- Security fix (CVE-2021-45960, bsc#1194251)
  * A left shift by 29 (or more) places in the storeAtts function
    in xmlparse.c can lead to realloc misbehavior.
  * Added expat-CVE-2021-45960.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2021-46143, bsc#1194362)
  * Integer overflow exists for m_groupSize in doProlog
  * Added expat-CVE-2021-46143.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22822, bsc#1194474)
  * Integer overflow in addBinding in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22822.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22823, bsc#1194476)
  * Integer overflow in build_model in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22823.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22824, bsc#1194477)
  * Integer overflow in defineAttribute in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22824.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22825, bsc#1194478)
  * Integer overflow in lookup in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22825.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22826, bsc#1194479)
  * Integer overflow in nextScaffoldPart in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22826.patch
- Security fix (CVE-2022-22827, bsc#1194480)
  * Integer overflow in storeAtts in xmlparse.c
  * Added expat-CVE-2022-22826.patch
- Fix disappeared snapshot menu entry (bsc#1078481)
- Fix incorrect check preventing the script from running (bsc#1078481)
- Fix error not a btrfs filesystem on s390x (bsc#1187645)
  * 80_suse_btrfs_snapshot
- Add support for simplefb (boo#1193532).
  * grub2-simplefb.patch
- Fix powerpc-ieee1275 lpar takes long time to boot with increasing number of
  nvme namespace (bsc#1177751)
  * 0001-ieee1275-Avoiding-many-unecessary-open-close.patch
- Fix error lvmid disk cannot be found after second disk added to the root
  volume group (bsc#1189874) (bsc#1071559)
  * 0001-ieee1275-implement-FCP-methods-for-WWPN-and-LUNs.patch
- Fix error /boot/grub2/locale/POSIX.gmo not found (bsc#1189769)
  * 0001-Filter-out-POSIX-locale-for-translation.patch
- Update to Java 7.1 Service Refresh 5 Fix Pack 0 [bsc#1194232]
  [bsc#1194198, bsc#1192052, CVE-2021-41035]
  [bsc#1191914, CVE-2021-35586] [bsc#1191913, CVE-2021-35564]
  [bsc#1191911, CVE-2021-35559] [bsc#1191910, CVE-2021-35556]
  [bsc#1191909, CVE-2021-35565] [bsc#1191905, CVE-2021-35588]
  [bsc#1188564, CVE-2021-2341]
- Update to Java 7.1 Service Refresh 4 Fix Pack 90
  [bsc#1188565, CVE-2021-2369] [bsc#1188568, CVE-2021-2432]
- Update to Java 7.1 Service Refresh 4 Fix Pack 85
  [bsc#1185056, CVE-2021-2161][bsc#1185055, CVE-2021-2163]
  * Class Libraries:
  - Fix security vulnerability CVE-2021-2161
  * JIT Compiler:
  - A SEGV or AIOOB exception running jit compiled
    chartobyteutf8.convert() on ZOS java
  * Security:
  - Java 7 JVM startup crashes with javacore dump in JGSS
  - Kerberos ticket renewal fails with debug enabled following
- FIPS: Fix gcry_mpi_sub_ui subtraction [bsc#1193480]
  * gcry_mpi_sub_ui: fix subtracting from negative value
  * Add libgcrypt-FIPS-fix-gcry_mpi_sub_ui.patch
- CVE-2021-4147: libxl: Fix libvirtd segfault
  bsc#1193981, bsc#1194041
- CVE-2021-3975: Add missing lock in qemuProcessHandleMonitorEOF
- backport fix for  out-of-bounds read on truncated key frames
    CVE-2020-0034.patch bsc#1166066
- Mozilla NSS 3.68.2 (bsc#1193845)
  * mozilla::pkix: support SHA-2 hashes in CertIDs in OCSP responses
- Fix hrStorage autofs objects timeout problems (bsc#1179699, bsc#1145864).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-host-mib-skip-autofs-entries.patch
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-fix-missing-mib-hrStorage-indexes.patch
- Fix NSS mounted volumes in hrStorageDescr (bsc#1100146).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-recognize-nss-pools-and-nss-volumes-oes.patch
- Fix subagent crash at save_set_var() (bsc#1178021).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-subagent-set-response.patch
- Fix subagent data corruption (bsc#1178351, bsc#1179009).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-fix-subagent-data-corruption.patch
- Fix confusing status for snmpd when start fails (bsc#1184839).
  Modify rc.snmpd
- Fix output for high memTotalReal RAM values (bsc#1152968).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-ucd-snmp-mib-add-64-bit-mem-obj.patch
- Make extended MIB read-only (bsc#1174961, CVE-2020-15862).
  Add net-snmp-5.7.3-make-extended-mib-read-only.patch
- bsc#1193296 - Resolve double free in sssvlv overlay
  * 0223-ITS-8592-Fix-double-free-in-sssvlv-overlay.patch
- CVE-2021-4034: fixed a local privilege escalation in pkexec (bsc#1194568)
  added CVE-2021-4034-pkexec-fix.patch
- 12.3.20211208 (tracked in bsc#933411)
- Added note about unprivileged eBPF (jsc#DOCTEAM-433)
- Added note about virtual users in vsftpd (jsc#SLE-12573)
- Added note about LibreOffice 6.4 (jsc#SLE-11596)
- Added note about Salt 3000 update (jsc#SLE-12830)
- Added note about new kernel-firmware package (bsc#1143465)
- Modify patch tcsh-6.18.01-toolong.patch to avoid to be oom killed
  by broken history files (bsc#1192472)
- Update Source location to use Gentoo mirror, fixes bsc#1129925
- spec-cleaner used for cleaning the specfile up
- url was repaired
- Do not use the 'installation-helper' binary to create snapshots
  during installation or offline upgrade (bsc#1180142).
- Add a new exception to properly handle exceptions
  when reading/writing snapshots numbers (related to bsc#1180142).
- save_y2logs: save kernel messages and udev log (snwint@suse.de).
  Related to bsc#1089647 and bsc#1085212.
- Do not crash when it is not possible to create a snapshot after
  installing or upgrading the system (bsc#1180142).
- Do not rely on the 'installation-helper' binary to create
  snapshots after installation or offline upgrade (bsc#1180142).
- Do not crash when it is not possible to create a snapshot before
  upgrading the system (related to bsc#1180142).
- Add CVE-2018-0502_CVE-2018-13259.patch. Fixes CVE-2018-0502 and
  CVE-2018-13259 (bsc#1107296 and bsc#1107294).