- Add patch git-46-78b2a0b29381c16bec6b2a8fc7eabaa9925782d7.patch
  * The wrapper rootsh is not a restricted shell (bsc#1199492)
- Updated to 2.56 state of Mozilla SSL root CAs (bsc#1202868)
  - Certainly Root E1
  - Certainly Root R1
  - DigiCert SMIME ECC P384 Root G5
  - DigiCert SMIME RSA4096 Root G5
  - DigiCert TLS ECC P384 Root G5
  - DigiCert TLS RSA4096 Root G5
  - E-Tugra Global Root CA ECC v3
  - E-Tugra Global Root CA RSA v3
  - Hellenic Academic and Research Institutions RootCA 2011
- Updated to 2.54 state of Mozilla SSL root CAs (bsc#1199079)
  - Autoridad de Certificacion Firmaprofesional CIF A62634068
  - D-TRUST BR Root CA 1 2020
  - D-TRUST EV Root CA 1 2020
  - GlobalSign ECC Root CA R4
  - GTS Root R1
  - GTS Root R2
  - GTS Root R3
  - GTS Root R4
  - HiPKI Root CA - G1
  - ISRG Root X2
  - Telia Root CA v2
  - vTrus ECC Root CA
  - vTrus Root CA
  - Cybertrust Global Root
  - DST Root CA X3
  - DigiNotar PKIoverheid CA Organisatie - G2
  - GlobalSign ECC Root CA R4
  - GlobalSign Root CA R2
  - GTS Root R1
  - GTS Root R2
  - GTS Root R3
  - GTS Root R4
- updated to 2.50 state of the Mozilla NSS Certificate store (bsc#1188006)
- Added CAs:
  + HARICA Client ECC Root CA 2021
  + HARICA Client RSA Root CA 2021
  + HARICA TLS ECC Root CA 2021
  + HARICA TLS RSA Root CA 2021
  + TunTrust Root CA
- Updated to 2.46 state of the Mozilla NSS Certificate store (bsc#1181994)
- Added new root CAs:
  - NAVER Global Root Certification Authority
- Removed old root CA:
  - GeoTrust Global CA
  - GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority
  - GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority - G3
  - GeoTrust Universal CA
  - GeoTrust Universal CA 2
  - thawte Primary Root CA
  - thawte Primary Root CA - G2
  - thawte Primary Root CA - G3
  - VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G4
  - VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5
  * mount.cifs: fix verbose messages on option parsing (bsc#1198976, CVE-2022-29869)
2 recommended fixes from upstream:
- news-fix-typo.patch: We ship the NEWS file so avoid including a
  typo in it.
- dmioem-fix-segmentation-fault-in-dmi_hp_240_attr.patch: Passing
  NULL to a %s printf conversion specifier is illegal, and can
  result in a segmentation fault. Current version of glibc doesn't
  mind, but alternative, past or future libc implementations could
  crash, so let's fix it.
- Update to upstream version 3.4:
  * This update implements jsc#SLE-24502 and jsc#PED-1466.
  * [COMPATIBILITY] Document how the UUID fields are interpreted.
  * [PORTABILITY] Don't use memcpy on /dev/mem on arm64.
  * Support for SMBIOS 3.4.0. This includes new memory device types, new
    processor upgrades, new slot types and characteristics, decoding of memory
    module extended speed, new system slot types, new processor characteristics
    and new format of Processor ID.
  * Support for SMBIOS 3.5.0. This includes new processor upgrades, BIOS
    characteristics, new slot characteristics, new on-board device types, new
    pointing device interface types, and a new record type (type 45 -
    Firmware Inventory Information).
  * Decode HPE OEM records 194, 199, 203, 236, 237, 238 ans 240.
  * Bug fixes:
    Fix OEM vendor name matching
  * Minor improvements:
    Add bios-revision, firmware-revision and system-sku-number to -s option
    Use the most appropriate unit for cache size
    Decode system slot base bus width and peers
    Skip details of uninstalled memory modules
    Don't display the raw CPU ID in quiet mode
    Improve the formatting of the manual pages
  * Obsoletes dmidecode-add-enumerated-values-from-smbios-3.3.0.patch,
    dmidecode-only-scan-dev-mem-for-entry-point-on-x86.patch and
- Security fix:
  * (CVE-2022-40674, bsc#1203438) use-after-free in the doContent
    function in xmlparse.c
  - Added patch expat-CVE-2022-40674.patch
- x86-shared-non-temporal-threshold.patch: Reversing calculation of
  __x86_shared_non_temporal_threshold (bsc#1201942)
- memcmp-power10.patch: powerpc: Optimized memcmp for power10
- FIPS: Get most of the entropy from rndjent_poll [bsc#1202117]
  * Add libgcrypt-FIPS-rndjent_poll.patch
- FIPS: Check keylength in gcry_fips_indicator_kdf() [bsc#1190700]
  * Consider approved keylength greater or equal to 112 bits.
  * Add libgcrypt-FIPS-kdf-leylength.patch
- FIPS: Zeroize buffer and digest in check_binary_integrity()
  * Add libgcrypt-FIPS-Zeroize-hmac.patch [bsc#1191020]
- FIPS: gpg/gpg2 gets out of core handler in FIPS mode while
  typing Tab key to Auto-Completion. [bsc#1182983]
  * Add libgcrypt-out-of-core-handler.patch
- FIPS: Port libgcrypt to use jitterentropy [bsc#1202117, jsc#SLE-24941]
  * Enable the jitter based entropy generator by default in random.conf
  - Add libgcrypt-jitterentropy-3.3.0.patch
  * Update the internal jitterentropy to version 3.4.0
  - Add libgcrypt-jitterentropy-3.4.0.patch
- Resolver: Fix missing --[no]-recommends initialization in
  update (fixes #openSUSE/zypper#459, bsc#1201972)
- Log ONLY_NAMESPACE_RECOMMENDED because this is what corresponds
  to --[no]-recommends.
- version 17.31.2 (22)
- UsrEtc: Store logrotate files in %{_distconfdir} if defined
  (fixes #402)
- Log backtrace on SIGABRT too.
- Need to explicitly enable building experimental code. Otherwise
  an old Notcurses++ package which happens to be present in the
  buildenv breaks the build (fixes #412).
- Work around libyui/libyui#78 on code 15.4 and older.
- Stop using std::*ary_function; deprecated and removed in c++17.
- Don't expose header files which use types not available in
  c++11.  In 15.3 and older, YAST and PK compile with -std=c++11.
- Remove no longer needed %post code (bsc#1203649)
- Enable zck support for SLE15-SP4 and newer. On Leap it is enabled
  since 15.1 (bsc#1189282)
- version 17.31.1 (22)
- lvm2.spec %post deletes libdevmapper and triggers kernel panic (bsc#1198523)
  - change %post behaviour, only do deleting job for non-link folder
- merge gh#openSUSE/perl-bootloader#139
- fix sysconfig parsing (bsc#1198828)
- 0.939
- merge gh#openSUSE/perl-bootloader#138
- grub2/install: reset error code when passing through recover code
- 0.938
- Add patch CVE-2021-28861-double-slash-path.patch:
  * http.server: Fix an open redirection vulnerability in the HTTP server
    when an URI path starts with //. (bsc#1202624, CVE-2021-28861)
- Update to runc v1.1.4. Upstream changelog is available from
  * Fix mounting via wrong proc fd. When the user and mount namespaces are
    used, and the bind mount is followed by the cgroup mount in the spec,
    the cgroup was mounted using the bind mount's mount fd.
  * Switch kill() in libcontainer/nsenter to sane_kill().
  * Fix "/permission denied"/ error from runc run on noexec fs.
  * Fix failed exec after systemctl daemon-reload. Due to a regression
    in v1.1.3, the DeviceAllow=char-pts rwm rule was no longer added and
    was causing an error open /dev/pts/0: operation not permitted: unknown when systemd was reloaded.
- BuildRequires:  libzypp-devel >= 17.31.2.
- Fix --[no]-allow-vendor-change feedback in install command
- version 1.14.57
- UsrEtc: Store logrotate files in %{_distconfdir} if defined
  (fixes #441, fixes #444)
- Remove unneeded code to compute the PPP status.
  Since libzypp 17.23.0 the PPP status is auto established. No
  extra solver run is needed.
- Make sure 'up' respects solver related CLI options (bsc#1201972)
- Fix tests to use locale "/C.UTF-8"/ rather than "/en_US"/.
- Fix man page (fixes #451)
- version 1.14.56