff quirk on MacBook Pro (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: don't ignore alpha property on pre-multiplied
  mode (git-fixes).
- arm64: alternatives: mark patch_alternative() as `noinstr`
- drm/amd/display: Fix allocate_mst_payload assert on resume
- drm/amd/display: Revert FEC check in validation (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Enable power gating before init_pipes
- gpu: ipu-v3: Fix dev_dbg frequency output (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: Check for potential null return of kmalloc_array()
- drm/amdgpu/vcn: improve vcn dpg stop procedure (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: Fix Incorrect VMIDs passed to HWS (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Update VTEM Infopacket definition (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: FEC check in timing validation (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: fix audio format not updated after edid updated
- drm/amd/display: Fix p-state allow debug index on dcn31
- drm/amdgpu: conduct a proper cleanup of PDB bo (git-fixes).
- drm/amd: Add USBC connector ID (git-fixes).
- ata: libata-core: Disable READ LOG DMA EXT for Samsung 840 EVOs
- drm/amd/display: Add pstate verification and recovery for DCN31
- commit e33589b
- bfq: Do not let waker requests skip proper accounting (bsc#1184318).
  Refresh: patches.suse/bfq-Drop-pointless-unlock-lock-pair.patch
- commit 4b6502a
- Update patches.suse/powerpc-pseries-Fix-use-after-free-in-remove_phb_dyn.patch
  (bsc#1065729 bsc#1198660 ltc#197803).
- commit 5963e52
- spi: atmel-quadspi: Fix the buswidth adjustment between spi-mem
  and controller (git-fixes).
- spi: cadence-quadspi: fix incorrect supports_op() return value
- spi: spi-mtk-nor: initialize spi controller after resume
- commit aa5ea63
- Move upstreamed scsi lpfc patches into sorted section
- commit 115220a
- drm/msm/a6xx: Fix missing ARRAY_SIZE() check (git-fixes).
- commit 15c93ee
- gpu: host1x: Fix a memory leak in 'host1x_remove()' (git-fixes).
- commit e524b28
- Refresh
- commit 624f694
- mm/vmalloc: fix comments about vmap_area struct (git-fixes).
- commit fe97565
- Refresh
- commit b60107a
- Refresh
- commit b1b4026
- Refresh
- commit 37b6b68
- Refresh
- commit 47a3604
- drm/meson: Fix error handling when afbcd.ops->init fails
- commit 7e940eb
- drm/amd: Check if ASPM is enabled from PCIe subsystem
- commit 2931008
- drm/amdkfd: remove unused function (git-fixes).
- commit dc0eb04
- Refresh
- commit 8cb9616
- Refresh
- commit fba46ba
- drm/tegra: Add back arm_iommu_detach_device() (git-fixes).
- commit b76c062
- Refresh
- commit df22983
- Refresh
- commit 0448552
- Refresh
- commit 7fc481a
- Refresh
- commit 2f0d2ce
- Update
  (bsc#1198515 CVE-2022-29156).
  Added CVE reference.
- commit 97b74da
- i2c: dev: Force case user pointers in compat_i2cdev_ioctl()
- gpiolib: acpi: use correct format characters (git-fixes).
- ARM: config: u8500: Re-enable AB8500 battery charging
- memory: atmel-ebi: Fix missing of_node_put in atmel_ebi_probe
- memory: renesas-rpc-if: fix platform-device leak in error path
- firmware: arm_scmi: Fix sorting of retrieved clock rates
- ARM: davinci: da850-evm: Avoid NULL pointer dereference
- dma-direct: avoid redundant memory sync for swiotlb (git-fixes).
- memory: mtk-smi: Add error handle for smi_probe (git-fixes).
- commit 42f88a5
- ath9k: Fix usage of driver-private space in tx_info (git-fixes).
- commit 1c4d1b6
- drm/msm/dp: add fail safe mode outside of event_mutex context
- drm/msm/dsi: Use connector directly in
  msm_dsi_manager_connector_init() (git-fixes).
- drm/msm: Fix range size vs end confusion (git-fixes).
- drm/msm: Add missing put_task_struct() in debugfs path
- nfc: nci: add flush_workqueue to prevent uaf (git-fixes).
- cfg80211: hold bss_lock while updating nontrans_list
- ath9k: Properly clear TX status area before reporting to
  mac80211 (git-fixes).
- macvlan: Fix leaking skb in source mode with nodst option
- net: mdio: don't defer probe forever if PHY IRQ provider is
  missing (git-fixes).
- commit 5f385f4
- ALSA: usb-audio: Limit max buffer and period sizes per time
- commit 7a30bc1
- ALSA: core: Add snd_card_free_on_error() helper (git-fixes).
- commit 001f843
- ALSA: hda/realtek: add quirk for Lenovo Thinkpad X12 speakers
- ALSA: pcm: Test for "/silence"/ field in struct "/pcm_format_data"/
- ALSA: usb-audio: Increase max buffer size (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Cap upper limits of buffer/period bytes for
  implicit fb (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: intel-dsp-config: update AlderLake PCI IDs
- sound/oss/dmasound: fix build when drivers are mixed =y/=m
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo PD50PNT (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Fix undefined behavior due to shift overflowing
  the constant (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/i915 - skip acomp init if no matching display
- commit e05cfa3
- lz4: fix LZ4_decompress_safe_partial read out of bound
- serial: samsung_tty: do not unlock port->lock for
  uart_write_wakeup() (git-fixes).
- staging: wfx: fix an error handling in wfx_init_common()
- staging: vchiq_core: handle NULL result of
  find_service_by_handle (git-fixes).
- staging: vchiq_arm: Avoid NULL ptr deref in
  vchiq_dump_platform_instances (git-fixes).
- virtio_console: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- phy: amlogic: meson8b-usb2: fix shared reset control use
- phy: amlogic: meson8b-usb2: Use dev_err_probe() (git-fixes).
- phy: amlogic: phy-meson-gxl-usb2: fix shared reset controller
  use (git-fixes).
- habanalabs: fix possible memory leak in MMU DR fini (git-fixes).
- w1: w1_therm: fixes w1_seq for ds28ea00 sensors (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: omap: fix "/unbalanced disables for smps10_out1"/
  on omap5evm (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: pci: Set the swnode from inside dwc3_pci_quirks()
- usb: ehci: add pci device support for Aspeed platforms
- usb: cdnsp: fix cdnsp_decode_trb function to properly handle
  ret value (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: Fix control endpoint's definitions
- usb: gadget: tegra-xudc: Do not program SPARAM (git-fixes).
- power: supply: axp288-charger: Set Vhold to 4.4V (git-fixes).
- power: supply: axp20x_battery: properly report current when
  discharging (git-fixes).
- PCI: endpoint: Fix misused goto label (git-fixes).
- PCI: endpoint: Fix alignment fault error in copy tests
- PCI: aardvark: Fix support for MSI interrupts (git-fixes).
- PCI: pciehp: Add Qualcomm quirk for Command Completed erratum
- init/main.c: return 1 from handled __setup() functions
- mt76: fix monitor mode crash with sdio driver (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7615: Fix assigning negative values to unsigned variable
- mt76: mt7915: fix injected MPDU transmission to not use HW
  A-MSDU (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: move only to an enabled channel (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: Correctly set fragmented EBS (git-fixes).
- mt76: dma: initialize skip_unmap in mt76_dma_rx_fill
- mt76: mt7921: fix crash when startup fails (git-fixes).
- commit c050331
- arm64: Add part number for Arm Cortex-A78AE (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: Create file descriptor after client is added to
  smi_clients list (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu/vcn: Fix the register setting for vcn1 (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: Revert "/dmaengine: shdma: Fix runtime PM imbalance
  on error"/ (git-fixes).
- clk: Enforce that disjoints limits are invalid (git-fixes).
- clk: ti: Preserve node in ti_dt_clocks_register() (git-fixes).
- clk: rockchip: drop CLK_SET_RATE_PARENT from dclk_vop* on rk3568
- clk: si5341: fix reported clk_rate when output divider is 2
- drm/msm/dsi: Remove spurious IRQF_ONESHOT flag (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: make CRAT table missing message informational only
- drm/bridge: Add missing pm_runtime_put_sync (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: Fix recursive locking warning (git-fixes).
- drm/amdkfd: Don't take process mutex for svm ioctls (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Use PSR version selected during set_psr_caps
- drm/amd/display: Fix memory leak (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_cs: fix refcount leak of a dma_fence obj
- drm/amd/display: Add signal type check when verify stream
  backends same (git-fixes).
- drm: Add orientation quirk for GPD Win Max (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: Fix use after free in hci_send_acl (git-fixes).
- ath11k: mhi: use mhi_sync_power_up() (git-fixes).
- ath11k: pci: fix crash on suspend if board file is not found
- ath11k: fix kernel panic during unload/load ath11k modules
- can: etas_es58x: es58x_fd_rx_event_msg(): initialize
  rx_event_msg before calling es58x_check_msg_len() (git-fixes).
- can: isotp: set default value for N_As to 50 micro seconds
- Bluetooth: use memset avoid memory leaks (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: Fix not checking for valid hdev on
  bt_dev_{info,warn,err,dbg} (git-fixes).
- cfg80211: don't add non transmitted BSS to 6GHz scanned channels
- ath5k: fix OOB in ath5k_eeprom_read_pcal_info_5111 (git-fixes).
- commit b3a4420
- hv_netvsc: Add check for kvmalloc_array (git-fixes).
- commit cf67f52
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Fix HPD GPIO detection (git-fixes).
- commit ee70023
- drm/amdgpu: Drop inline from amdgpu_ras_eeprom_max_record_count
- commit 7eb114d
- media: rockchip/rga: do proper error checking in probe
- commit e57e042
- Update
- Update
- commit bd2ea09
- ptrace: Check PTRACE_O_SUSPEND_SECCOMP permission on
  PTRACE_SEIZE (bsc#1198413).
- commit 93194fb
- ipc/sem: do not sleep with a spin lock held (bsc#1198412).
- commit 3ba588c
- blacklist.conf: Add 460a79e18842 mm/memcontrol: return 1 from cgroup.memory __setup() handler
- commit 8e485bf
- mm: memcg: synchronize objcg lists with a dedicated spinlock
- commit fdeab39
- ucounts: Enforce RLIMIT_NPROC not RLIMIT_NPROC+1 (bsc#1194191).
- commit ade0b01
- bpf: Resolve to prog->aux->dst_prog->type only for
  BPF_PROG_TYPE_EXT (git-fixes).
- commit f7beadf
- Update patch references of drm fixes (CVE-2022-1280 bsc#1197914)
- commit 3e03d02
- nfsd: Replace use of rwsem with errseq_t (bsc#1196960).
- commit b9035c0
- powerpc/mce: Modify the real address error logging messages
- selftests/powerpc: Add test for real address error handling
- powerpc/pseries: Parse control memory access error
- commit 5eae731
- vsprintf: Fix potential unaligned access (bsc#1198379).
- commit 91a2f17
- perf/x86/intel/uncore: Make uncore_discovery clean for 64 bit
  addresses (bsc#1197304).
- commit 7f08b1b
- drbd: fix an invalid memory access caused by incorrect use of
  list iterator (git-fixes).
- drbd: Fix five use after free bugs in get_initial_state
- scsi: mpt3sas: Fix incorrect 4GB boundary check (git-fixes).
- scsi: scsi_transport_fc: Fix FPIN Link Integrity statistics
  counters (git-fixes).
- scsi: hisi_sas: Change permission of parameter prot_mask
- scsi: pm8001: Fix abort all task initialization (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix NCQ NON DATA command completion handling
- scsi: pm8001: Fix NCQ NON DATA command task initialization
- scsi: pm8001: Fix le32 values handling in pm80xx_chip_sata_req()
- scsi: pm8001: Fix le32 values handling in
  pm80xx_chip_ssp_io_req() (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix payload initialization in
  pm80xx_encrypt_update() (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix le32 values handling in
  pm80xx_set_sas_protocol_timer_config() (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix payload initialization in
  pm80xx_set_thermal_config() (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix command initialization in
  pm8001_chip_ssp_tm_req() (git-fixes).
- scsi: pm8001: Fix command initialization in
  pm80XX_send_read_log() (git-fixes).
- scsi: libsas: Fix sas_ata_qc_issue() handling of NCQ NON DATA
  commands (git-fixes).
- scsi: fnic: Fix a tracing statement (git-fixes).
- scsi: mpt3sas: Page fault in reply q processing (git-fixes).
- scsi: qedi: Fix ABBA deadlock in qedi_process_tmf_resp()
  and qedi_process_cmd_cleanup_resp() (git-fixes).
- scsi: elx: efct: Don't use GFP_KERNEL under spin lock
- commit 1cd7361
- irqchip/gic, gic-v3: Prevent GSI to SGI translations
- irqchip/gic-v3: Fix GICR_CTLR.RWP polling (git-fixes).
- irqchip/gic-v4: Wait for GICR_VPENDBASER.Dirty to clear before
  descheduling (git-fixes).
- commit 53121f2
- USB: usb-storage: Fix use of bitfields for hardware data in
  ene_ub6250.c (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: pl2303: add IBM device IDs (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: simple: add Nokia phone driver (git-fixes).
- usb: typec: tipd: Forward plug orientation to typec subsystem
- video: fbdev: sm712fb: Fix crash in smtcfb_write() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: sm712fb: Fix crash in smtcfb_read() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: atari: Atari 2 bpp (STe) palette bugfix
- video: fbdev: udlfb: replace snprintf in show functions with
  sysfs_emit (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: omapfb: panel-tpo-td043mtea1: Use sysfs_emit()
  instead of snprintf() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: omapfb: panel-dsi-cm: Use sysfs_emit() instead
  of snprintf() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: omapfb: acx565akm: replace snprintf with
  sysfs_emit (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: cirrusfb: check pixclock to avoid divide by zero
- video: fbdev: w100fb: Reset global state (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: nvidiafb: Use strscpy() to prevent buffer overflow
- virtio_console: break out of buf poll on remove (git-fixes).
- commit c8b4e90
- spi: bcm-qspi: fix MSPI only access with bcm_qspi_exec_mem_op()
- spi: core: add dma_map_dev for __spi_unmap_msg() (git-fixes).
- regulator: atc260x: Fix missing active_discharge_on setting
- udmabuf: validate ubuf->pagecount (git-fixes).
- spi: Fix erroneous sgs value with min_t() (git-fixes).
- spi: tegra20: Use of_device_get_match_data() (git-fixes).
- regulator: rpi-panel: Handle I2C errors/timing to the Atmel
- spi: Fix invalid sgs value (git-fixes).
- commit 63be40f
- staging: mt7621-dts: fix LEDs and pinctrl on GB-PC1 devicetree
- staging: mt7621-dts: fix pinctrl-0 items to be size-1 items
  on ethernet (git-fixes).
- staging: mt7621-dts: fix pinctrl properties for ethernet
- staging: mt7621-dts: fix formatting (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: microchip-sgpio: lock RMW access (git-fixes).
- PCI: fu740: Force 2.5GT/s for initial device probe (git-fixes).
- PM: core: keep irq flags in device_pm_check_callbacks()
- pinctrl: npcm: Fix broken references to chip->parent_device
- pinctrl: microchip sgpio: use reset driver (git-fixes).
- commit 553891e
- mmc: renesas_sdhi: don't overwrite TAP settings when HS400
  tuning is complete (git-fixes).
- mmc: core: Fixup support for writeback-cache for eMMC and SD
- mmc: block: Check for errors after write on SPI (git-fixes).
- mmc: mmci: stm32: correctly check all elements of sg list
- Revert "/mmc: sdhci-xenon: fix annoying 1.8V regulator warning"/
- mei: avoid iterator usage outside of list_for_each_entry
- mei: me: add Alder Lake N device id (git-fixes).
- mei: me: disable driver on the ign firmware (git-fixes).
- mgag200 fix memmapsl configuration in GCTL6 register
- mmc: host: Return an error when ->enable_sdio_irq() ops is
  missing (git-fixes).
- commit c5b9dfd
- media: atomisp: fix bad usage at error handling logic
- media: i2c: ov5648: Fix lockdep error (git-fixes).
- media: gpio-ir-tx: fix transmit with long spaces on Orange Pi PC
- media: cx88-mpeg: clear interrupt status register before
  streaming video (git-fixes).
- media: imx-jpeg: fix a bug of accessing array out of bounds
- media: hdpvr: initialize dev->worker at hdpvr_register_videodev
- media: atomisp: fix dummy_ptr check to avoid duplicate active_bo
- media: atomisp_gmin_platform: Add DMI quirk to not turn AXP
  ELDO2 regulator off on some boards (git-fixes).
- media: iommu/mediatek: Add device_link between the consumer
  and the larb devices (git-fixes).
- media: iommu/mediatek: Return ENODEV if the device is NULL
- commit ae662c1
- mailbox: imx: fix wakeup failure from freeze mode (git-fixes).
- media: iommu/mediatek-v1: Free the existed fwspec if the master
  dev already has (git-fixes).
- media: imx-jpeg: Prevent decoding NV12M jpegs into single-planar
  buffers (git-fixes).
- media: ir_toy: free before error exiting (git-fixes).
- media: atmel: atmel-isc-base: report frame sizes as full
  supported range (git-fixes).
- media: staging: media: zoran: fix various V4L2 compliance errors
- media: staging: media: zoran: calculate the right buffer number
  for zoran_reap_stat_com (git-fixes).
- media: staging: media: zoran: move videodev alloc (git-fixes).
- mac80211: Remove a couple of obsolete TODO (git-fixes).
- commit 5f7ed73
- i2c: bcm2835: Fix the error handling in 'bcm2835_i2c_probe()'
- LSM: general protection fault in legacy_parse_param (git-fixes).
- hwrng: cavium - HW_RANDOM_CAVIUM should depend on ARCH_THUNDER
- irqchip/nvic: Release nvic_base upon failure (git-fixes).
- irqchip/qcom-pdc: Fix broken locking (git-fixes).
- Input: zinitix - do not report shadow fingers (git-fixes).
- HID: Add support for open wheel and no attachment to T300
- i2c: bcm2835: Use platform_get_irq() to get the interrupt
- hwrng: cavium - Check health status while reading random data
- commit fda3c99
- drm/nouveau/pmu: Add missing callbacks for Tegra devices
- drm/amdgpu/smu10: fix SoC/fclk units in auto mode (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: don't use BACO for reset in S3 (git-fixes).
- drm/imx: dw_hdmi-imx: Fix bailout in error cases of probe
- drm/imx: Fix memory leak in imx_pd_connector_get_modes
- drm/imx: imx-ldb: Check for null pointer after calling kmemdup
- Revert "/gpio: Revert regression in sysfs-gpio (gpiolib.c)"/
- gpio: Revert regression in sysfs-gpio (gpiolib.c) (git-fixes).
- HID: logitech-dj: add new lightspeed receiver id (git-fixes).
- commit 77645db
- drm/i915: Treat SAGV block time 0 as SAGV disabled (git-fixes).
- commit 3fa84f4
- drm/amdgpu: fix off by one in amdgpu_gfx_kiq_acquire()
- drm/simpledrm: Add "/panel orientation"/ property on non-upright
  mounted LCD panels (git-fixes).
- drm/syncobj: flatten dma_fence_chains on transfer (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau/backlight: Just set all backlight types as RAW
- drm/meson: split out encoder from meson_dw_hdmi (git-fixes).
- drm/meson: Make use of the helper function
  devm_platform_ioremap_resourcexxx() (git-fixes).
- commit 8beb689
- Documentation: update stable tree link (git-fixes).
- Documentation: add link to stable release candidate tree
- ASoC: soc-compress: Change the check for codec_dai (git-fixes).
- crypto: hisilicon/sec - not need to enable sm4 extra mode at
  HW V3 (git-fixes).
- crypto: xts - Add softdep on ecb (git-fixes).
- crypto: hisilicon/qm - cleanup warning in qm_vf_read_qos
- clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Handle DTS with higher number
  of interrupts (git-fixes).
- clocksource/drivers/exynos_mct: Refactor resources allocation
- dmaengine: idxd: check GENCAP config support for gencfg register
- commit 246144e
- arm64: patch_text: Fixup last cpu should be master (git-fixes).
- arm64: defconfig: build imx-sdma as a module (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mediatek: mt8192-mt6359: Fix error handling in
  mt8192_mt6359_dev_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: Intel: sof_sdw: fix quirks for 2022 HP Spectre x360 13"/
- ASoC: soc-compress: prevent the potentially use of null pointer
- ASoC: amd: vg: fix for pm resume callback sequence (git-fixes).
- ASoC: soc-core: skip zero num_dai component in searching dai
  name (git-fixes).
- ASoC: madera: Add dependencies on MFD (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Intel: match sdw version on link_slaves_found
- ASoC: mediatek: use of_device_get_match_data() (git-fixes).
- commit 2873a81
- ARM: dts: bcm2711: Add the missing L1/L2 cache information
- ARM: dts: bcm2837: Add the missing L1/L2 cache information
- ARM: dts: qcom: fix gic_irq_domain_translate warnings for
  msm8960 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: exynos: add missing HDMI supplies on SMDK5420
- ARM: dts: exynos: add missing HDMI supplies on SMDK5250
- ARM: tegra: tamonten: Fix I2C3 pad setting (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx7: Use audio_mclk_post_div instead
  audio_mclk_root_clk (git-fixes).
- arm64: mm: Drop 'const' from conditional arm64_dma_phys_limit
  definition (git-fixes).
- arm64: Do not defer reserve_crashkernel() for platforms with
  no DMA memory zones (git-fixes).
- arm64: module: remove (NOLOAD) from linker script (git-fixes).
- commit 707bb46
- arch/arm64: Fix topology initialization for core scheduling
- ALSA: hda: Avoid unsol event during RPM suspending (git-fixes).
- ARM: mmp: Fix failure to remove sram device (git-fixes).
- ACPI/APEI: Limit printable size of BERT table data (git-fixes).
- Revert "/ACPI: Pass the same capabilities to the _OSC regardless
  of the query flag"/ (git-fixes).
- ACPICA: Avoid walking the ACPI Namespace if it is not there
- af_key: add __GFP_ZERO flag for compose_sadb_supported in
  function pfkey_register (git-fixes).
- ARM: mstar: Select HAVE_ARM_ARCH_TIMER (git-fixes).
- commit 402ae64
- livepatch: Don't block removal of patches that are safe to
  unload (bsc#1071995).
- commit c6239c2
- ata: sata_dwc_460ex: Fix crash due to OOB write (git-fixes).
- commit 964a11d
- block-map: add __GFP_ZERO flag for alloc_page in function
  bio_copy_kern (bsc#1197386 CVE-2022-0494).
- commit b39e97b
- Split kABI fixup into a separate patch:
- block: Fix up kabi after blkcg merge fix (bsc#1198020).
- Refresh
- commit 8147dd9
- x86/speculation: Restore speculation related MSRs during S3
  resume (bsc#1190497).
- commit cc68d33
- xen: fix is_xen_pmu() (git-fixes).
- commit bdd8f73
- Revert "/xen-netback: Check for hotplug-status existence before
  watching"/ (git-fixes).
- commit 419da4f
- Revert "/xen-netback: remove 'hotplug-status' once it has served
  its purpose"/ (git-fixes).
- commit 76e6147
- xen/blkfront: fix comment for need_copy (git-fixes).
- commit fa11d3f
- x86/pm: Save the MSR validity status at context setup
- commit 825429b
- blacklist.conf: misattributed in upstream
- commit ea7b484
- mt76: mt7915: use proper aid value in
  mt7915_mcu_wtbl_generic_tlv in sta mode (git-fixes).
- commit 9d44a68
- blacklist.conf: breaks kABI for minor benefit
- commit f4b6164
- ray_cs: Check ioremap return value (git-fixes).
- commit a31a159
- blacklist.conf: cleanup not a fix, still breaking kABI
- commit 4c935c8
- rtw88: Disable PCIe ASPM while doing NAPI poll on 8821CE
- commit 842f7c4
- blacklist.conf: kABI
- commit aeb59e1
- net: hns3: fix software vlan talbe of vlan 0 inconsistent with
  hardware (git-fixes).
- wireguard: socket: ignore v6 endpoints when ipv6 is disabled
- wireguard: socket: free skb in send6 when ipv6 is disabled
- ice: xsk: Fix indexing in ice_tx_xsk_pool() (jsc#SLE-18375).
- xsk: Do not write NULL in SW ring at allocation failure
- qlcnic: dcb: default to returning -EOPNOTSUPP (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: fix phy can not link up when autoneg off and reset
- net: hns3: add NULL pointer check for hns3_set/get_ringparam()
- net: hns3: refine the process when PF set VF VLAN (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: add vlan list lock to protect vlan list (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: fix port base vlan add fail when concurrent with
  reset (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: fix bug when PF set the duplicate MAC address for
  VFs (git-fixes).
- RDMA/nldev: Prevent underflow in
  nldev_stat_set_counter_dynamic_doit() (jsc#SLE-19249).
- RDMA/core: Fix ib_qp_usecnt_dec() called when error
- ice: don't allow to run ice_send_event_to_aux() in atomic ctx
- drivers: net: xgene: Fix regression in CRC stripping
- qed: display VF trust config (git-fixes).
- i40e: remove dead stores on XSK hotpath (jsc#SLE-18378).
- igb: refactor XDP registration (git-fixes).
- igc: avoid kernel warning when changing RX ring parameters
- ixgbe: respect metadata on XSK Rx to skb (git-fixes).
- ixgbe: don't reserve excessive XDP_PACKET_HEADROOM on XSK Rx
  to skb (git-fixes).
- igc: don't reserve excessive XDP_PACKET_HEADROOM on XSK Rx to
  skb (git-fixes).
- ice: respect metadata on XSK Rx to skb (git-fixes).
- ice: don't reserve excessive XDP_PACKET_HEADROOM on XSK Rx to
  skb (git-fixes).
- i40e: respect metadata on XSK Rx to skb (git-fixes).
- i40e: don't reserve excessive XDP_PACKET_HEADROOM on XSK Rx
  to skb (git-fixes).
- ionic: replace set_vf data with union (git-fixes).
- ionic: stretch heartbeat detection (git-fixes).
- ionic: remove the dbid_inuse bitmap (git-fixes).
- ionic: disable napi when ionic_lif_init() fails (git-fixes).
- ionic: Cleanups in the Tx hotpath code (git-fixes).
- ionic: Prevent filter add/del err msgs when the device is not
  available (git-fixes).
- ionic: Query FW when getting VF info via ndo_get_vf_config
- ionic: Allow flexibility for error reporting on dev commands
- ionic: Correctly print AQ errors if completions aren't received
- ionic: fix up printing of timeout error (git-fixes).
- ionic: better handling of RESET event (git-fixes).
- ionic: add FW_STOPPING state (git-fixes).
- ionic: Don't send reset commands if FW isn't running
- ionic: start watchdog after all is setup (git-fixes).
- ionic: fix type complaint in ionic_dev_cmd_clean() (git-fixes).
- commit 2f5db63
- btrfs: add missing run of delayed items after unlink during
  log replay (bsc#1197915).
- commit 5766155
- btrfs: fix lost prealloc extents beyond eof after full fsync
- commit 4e37660
- cifs: fix bad fids sent over wire (bsc#1197157).
- commit b21504e
- cifs: do not skip link targets when an I/O fails (bsc#1194625).
- commit 7c93536
- drm: use the lookup lock in drm_is_current_master (git-fixes).
- drm: add a locked version of drm_is_current_master (git-fixes).
- drm: avoid circular locks in drm_mode_getconnector (git-fixes).
- commit 425221a
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist edb0872f44ec
- commit 7354a4a
- blacklist.conf: Add reverted/reverting swiotlb change (CVE-2022-0854 bsc#1196823 bsc#1197460)
- commit 484de8a
- Reinstate some of "/swiotlb: rework "/fix info leak with
  DMA_FROM_DEVICE"/"/ (CVE-2022-0854 bsc#1196823).
- swiotlb: fix info leak with DMA_FROM_DEVICE (CVE-2022-0854
- commit a1cbe57
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix regression when probing for fan
  curve control (bsc#1198058).
- commit 1b61a49
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Add support for custom fan curves
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Fix "/unsigned 'retval' is never less
  than zero"/ smatch warning (bsc#1198058).
- platform/x86: asus-wmi: Delete impossible condition
- asus-wmi: Add support for platform_profile (bsc#1198058).
- asus-wmi: Add egpu enable method (bsc#1198058).
- asus-wmi: Add dgpu disable method (bsc#1198058).
- asus-wmi: Add panel overdrive functionality (bsc#1198058).
- commit 90c1643
- SUNRPC: Do not dereference non-socket transports in sysfs - kabi fix (git-fixes).
- commit 402bd87
- blacklist.conf: add unwanted commit
- commit f1c213e
- NFSv4/pNFS: Fix another issue with a list iterator pointing
  to the head (git-fixes).
- NFS: Don't loop forever in nfs_do_recoalesce() (git-fixes).
- SUNRPC: Do not dereference non-socket transports in sysfs
- NFSv4.1: don't retry BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION on session error
- SUNRPC don't resend a task on an offlined transport (git-fixes).
- NFS: Return valid errors from nfs2/3_decode_dirent()
- NFS: Use of mapping_set_error() results in spurious errors
- NFS: NFSv2/v3 clients should never be setting NFS_CAP_XATTR
- nfsd: more robust allocation failure handling in
  nfsd_file_cache_init (git-fixes).
- commit cfe5259
- net: kABI workaround for ax25_dev (CVE-2022-1199 bsc#1198028).
- commit d3ec4a7
- ax25: Fix UAF bugs in ax25 timers (CVE-2022-1205 bsc#1198027).
- ax25: fix UAF bug in ax25_send_control() (CVE-2022-1205
- ax25: Fix NULL pointer dereferences in ax25 timers
  (CVE-2022-1205 bsc#1198027).
- ax25: Fix refcount leaks caused by ax25_cb_del() (CVE-2022-1205
- ax25: fix UAF bugs of net_device caused by rebinding operation
  (CVE-2022-1205 bsc#1198027).
- ax25: fix reference count leaks of ax25_dev (CVE-2022-1205
- commit 72a596a
- Update patch reference for ax25 fixes (CVE-2022-1199 bsc#1198028)
- commit 97843ec
- ax25: fix NPD bug in ax25_disconnect (CVE-2022-1199
- ax25: add refcount in ax25_dev to avoid UAF bugs (CVE-2022-1199
- commit e523403
- drivers: hamradio: 6pack: fix UAF bug caused by mod_timer()
  (CVE-2022-1198 bsc#1198030).
- commit bab29a1
- Update patch reference for hamradio fix (CVE-2022-1195 bsc#1198029)
- commit 8321418
- hamradio: remove needs_free_netdev to avoid UAF (CVE-2022-1195
- hamradio: defer 6pack kfree after unregister_netdev
  (CVE-2022-1195 bsc#1198029).
- commit 68521ee
- Update patch references for can fixes (CVE-2022-28390 bsc#1198031 CVE-2022-28389 bsc#1198033 CVE-2022-28388 bsc#1198032)
- commit 0fd0cef
- btrfs: rename btrfs_item_end_nr to btrfs_item_data_end
- btrfs: remove the btrfs_item_end() helper (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: drop the _nr from the item helpers (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: introduce item_nr token variant helpers (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: make btrfs_file_extent_inline_item_len take a slot
- btrfs: add btrfs_set_item_*_nr() helpers (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: use btrfs_item_size_nr/btrfs_item_offset_nr everywhere
- commit ea99a8c
- blk-mq: cancel blk-mq dispatch work in both blk_cleanup_queue
  and disk_release() (bsc#1198034).
- commit cad1621
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist 1241ebeca3f94
- commit 003ad35
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist dd21bfa425c0
- commit aec1aaa
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist 538f4f022a46
- commit 8edaa91
- mm, thp: fix incorrect unmap behavior for private pages
- commit bdfee77
- mm, thp: lock filemap when truncating page cache (bsc#1198023).
- commit 382907f
- block: limit request dispatch loop duration (bsc#1198022).
- commit b262164
- block: Fix the maximum minor value is blk_alloc_ext_minor()
- commit 0114530
- block: don't merge across cgroup boundaries if blkcg is enabled
- commit 3495d8e
- block: don't delete queue kobject before its children
- commit 0b8dd0c
- block: update io_ticks when io hang (bsc#1197817).
- commit f6e696b
- blk-cgroup: set blkg iostat after percpu stat aggregation
- commit f6b885a
- blktrace: fix use after free for struct blk_trace (bsc#1198017).
- commit 510769a
- block/wbt: fix negative inflight counter when remove scsi device
- commit 6b88c11
- block: assign bi_bdev for cloned bios in blk_rq_prep_clone
- commit 801ee75
- block: fix async_depth sysfs interface for mq-deadline
- commit 3406ce6
- iocost: Fix divide-by-zero on donation from low hweight cgroup
- commit 197d88f
- block: fix ioprio_get(IOPRIO_WHO_PGRP) vs setuid(2)
- commit f37b7e0
- block: avoid to quiesce queue in elevator_init_mq (bsc#1198013).
- commit 79eb6a9
- block: Check ADMIN before NICE for IOPRIO_CLASS_RT
- commit ad01732
- blkcg: Remove extra blkcg_bio_issue_init (bsc#1194585).
- commit 512daa8
- block: Hold invalidate_lock in BLKRESETZONE ioctl (bsc#1198010).
- commit 4e05a80
- btrfs: remove no longer needed logic for replaying directory
  deletes (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: only copy dir index keys when logging a directory
- commit e38d9fe
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist 057178cf518e
- commit 0fa088a
- block, bfq: fix UAF problem in bfqg_stats_init() (bsc#1194583).
- commit ea8f21b
- block/mq-deadline: Improve request accounting further
- commit 2be2d53
- Add another git-commit tag:
- commit 7f19cc3
- btrfs: fix missing last dir item offset update when logging
  directory (bsc#1197915).
- commit 01ad534
- btrfs: fix memory leak in __add_inode_ref() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: fix re-dirty process of tree-log nodes (bsc#1197915).
- commit 4b5ab70
- btrfs: remove root argument from check_item_in_log()
- btrfs: remove root argument from add_link() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: remove root argument from btrfs_unlink_inode()
- btrfs: remove root argument from drop_one_dir_item()
- btrfs: do not pin logs too early during renames (bsc#1197915).
- commit 3cfa0bf
- btrfs: add a BTRFS_FS_ERROR helper (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: change error handling for btrfs_delete_*_in_log
- btrfs: change handle_fs_error in recover_log_trees to aborts
- commit 0dab437
- btrfs: use single bulk copy operations when logging directories
- btrfs: unexport setup_items_for_insert() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: loop only once over data sizes array when inserting an
  item batch (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: assert that extent buffers are write locked instead of
  only locked (bsc#1197915).
- commit 1ed0aec
- add mainline tags for three hyperv patches
- commit 5355614
- proc: bootconfig: Add null pointer check (git-fixes).
- ARM: 9187/1: JIVE: fix return value of __setup handler
- watch_queue: Free the page array when watch_queue is dismantled
- ARM: iop32x: offset IRQ numbers by 1 (git-fixes).
- crypto: qcom-rng - ensure buffer for generate is completely
  filled (git-fixes).
- ARM: Spectre-BHB: provide empty stub for non-config (git-fixes).
- ARM: fix Thumb2 regression with Spectre BHB (git-fixes).
- ARM: fix build warning in proc-v7-bugs.c (git-fixes).
- ARM: Do not use NOCROSSREFS directive with ld.lld (git-fixes).
- ARM: fix co-processor register typo (git-fixes).
- proc: fix documentation and description of pagemap (git-fixes).
- audit: improve audit queue handling when "/audit=1"/ on cmdline
- audit: ensure userspace is penalized the same as the kernel
  when under pressure (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8350: Shorten camera-thermal-bottom name
- arm64: dts: ls1028a-qds: move rtc node to the correct i2c bus
- arm64: dts: ti: j721e-main: Fix 'dtbs_check' in serdes_ln_ctrl
  node (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ti: j7200-main: Fix 'dtbs_check' serdes_ln_ctrl node
- arm64: tegra: Adjust length of CCPLEX cluster MMIO region
- arm64: dts: renesas: Fix thermal bindings (git-fixes).
- audit: improve robustness of the audit queue handling
- commit 0ded242
- modpost: restore the warning message for missing symbol versions
- platform/chrome: cros_ec_typec: Check for EC device (git-fixes).
- commit 8440850
- arm64: dts: ls1046a: Update i2c node dma properties (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ls1043a: Update i2c dma properties (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: spear1340: Update serial node properties (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: spear13xx: Update SPI dma properties (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Intel: Fix build error without SND_SOC_SOF_PCI_DEV
- ASoC: mediatek: mt6358: add missing EXPORT_SYMBOLs (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix audio regression on Mi Notebook Pro 2020
- ALSA: cs4236: fix an incorrect NULL check on list iterator
- rtc: check if __rtc_read_time was successful (git-fixes).
- rtc: wm8350: Handle error for wm8350_register_irq (git-fixes).
- rtc: pl031: fix rtc features null pointer dereference
- rtc: mc146818-lib: fix locking in mc146818_set_time (git-fixes).
- commit 6188b50
- Move upstreamed input patch into sorted section
- commit a3b7f82
- btrfs: stop doing GFP_KERNEL memory allocations in the ref
  verify tool (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: improve the batch insertion of delayed items
- commit 436dc43
- btrfs: keep track of the last logged keys when logging a
  directory (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: insert items in batches when logging a directory when
  possible (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: factor out the copying loop of dir items from
  log_dir_items() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: remove redundant log root assignment from log_dir_items()
- btrfs: remove root argument from btrfs_log_inode() and its
  callees (bsc#1197915).
- commit d461f04
- btrfs: do not commit delayed inode when logging a file in full
  sync mode (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: avoid attempt to drop extents when logging inode for
  the first time (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: avoid search for logged i_size when logging inode if
  possible (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: avoid expensive search when truncating inode items from
  the log (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: add helper to truncate inode items when logging inode
- btrfs: avoid expensive search when dropping inode items from
  log (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: always update the logged transaction when logging new
  names (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: do not log new dentries when logging that a new name
  exists (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: remove no longer needed checks for NULL log context
- btrfs: check if a log tree exists at inode_logged()
- btrfs: unify lookup return value when dir entry is missing
- commit 035a406
- powerpc/64s: Don't use DSISR for SLB faults (bsc#1194869).
- commit fc040c2
- powerpc/lib/sstep: Fix 'sthcx' instruction (bsc#1156395).
- powerpc/perf: Don't use perf_hw_context for trace IMC PMU
- commit cb14232
- btrfs: avoid unnecessarily logging directories that had no
  changes (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: update comment at log_conflicting_inodes() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: introduce btrfs_lookup_match_dir (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: remove unneeded return variable in
  btrfs_lookup_file_extent (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: use btrfs_next_leaf instead of btrfs_next_item when
  slots > nritems (bsc#1197915).
- commit dbc61cd
- fsnotify: Don't insert unmergeable events in hashtable
- commit 952689a
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist dabe729dddca
- commit c7ed171
- fsnotify: fix fsnotify hooks in pseudo filesystems (bsc#1195944
- commit 47e73fb
- btrfs: remove no longer needed full sync flag check at
  inode_logged() (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: add ro compat flags to inodes (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: eliminate some false positives when checking if inode
  was logged (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: constify and cleanup variables in comparators
- commit 24b2386
- ext2: correct max file size computing (bsc#1197820).
- commit 327f163
- ext4: avoid trim error on fs with small groups (bsc#1191271).
- commit cf203a4
- blacklist.conf: Blacklist 81dedaf10c20
- commit 2c9c489
- mm: Fully initialize invalidate_lock, amend lock class later
- commit 5035cbf
- ocfs2: fix crash when initialize filecheck kobj fails
- commit 524f075
- mm: fs: fix lru_cache_disabled race in bh_lru (bsc#1197761).
- commit ceb1ef5
- fs: handle circular mappings correctly (bsc#1197918).
- commit 4d59e0a
- ext4: fix an use-after-free issue about data=journal writeback
  mode (bsc#1195482).
- commit c36bf42
- ext4: destroy ext4_fc_dentry_cachep kmemcache on module removal
- commit 273281c
- nfsd: Fix a write performance regression (bsc#1197016).
- commit 3827cd1
- btrfs: avoid unnecessary lock and leaf splits when updating
  inode in the log (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: remove unnecessary list head initialization when syncing
  log (bsc#1197915).
- btrfs: avoid unnecessary log mutex contention when syncing log
- commit f007cc7
- printk: disable optimistic spin during panic (bsc#1197894).
- commit 70af8b1
- printk: Add panic_in_progress helper (bsc#1197894).
- commit cb51b3b
- blacklist.conf: printk: cosmetic problem
- commit 232518f
- vsprintf: Fix %pK with kptr_restrict == 0 (bsc#1197889).
- commit f47b241
- Revert "/module, async: async_synchronize_full() on module init
  iff async is used"/ (bsc#1197888).
- commit 8d797c5
- wireguard: queueing: use CFI-safe ptr_ring cleanup function
- wireguard: selftests: rename DEBUG_PI_LIST to DEBUG_PLIST
- commit 49909d3
- scsi: lpfc: Fix locking for lpfc_sli_iocbq_lookup()
- scsi: lpfc: Fix broken SLI4 abort path (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix queue failures when recovering from PCI parity
  error (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix unload hang after back to back PCI EEH faults
  (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- scsi: lpfc: Improve PCI EEH Error and Recovery Handling
  (bsc#1197675 bsc#1196478).
- commit 819b0ac
- watchdog: rti-wdt: Add missing pm_runtime_disable() in probe
  function (git-fixes).
- ACPI: CPPC: Avoid out of bounds access when parsing _CPC data
- Documentation: Fix duplicate statement about raw_spinlock_t type
- can: mcba_usb: properly check endpoint type (git-fixes).
- can: mcba_usb: mcba_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb
  in error path (git-fixes).
- can: usb_8dev: usb_8dev_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb()
  in error path (git-fixes).
- can: ems_usb: ems_usb_start_xmit(): fix double dev_kfree_skb()
  in error path (git-fixes).
- can: m_can: m_can_tx_handler(): fix use after free of skb
- can: mcp251xfd: mcp251xfd_register_get_dev_id(): fix return
  of error value (git-fixes).
- can: isotp: restore accidentally removed MSG_PEEK feature
- crypto: arm/aes-neonbs-cbc - Select generic cbc and aes
- commit 18d8ff4
- x86/unwind: kABI workaround for unwind_state changes
- commit d529509
- s390/kexec: fix return code handling (git-fixes).
- commit 7207d12
- s390/setup: avoid reserving memory above identity mapping
- commit 22ee7f5
- scsi: lpfc: Copyright updates for patches
- scsi: lpfc: Update lpfc version to (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor BSG paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor Abort paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor SCSI paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor CT paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor misc ELS paths
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor VMID paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor FDISC paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor LS_RJT paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor LS_ACC paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor the RSCN/SCR/RDF/EDC/FARPR
  paths (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor PLOGI/PRLI/ADISC/LOGO paths
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor base ELS paths and the
  FLOGI path (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Introduce lpfc_prep_wqe
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor fast and slow paths to
  native SLI4 (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: SLI path split: Refactor lpfc_iocbq (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use kcalloc() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Fix typos in comments (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove failing soft_wwn support (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Use rport as argument for lpfc_chk_tgt_mapped()
- scsi: lpfc: Use rport as argument for lpfc_send_taskmgmt()
- scsi: lpfc: Use fc_block_rport() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Drop lpfc_no_handler() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Kill lpfc_bus_reset_handler() (bsc#1197675).
- scsi: lpfc: Remove redundant flush_workqueue() call
- scsi: lpfc: Reduce log messages seen after firmware download
- scsi: lpfc: Remove NVMe support if kernel has NVME_FC disabled
- scsi: lpfc: Use irq_set_affinity() (bsc#1197675).
- commit 8cd02d8
- blacklist.conf: s390x fix not needed with CONFIG_VMAP_STACK=y
- commit df05de4
- net: asix: add proper error handling of usb read errors
- commit cec1c41
- bpf: Disallow negative offset in check_ptr_off_reg (git-fixes).
- commit 08f1628
- bpf: Fix PTR_TO_BTF_ID var_off check (git-fixes).
- commit ca4a34b
- bpf: Add check_func_arg_reg_off function (git-fixes).
- commit 5c52201
- pwm: lpc18xx-sct: Initialize driver data and hardware before
  pwmchip_add() (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: hisi_dma: fix MSI allocate fail when reload hisi_dma
- dmaengine: idxd: restore traffic class defaults after wq reset
- remoteproc: qcom_q6v5_mss: Fix some leaks in
  q6v5_alloc_memory_region (git-fixes).
- remoteproc: qcom_wcnss: Add missing of_node_put() in
  wcnss_alloc_memory_region (git-fixes).
- remoteproc: qcom: Fix missing of_node_put in
  adsp_alloc_memory_region (git-fixes).
- remoteproc: Fix count check in rproc_coredump_write()
- rpmsg: qcom_smd: Fix redundant channel->registered assignment
- clk: qcom: gcc-msm8994: Fix gpll4 width (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Update the frac table for pixel clock
- clk: qcom: clk-rcg2: Update logic to calculate D value for RCG
- clk: qcom: ipq8074: Use floor ops for SDCC1 clock (git-fixes).
- clk: qcom: ipq8074: fix PCI-E clock oops (git-fixes).
- clk: uniphier: Fix fixed-rate initialization (git-fixes).
- clk: Initialize orphan req_rate (git-fixes).
- clk: Fix clk_hw_get_clk() when dev is NULL (git-fixes).
- clk: bcm2835: Remove unused variable (git-fixes).
- clk: tegra: tegra124-emc: Fix missing put_device() call in
  emc_ensure_emc_driver (git-fixes).
- clk: clps711x: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element
- clk: hisilicon: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element
- clk: loongson1: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element
- clk: actions: Terminate clk_div_table with sentinel element
- clk: imx: off by one in imx_lpcg_parse_clks_from_dt()
- clk: imx7d: Remove audio_mclk_root_clk (git-fixes).
- clk: nxp: Remove unused variable (git-fixes).
- clk: at91: sama7g5: fix parents of PDMCs' GCLK (git-fixes).
- commit 7654d6c
- cpufreq: qcom-cpufreq-nvmem: fix reading of PVS Valid fuse
- dma-debug: fix return value of __setup handlers (git-fixes).
- commit 3817fbc
- bpf, selftests: Add various ringbuf tests with invalid offset
  (bsc#1194111 bsc#1194765 CVE-2021-4204 CVE-2022-23222).
- commit 7e4daf8
- tracing: Have trace event string test handle zero length strings
- commit d722f48
- ext4: fix ext4_fc_stats trace point (git-fixes).
- commit 76c15f8
- blacklist.conf: 2f293651eca3 ("/livepatch: Fix build failure on 32 bits processors"/)
  32bit (powerpc) live patching is not supported.
- commit 9af010a
- bpf, selftests: Update test case for atomic cmpxchg on r0 with
  pointer (git-fixes).
- commit 36b1af6
- bpf, selftests: Add test case for atomic fetch on spilled
  pointer (git-fixes bsc#1193883 bsc#1194826 CVE-2022-0264).
- commit 1e154c0
- selftests/bpf: Some more atomic tests (git-fixes bsc#1193883 bsc#1194826
- commit 0010236
- bpf: Fix UAF due to race between btf_try_get_module and
  load_module (git-fixes).
- commit 6d1d264
- bpf: Mark PTR_TO_FUNC register initially with zero offset
- commit 3ebe846
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix typos in comments (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Increase max limit of ql2xnvme_queues
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use correct feature type field during RFF_ID
  processing (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session of PRLI reject (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Reduce false trigger to login (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix laggy FC remote port session recovery
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix hang due to session stuck (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix N2N inconsistent PLOGI (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix crash during module load unload test
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix missed DMA unmap for NVMe ls requests
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix loss of NVMe namespaces after driver reload
  test (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix disk failure to rediscover (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix incorrect reporting of task management
  failure (bsc#1197661).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use named initializers for q_dev_state
- scsi: qla2xxx: Use named initializers for port_state_str
- scsi: qla2xxx: Stop using the SCSI pointer (bsc#1197661).
- commit 60d6aa2
- Revert "/rpm/ use default dracut modules (bsc#1195926)"/
  This reverts commit beb790e1e013350f13ede349c015d8149c603787.
- commit 122bc9d
- powerpc/pseries: Fix use after free in remove_phb_dynamic()
- powerpc/tm: Fix more userspace r13 corruption (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/xive: fix return value of __setup handler (bsc#1065729).
- powerpc/sysdev: fix incorrect use to determine if list is empty
- commit d34af8f
- bpf: Fix kernel address leakage in atomic cmpxchg's r0 aux reg
- commit 851556a
- xfs: drop async cache flushes from CIL commits (bsc#1195669).
- commit ed76e3d
- mmc: rtsx: Fix build errors/warnings for unused variable
- commit ce609f9
- mmc: rtsx: Let MMC core handle runtime PM (git-fixes).
- commit 0ff3f87
- net/x25: Fix null-ptr-deref caused by x25_disconnect
- net: phy: broadcom: Fix brcm_fet_config_init() (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250: fix XOFF/XON sending when DMA is used (git-fixes).
- serial: 8250: Fix race condition in RTS-after-send handling
- serial: 8250_lpss: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device
- serial: 8250_mid: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device
- serial: 8250_aspeed_vuart: add PORT_ASPEED_VUART port type
- serial: core: Fix the definition name in the comment of UPF_*
  flags (git-fixes).
- phy: phy-brcm-usb: fixup BCM4908 support (git-fixes).
- phy: dphy: Correct lpx parameter and its
  derivatives(ta_{get,go,sure}) (git-fixes).
- soundwire: intel: fix wrong register name in intel_shim_wake
- VMCI: Fix the description of vmci_check_host_caps() (git-fixes).
- pps: clients: gpio: Propagate return value from pps_gpio_probe
- mmc: rtsx: Use pm_runtime_{get,put}() to handle runtime PM
- pinctrl/rockchip: Add missing of_node_put() in
  rockchip_pinctrl_probe (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: nomadik: Add missing of_node_put() in nmk_pinctrl_probe
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Skip custom extra pin config dump
  for virtual GPIOs (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Fix pingroup pin config state readback
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Fix "/argument"/ argument type for
  mtk_pinconf_get() (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: mediatek: paris: Fix PIN_CONFIG_BIAS_* readback
- pinctrl: pinconf-generic: Print arguments for bias-pull-*
- pinctrl: mediatek: Fix missing of_node_put() in mtk_pctrl_init
- pinctrl: renesas: checker: Fix miscalculation of number of
  states (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: renesas: r8a77470: Reduce size for narrow VIN1 channel
- pinctrl: nuvoton: npcm7xx: Rename DS() macro to DSTR()
- pinctrl: nuvoton: npcm7xx: Use %zu printk format for
  ARRAY_SIZE() (git-fixes).
- tpm: use try_get_ops() in tpm-space.c (git-fixes).
- tpm: Fix error handling in async work (git-fixes).
- commit 643f2cc
- driver core: dd: fix return value of __setup handler
- firmware: google: Properly state IOMEM dependency (git-fixes).
- firmware: sysfb: fix platform-device leak in error path
- firmware: stratix10-svc: add missing callback parameter on RSU
- iio: accel: mma8452: use the correct logic to get mma8452_data
- iio: adc: Add check for devm_request_threaded_irq (git-fixes).
- staging:iio:adc:ad7280a: Fix handing of device address bit
  reversing (git-fixes).
- iio: mma8452: Fix probe failing when an i2c_device_id is used
- iio: afe: rescale: use s64 for temporary scale calculations
- iio: inkern: make a best effort on offset calculation
- iio: inkern: apply consumer scale when no channel scale is
  available (git-fixes).
- iio: inkern: apply consumer scale on IIO_VAL_INT cases
- habanalabs: Add check for pci_enable_device (git-fixes).
- misc: sgi-gru: Don't cast parameter in bit operations
- comedi: drivers: ni_routes: Use strcmp() instead of memcmp()
- misc: alcor_pci: Fix an error handling path (git-fixes).
- dt-bindings: pinctrl: pinctrl-microchip-sgpio: Fix example
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add another Realtek 8761BU (git-fixes).
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add one more Bluetooth part for the Realtek
  RTL8852AE (git-fixes).
- crypto: qat - disable registration of algorithms (git-fixes).
- ACPI: video: Force backlight native for Clevo NL5xRU and NL5xNU
- ACPI: battery: Add device HID and quirk for Microsoft Surface
  Go 3 (git-fixes).
- ACPI / x86: Work around broken XSDT on Advantech DAC-BJ01 board
- commit 95c9747
- bpf: Fix comment for helper bpf_current_task_under_cgroup()
- commit 20a25b6
- drm/i915/ttm: ensure we unmap when purging (git-fixes).
- commit 6b15818
- blacklist.conf: f3cb4a2de541 drm/i915/ttm: only fault WILLNEED objects
- commit 64673e1
- Refresh
- commit ee566a7
- Refresh patches.suse/drm-i915-Widen-the-QGV-point-mask.patch.
- commit 29d981f
- blacklist.conf: 068396bb21c8 drm/i915/ttm: Rework object initialization slightly
- commit 404bf29
- powerpc/mm/numa: skip NUMA_NO_NODE onlining in
  parse_numa_properties() (bsc#1179639 ltc#189002 git-fixes).
- commit b52421d
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add alc256-samsung-headphone fixup
- ALSA: hda/realtek: fix right sounds and mute/micmute LEDs for
  HP machines (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Add AlderLake-PS variant PCI ID (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Add PCI and HDMI IDs for Intel Raptor Lake
- ALSA: hda: Fix driver index handling at re-binding (git-fixes).
- commit a6a01f1
- ALSA: kABI workaround for snd_pcm_runtime changes (CVE-2022-1048
- commit ad07b38
- ALSA: pci: fix reading of swapped values from pcmreg in AC97
  codec (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pcm: Add stream lock during PCM reset ioctl operations
- ALSA: pcm: Fix races among concurrent prealloc proc writes
- ALSA: pcm: Fix races among concurrent prepare and
  hw_params/hw_free calls (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pcm: Fix races among concurrent read/write and buffer
  changes (git-fixes).
- ALSA: pcm: Fix races among concurrent hw_params and hw_free
  calls (git-fixes).
- ALSA: oss: Fix PCM OSS buffer allocation overflow (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GA402 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Add mute TLV for playback volumes on RODE
  NT-USB (git-fixes).
- commit cd09a05
- mailbox: imx: fix crash in resume on i.mx8ulp (git-fixes).
- mailbox: tegra-hsp: Flush whole channel (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix headset mic problem for a HP machine
  with alc671 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NP50PNJ (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: add mapping for new Corsair Virtuoso SE
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Clevo NP70PNJ (git-fixes).
- watch_queue: Actually free the watch (git-fixes).
- watch_queue: Fix NULL dereference in error cleanup (git-fixes).
- mailbox: change mailbox-mpfs compatible string (git-fixes).
- commit c338df3
- Move upstreamed patches into sorted section
- commit 8e8d2c1
- of: unittest: update text of expected warnings (git-fixes).
- commit f6fd7da
- dt-bindings: usb: hcd: correct usb-device path (git-fixes).
- drm/edid: check basic audio support on CEA extension block
- drm/i915: Fix PSF GV point mask when SAGV is not possible
- dt-bindings: spi: mxic: The interrupt property is not mandatory
- dt-bindings: mtd: nand-controller: Fix a comment in the examples
- dt-bindings: mtd: nand-controller: Fix the reg property
  description (git-fixes).
- HID: i2c-hid: fix GET/SET_REPORT for unnumbered reports
- HID: intel-ish-hid: Use dma_alloc_coherent for firmware update
- dt-bindings: net: xgmac_mdio: Remove unsupported "/bus-frequency"/
- dt-bindings: memory: mtk-smi: No need mediatek,larb-id for
  mt8167 (git-fixes).
- KEYS: asymmetric: properly validate hash_algo and encoding
- KEYS: trusted: Avoid calling null function trusted_key_exit
- KEYS: trusted: Fix trusted key backends when building as module
- KEYS: fix length validation in keyctl_pkey_params_get_2()
- dt-bindings: can: tcan4x5x: fix mram-cfg RX FIFO config
- dt-bindings: watchdog: Require samsung,syscon-phandle for
  Exynos7 (git-fixes).
- of/fdt: Don't worry about non-memory region overlap for no-map
- of: base: Improve argument length mismatch error (git-fixes).
- of: base: Fix phandle argument length mismatch error message
- of: unittest: 64 bit dma address test requires arch support
- of: unittest: fix warning on PowerPC frame size warning
- commit aae6d8d
- mfd: asic3: Add missing iounmap() on error asic3_mfd_probe
- mfd: exynos-lpass: Drop unneeded syscon.h include (git-fixes).
- mfd: mc13xxx: Add check for mc13xxx_irq_request (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: atmel: fix refcount issue in
  atmel_nand_controller_init (git-fixes).
- mtd: rawnand: pl353: Set the nand chip node as the flash node
- mtd: rawnand: gpmi: fix controller timings setting (git-fixes).
- mtd: onenand: Check for error irq (git-fixes).
- spi: mxic: Fix the transmit path (git-fixes).
- mtd: mchp48l640: Add SPI ID table (git-fixes).
- mtd: mchp23k256: Add SPI ID table (git-fixes).
- power: supply: wm8350-power: Add missing free in
  free_charger_irq (git-fixes).
- power: supply: wm8350-power: Handle error for
  wm8350_register_irq (git-fixes).
- power: supply: bq24190_charger: Fix bq24190_vbus_is_enabled()
  wrong false return (git-fixes).
- power: supply: sbs-charger: Don't cancel work that is not
  initialized (git-fixes).
- power: supply: ab8500: Fix memory leak in ab8500_fg_sysfs_init
- power: reset: gemini-poweroff: Fix IRQ check in
  gemini_poweroff_probe (git-fixes).
- PCI: imx6: Allow to probe when dw_pcie_wait_for_link() fails
- PCI: aardvark: Fix reading PCI_EXP_RTSTA_PME bit on emulated
  bridge (git-fixes).
- PCI: aardvark: Fix reading MSI interrupt number (git-fixes).
- PCI: Avoid broken MSI on SB600 USB devices (git-fixes).
- PCI: pciehp: Clear cmd_busy bit in polling mode (git-fixes).
- platform/x86: huawei-wmi: check the return value of
  device_create_file() (git-fixes).
- platform/surface: surface3-wmi: Simplify resource management
- commit 28e1425
- usb: gadget: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- usb: usbip: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit
- USB: storage: ums-realtek: fix error code in rts51x_read_mem()
- USB: serial: pl2303: fix GS type detection (git-fixes).
- xhci: fix runtime PM imbalance in USB2 resume (git-fixes).
- xhci: fix uninitialized string returned by
  xhci_decode_ctrl_ctx() (git-fixes).
- xhci: fix garbage USBSTS being logged in some cases (git-fixes).
- xhci: make xhci_handshake timeout for xhci_reset() adjustable
- USB: hcd-pci: Use PCI_STD_NUM_BARS when checking standard BARs
- i2c: mux: demux-pinctrl: do not deactivate a master that is
  not active (git-fixes).
- i2c: meson: Fix wrong speed use from probe (git-fixes).
- i2c: xiic: Make bus names unique (git-fixes).
- commit 3442073
- kABI: Fix kABI after "/x86/mm/cpa: Generalize __set_memory_enc_pgtable()"/ (jsc#SLE-19924).
- commit e24bb1c
- x86/mm/cpa: Generalize __set_memory_enc_pgtable()
- x86/coco: Add API to handle encryption mask (jsc#SLE-19924).
- x86/coco: Explicitly declare type of confidential computing
  platform (jsc#SLE-19924).
- x86/cc: Move arch/x86/{kernel/cc_platform.c => coco/core.c}
- commit 250ae25
- mm/page_alloc.c: do not warn allocation failure on zone DMA
  if no managed pages (bsc#1197501).
- dma/pool: create dma atomic pool only if dma zone has managed
  pages (bsc#1197501).
- mm_zone: add function to check if managed dma zone exists
- commit 5d0120a
- Revert "/Input: clear BTN_RIGHT/MIDDLE on buttonpads"/
- commit 34f056c
- Move upstreamed patches into sorted section
  Also resort series
- commit f444242
- Drop HID multitouch fix patch (bsc#1197243)
  Delete patches.suse/HID-multitouch-fix-Dell-Precision-7550-and-7750-butt.patch.
  Replaced with another revert patch.
- commit b38132c
- lib: bitmap: fix many kernel-doc warnings (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7921: fix mt7921_queues_acq implementation (git-fixes).
- mac80211: fix potential double free on mesh join (git-fixes).
- wcn36xx: Differentiate wcn3660 from wcn3620 (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: Fix an error code in iwl_mvm_up() (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: Fix -EIO error code that is never returned (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: yoyo: remove DBGI_SRAM address reset writing
- iwlwifi: mvm: align locking in D3 test debugfs (git-fixes).
- vxcan: enable local echo for sent CAN frames (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7615: check sta_rates pointer in
  mt7615_sta_rate_tbl_update (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7603: check sta_rates pointer in
  mt7603_sta_rate_tbl_update (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7615: fix a leftover race in runtime-pm (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7921: fix a leftover race in runtime-pm (git-fixes).
- mt76: mt7915: use proper aid value in mt7915_mcu_sta_basic_tlv
- mt76: connac: fix sta_rec_wtbl tag len (git-fixes).
- TOMOYO: fix __setup handlers return values (git-fixes).
- commit 4c9613e
- drm/i915/display: Fix HPD short pulse handling for eDP
- drm/i915/gem: add missing boundary check in vm_access
- drm/msm/dsi: Use "/ref"/ fw clock instead of global name for
  VCO parent (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dp: always add fail-safe mode into connector mode list
- drm/msm/dp: stop link training after link training 2 failed
- drm/msm/dp: populate connector of struct dp_panel (git-fixes).
- drm/msm/dpu: fix dp audio condition (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: don't iterate unadded vifs when handling FW SMPS
  req (git-fixes).
- iwlwifi: mvm: Don't call iwl_mvm_sta_from_mac80211() with NULL
  sta (git-fixes).
- commit 246c690
- drm/msm/dpu: add DSPP blocks teardown (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: cdns-dsi: Make sure to to create proper aliases
  for dt (git-fixes).
- drm/tegra: Fix reference leak in tegra_dsi_ganged_probe
- drm/amd/display: Remove vupdate_int_entry definition
- drm/bridge: anx7625: Fix overflow issue on reading EDID
- drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: use safe format when first in bridge chain
- drm/fb-helper: Mark screen buffers in system memory with
  FBINFO_VIRTFB (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Add affected crtcs to atomic state for dsc
  mst unplug (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/pm: enable pm sysfs write for one VF mode (git-fixes).
- commit 6c4107e
- drm/amd/pm: return -ENOTSUPP if there is no
  get_dpm_ultimate_freq function (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in
  amdgpu_dm_connector_add_common_modes() (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: suppress the warning about enum value
  'AMD_IP_BLOCK_TYPE_NUM' (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: don't do resets on APUs which don't support it
- drm/nouveau/acr: Fix undefined behavior in
  nvkm_acr_hsfw_load_bl() (git-fixes).
- drm/edid: Don't clear formats if using deep color (git-fixes).
- drm/selftests/test-drm_dp_mst_helper: Fix memory leak in
  sideband_msg_req_encode_decode (git-fixes).
- drm/virtio: Ensure that objs is not NULL in
  virtio_gpu_array_put_free() (git-fixes).
- drm: bridge: fix unmet dependency on DRM_KMS_HELPER for
  DRM_PANEL_BRIDGE (git-fixes).
- commit 6f749c2
- drm/panfrost: Check for error num after setting mask
- drm/doc: overview before functions for drm_writeback.c
- drm/v3d/v3d_drv: Check for error num after setting mask
- drm: bridge: adv7511: Fix ADV7535 HPD enablement (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: nwl-dsi: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
  nwl_dsi_probe (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: Add missing pm_runtime_disable() in
  __dw_mipi_dsi_probe (git-fixes).
- drm/bridge: Fix free wrong object in sii8620_init_rcp_input_dev
- drm/meson: osd_afbcd: Add an exit callback to struct
  meson_afbcd_ops (git-fixes).
- docs: sysctl/kernel: add missing bit to panic_print (git-fixes).
- carl9170: fix missing bit-wise or operator for tx_params
- commit 66bcea3
- Bluetooth: btmtksdio: Fix kernel oops in btmtksdio_interrupt
- Bluetooth: call hci_le_conn_failed with hdev lock in
  hci_le_conn_failed (git-fixes).
- can: isotp: support MSG_TRUNC flag when reading from socket
- can: isotp: return -EADDRNOTAVAIL when reading from unbound
  socket (git-fixes).
- brcmfmac: pcie: Fix crashes due to early IRQs (git-fixes).
- brcmfmac: pcie: Replace brcmf_pcie_copy_mem_todev with
  memcpy_toio (git-fixes).
- brcmfmac: pcie: Declare missing firmware files in pcie.c
- brcmfmac: firmware: Allocate space for default boardrev in nvram
- brcmfmac: pcie: Release firmwares in the brcmf_pcie_setup
  error path (git-fixes).
- commit 5a1e763
- bitfield: add explicit inclusions to the example (git-fixes).
- ath10k: Fix error handling in ath10k_setup_msa_resources
- Revert "/ath: add support for special 0x0 regulatory domain"/
- ath9k_htc: fix uninit value bugs (git-fixes).
- ath10k: fix memory overwrite of the WoWLAN wakeup packet pattern
- Bluetooth: hci_serdev: call init_rwsem() before p->open()
- Bluetooth: btusb: Whitespace fixes for btusb_setup_csr()
- Bluetooth: btintel: Fix WBS setting for Intel legacy ROM
  products (git-fixes).
- commit 5117e32
- Update HyperV Jira references (jsc#SLE-24072, jsc#SLE-17855)
- commit f9a043f
- pinctrl: samsung: drop pin banks references on error paths
- memory: emif: check the pointer temp in get_device_details()
- memory: emif: Add check for setup_interrupts (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: aoss: remove spurious IRQF_ONESHOT flags (git-fixes).
- soc: qcom: ocmem: Fix missing put_device() call in of_get_ocmem
- soc: qcom: rpmpd: Check for null return of devm_kcalloc
- soc: mediatek: pm-domains: Add wakeup capacity support in
  power domain (git-fixes).
- soc: ti: wkup_m3_ipc: Fix IRQ check in wkup_m3_ipc_probe
- video: fbdev: omapfb: Add missing of_node_put() in dvic_probe_of
- video: fbdev: fbcvt.c: fix printing in fb_cvt_print_name()
- video: fbdev: atmel_lcdfb: fix an error code in
  atmel_lcdfb_probe() (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: smscufx: Fix null-ptr-deref in ufx_usb_probe()
- video: fbdev: controlfb: Fix COMPILE_TEST build (git-fixes).
- video: fbdev: matroxfb: set maxvram of vbG200eW to the same
  as vbG200 to avoid black screen (git-fixes).
- mmc: davinci_mmc: Handle error for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- mmc: sdhci_am654: Fix the driver data of AM64 SoC (git-fixes).
- usb: usbtmc: Fix bug in pipe direction for control transfers
- net: phy: mscc: Add MODULE_FIRMWARE macros (git-fixes).
- net: phy: marvell: Fix invalid comparison in the resume and
  suspend functions (git-fixes).
- commit 640a02e
- media: ov5640: Fix set format, v4l2_mbus_pixelcode not updated
- media: v4l2-core: Initialize h264 scaling matrix (git-fixes).
- media: cedrus: h264: Fix neighbour info buffer size (git-fixes).
- media: cedrus: H265: Fix neighbour info buffer size (git-fixes).
- media: usb: go7007: s2250-board: fix leak in probe()
- media: em28xx: initialize refcount before kref_get (git-fixes).
- media: doc: pixfmt-rgb: Fix V4L2_PIX_FMT_BGR24 format
  description (git-fixes).
- media: vidtv: Check for null return of vzalloc (git-fixes).
- media: stk1160: If start stream fails, return buffers with
  VB2_BUF_STATE_QUEUED (git-fixes).
- commit 4ef6549
- media: Revert "/media: em28xx: add missing
  em28xx_close_extension"/ (git-fixes).
- media: venus: hfi_cmds: List HDR10 property as unsupported
  for v1 and v3 (git-fixes).
- media: ti-vpe: cal: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in
  cal_ctx_v4l2_init_formats() (git-fixes).
- media: video/hdmi: handle short reads of hdmi info frame
- media: mexon-ge2d: fixup frames size in registers (git-fixes).
- media: aspeed: Correct value for h-total-pixels (git-fixes).
- media: ov5648: Don't pack controls struct (git-fixes).
- media: v4l: Avoid unaligned access warnings when printing 4cc
  modifiers (git-fixes).
- media: ov6650: Fix crop rectangle affected by set format
- media: ov6650: Add try support to selection API operations
- commit b4a8bfb
- media: ov6650: Fix set format try processing path (git-fixes).
- media: hantro: Fix overfill bottom register field name
- media: doc: pixfmt-yuv: Fix V4L2-PIX-FMT-Y10P format
- media: coda: Fix missing put_device() call in coda_get_vdoa_data
- media: atmel: atmel-sama7g5-isc: fix ispck leftover (git-fixes).
- media: bttv: fix WARNING regression on tunerless devices
- media: davinci: vpif: fix unbalanced runtime PM enable
- media: davinci: vpif: fix unbalanced runtime PM get (git-fixes).
- media: mtk-vcodec: potential dereference of null pointer
- commit 04703ec
- firmware: qcom: scm: Remove reassignment to desc following
  initializer (git-fixes).
- media: v4l2-mem2mem: Apply DST_QUEUE_OFF_BASE on MMAP buffers
  across ioctls (git-fixes).
- media: staging: media: imx: imx7-mipi-csis: Make subdev name
  unique (git-fixes).
- media: camss: vfe-170: fix "/VFE halt timeout"/ error (git-fixes).
- media: camss: csid-170: set the right HALT_CMD when disabled
- media: camss: csid-170: remove stray comment (git-fixes).
- media: camss: csid-170: don't enable unused irqs (git-fixes).
- media: camss: csid-170: fix non-10bit formats (git-fixes).
- media: staging: media: zoran: fix usage of
  vb2_dma_contig_set_max_seg_size (git-fixes).
- Input: aiptek - properly check endpoint type (git-fixes).
- commit ab62902
- firmware: ti_sci: Fix compilation failure when
  CONFIG_TI_SCI_PROTOCOL is not defined (git-fixes).
- ASoC: sti: Fix deadlock via snd_pcm_stop_xrun() call
- ASoC: amd: Fix reference to PCM buffer address (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: Add missing of_node_put() in
  wcd934x_codec_parse_data (git-fixes).
- ASoC: msm8916-wcd-analog: Fix error handling in
  pm8916_wcd_analog_spmi_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel: Fix error handling in sam9x5_wm8731_driver_probe
- ASoC: SOF: Intel: enable DMI L1 for playback streams
- ASoC: msm8916-wcd-digital: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare()
  in msm8916_wcd_digital_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: imx-es8328: Fix error return code in imx_es8328_probe()
- efi: fix return value of __setup handlers (git-fixes).
- commit 8a84a24
- ASoC: fsl_spdif: Disable TX clock when stop (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: topology: remove redundant code (git-fixes).
- ASoC: dmaengine: do not use a NULL prepare_slave_config()
  callback (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mxs: Fix error handling in mxs_sgtl5000_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rk817: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare() in
  rk817_platform_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Add missing of_node_put() in imx8m_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rockchip: i2s: Fix missing clk_disable_unprepare()
  in rockchip_i2s_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel: Fix error handling in snd_proto_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsi: Add check for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- commit 549be6b
- ASoC: wm8350: Handle error for wm8350_register_irq (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel: Add missing of_node_put() in
  at91sam9g20ek_audio_probe (git-fixes).
- ASoC: dwc-i2s: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: mxs-saif: Handle errors for clk_enable (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ti: davinci-i2s: Add check for clk_enable() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rt5663: check the return value of devm_kzalloc() in
  rt5663_parse_dp() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: simple-card-utils: Set sysclk on all components
- ASoC: xilinx: xlnx_formatter_pcm: Handle sysclk setting
- ASoC: topology: Optimize soc_tplg_dapm_graph_elems_load behavior
- commit 25d68ae
- arm64: dts: rockchip: Fix SDIO regulator supply properties on
  rk3399-firefly (git-fixes).
- ASoC: topology: Allow TLV control to be either read or write
- ASoC: codecs: Check for error pointer after calling
  devm_regmap_init_mmio (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: Intel: Fix NULL ptr dereference when ENOMEM
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: fix return value of
  wcd934x_rx_hph_mode_put (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wcd934x: fix kcontrol max values (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: wc938x: fix accessing array out of bounds for
  enum type (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: va-macro: fix accessing array out of bounds for
  enum type (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: rx-macro: fix accessing array out of bounds for
  enum type (git-fixes).
- ASoC: codecs: rx-macro: fix accessing compander for aux
- commit 8cdd72e
- arm64: dts: broadcom: Fix sata nodename (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ns2: Fix spi-cpol and spi-cpha property (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: broadcom: bcm4908: use proper TWD binding
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: Fix MSI IRQ for PCIe1 and PCIe2
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8350: Correct TCS configuration for apps
  rsc (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8150: Correct TCS configuration for apps
  rsc (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8250: fix PCIe bindings to follow schema
- arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845: fix microphone bias properties and
  values (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: qcom: ipq4019: fix sleep clock (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-am64: Fix gic-v3 compatible regs (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-j7200: Fix gic-v3 compatible regs
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-j721e: Fix gic-v3 compatible regs
- arm64: dts: ti: k3-am65: Fix gic-v3 compatible regs (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: Fix OpenBMC flash layout label addresses (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: stm32: fix AV96 board SAI2 pin muxing on stm32mp15
- ARM: dts: at91: sama5d2: Fix PMERRLOC resource size (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: renesas: ulcb-kf: fix wrong comment (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: sun8i: v3s: Move the csi1 block to follow address
  order (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx: Add missing LVDS decoder on M53Menlo (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: exynos: fix UART3 pins configuration in Exynos5250
- ARM: configs: multi_v5_defconfig: re-enable DRM_PANEL and FB_xxx
- ARM: configs: multi_v5_defconfig: re-enable
- ARM: ftrace: ensure that ADR takes the Thumb bit into account
- ALSA: spi: Add check for clk_enable() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: cmipci: Restore aux vol on suspend/resume (git-fixes).
- ALSA: firewire-lib: fix uninitialized flag for AV/C deferred
  transaction (git-fixes).
- arm64: fix clang warning about TRAMP_VALIAS (git-fixes).
- alx: acquire mutex for alx_reinit in alx_change_mtu (git-fixes).
- commit 4b012b4
- Update
  (stable-5.14.19 bsc#1197366 CVE-2021-45868).
- commit a567e14
- iavf: Fix hang during reboot/shutdown (jsc#SLE-18385).
- net: handle ARPHRD_PIMREG in dev_is_mac_header_xmit()
- iavf: Fix double free in iavf_reset_task (jsc#SLE-18385).
- ice: fix NULL pointer dereference in
  ice_update_vsi_tx_ring_stats() (jsc#SLE-18375).
- net/mlx5e: Lag, Only handle events from highest priority
  multipath entry (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: Fix a race on command flush flow (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: Fix size field in bufferx_reg struct (git-fixes).
- ice: Fix curr_link_speed advertised speed (git-fixes).
- ice: Don't use GFP_KERNEL in atomic context (git-fixes).
- qed: return status of qed_iov_get_link (git-fixes).
- net: qlogic: check the return value of dma_alloc_coherent()
  in qed_vf_hw_prepare() (git-fixes).
- RDMA/cma: Do not change route.addr.src_addr outside state checks
- RDMA/ib_srp: Fix a deadlock (git-fixes).
- RDMA/rtrs-clt: Move free_permit from free_clt to rtrs_clt_close
- RDMA/rtrs-clt: Fix possible double free in error case
- IB/qib: Fix duplicate sysfs directory name (git-fixes).
- commit b4c6170
- media: omap3isp: Use struct_group() for memcpy() region
- spi: Fix Tegra QSPI example (git-fixes).
- spi: spi-zynqmp-gqspi: Handle error for dma_set_mask
- spi: pxa2xx-pci: Balance reference count for PCI DMA device
- spi: tegra210-quad: Fix missin IRQ check in tegra_qspi_probe
- spi: tegra114: Add missing IRQ check in tegra_spi_probe
- regulator: qcom_smd: fix for_each_child.cocci warnings
- hwrng: nomadik - Change clk_disable to clk_disable_unprepare
- hwrng: atmel - disable trng on failure path (git-fixes).
- thermal: int340x: Increase bitmap size (git-fixes).
- thermal: int340x: Check for NULL after calling kmemdup()
- PM: domains: Fix sleep-in-atomic bug caused by
  genpd_debug_remove() (git-fixes).
- PM: suspend: fix return value of __setup handler (git-fixes).
- PM: hibernate: fix __setup handler error handling (git-fixes).
- commit c705616
- hwmon: (pmbus) Add Vin unit off handling (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (sch56xx-common) Replace WDOG_ACTIVE with WDOG_HW_RUNNING
- hwmon: (pmbus) Add mutex to regulator ops (git-fixes).
- crypto: ccree - Fix use after free in cc_cipher_exit()
- crypto: ccp - ccp_dmaengine_unregister release dma channels
- crypto: cavium/nitrox - don't cast parameter in bit operations
- crypto: vmx - add missing dependencies (git-fixes).
- crypto: engine - check if BH is disabled during completion
- crypto: gemini - call finalize with bh disabled (git-fixes).
- crypto: amlogic - call finalize with bh disabled (git-fixes).
- commit 7b5cd0c
- crypto: sun8i-ce - call finalize with bh disabled (git-fixes).
- crypto: sun8i-ss - call finalize with bh disabled (git-fixes).
- crypto: hisilicon/sec - fix the aead software fallback for
  engine (git-fixes).
- crypto: ccree - don't attempt 0 len DMA mappings (git-fixes).
- crypto: rockchip - ECB does not need IV (git-fixes).
- crypto: qat - don't cast parameter in bit operations
- crypto: octeontx2 - remove CONFIG_DM_CRYPT check (git-fixes).
- crypto: mxs-dcp - Fix scatterlist processing (git-fixes).
- crypto: authenc - Fix sleep in atomic context in decrypt_tail
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - fix buffer overread in
  pkcs1pad_verify_complete() (git-fixes).
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - restore signature length check
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - correctly get hash from source
  scatterlist (git-fixes).
- crypto: rsa-pkcs1pad - only allow with rsa (git-fixes).
- crypto: sun8i-ss - really disable hash on A80 (git-fixes).
- cpuidle: intel_idle: Update intel_idle() kerneldoc comment
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Amend PWM enumeration ASL example
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Remove redundant .owner assignment
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Update UART serial bus resource
  documentation (git-fixes).
- ACPI: docs: enumeration: Discourage to use custom _DSM methods
- ACPI: APEI: fix return value of __setup handlers (git-fixes).
- clocksource: acpi_pm: fix return value of __setup handler
- ACPI: properties: Consistently return -ENOENT if there are no
  more references (git-fixes).
- clocksource/drivers/timer-of: Check return value of of_iomap
  in timer_of_base_init() (git-fixes).
- clocksource/drivers/timer-microchip-pit64b: Use notrace
- clocksource/drivers/timer-ti-dm: Fix regression from errata
  i940 fix (git-fixes).
- arm64: signal: nofpsimd: Do not allocate fp/simd context when
  not available (git-fixes).
- arm64/mm: avoid fixmap race condition when create pud mapping
- arm64: prevent instrumentation of bp hardening callbacks
- NFS: Do not report writeback errors in nfs_getattr()
- NFS: Remove an incorrect revalidation in
  nfs4_update_changeattr_locked() (git-fixes).
- NFS: Ensure the server has an up to date ctime before renaming
- commit 87a7953
- rpm/ skip SLOW_DISK workers for kernel-source
- commit e84694f
- macros.kernel-source: Fix conditional expansion.
  Fixes: bb95fef3cf19 ("/rpm: Use bash for %() expansion (jsc#SLE-18234)."/)
- commit 7e857f7
- ibmvnic: fix race between xmit and reset (bsc#1197302
- commit c0ccfb9
- blacklist.conf: Remove blacklist entries that are included in the tree via -stable
  These are preventing an update of SLE 15 SP4 RT due to a commit trigger.
  blacklisted: fb8c3a3c52400512fc8b3b61150057b888c30b0d
  Applied by:  patches.suse/ath5k-fix-building-with-LEDS-m.patch
  blacklisted: 435b08ec0094ac1e128afe6cfd0d9311a8c617a7
  Applied by:  patches.suse/bpf-test-cgroup-Use-sk_-alloc-free-for-test-cases.patch
  blacklisted: 27730c8cd60d1574d8337276e7a9d7d2ca92e0d1
  Applied by:  patches.suse/perf-script-Fix-PERF_SAMPLE_WEIGHT_STRUCT-support.patch
- commit 1f2accf
- Update config files (bsc#1195926 bsc#1175667).
- commit 899511b
- Update patches.suse/mm-khugepaged-skip-huge-page-collapse-for-special-fi.patch
  (stable-5.14.16 bsc#1193983 CVE-2021-4148).
- commit 6200b3c
- usb: gadget: Fix use-after-free bug by not setting
  udc->dev.driver (git-fixes).
- usb: gadget: rndis: prevent integer overflow in
  rndis_set_response() (git-fixes).
- drm/vrr: Set VRR capable prop only if it is attached to
  connector (git-fixes).
- nl80211: Update bss channel on channel switch for P2P_CLIENT
- iwlwifi: don't advertise TWT support (git-fixes).
- mac80211: refuse aggregations sessions before authorized
- atm: firestream: check the return value of ioremap() in
  fs_init() (git-fixes).
- can: rcar_canfd: rcar_canfd_channel_probe(): register the CAN
  device when fully ready (git-fixes).
- ARM: 9178/1: fix unmet dependency on BITREVERSE for
- ARM: dts: rockchip: fix a typo on rk3288 crypto-controller
- ARM: dts: rockchip: reorder rk322x hmdi clocks (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: rockchip: reorder rk3399 hdmi clocks (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: rockchip: align pl330 node name with dtschema
- arm64: dts: rockchip: fix rk3399-puma eMMC HS400 signal
  integrity (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: rockchip: fix rk3399-puma-haikou USB OTG mode
- arm64: dts: agilex: use the compatible
  "/intel,socfpga-agilex-hsotg"/ (git-fixes).
- commit 8f6b7bc
- rpm: Use bash for %() expansion (jsc#SLE-18234).
  Since 15.4 alternatives for /bin/sh are provided by packages
  <something>-sh. While the interpreter for the build script can be
  selected the interpreter for %() cannot.
  The kernel spec files use bashisms in %().
  While this could technically be fixed there is more serious underlying
  problem: neither bash nor any of the alternatives are 100% POSIX
  compliant nor bug-free.
  It is not my intent to maintain bug compatibility with any number of
  shells for shell scripts embedded in the kernel spec file. The spec file
  syntax is not documented so embedding the shell script in it causes some
  unspecified transformation to be applied to it. That means that
  ultimately any changes must be tested by building the kernel, n times if
  n shells are supported.
  To reduce maintenance effort require that bash is used for kernel build
- commit bb95fef
- powerpc/bpf: Update ldimm64 instructions during extra pass
- commit 45a01a1
- drm/panel: simple: Fix Innolux G070Y2-L01 BPP settings
- drm/imx: parallel-display: Remove bus flags check in
  imx_pd_bridge_atomic_check() (git-fixes).
- commit e115c05
- HID: multitouch: fix Dell Precision 7550 and 7750 button type
- commit 976f997
- kprobes: Add kretprobe_find_ret_addr() for searching return
  address (bsc#1193277).
- commit 23e8a22
- kprobes: treewide: Make it harder to refer kretprobe_trampoline
  directly (bsc#1193277).
- commit a812a07
- fuse: fix fileattr op failure (bsc#1197292).
- commit f14130a
- Update patch reference for vpda fix (CVE-2022-0998 bsc#1197247)
- commit 39fa540
- vdpa: clean up get_config_size ret value handling (CVE-2022-0998
- commit c787e8b
- Update patch reference for USB gadget fix (CVE-2022-27223 bsc#1197245)
- commit 251a2e6
- aio: Fix incorrect usage of eventfd_signal_allowed()
- commit c768141
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8350: Correct UFS symbol clocks (git-fixes).
- gpio: Return EPROBE_DEFER if gc->to_irq is NULL (git-fixes).
- spi: rockchip: terminate dma transmission when slave abort
- spi: rockchip: Fix error in getting num-cs property (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: pci: add support for the Intel Raptor Lake-S
- drm/amdgpu: bypass tiling flag check in virtual display case
  (v2) (git-fixes).
- PCI: Mark all AMD Navi10 and Navi14 GPU ATS as broken
- hwmon: (pmbus) Clear pmbus fault/warning bits after read
- arm64: dts: qcom: sm8350: Describe GCC dependency clocks
- commit 0ad5f72
- rpm: Run external scriptlets on uninstall only when available
  (bsc#1196514 bsc#1196114 bsc#1196942).
  When dependency cycles are encountered package dependencies may not be
  fulfilled during zypper transaction at the time scriptlets are run.
  This is a problem for kernel scriptlets provided by suse-module-tools
  when migrating to a SLE release that provides these scriptlets only as
  part of LTSS. The suse-module-tools that provides kernel scriptlets may
  be removed early causing migration to fail.
- commit ab8dd2d
- rpm/* remove backtick usage
- commit 87ca1fb
- x86/module: Fix the paravirt vs alternative order (bsc#1190497).
- commit 646c90c
- x86/boot: Fix memremap of setup_indirect structures
- commit 231bfb2
- x86/boot: Add setup_indirect support in
  early_memremap_is_setup_data() (bsc#1190497).
- commit 6874f7f
- x86/traps: Mark do_int3() NOKPROBE_SYMBOL (bsc#1190497).
- commit f088cf6
- Refresh patches.suse/0005-efi-generate-secret-key-in-EFI-boot-environment.patch.
  Update number of SETUP_EFI_SECRET_KEY from 7 to 16 to make
  room for future upstream patches taking numbers from 7
  upwards, as discussed with Joey Lee.
- commit cd78c9f
- kabi/severities: Ignore arch/x86/kvm except for kvm_x86_ops
  Handle this like in previous SLE kernels.
- commit 77e00d5
- kABI: fix rndis_parameters locking (git-fixes).
- commit b56edcd
- tracing/osnoise: Force quiescent states while tracing
- commit 1b74679
- usb: gadget: rndis: add spinlock for rndis response list
- commit 0d97063
- Refresh patches.suse/x86-kvm-add-guest-support-for-detecting-and-enabling-sev-live-migration-feature
- Refresh patches.suse/x86-sev-move-common-memory-encryption-code-to-mem_encrypt-c
- Refresh patches.suse/x86-sev-rename-mem_encrypt-c-to-mem_encrypt_amd-c
  Bring patches.suse/x86-kvm-add-guest-support-for-detecting-and-enabling-sev-live-migration-feature
  closer to upstream to avoid future conflicts. Update other patches as
  required by this.
- commit 8b29535
- net/mlx5e: SHAMPO, reduce TIR indication (jsc#SLE-19253).
- net/mlx5: Fix offloading with ESWITCH_IPV4_TTL_MODIFY_ENABLE
- i40e: stop disabling VFs due to PF error responses
- iavf: Fix handling of vlan strip virtual channel messages
- commit 81cb0af
- x86/MCE/AMD: Allow thresholding interface updates after init
- commit 8e490b2
- mmc: meson: Fix usage of meson_mmc_post_req() (git-fixes).
- drm/sun4i: mixer: Fix P010 and P210 format numbers (git-fixes).
- slip: fix macro redefine warning (git-fixes).
- commit 7dc768d
- x86/cpu: Add Xeon Icelake-D to list of CPUs that support PPIN
- commit 8f9c7a1
- bpf, selftests: Add test case trying to taint map value pointer
- bpf: Make 32->64 bounds propagation slightly more robust
- bpf: Fix signed bounds propagation after mov32
- commit a54f4ff
- Update patch reference for virtio BT fix (CVE-2022-26878 bsc#1197035)
- commit a9d561c
- net: phy: DP83822: clear MISR2 register to disable interrupts
- gianfar: ethtool: Fix refcount leak in gfar_get_ts_info
- NFC: port100: fix use-after-free in port100_send_complete
- ax25: Fix NULL pointer dereference in ax25_kill_by_device
- isdn: hfcpci: check the return value of dma_set_mask() in
  setup_hw() (git-fixes).
- mISDN: Fix memory leak in dsp_pipeline_build() (git-fixes).
- net: phy: meson-gxl: fix interrupt handling in forced mode
- staging: rtl8723bs: Fix access-point mode deadlock (git-fixes).
- staging: gdm724x: fix use after free in gdm_lte_rx()
- arm64: dts: marvell: armada-37xx: Remap IO space to bus address
  0x0 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: aspeed: Fix AST2600 quad spi group (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: armada-3720-turris-mox: Add missing ethernet0 alias
- ARM: boot: dts: bcm2711: Fix HVS register range (git-fixes).
- gpio: ts4900: Do not set DAT and OE together (git-fixes).
- gpiolib: acpi: Convert ACPI value of debounce to microseconds
- commit 1341b7c
- x86/kprobes: Fixup return address in generic trampoline handler
- commit b18f008
- tracing: Show kretprobe unknown indicator only for
  kretprobe_trampoline (bsc#1193277).
- commit 6463ef3
- x86/unwind: Recover kretprobe trampoline entry (bsc#1193277).
- commit 764dcf8
- x86/kprobes: Push a fake return address at kretprobe_trampoline
- commit 530a7dd
- kprobes: Enable stacktrace from pt_regs in kretprobe handler
- commit 9d51706
- arm: kprobes: Make space for instruction pointer on stack
- commit 9a408f3
- EDAC: Fix calculation of returned address and next offset in
  edac_align_ptr() (bsc#1190497).
- commit 309553d
- x86/ptrace: Fix xfpregs_set()'s incorrect xmm clearing
- commit be27a82
- EDAC/altera: Fix deferred probing (bsc#1190497).
- commit 054e83a
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Make sure the device is powered with CEC
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Split the CEC disable / enable functions in two
- commit 771d37d
- Add cherry-picked IDs to DRM patches
- commit cf6526e
- arm64: Do not include __READ_ONCE() block in assembly files
- HID: vivaldi: fix sysfs attributes leak (git-fixes).
- HID: hid-thrustmaster: fix OOB read in thrustmaster_interrupts
- arm64: kasan: fix include error in MTE functions (git-fixes).
- commit 5be8bf8
- x86/kprobes: Add UNWIND_HINT_FUNC on kretprobe_trampoline()
- commit e10650c
- objtool: Ignore unwind hints for ignored functions
- commit d02af4d
- objtool: Add frame-pointer-specific function ignore
- commit a01d77e
- kprobes: treewide: Cleanup the error messages for kprobes
- commit 80cb641
- kprobes: treewide: Remove trampoline_address from
  kretprobe_trampoline_handler() (bsc#1193277).
- commit e002527
- kprobes: treewide: Replace arch_deref_entry_point() with
  dereference_symbol_descriptor() (bsc#1193277).
- commit 08196a4
- kprobes: treewide: Use 'kprobe_opcode_t *' for the code address
  in get_optimized_kprobe() (bsc#1193277).
- commit dd47f7b
- nvme-multipath: use vmalloc for ANA log buffer (bsc#1193787).
- blacklist.conf: cleanup breaking kABI
- commit a79d591
- blacklist.conf: cleanup breaking kABI
- commit ec5c72f
- blacklist.conf: cleanup breaking kABI
- commit c887153
- blacklist.conf: cleanup breaking kABI
- commit d93970a
- Bluetooth: btusb: Add missing Chicony device for Realtek
  RTL8723BE (bsc#1196779).
- commit a5449ea
- PCI: mvebu: Fix support for bus mastering and PCI_COMMAND on
  emulated bridge (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- commit 389addb
- Input: elan_i2c - fix regulator enable count imbalance after
  suspend/resume (git-fixes).
- Input: elan_i2c - move regulator_[en|dis]able() out of
  elan_[en|dis]able_power() (git-fixes).
- Input: samsung-keypad - properly state IOMEM dependency
- soc: fsl: guts: Add a missing memory allocation failure check
- soc: fsl: guts: Revert commit 3c0d64e867ed (git-fixes).
- PCI: mvebu: Fix device enumeration regression (git-fixes).
- Input: clear BTN_RIGHT/MIDDLE on buttonpads (git-fixes).
- net: usb: cdc_mbim: avoid altsetting toggling for Telit FN990
- mac80211_hwsim: initialize ieee80211_tx_info at hw_scan_work
- mac80211_hwsim: report NOACK frames in tx_status (git-fixes).
- regulator: core: fix false positive in regulator_late_cleanup()
- ntb_hw_switchtec: Fix bug with more than 32 partitions
- ntb_hw_switchtec: Fix pff ioread to read into mmio_part_cfg_all
- PCI: mvebu: Fix support for PCI_BRIDGE_CTL_BUS_RESET on emulated
  bridge (git-fixes).
- PCI: mvebu: Fix configuring secondary bus of PCIe Root Port
  via emulated bridge (git-fixes).
- PCI: mvebu: Setup PCIe controller to Root Complex mode
- commit d5ec48e
- HID: add mapping for KEY_ALL_APPLICATIONS (git-fixes).
- HID: add mapping for KEY_DICTATE (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: fix suspend/resume hang regression (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: check vm ready by amdgpu_vm->evicting flag
- dmaengine: shdma: Fix runtime PM imbalance on error (git-fixes).
- i2c: bcm2835: Avoid clock stretching timeouts (git-fixes).
- ASoC: rt5682: do not block workqueue if card is unbound
- ASoC: rt5668: do not block workqueue if card is unbound
- drm/amd/pm: correct UMD pstate clocks for Dimgrey Cavefish
  and Beige Goby (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Disable DRRS on IVB/HSW port != A (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Update watermark values for DCN301 (git-fixes).
- hamradio: fix macro redefine warning (git-fixes).
- drm/mediatek: mtk_dsi: Reset the dsi0 hardware (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Use adjusted DCN301 watermarks (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/display: Move DRRS code its own file (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/display: split out dpt out of intel_display.c
- commit 6d1bad6
- iwlwifi: mvm: don't crash on invalid rate w/o STA (git-fixes).
- commit c6f1f37
- cgroup/cpuset: Fix a race between cpuset_attach() and cpu
  hotplug (bsc#1196869).
- commit 20abbb1
- cgroup/cpuset: Fix "/suspicious RCU usage"/ lockdep warning
- commit ac61211
- ipheth: fix EOVERFLOW in ipheth_rcvbulk_callback (git-fixes).
- commit 7ff92d6
- cpuset: Fix the bug that subpart_cpus updated wrongly in
  update_cpumask() (bsc#1196866).
- commit 3757e25
- sr9700: sanity check for packet length (bsc#1196836).
- commit 93a1690
- tracing: Fix return value of __setup handlers (git-fixes).
- commit 70f4989
- tracing/histogram: Fix sorting on old "/cpu"/ value (git-fixes).
- commit c9173be
- nfc: st21nfca: Fix potential buffer overflows in EVT_TRANSACTION
  (CVE-2022-26490 bsc#1196830).
- commit b6213c4
- nvme-tcp: fix possible use-after-free in transport
  error_recovery work (git-fixes).
  - patches.suse/0006-nvme-Implement-In-Band-authentication.patch
- nvme: fix a possible use-after-free in controller reset during
  load (git-fixes).
- commit e6bcfd5
- Update patch reference for iov security fix (CVE-2022-0847 bsc#1196584)
- commit 211dab3
- ixgbe: xsk: change !netif_carrier_ok() handling in
  ixgbe_xmit_zc() (git-fixes).
- e1000e: Correct NVM checksum verification flow (bsc#1191663).
- e1000e: Fix possible HW unit hang after an s0ix exit
- igc: igc_write_phy_reg_gpy: drop premature return (git-fixes).
- igc: igc_read_phy_reg_gpy: drop premature return (git-fixes).
- iavf: Fix __IAVF_RESETTING state usage (jsc#SLE-18385).
- iavf: Fix missing check for running netdev (git-fixes).
- iavf: Fix deadlock in iavf_reset_task (jsc#SLE-18385).
- iavf: Fix race in init state (jsc#SLE-18385).
- iavf: Fix locking for VIRTCHNL_OP_GET_OFFLOAD_VLAN_V2_CAPS
- iavf: Fix init state closure on remove (jsc#SLE-18385).
- iavf: Add waiting so the port is initialized in remove
- iavf: Rework mutexes for better synchronisation (jsc#SLE-18385
- veth: fix races around rq->rx_notify_masked (git-fixes).
- commit 60dae36
- thermal: core: Fix TZ_GET_TRIP NULL pointer dereference
- ALSA: intel_hdmi: Fix reference to PCM buffer address
- ASoC: cs4265: Fix the duplicated control name (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Shift tested values in snd_soc_put_volsw() by +min
- drm/bridge: ti-sn65dsi86: Properly undo autosuspend (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: s/JSP2/ICP2/ PCH (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/guc/slpc: Correct the param count for unset param
- pinctrl: sunxi: Use unique lockdep classes for IRQs (git-fixes).
- commit 81b566b
- batman-adv: Don't expect inter-netns unique iflink indices
- batman-adv: Request iflink once in batadv_get_real_netdevice
- batman-adv: Request iflink once in batadv-on-batadv check
- mac80211: treat some SAE auth steps as final (git-fixes).
- nl80211: Handle nla_memdup failures in handle_nan_filter
- iwlwifi: mvm: check debugfs_dir ptr before use (git-fixes).
- mac80211: fix forwarded mesh frames AC & queue selection
- mac80211: fix EAPoL rekey fail in 802.3 rx path (git-fixes).
- can: gs_usb: change active_channels's type from atomic_t to u8
- can: etas_es58x: change opened_channel_cnt's type from atomic_t
  to u8 (git-fixes).
- auxdisplay: lcd2s: Use proper API to free the instance of
  charlcd object (git-fixes).
- auxdisplay: lcd2s: Fix memory leak in ->remove() (git-fixes).
- auxdisplay: lcd2s: Fix lcd2s_redefine_char() feature
- commit 81727a5
- cgroup-v1: Correct privileges check in release_agent writes
- commit 6c02e38
- blacklist.conf: Add 51e50fbd3efc psi: fix "/no previous prototype"/ warnings when CONFIG_CGROUPS=n
- commit 5389513
- kABI workaround for fxls8962af iio accel drivers (git-fixes).
- commit dfedd1c
- ARM: 9182/1: mmu: fix returns from early_param() and __setup()
  functions (git-fixes).
- ARM: Fix kgdb breakpoint for Thumb2 (git-fixes).
- ntb: intel: fix port config status offset for SPR (git-fixes).
- iio: accel: fxls8962af: add padding to regmap for SPI
- USB: serial: option: add Telit LE910R1 compositions (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: option: add support for DW5829e (git-fixes).
- USB: gadget: validate endpoint index for xilinx udc (git-fixes).
- tps6598x: clear int mask on probe failure (git-fixes).
- xhci: re-initialize the HC during resume if HCE was set
- ata: pata_hpt37x: disable primary channel on HPT371 (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/pm: fix some OEM SKU specific stability issues
- drm/amdgpu: disable MMHUB PG for Picasso (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Protect update_bw_bounding_box FPU code
- CDC-NCM: avoid overflow in sanity checking (git-fixes).
- USB: zaurus: support another broken Zaurus (git-fixes).
- commit b45b17b
- powerpc/fadump: register for fadump as early as possible
  (bsc#1179439 ltc#190038).
- commit 5aa7d3e
- soc: fsl: qe: Check of ioremap return value (git-fixes).
- soc: fsl: Correct MAINTAINERS database (SOC) (git-fixes).
- soc: fsl: Correct MAINTAINERS database (QUICC ENGINE LIBRARY)
- ARM: dts: Use 32KiHz oscillator on devkit8000 (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: switch timer config to common devkit8000 devicetree
- arm64: dts: rockchip: Switch RK3399-Gru DP to SPDIF output
- firmware: arm_scmi: Remove space in MODULE_ALIAS name
- arm64: dts: juno: Remove GICv2m dma-range (git-fixes).
- efivars: Respect "/block"/ flag in efivar_entry_set_safe()
- commit 368c894
- Revert "/i40e: Fix reset bw limit when DCB enabled with 1 TC"/
- net/mlx5e: Add missing increment of count (jsc#SLE-19253).
- net/mlx5e: MPLSoUDP decap, fix check for unsupported matches
- net/mlx5e: TC, Reject rules with forward and drop actions
- net/mlx5e: TC, Reject rules with drop and modify hdr action
- net/mlx5e: kTLS, Use CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY for device-offloaded
  packets (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Fix wrong return value on ioctl EEPROM query failure
- net/mlx5: Fix possible deadlock on rule deletion (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: Fix tc max supported prio for nic mode (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: Fix wrong limitation of metadata match on ecpf
- net/mlx5: DR, Fix the threshold that defines when pool sync
  is initiated (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: DR, Don't allow match on IP w/o matching on full
  ethertype/ip_version (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: DR, Fix slab-out-of-bounds in mlx5_cmd_dr_create_fte
- net/mlx5: DR, Cache STE shadow memory (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices
- udp_tunnel: Fix end of loop test in udp_tunnel_nic_unregister()
- bnxt_en: Fix devlink fw_activate (jsc#SLE-18978).
- bnxt_en: Increase firmware message response DMA wait time
- bnxt_en: Restore the resets_reliable flag in bnxt_open()
- bnxt_en: Fix incorrect multicast rx mask setting when not
  requested (git-fixes).
- bnxt_en: Fix occasional ethtool -t loopback test failures
- bnxt_en: Fix offline ethtool selftest with RDMA enabled
- bnxt_en: Fix active FEC reporting to ethtool (git-fixes).
- ice: initialize local variable 'tlv' (git-fixes).
- ice: check the return of ice_ptp_gettimex64 (git-fixes).
- ice: fix concurrent reset and removal of VFs (git-fixes).
- ice: fix setting l4 port flag when adding filter
- nfp: flower: Fix a potential leak in nfp_tunnel_add_shared_mac()
- bonding: force carrier update when releasing slave (git-fixes).
- bonding: fix data-races around agg_select_timer (git-fixes).
- ice: enable parsing IPSEC SPI headers for RSS (git-fixes).
- ice: fix IPIP and SIT TSO offload (git-fixes).
- ice: fix an error code in ice_cfg_phy_fec() (git-fixes).
- nfp: flower: fix ida_idx not being released (git-fixes).
- bonding: pair enable_port with slave_arr_updates (git-fixes).
- commit 9564d58
- tracing: Have traceon and traceoff trigger honor the instance
- commit bd2a633
- tracing: Dump stacktrace trigger to the corresponding instance
- commit 2cd9b58
- nvme: also mark passthrough-only namespaces ready in
  nvme_update_ns_info (git-fixes).
- nvme: don't return an error from nvme_configure_metadata
- commit c11b169
- x86/kvmclock: Fix Hyper-V Isolated VM's boot issue when vCPUs >
  64 (bsc#1183682).
- x86/kvm: Don't waste memory if kvmclock is disabled
- Netvsc: Call hv_unmap_memory() in the netvsc_device_remove()
- commit fe9b9a8
- Drivers: hv: utils: Make use of the helper macro LIST_HEAD()
- Drivers: hv: vmbus: Fix memory leak in vmbus_add_channel_kobj
- PCI: hv: Fix NUMA node assignment when kernel boots with custom
  NUMA topology (git-fixes).
- commit 63ae3fa
- pinctrl: tigerlake: Revert "/Add Alder Lake-M ACPI ID"/
- gpio: tegra186: Fix chip_data type confusion (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: k210: Fix bias-pull-up (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: fix loop in k210_pinconf_get_drive() (git-fixes).
- commit cf40913
- rpm/ add systemd-initrd and terminfo dracut module (bsc#1195775)
- commit d9a821b
- drm/i915: Fix bw atomic check when switching between SAGV
  vs. no SAGV (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Correctly populate use_sagv_wm for all pipes
- drm/amdgpu: do not enable asic reset for raven2 (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: For vblank_disable_immediate, check PSR is
  really used (git-fixes).
- drm/edid: Always set RGB444 (git-fixes).
- surface: surface3_power: Fix battery readings on batteries
  without a serial number (git-fixes).
- commit c407884
- tty: n_gsm: fix deadlock in gsmtty_open() (git-fixes).
- Revert "/USB: serial: ch341: add new Product ID for CH341A"/
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Let the interrupt handler disable bottom
  halves (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc2: drd: fix soft connect when gadget is unconfigured
- usb: dwc3: pci: Fix Bay Trail phy GPIO mappings (git-fixes).
- xhci: Prevent futile URB re-submissions due to incorrect return
  value (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: pci: Add "/snps,dis_u2_susphy_quirk"/ for Intel Bay
  Trail (git-fixes).
- clk: jz4725b: fix mmc0 clock gating (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: crtc: Fix runtime_pm reference counting (git-fixes).
- commit f19b8b6
- spi: spi-zynq-qspi: Fix a NULL pointer dereference in
  zynq_qspi_exec_mem_op() (git-fixes).
- regmap-irq: Update interrupt clear register for proper reset
- thermal: int340x: fix memory leak in int3400_notify()
- sc16is7xx: Fix for incorrect data being transmitted (git-fixes).
- tty: n_gsm: fix wrong modem processing in convergence layer
  type 2 (git-fixes).
- tty: n_gsm: fix wrong tty control line for flow control
- tty: n_gsm: fix NULL pointer access due to DLCI release
- tty: n_gsm: fix proper link termination after failed open
- tty: n_gsm: fix encoding of control signal octet bit DV
- commit dbb24c6
- iio: imu: st_lsm6dsx: wait for settling time in
  st_lsm6dsx_read_oneshot (git-fixes).
- iio: Fix error handling for PM (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: men_z188_adc: Fix a resource leak in an error handling
  path (git-fixes).
- iio:imu:adis16480: fix buffering for devices with no burst mode
- iio: adc: ad7124: fix mask used for setting AIN_BUFP & AIN_BUFM
  bits (git-fixes).
- iio: adc: tsc2046: fix memory corruption by preventing array
  overflow (git-fixes).
- driver core: Free DMA range map when device is released
- staging: fbtft: fb_st7789v: reset display before initialization
- commit d2c23ea
- blacklist.conf: 03ee5956781b drm/i915/ttm: only fault WILLNEED objects
- commit dbdf3fe
- drm/i915/dg2: Print PHY name properly on calibration error
- commit 609b3e3
- drm/i915: Widen the QGV point mask (git-fixes).
- commit b495032
- Move upstreamed SCSI fix into sorted section
- commit c28a141
- ibmvnic: schedule failover only if vioctl fails (bsc#1196400
- commit 91cec19
- nvme: expose cntrltype and dctype through sysfs (jsc#SLE-23643).
  - patches.suse/0006-nvme-Implement-In-Band-authentication.patch
- nvme: send uevent on connection up (jsc#SLE-23643).
- hwmon: Handle failure to register sensor with thermal zone
  correctly (git-fixes).
- lib/iov_iter: initialize "/flags"/ in new pipe_buffer (git-fixes).
- arm64: Correct wrong label in macro __init_el2_gicv3
- drm/atomic: Don't pollute crtc_state->mode_blob with error
  pointers (git-fixes).
- drm/radeon: Fix backlight control on iMac 12,1 (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: skipping SDMA hw_init and hw_fini for S0ix
- HID:Add support for UGTABLET WP5540 (git-fixes).
- kconfig: fix failing to generate auto.conf (git-fixes).
- kconfig: let 'shell' return enough output for deep path names
- phy: usb: Leave some clocks running during suspend (git-fixes).
- soc: aspeed: lpc-ctrl: Block error printing on probe defer cases
- arm64: dts: meson-g12: drop BL32 region from SEI510/SEI610
- arm64: dts: meson-g12: add ATF BL32 reserved-memory region
- arm64: dts: meson-gx: add ATF BL32 reserved-memory region
- ARM: OMAP2+: adjust the location of put_device() call in
  omapdss_init_of (git-fixes).
- ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Add of_node_put() before break (git-fixes).
- ACPI: PM: Revert "/Only mark EC GPE for wakeup on Intel systems"/
- ata: libata-core: Disable TRIM on M88V29 (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: fix yellow carp wm clamping (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: Cap pflip irqs per max otg number (git-fixes).
- display/amd: decrease message verbosity about watermarks table
  failure (git-fixes).
- drm/rockchip: dw_hdmi: Do not leave clock enabled in error case
- net: macb: Align the dma and coherent dma masks (git-fixes).
- net: usb: qmi_wwan: Add support for Dell DW5829e (git-fixes).
- random: wake up /dev/random writers after zap (git-fixes).
- drm/amdgpu: fix logic inversion in check (git-fixes).
- ax25: improve the incomplete fix to avoid UAF and NPD bugs
- kunit: tool: Import missing (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: bcm63xx: fix unmet dependency on REGMAP for GPIO_REGMAP
- platform/x86: touchscreen_dmi: Add info for the RWC NANOTE P8
  AY07J 2-in-1 (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau/pmu/gm200-: use alternate falcon reset sequence
- commit 680fa3f
- udf: Restore i_lenAlloc when inode expansion fails (bsc#1196079
- commit 0553b1c
- udf: Fix NULL ptr deref when converting from inline format
  (bsc#1196079 CVE-2022-0617).
- commit 1523b04
- bpf: add config to allow loading modules with BTF mismatches (bsc#1194501).
- Update config files.
- commit d62343d
- sfc: Use swap() instead of open coding it (bsc#1196306).
- ethernet/sfc: remove redundant rc variable (bsc#1196306).
- sfc: use swap() to make code cleaner (bsc#1196306).
- sfc: last resort fallback for lack of xdp tx queues
- sfc: fallback for lack of xdp tx queues (bsc#1196306).
- commit dd06e3b
- Delete ACPI patches that broke s2idle (bsc#1196213)
  A new kABI compat patch was added instead
- arm64: kvm: keep the field workaround_flags in structure
  kvm_vcpu_arch (git-fixes).
- commit 06289db
- sched: Fix yet more sched_fork() races (git fixes (sched/core)).
- sched/fair: Fix fault in reweight_entity (git fixes
- Revert "/mm/gup: small refactoring: simplify try_grab_page()"/
  (git fixes (mm/gup)).
- commit 6ff1bff
- Refresh
  Update upstream git commit ID.
- commit 1f491cb
- Update patch reference for USB gadget fix (CVE-2022-25375 bsc#1196235)
- commit 1003159
- iommu/amd: Fix loop timeout issue in iommu_ga_log_enable()
- iommu/vt-d: Fix potential memory leak in
  intel_setup_irq_remapping() (git-fixes).
- iommu/iova: Fix race between FQ timeout and teardown
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm: Fix table descriptor paddr formatting
- iommu: Extend mutex lock scope in iommu_probe_device()
- iommu/amd: Remove useless irq affinity notifier (git-fixes).
- iommu/amd: X2apic mode: mask/unmask interrupts on suspend/resume
- iommu/amd: X2apic mode: setup the INTX registers on mask/unmask
- iommu/amd: X2apic mode: re-enable after resume (git-fixes).
- iommu/amd: Restore GA log/tail pointer on host resume
- commit 0ec0c5d
- iommu/io-pgtable-arm-v7s: Add error handle for page table
  allocation failure (git-fixes).
- iommu/arm-smmu-qcom: Fix TTBR0 read (git-fixes).
- commit dfd4bbb
- dmaengine: sh: rcar-dmac: Check for error num after
  dma_set_max_seg_size (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: stm32-dmamux: Fix PM disable depth imbalance in
  stm32_dmamux_probe (git-fixes).
- dmaengine: sh: rcar-dmac: Check for error num after setting mask
- dmaengine: ptdma: Fix the error handling path in pt_core_init()
- i2c: brcmstb: fix support for DSL and CM variants (git-fixes).
- i2c: qcom-cci: don't put a device tree node before
  i2c_add_adapter() (git-fixes).
- i2c: qcom-cci: don't delete an unregistered adapter (git-fixes).
- commit 06371e5
- mtd: rawnand: brcmnand: Fixed incorrect sub-page ECC status
- mtd: rawnand: gpmi: don't leak PM reference in error path
- mtd: phram: Prevent divide by zero bug in phram_setup()
- mtd: parsers: qcom: Fix missing free for pparts in cleanup
- mtd: parsers: qcom: Fix kernel panic on skipped partition
- mtd: rawnand: qcom: Fix clock sequencing in qcom_nandc_probe()
- mtd: rawnand: ingenic: Fix missing put_device in ingenic_ecc_get
- commit 0bb3bde
- ASoC: intel: skylake: Set max DMA segment size (git-fixes).
- ASoC: SOF: hda: Set max DMA segment size (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Set max DMA segment size (git-fixes).
- ASoC: qcom: Actually clear DMA interrupt register for HDMI
- ASoC: tas2770: Insert post reset delay (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Fix stereo change notifications in
  snd_soc_put_xr_sx() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Fix stereo change notifications in
  snd_soc_put_volsw_range() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Fix stereo change notifications in
  snd_soc_put_volsw_sx() (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Fix stereo change notifications in
  snd_soc_put_volsw() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Fix missing codec probe on Shenker Dock 15
- ALSA: hda: Fix regression on forced probe mask option
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for Legion Y9000X 2019 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: revert to IMPLICIT_FB_FIXED_DEV for M-Audio
  FastTrack Ultra (git-fixes).
- commit 5c27957
- Move upstreamed sound fixes into sorted section
- commit 651a728
- Update patch reference for vfs fix (CVE-2022-0644 bsc#1196155)
- commit 97dc820
- net/ibmvnic: Cleanup workaround doing an EOI after partition
  migration (bsc#1089644 ltc#166495 ltc#165544 git-fixes).
- commit c52c801
- drm/i915/opregion: check port number bounds for SWSCI display
  power state (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/ttm: tweak priority hint selection (git-fixes).
- drm/i915: Fix mbus join config lookup (git-fixes bsc#1193640).
- drm/i915: Fix dbuf slice config lookup (git-fixes bsc#1193640).
- drm/i915/gvt: Make DRM_I915_GVT depend on X86 (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/gvt: clean up kernel-doc in gtt.c (git-fixes).
- drm/cma-helper: Set VM_DONTEXPAND for mmap (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/pm: correct the sequence of sending gpu reset msg
- net: phy: mediatek: remove PHY mode check on MT7531 (git-fixes).
- atl1c: fix tx timeout after link flap on Mikrotik 10/25G NIC
- iwlwifi: fix use-after-free (git-fixes).
- cfg80211: fix race in netlink owner interface destruction
- iwlwifi: mvm: don't send SAR GEO command for 3160 devices
- iwlwifi: pcie: gen2: fix locking when "/HW not ready"/
- iwlwifi: pcie: fix locking when "/HW not ready"/ (git-fixes).
- mac80211: mlme: check for null after calling kmemdup
- brcmfmac: firmware: Fix crash in brcm_alt_fw_path (git-fixes).
- libsubcmd: Fix use-after-free for realloc(..., 0) (git-fixes).
- commit 73136b7
- NFSD: Fix the behavior of READ near OFFSET_MAX (bsc#1195957).
- commit 2b4dffe
- Update patch reference for USB gadget fix (CVE-2022-25258 bsc#1196095)
- commit 8127da0
- KVM: arm64: Avoid consuming a stale esr value when SError occur
- commit 87ae6f4
- KVM: arm64: Use shadow SPSR_EL1 when injecting exceptions on
  !VHE (git-fixes).
- commit ca196b7
- KVM: arm64: pkvm: Use the mm_ops indirection for cache
  maintenance (git-fixes).
- commit 799343b
- KVM: arm64: Drop unused workaround_flags vcpu field (git-fixes).
- KVM: s390: Ensure kvm_arch_no_poll() is read once when blocking
  vCPU (git-fixes).
- commit 13bf810
- KVM: Ensure local memslot copies operate on up-to-date
  arch-specific data (git-fixes).
- commit f8ddb24
- KVM: Clean up benign vcpu->cpu data races when kicking vCPUs
- commit 155b588
- thermal/drivers/int340x: Improve the tcc offset saving for
  suspend/resume (git-fixes).
- Refresh
- Refresh
- commit 13f8316
- mmc: block: fix read single on recovery logic (git-fixes).
- tty: n_tty: do not look ahead for EOL character past the end
  of the buffer (git-fixes).
- vt_ioctl: add array_index_nospec to VT_ACTIVATE (git-fixes).
- vt_ioctl: fix array_index_nospec in vt_setactivate (git-fixes).
- Revert "/usb: dwc2: drd: fix soft connect when gadget is
  unconfigured"/ (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: cp210x: add CPI Bulk Coin Recycler id (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: cp210x: add NCR Retail IO box id (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add support for Brainboxes US-159/235/320
- USB: serial: option: add ZTE MF286D modem (git-fixes).
- USB: serial: ch341: add support for GW Instek USB2.0-Serial
  devices (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc2: drd: fix soft connect when gadget is unconfigured
- usb: gadget: rndis: check size of RNDIS_MSG_SET command
- USB: gadget: validate interface OS descriptor requests
- usb: gadget: f_uac2: Define specific wTerminalType (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: Fix boot regression on Skomer (git-fixes).
- net: phy: marvell: Fix RGMII Tx/Rx delays setting in
  88e1121-compatible PHYs (git-fixes).
- net: phy: marvell: Fix MDI-x polarity setting in
  88e1118-compatible PHYs (git-fixes).
- irqchip/realtek-rtl: Service all pending interrupts (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc2: gadget: don't try to disable ep0 in
  dwc2_hsotg_suspend (git-fixes).
- PM: hibernate: Remove register_nosave_region_late() (git-fixes).
- drm: panel-orientation-quirks: Add quirk for the 1Netbook
  OneXPlayer (git-fixes).
- drm/vc4: Fix deadlock on DSI device attach error (git-fixes).
- hwmon: (dell-smm) Speed up setting of fan speed (git-fixes).
- commit 8276a70
- powerpc/pseries: read the lpar name from the firmware
  (bsc#1187716 ltc#193451).
- commit f1ccb25
- Refresh patches.suse/rpadlpar_io-Add-MODULE_DESCRIPTION-entries-to-kernel.patch
- commit 563eb84
- powerpc: add link stack flush mitigation status in debugfs
  (bsc#1157038 bsc#1157923 ltc#182612 git-fixes).
- commit e4cd5bb
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove unused qla_sess_op_cmd_list from
  scsi_qla_host_t (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add qla2x00_async_done() for async routines
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Check for firmware dump already collected
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add devids and conditionals for 28xx
- scsi: qla2xxx: Suppress a kernel complaint in qla_create_qpair()
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix T10 PI tag escape and IP guard options for
  28XX adapters (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix clang warning (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix warning for missing error code (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix device reconnect in loop topology
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add ql2xnvme_queues module param to configure
  number of NVMe queues (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix wrong FDMI data for 64G adapter
- scsi: qla2xxx: Add retry for exec firmware (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix scheduling while atomic (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix premature hw access after PCI error
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix warning message due to adisc being flushed
- scsi: qla2xxx: Fix stuck session in gpdb (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Implement ref count for SRB (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Refactor asynchronous command initialization
- commit dff7f20
- powerpc/xive: Export XIVE IPI information for online-only
  processors (bsc#1194409 ltc#195810).
- powerpc/xive: Add a debugfs file to dump EQs (bsc#1194409
- powerpc/xive: Rename the 'cpus' debugfs file to 'ipis'
  (bsc#1194409 ltc#195810).
- powerpc/xive: Change the debugfs file 'xive' into a directory
  (bsc#1194409 ltc#195810).
- powerpc/xive: Introduce xive_core_debugfs_create() (bsc#1194409
- powerpc/xive: Introduce an helper to print out interrupt
  characteristics (bsc#1194409 ltc#195810).
- commit d46bad1
- powerpc/64: Move paca allocation later in boot (bsc#1190812).
- powerpc: Set crashkernel offset to mid of RMA region
- scsi: qla2xxx: Update version to (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Fix inconsistent check of db_flags
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Reduce connection thrash (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Tweak trace message (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: edif: Replace list_for_each_safe with
  list_for_each_entry_safe (bsc#1195823).
- scsi: qla2xxx: Remove a declaration (bsc#1195823).
- qla2xxx: add ->map_queues support for nvme (bsc#1195823).
- commit e9e3cbc
- selftests: kvm: Remove absent target file (git-fixes).
- commit a89d5ba
- tracing: Don't inc err_log entry count if entry allocation fails
- commit dea8cf9
- tracing: Propagate is_signed to expression (git-fixes).
- commit 165e9d8
- blacklist.conf: b59f2f2b865c ("/tracing: Fix smatch warning for do while check in event_hist_trigger_parse()"/)
  Cosmetic only.
- commit 903ff8e
- tracing: Fix smatch warning for null glob in
  event_hist_trigger_parse() (git-fixes).
- commit baca8c4
- tracing/histogram: Fix a potential memory leak for kstrdup()
- commit 6c74ba2
- HID: amd_sfh: Correct the structure field name (git-fixes).
- HID: amd_sfh: Add illuminance mask to limit ALS max value
- commit 2931b4d
- rpm/ use default dracut modules (bsc#1195926,
  Let's iron out the reduced initrd optimisation in Tumbleweed.
  Build full blown dracut initrd with systemd for SLE15 SP4.
- commit ea76821
- f2fs: fix to do sanity check on inode type during garbage
  collection (CVE-2021-44879 bsc#1195987).
- commit 6e1c3da
- Delete
  We did not have enough time to stablize ADL-P graphics so restore the
  experimental flag.
- NFS: Fix initialisation of nfs_client cl_flags field
- NFS: Avoid duplicate uncached readdir calls on eof (git-fixes).
- NFS: Don't skip directory entries when doing uncached readdir
- NFS: Don't overfill uncached readdir pages (git-fixes).
- nfsd: nfsd4_setclientid_confirm mistakenly expires confirmed
  client (git-fixes).
- NFSv4: nfs_atomic_open() can race when looking up a non-regular
  file (git-fixes).
- NFS: Ensure the server has an up to date ctime before
  hardlinking (git-fixes).
- Restore kabi after NFS: pass cred explicitly for access tests
- NFS: don't store 'struct cred *' in struct nfs_access_entry
- NFS: pass cred explicitly for access tests (git-fixes).
- nfsd: fix crash on COPY_NOTIFY with special stateid (git-fixes).
- Revert "/nfsd: skip some unnecessary stats in the v4 case"/
- NFSD: Fix verifier returned in stable WRITEs (git-fixes).
- NFSD: Fix zero-length NFSv3 WRITEs (git-fixes).
- md: Move alloc/free acct bioset in to personality (git-fixes).
- NFSD: Fix READDIR buffer overflow (git-fixes).
- md: fix update super 1.0 on rdev size change (git-fixes).
- nfsd: Fix nsfd startup race (again) (git-fixes).
- SUNRPC: use different lock keys for INET6 and LOCAL (git-fixes).
- NFSv42: Fix pagecache invalidation after COPY/CLONE (git-fixes).
- NFSv42: Don't fail clone() unless the OP_CLONE operation failed
- Refresh patches.suse/SUNRPC-lock-against-sock-changing-during-sysfs-read.patch.
  Add upstream commit
- commit f607fe3
- zsmalloc: replace get_cpu_var with local_lock (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: replace per zpage lock with pool->migrate_lock
- locking/rwlocks: introduce write_lock_nested (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: remove zspage isolation for migration (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: move huge compressed obj from page to zspage
- zsmalloc: introduce obj_allocated (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: decouple class actions from zspage works
- zsmalloc: rename zs_stat_type to class_stat_type (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: introduce some helper functions (bsc#1189998).
- zsmalloc: Stop using slab fields in struct page (bsc#1189998
- commit e42cd64
- Move upstreamed i915 and ibmvnic patches into sorted section
- commit a7ec0e0
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix deadlock by COEF mutex (bsc#1195913).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Don't abort resume upon errors (bsc#1195913).
- ALSA: memalloc: invalidate SG pages before sync (bsc#1195913).
- ALSA: memalloc: Fix dma_need_sync() checks (bsc#1195913).
- commit eaeb544
- nfsd: don't admin-revoke NSv4.0 state ids (bsc#1192483).
- nfsd: allow delegation state ids to be revoked and then freed
- nfsd: allow lock state ids to be revoked and then freed
- nfsd: allow open state ids to be revoked and then freed
- nfsd: prepare for supporting admin-revocation of state
- commit ed38bd2
- iio: buffer: Fix file related error handling in
  IIO_BUFFER_GET_FD_IOCTL (git-fixes).
- speakup-dectlk: Restore pitch setting (git-fixes).
- phy: dphy: Correct clk_pre parameter (git-fixes).
- phy: stm32: fix a refcount leak in stm32_usbphyc_pll_enable()
- phy: xilinx: zynqmp: Fix bus width setting for SGMII
- phy: ti: Fix missing sentinel for clk_div_table (git-fixes).
- phy: broadcom: Kconfig: Fix PHY_BRCM_USB config option
- eeprom: ee1004: limit i2c reads to I2C_SMBUS_BLOCK_MAX
- misc: fastrpc: avoid double fput() on failed usercopy
- staging: fbtft: Fix error path in fbtft_driver_module_init()
- n_tty: wake up poll(POLLRDNORM) on receiving data (git-fixes).
- net: usb: ax88179_178a: Fix out-of-bounds accesses in RX fixup
- usb: dwc3: gadget: Prevent core from processing stale TRBs
- usb: gadget: udc: renesas_usb3: Fix host to USB_ROLE_NONE
  transition (git-fixes).
- usb: raw-gadget: fix handling of dual-direction-capable
  endpoints (git-fixes).
- usb: ulpi: Call of_node_put correctly (git-fixes).
- usb: ulpi: Move of_node_put to ulpi_dev_release (git-fixes).
- usb: f_fs: Fix use-after-free for epfile (git-fixes).
- usb: dwc3: xilinx: fix uninitialized return value (git-fixes).
- commit 1b423e6
- ARM: dts: meson8b: Fix the UART device-tree schema validation
- ARM: dts: meson8: Fix the UART device-tree schema validation
- ARM: dts: meson: Fix the UART compatible strings (git-fixes).
- ARM: socfpga: fix missing RESET_CONTROLLER (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: imx8mq: fix lcdif port node (git-fixes).
- ARM: dts: imx7ulp: Fix 'assigned-clocks-parents' typo
- ARM: dts: imx23-evk: Remove MX23_PAD_SSP1_DETECT from hog group
- ARM: dts: imx6qdl-udoo: Properly describe the SD card detect
- arm64: dts: meson-sm1-odroid: fix boot loop after reboot
- arm64: dts: meson-sm1-bananapi-m5: fix wrong GPIO domain for
  GPIOE_2 (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: meson-sm1-odroid: use correct enable-gpio pin for
  tf-io regulator (git-fixes).
- arm64: dts: meson-g12b-odroid-n2: fix typo 'dio2133'
- ARM: dts: Fix timer regression for beagleboard revision c
- ACPI/IORT: Check node revision for PMCG resources (git-fixes).
- PM: s2idle: ACPI: Fix wakeup interrupts handling (git-fixes).
- ACPI: PM: s2idle: Cancel wakeup before dispatching EC GPE
- gpio: sifive: use the correct register to read output values
- gpiolib: Never return internal error codes to user space
- gpio: aggregator: Fix calling into sleeping GPIO controllers
- drm/amd/pm: fix hwmon node of power1_label create issue
- drm/rockchip: vop: Correct RK3399 VOP register fields
- drm/panel: simple: Assign data from panel_dpi_probe() correctly
- drm/vc4: hdmi: Allow DBLCLK modes even if horz timing is odd
- arm64: Add Cortex-A510 CPU part definition (git-fixes).
- Revert "/Update config files: disable DEBUG_INFO_BTF_MODULES (bsc#1194501)."/
  This reverts commit b07bf3e61cc5aa7a5cd1b9b5289bc10db746a416.
- commit 6f689d6
- can: isotp: fix error path in isotp_sendmsg() to unlock wait
  queue (git-fixes).
- can: isotp: fix potential CAN frame reception race in
  isotp_rcv() (git-fixes).
- commit 68e8f68
- crypto: api - Move cryptomgr soft dependency into algapi
- commit 9b78867
- locking: Remove rt_rwlock_is_contended() (bsc#1190137
- net: dev: Change the order of the arguments for the contended
  condition (bsc#1189998).
- net: dev: Always serialize on Qdisc::busylock in
  __dev_xmit_skb() on PREEMPT_RT (bsc#1189998).
- commit 9e29e45
- md/raid5: play nice with PREEMPT_RT (bsc#1189998).
- locking: Make owner_on_cpu() into <linux/sched.h> (bsc#1190137
- locking/rtmutex: Add rt_mutex_lock_nest_lock() and
  rt_mutex_lock_killable() (bsc#1190137 bsc#1189998).
- locking/rtmutex: Squash self-deadlock check for ww_rt_mutex
  (bsc#1190137 bsc#1189998).
- u64_stats: Disable preemption on 32bit UP+SMP PREEMPT_RT during
  updates (bsc#1189998).
- mm/scatterlist: replace the !preemptible warning in
  sg_miter_stop() (bsc#1189998).
- commit 8887152
- KVM: selftests: Don't skip L2's VMCALL in SMM test for SVM guest
- selftests: KVM: sev_migrate_tests: Fix sev_ioctl()
- commit 5056d9e
- ibmvnic: don't release napi in __ibmvnic_open() (bsc#1195668
- commit 32cdbed
- ASoC: codecs: wcd938x: fix return value of mixer put function
- drm/amd/display: Force link_rate as LINK_RATE_RBR2 for 2018 15"/
  Apple Retina panels (git-fixes).
- drm/amd/display: watermark latencies is not enough on DCN31
- drm/amd/pm: correct the MGpuFanBoost support for Beige Goby
- e1000e: Separate ADP board type from TGP (git-fixes).
- commit 156924b
- Revert ASoC mediatek patch
  Reverted in stable tree as it causes a regression on Chromebooks
- commit 037ce32
- drm/amdkfd: Separate pinned BOs destruction from general routine
- commit 906a8df
- Update patch reference for HD-audio fix (bsc#1183872)
- commit 4c0efd7
- RDMA/mlx4: Don't continue event handler after memory allocation
  failure (git-fixes).
- RDMA/siw: Fix broken RDMA Read Fence/Resume logic (git-fixes).
- IB/rdmavt: Validate remote_addr during loopback atomic tests
- IB/cm: Release previously acquired reference counter in the
  cm_id_priv (git-fixes).
- RDMA/siw: Fix refcounting leak in siw_create_qp()
- RDMA/ucma: Protect mc during concurrent multicast leaves
- RDMA/cma: Use correct address when leaving multicast group
- IB/hfi1: Fix tstats alloc and dealloc (git-fixes).
- IB/hfi1: Fix AIP early init panic (git-fixes).
- IB/hfi1: Fix alloc failure with larger txqueuelen (git-fixes).
- IB/hfi1: Fix panic with larger ipoib send_queue_size
- net/mlx5e: Avoid field-overflowing memcpy() (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Use struct_group() for memcpy() region (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Avoid implicit modify hdr for decap drop rule
- net/mlx5e: IPsec: Fix tunnel mode crypto offload for non
  TCP/UDP traffic (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: IPsec: Fix crypto offload for non TCP/UDP
  encapsulated traffic (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: Don't treat small ceil values as unlimited in HTB
  offload (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5: E-Switch, Fix uninitialized variable modact
- net/mlx5e: Fix handling of wrong devices during bond netevent
- net/mlx5e: Fix broken SKB allocation in HW-GRO (jsc#SLE-19253).
- net/mlx5e: Fix wrong calculation of header index in HW_GRO
- net/mlx5: Bridge, Fix devlink deadlock on net namespace deletion
- net/mlx5: Fix offloading with ESWITCH_IPV4_TTL_MODIFY_ENABLE
- net/mlx5e: TC, Reject rules with forward and drop actions
- net/mlx5: Use del_timer_sync in fw reset flow of halting poll
- net/mlx5e: Fix module EEPROM query (git-fixes).
- net/mlx5e: TC, Reject rules with drop and modify hdr action
- net/mlx5: Bridge, ensure dev_name is null-terminated
- net/mlx5: Bridge, take rtnl lock in init error handler
- i40e: Fix reset path while removing the driver (git-fixes).
- i40e: Fix reset bw limit when DCB enabled with 1 TC (git-fixes).
- gve: fix the wrong AdminQ buffer queue index check (git-fixes).
- gve: Fix GFP flags when allocing pages (git-fixes).
- net: hns3: handle empty unknown interrupt for VF (git-fixes).
- i40e: fix unsigned stat widths (git-fixes).
- i40e: Fix for failed to init adminq while VF reset (git-fixes).
- i40e: Fix queues reservation for XDP (git-fixes).
- i40e: Fix issue when maximum queues is exceeded (git-fixes).
- i40e: Increase delay to 1 s after global EMP reset (git-fixes).
- stddef: Introduce DECLARE_FLEX_ARRAY() helper (git-fixes).
- commit 8c4be7e
- mmc: core: Wait for command setting 'Power Off Notification'
  bit to complete (git-fixes).
- mmc: sdhci-of-esdhc: Check for error num after setting mask
- ima: Do not print policy rule with inactive LSM labels
- ima: Allow template selection with ima_template[_fmt]= after
  ima_hash= (git-fixes).
- ima: Remove ima_policy file before directory (git-fixes).
- integrity: check the return value of audit_log_start()
- ima: fix reference leak in asymmetric_verify() (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: initialize variables that could ignore errors
- commit 588dbf8
- mptcp: add missing documented NL params (git-fixes).
- commit 6ddf1d2
- EDAC/xgene: Fix deferred probing (bsc#1190497).
- commit f77b4a3
- powerpc/perf: Fix power_pmu_disable to call
  clear_pmi_irq_pending only if PMI is pending (bsc#1156395).
- commit 4a310dd
- drm/i915: Workaround broken BIOS DBUF configuration on TGL/RKL
- drm/i915: Populate pipe dbuf slices more accurately during
  readout (bsc#1193640).
- drm/i915: Allow !join_mbus cases for adlp+ dbuf configuration
- commit 5da0923
- block: Provide blk_mq_sched_get_icq() (bsc#1184318).
- commit cbb053e
- bfq: Limit waker detection in time (bsc#1184318).
- commit ef96b3e
- bfq: Limit number of requests consumed by each cgroup
- commit d13944f
- bfq: Store full bitmap depth in bfq_data (bsc#1184318).
- bfq: Track number of allocated requests in bfq_entity
- commit 118f855
- ASoC: hdmi-codec: Fix OOB memory accesses (git-fixes).
- ASoC: ops: Reject out of bounds values in snd_soc_put_xr_sx()
- ASoC: ops: Reject out of bounds values in snd_soc_put_volsw_sx()
- ASoC: ops: Reject out of bounds values in snd_soc_put_volsw()
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add quirk for ASUS GU603 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix silent output on Gigabyte X570 Aorus
  Xtreme after reboot from Windows (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Fix silent output on Gigabyte X570S Aorus
  Master (newer chipset) (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda/realtek: Add missing fixup-model entry for Gigabyte
  X570 ALC1220 quirks (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: realtek: Fix race at concurrent COEF updates
- commit e8caa02
- Input: wm97xx: Simplify resource management (git-fixes).
- ASoC: fsl: Add missing error handling in pcm030_fabric_probe
- ASoC: codecs: lpass-rx-macro: fix sidetone register offsets
- ASoC: max9759: fix underflow in speaker_gain_control_put()
- ASoC: cpcap: Check for NULL pointer after calling
  of_get_child_by_name (git-fixes).
- ASoC: simple-card: fix probe failure on platform component
- ASoC: xilinx: xlnx_formatter_pcm: Make buffer bytes multiple
  of period bytes (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Skip codec shutdown in case the codec is not
  registered (git-fixes).
- ALSA: usb-audio: Correct quirk for VF0770 (git-fixes).
- ALSA: hda: Fix signedness of sscanf() arguments (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/adlp: Fix TypeC PHY-ready status readout (git-fixes).
- drm/i915/overlay: Prevent divide by zero bugs in scaling
- dma-buf: heaps: Fix potential spectre v1 gadget (git-fixes).
- drm/nouveau: fix off by one in BIOS boundary checking
- drm/kmb: Fix for build errors with Warray-bounds (git-fixes).
- drm/amd: avoid suspend on dGPUs w/ s2idle support when runtime
  PM enabled (git-fixes).
- PM: wakeup: simplify the output logic of pm_show_wakelocks()
- commit a59bc15
- Refresh patches.suse/Input-elan_i2c-Add-deny-list-for-Lenovo-Yoga-Slim-7.patch
  Fix section mistmatch warning
- commit af02a31
- Input: elan_i2c: Add deny list for Lenovo Yoga Slim 7
- Input: synaptics: retry query upon error (bsc#1194086).
- commit 54e65d3
- e1000e: Handshake with CSME starts from ADL platforms
- pinctrl: bcm2835: Fix a few error paths (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: intel: Fix a glitch when updating IRQ flags on a
  preconfigured line (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: intel: fix unexpected interrupt (git-fixes).
- pinctrl: sunxi: Fix H616 I2S3 pin data (git-fixes).
- commit d1f0342
- selftests: fix check for circular
- commit c1f5ec0
- selftest: KVM: Add open sev dev helper (bsc#1194526).
- commit 995bc50
- KVM: selftests: Re-enable access_tracking_perf_test
- commit 6db3f57
- selftests: kvm/x86: Fix the warning in lib/x86_64/processor.c
- selftests: KVM: Add /x86_64/sev_migrate_tests to .gitignore
- selftests: KVM: Fix check for !POLLIN in demand_paging_test
- commit 4af276f
- KVM: SEV: Mark nested locking of kvm->lock (bsc#1194526).
- KVM: SVM: Do not terminate SEV-ES guests on GHCB validation
  failure (bsc#1194526).
- KVM: SEV: Fall back to vmalloc for SEV-ES scratch area if
  necessary (bsc#1194526).
- KVM: SEV: Return appropriate error codes if SEV-ES scratch
  setup fails (bsc#1194526).
- KVM: SEV: accept signals in sev_lock_two_vms (bsc#1194526).
- KVM: SEV: do not take kvm->lock when destroying (bsc#1194526).
- commit 908b6a9
- Revert "/btrfs: compression: drop kmap/kunmap from zlib"/
- Revert "/btrfs: compression: drop kmap/kunmap from zstd"/
- Revert "/btrfs: compression: drop kmap/kunmap from generic
  helpers"/ (bsc#1193852).
- btrfs: fix lzo_decompress_bio() kmap leakage (bsc#1193852).
- Revert "/btrfs: compression: drop kmap/kunmap from lzo"/
- Update to version 2.4.2
  + Fix for CVE-2021-3670, ensure that the LDB request has not
    timed out during filter processing as the LDAP server
    MaxQueryDuration is otherwise not honoured.
- Security fix: (bsc#1192449) related to (bsc#1191281, CVE-2021-3864)
  * enforce stricter parsing to avoid CVE-2021-3864
  * Added patch logrotate-enforce-stricter-parsing.patch
  * Added patch logrotate-enforce-stricter-parsing-extra-tests.patch
- Fix "/logrotate emits unintended warning: keyword size not properly
  separated, found 0x3d"/ (bsc#1200278, bsc#1200802):
  * Added patch logrotate-dont_warn_on_size=_syntax.patch
- Security fix: (bsc#1199652, CVE-2022-1348)
  * insecure permissions for state file creation
  * Added patch logrotate-CVE-2022-1348.patch
  * Added patch logrotate-CVE-2022-1348-follow-up.patch
- update to version 4.34
  * add an API that returns a preferred loopback IP on hosts that
    have two IP stacks available.
- update to 4.33:
  * fixes to build system and export of private symbols
- Encrypt the sixteen bytes that were unencrypted in some circumstances
  on 32-bit x86 platforms.
  * [bsc#1201099, CVE-2022-2097]
  * added openssl-CVE-2022-2097.patch
- Added openssl-1_1-Fix-file-operations-in-c_rehash.patch
  * bsc#1200550
  * CVE-2022-2068
  * Fixed more shell code injection issues in c_rehash
- Added openssl-update_expired_certificates.patch
  * Openssl failed tests because of expired certificates.
  * bsc#1185637
  * Sourced from
- Security fix: [bsc#1199166, CVE-2022-1292]
  * Added: openssl-CVE-2022-1292.patch
  * properly sanitise shell metacharacters in c_rehash script.
- FIPS: Added signature verification test to
- Added pcre-8.45-bsc1199232-unicode-property-matching.patch
  * bsc#1199232
  * CVE-2022-1586
  * Fixes unicode property matching issue
- Added pcre2-10.39-bsc1199232-unicode-property-matching.patch
  * bsc#1199232
  * CVE-2022-1586
  * Fixes unicode property matching issue
- Add CVE-2020-25657-Bleichenbacher-attack.patch (CVE-2020-25657,
  bsc#1178829), which mitigates the Bleichenbacher timing attacks
  in the RSA decryption API.
- Add python-M2Crypto.keyring to verify GPG signature of tarball.
- Add CVE-2022-29217-non-blocked-pubkeys.patch fixing
  CVE-2022-29217 (bsc#1199756), which disallows use of blocked
  pubkeys (heavily modified from upstream).
- update to 3.3.2 (bsc#1182066, CVE-2020-36242, bsc#1198331):
  * SECURITY ISSUE: Fixed a bug where certain sequences of update()
    calls when symmetrically encrypting very large payloads (>2GB) could
    result in an integer overflow, leading to buffer overflows.
  - drops CVE-2020-36242-buffer-overflow.patch on older dists
- update to 3.3.1:
  * Re-added a legacy symbol causing problems for older ``pyOpenSSL`` use
- update to 3.3.0
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Support for Python 3.5 has been removed
    due to low usage and maintenance burden.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: The GCM and AESGCM now require 64-bit
    to 1024-bit (8 byte to 128 byte) initialization vectors. This
    change is to conform with an upcoming OpenSSL release that will
    no longer support sizes outside this window.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: When deserializing asymmetric keys we
    now raise ValueError rather than UnsupportedAlgorithm when an
    unsupported cipher is used. This change is to conform with an
    upcoming OpenSSL release that will no longer distinguish
    between error types.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: We no longer allow loading of finite
    field Diffie-Hellman parameters of less than 512 bits in
    length. This change is to conform with an upcoming OpenSSL
    release that no longer supports smaller sizes. These keys were
    already wildly insecure and should not have been used in any
    application outside of testing.
  - Updated Windows, macOS, and manylinux wheels to be compiled
    with OpenSSL 1.1.1i.
  - Python 2 support is deprecated in cryptography. This is the
    last release that will support Python 2.
  - Added the recover_data_from_signature() function to
    RSAPublicKey for recovering the signed data from an RSA
- Remove unnecessary dependency virtualenv.
- update to 3.2.1:
  Disable blinding on RSA public keys to address an error with
  some versions of OpenSSL.
- update to 3.2 (bsc#1178168, CVE-2020-25659):
  * CVE-2020-25659: Attempted to make RSA PKCS#1v1.5 decryption more constant time,
    to protect against Bleichenbacher vulnerabilities. Due to limitations imposed
    by our API, we cannot completely mitigate this vulnerability.
  * Support for OpenSSL 1.0.2 has been removed.
  * Added basic support for PKCS7 signing (including SMIME) via PKCS7SignatureBuilder.
- drops 5507-mitigate-Bleichenbacher-attacks.patch on older dists
- update to 3.1.1:
  * wheels compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.1h.
- update to 3.1:
  * **BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE:** Removed support for ``idna`` based
    :term:`U-label` parsing in various X.509 classes. This support was originally
    deprecated in version 2.1 and moved to an extra in 2.5.
  * Deprecated OpenSSL 1.0.2 support. OpenSSL 1.0.2 is no longer supported by
    the OpenSSL project. The next version of ``cryptography`` will drop support
    for it.
  * Deprecated support for Python 3.5. This version sees very little use and will
    be removed in the next release.
  * ``backend`` arguments to functions are no longer required and the
    default backend will automatically be selected if no ``backend`` is provided.
  * Added initial support for parsing certificates from PKCS7 files with
  * Calling ``update`` or ``update_into`` on
    :class:`~cryptography.hazmat.primitives.ciphers.CipherContext` with ``data``
    longer than 2 :sup:`31` bytes no longer raises an ``OverflowError``. This
    also resolves the same issue in :doc:`/fernet`.
- update to 3.0
- refreshed disable-uneven-sizes-tests.patch and  skip_openssl_memleak_test.patch
  * Removed support for passing an Extension instance
    to from_issuer_subject_key_identifier(), as per our deprecation policy.
  * Support for LibreSSL 2.7.x, 2.8.x, and 2.9.0 has been removed
  * Dropped support for macOS 10.9, macOS users must upgrade to 10.10 or newer.
  * RSA generate_private_key() no longer accepts public_exponent values except
    65537 and 3 (the latter for legacy purposes).
  * X.509 certificate parsing now enforces that the version field contains
    a valid value, rather than deferring this check until version is accessed.
  * Deprecated support for Python 2
  * Added support for OpenSSH serialization format for ec, ed25519, rsa and dsa
    private keys: load_ssh_private_key() for loading and OpenSSH for writing.
  * Added support for OpenSSH certificates to load_ssh_public_key().
  * Added encrypt_at_time() and decrypt_at_time() to Fernet.
  * Added support for the SubjectInformationAccess X.509 extension.
  * Added support for parsing SignedCertificateTimestamps in OCSP responses.
  * Added support for parsing attributes in certificate signing requests via get_attribute_for_oid().
  * Added support for encoding attributes in certificate signing requests via add_attribute().
  * On OpenSSL 1.1.1d and higher cryptography now uses OpenSSL’s built-in CSPRNG
    instead of its own OS random engine because these versions of OpenSSL properly reseed on fork.
  * Added initial support for creating PKCS12 files with serialize_key_and_certificates().
- update to 2.9.2
  * 2.9.2 - 2020-04-22
  - Updated the macOS wheel to fix an issue where it would not run on macOS versions older than 10.15.
  * 2.9.1 - 2020-04-21
  - Updated Windows, macOS, and manylinux wheels to be compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.1g.
  * 2.9 - 2020-04-02
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Support for Python 3.4 has been removed due to
    low usage and maintenance burden.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Support for OpenSSL 1.0.1 has been removed.
    Users on older version of OpenSSL will need to upgrade.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Support for LibreSSL 2.6.x has been removed.
  - Removed support for calling public_bytes() with no arguments, as per
    our deprecation policy. You must now pass encoding and format.
  - BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE: Reversed the order in which rfc4514_string()
    returns the RDNs as required by RFC 4514.
  - Updated Windows, macOS, and manylinux wheels to be compiled with OpenSSL 1.1.1f.
  - Added support for parsing single_extensions in an OCSP response.
  - NameAttribute values can now be empty strings.
- Add CVE-2015-20107-mailcap-unsafe-filenames.patch to avoid
  CVE-2015-20107 (bsc#1198511, gh#python/cpython#68966), the
  command injection in the mailcap module.
- Rename support-expat-245.patch to
  support-expat-CVE-2022-25236-patched.patch to unify the patch
  with other packages.
- Add bpo-46623-skip-zlib-s390x.patch skipping two failing tests
  on s390x.
- Improve the output of, by including the list of
  repos to which we have downstream patches.
- Fix bsc#1197084 and bsc#1199924
  * Patches added:
- Get rid of downstream patches breaking s390 modules. Replace
  them with the upstream proposed and Acked (but never committed)
  solution (bsc#1199015)
  * Patches added:
  * Patches dropped:
- Fix bsc#1198712, CVE-2022-26354
- Fix bsc#1198711, CVE-2022-26353
  * Patches added:
- Fix bsc#1198037, CVE-2021-4207
- Fix bsc#1198035, CVE-2021-4206
  * Patches added:
- Backport a GCC 12 aarch64 build fix (bsc#1199625)
  * Patches added:
- Backport SeaBIOS patches for fixing bsc#1199018
  * Patches added:
- Update to version 4.0.0 (bsc#1199668)
  + Move cert location to usr form var to accomodate ro filesystem of
  + Fix source location in spec file
15.4.20220714 (tracked in bsc#933411)
- Added note on fix for qemu error (bsc#1200422)
- Added note about improved AES-GCM performance (jsc#SLE-18132)
- Added note about iotop (bsc#1200669)
- Updated note to include product version (bsc#1200927)
- Added note about removing driver versions from modinfo (bsc#1200070)
- Updated LPM and DPAR note (bsc#1198415)
- Added note on the libmodman removal (jsc#SLE-20923)
- pam_ldap and nss_ldap are now removed (jsc#SLE-11448)
- Added note about virt-manager SEV detection (jsc#SLE-14424)
- Added note about NFS readahead size reduction (bsc#1197001)
- add SBAT values (boo#1193282)
- Remove inotify watch descriptor in imfile on inode change detected
  * add 0001-imfile-Remove-inotify-watch-descriptor-on-inode-chan.patch
- Update to runc v1.1.3. Upstream changelog is available from
  (Includes a fix for bsc#1200088.)
  * Our seccomp `-ENOSYS` stub now correctly handles multiplexed syscalls on
    s390 and s390x. This solves the issue where syscalls the host kernel did not
    support would return `-EPERM` despite the existence of the `-ENOSYS` stub
    code (this was due to how s390x does syscall multiplexing).
  * Retry on dbus disconnect logic in libcontainer/cgroups/systemd now works as
    intended; this fix does not affect runc binary itself but is important for
    libcontainer users such as Kubernetes.
  * Inability to compile with recent clang due to an issue with duplicate
    constants in libseccomp-golang.
  * When using systemd cgroup driver, skip adding device paths that don't exist,
    to stop systemd from emitting warnings about those paths.
  * Socket activation was failing when more than 3 sockets were used.
  * Various CI fixes.
  * Allow to bind mount /proc/sys/kernel/ns_last_pid to inside container.
  * runc static binaries are now linked against libseccomp v2.5.4.
- Remove upstreamed patches:
  - bsc1192051-0001-seccomp-enosys-always-return-ENOSYS-for-setup-2-on-s390x.patch
- Backport <> to fix issues
  with newer syscalls (namely faccessat2) on older kernels on s390(x) caused by
  that platform's syscall multiplexing semantics. bsc#1192051 bsc#1199565
  + bsc1192051-0001-seccomp-enosys-always-return-ENOSYS-for-setup-2-on-s390x.patch
- Add ExcludeArch for s390 (not s390x) since we've never supported it.
- Update to runc v1.1.2. Upstream changelog is available from
  CVE-2022-29162 bsc#1199460
  * A bug was found in runc where runc exec --cap executed processes with
    non-empty inheritable Linux process capabilities, creating an atypical Linux
    environment. For more information, see [GHSA-f3fp-gc8g-vw66][] and
    CVE-2022-29162. bsc#1199460
  * `runc spec` no longer sets any inheritable capabilities in the created
    example OCI spec (`config.json`) file.
- Update to runc v1.1.1. Upstream changelog is available from
  * runc run/start can now run a container with read-only /dev in OCI spec,
    rather than error out. (#3355)
  * runc exec now ensures that --cgroup argument is a sub-cgroup. (#3403)
    libcontainer systemd v2 manager no longer errors out if one of the files
    listed in /sys/kernel/cgroup/delegate do not exist in container's
    cgroup. (#3387, #3404)
  * Loosen OCI spec validation to avoid bogus "/Intel RDT is not supported"/
    error. (#3406)
  * libcontainer/cgroups no longer panics in cgroup v1 managers if stat
    of /sys/fs/cgroup/unified returns an error other than ENOENT. (#3435)
- Update to runc v1.1.0. Upstream changelog is available from
  - libcontainer will now refuse to build without the nsenter package being
    correctly compiled (specifically this requires CGO to be enabled). This
    should avoid folks accidentally creating broken runc binaries (and
    incorrectly importing our internal libraries into their projects). (#3331)
- Update to runc v1.1.0~rc1. Upstream changelog is available from
  + Add support for RDMA cgroup added in Linux 4.11.
  * runc exec now produces exit code of 255 when the exec failed.
    This may help in distinguishing between runc exec failures
    (such as invalid options, non-running container or non-existent
    binary etc.) and failures of the command being executed.
  + runc run: new --keep option to skip removal exited containers artefacts.
    This might be useful to check the state (e.g. of cgroup controllers) after
    the container hasexited.
  + seccomp: add support for SCMP_ACT_KILL_PROCESS and SCMP_ACT_KILL_THREAD
    (the latter is just an alias for SCMP_ACT_KILL).
  + seccomp: add support for SCMP_ACT_NOTIFY (seccomp actions). This allows
    users to create sophisticated seccomp filters where syscalls can be
    efficiently emulated by privileged processes on the host.
  + checkpoint/restore: add an option (--lsm-mount-context) to set
    a different LSM mount context on restore.
  + intelrdt: support ClosID parameter.
  + runc exec --cgroup: an option to specify a (non-top) in-container cgroup
    to use for the process being executed.
  + cgroup v1 controllers now support hybrid hierarchy (i.e. when on a cgroup v1
    machine a cgroup2 filesystem is mounted to /sys/fs/cgroup/unified, runc
    run/exec now adds the container to the appropriate cgroup under it).
  + sysctl: allow slashes in sysctl names, to better match sysctl(8)'s
  + mounts: add support for bind-mounts which are inaccessible after switching
    the user namespace. Note that this does not permit the container any
    additional access to the host filesystem, it simply allows containers to
    have bind-mounts configured for paths the user can access but have
    restrictive access control settings for other users.
  + Add support for recursive mount attributes using mount_setattr(2). These
    have the same names as the proposed mount(8) options -- just prepend r
    to the option name (such as rro).
  + Add runc features subcommand to allow runc users to detect what features
    runc has been built with. This includes critical information such as
    supported mount flags, hook names, and so on. Note that the output of this
    command is subject to change and will not be considered stable until runc
    1.2 at the earliest. The runtime-spec specification for this feature is
    being developed in opencontainers/runtime-spec#1130.
  * system: improve performance of /proc/$pid/stat parsing.
  * cgroup2: when /sys/fs/cgroup is configured as a read-write mount, change
    the ownership of certain cgroup control files (as per
    /sys/kernel/cgroup/delegate) to allow for proper deferral to the container
  * runc checkpoint/restore: fixed for containers with an external bind mount
    which destination is a symlink.
  * cgroup: improve openat2 handling for cgroup directory handle hardening.
    runc delete -f now succeeds (rather than timing out) on a paused
  * runc run/start/exec now refuses a frozen cgroup (paused container in case of
    exec). Users can disable this using --ignore-paused.
- Update version data embedded in binary to correctly include the git commit of
  the release.
- Drop runc-rpmlintrc because we don't have runc-test anymore.
- Revert NIS support removal; (bsc#1199247);
- Use requires_eq macro to require the libldb2 version available at
  samba-dsdb-modules build time; (bsc#1199362);
- Add missing samba-client requirement to samba-winbind package;
- Update to 4.15.7
  * Share and server swapped in smbget password prompt; (bso#14831);
  * Durable handles won't reconnect if the leased file is written
    to; (bso#15022);
  * rmdir silently fails if directory contains unreadable files and
    hide unreadable is yes; (bso#15023);
  * SMB2_CLOSE_FLAGS_FULL_INFORMATION fails to return information
    on renamed file handle; (bso#15038);
  * vfs_shadow_copy2 breaks "/smbd async dosmode"/ sync fallback;
  * shadow_copy2 fails listing snapshotted dirs with shadow:fixinodes;
  * PAM Kerberos authentication incorrectly fails with a clock skew
    error; (bso#15046);
  * username map - samba erroneously applies unix group memberships
    to user account entries; (bso#15041);
  * NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED translates into EPERM instead of EACCES
    in SMBC_server_internal; (bso#14983);
  * Simple bind doesn't work against an RODC (with non-preloaded users);
  * Crash of winbind on RODC; (bso#14641);
  * uncached logon on RODC always fails once; (bso#14865);
  * KVNO off by 100000; (bso#14951);
  * LDAP simple binds should honour "/old password allowed period"/;
  * wbinfo -a doesn't work reliable with upn names; (bso#15003);
  * Simple bind doesn't work against an RODC (with non-preloaded
    users); (bso#13879);
  * Uninitialized litemask in variable in vfs_gpfs module; (bso#15027);
  * Regression: create krb5 conf = yes doesn't work with a single KDC;
- Add provides to samba-client-libs package to fix upgrades from
  previous versions; (bsc#1197995);
- Add missing samba-libs requirement to samba-winbind package;
- Update to 4.15.6
  * Renaming file on DFS root fails with
  * Samba does not response STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER when opening 2
    objects with same lease key; (bso#14737);
  * NT error code is not set when overwriting a file during rename
    in libsmbclient; (bso#14938);
  * Fix ldap simple bind with TLS auditing; (bso#14996);
  * net ads info shows LDAP Server: depending on contacted
    server; (bso#14674);
  * Problem when winbind renews Kerberos; (bso#14979);
  * pam_winbind will not allow gdm login if password about to
    expire; (bso#8691);
  * virusfilter_vfs_openat: Not scanned: Directory or special file;
  * DFS fix for AIX broken; (bso#13631);
  * Solaris and AIX acl modules: wrong function arguments;
  * Function aixacl_sys_acl_get_file not declared / coredump;
  * Regression: Samba 4.15.2 on macOS segfaults intermittently
    during strcpy in tdbsam_getsampwnam; (bso#14900);
  * Fix a use-after-free in SMB1 server; (bso#14989);
  * smb2_signing_decrypt_pdu() may not decrypt with
    gnutls_aead_cipher_decrypt() from gnutls before 3.5.2;
  * Changing the machine password against an RODC likely destroys
    the domain join; (bso#14984);
  * authsam_make_user_info_dc() steals memory from its struct
    ldb_message *msg argument; (bso#14993);
  * Use Heimdal 8.0 (pre) rather than an earlier snapshot;
  * Samba autorid fails to map AD users if id rangesize fits in the
    id range only once; (bso#14967);
- Fix mismatched version of libldb2; (bsc#1196788).
- Drop obsolete SuSEfirewall2 service files.
- Drop obsolete Samba fsrvp v0->v1 state upgrade functionality;
- Fix ntlm authentications with "/winbind use default domain = yes"/;
  (bso#13126); (bsc#1173429); (bsc#1196308).
- Fix samba-ad-dc status warning notification message by disabling
  systemd notifications in bgqd; (bsc#1195896); (bso#14947).
- libldb version mismatch in Samba dsdb component; (bsc#1118508);
- Make {/etc,/usr/lib}/systemd/network owned by both udev and systemd-network (bsc#1201276)
  This configuration files put in these directories are read by both udevd and
- Import commit 17d488c53ad150de59f7d842e870e0c3d141d8ff
  6b3bb1161c core/device: device_coldplug(): don't set DEVICE_DEAD
  1e4058a0bc core/device: do not downgrade device state if it is already enumerated
  f1d33c466e core/device: ignore DEVICE_FOUND_UDEV bit on switching root (bsc#1137373 bsc#1181658 bsc#1194708 bsc#1195157 bsc#1197570)
  fdaad2ff3a core/device: drop unnecessary condition
- fix parsing error in s390 udev rules conversion script (bsc#1198732)
  - upstream commit 30927a24848c4d727f7619cc74b878f098cdd724 (bsc#1200170)
- Enable suseconnect-keepalive.timer for SUSEConnect (jsc#SLE-23312)
- bsc#1199966 - VUL-0: EMBARGOED: CVE-2022-26363,CVE-2022-26364: xen:
  Insufficient care with non-coherent mappings
  fix xsa402-5.patch
- Upstream bug fixes (bsc#1027519)
- bsc#1199965 - VUL-0: EMBARGOED: CVE-2022-26362: xen: Race condition
  in typeref acquisition
- bsc#1199966 - VUL-0: EMBARGOED: CVE-2022-26363,CVE-2022-26364: xen:
  Insufficient care with non-coherent mappings
- fix python3 >= 3.10 version detection
- Update to Xen 4.16.1 bug fix release (bsc#1027519)
- Drop patches contained in new tarball